I could hear the water from the hot shower head pouring down on Daddy's back, and feel the steam rising around us. My body had been used by him in so many ways now, my throat and my sissy pussy sore and stretched, my ass and thighs flogged, reddened and glowing. I was in a kind of endorphin state feeling high and foggy.

I loved it. 'Thank you Daddy,' I thought, as he gave me his latest awful, wonderful order.

"Use...your whore....mouth," he said.

Just a few minutes ago, he had taken my sissy cherry in the way I had dreamed of for years - oh, those long years of denial - but he took me harder and just...just better. My insides jumped and I thought I could feel his warm seed deep in my almost-virgin pussy.

I wanted only one thing now - to please Daddy.

I needed it and his dirty, dominant orders, like this one which took me back to a place of wanton lust. He was keeping me there and surprising me, so I turned to face him in the shower.

I looked up at his 6 ft plus frame, water dripping down his wide, strong chest, and I sunk to my knees, never losing eye contact with him. Pushing out my wet tongue, I made long deliberate licks of his thick hanging cock, tasting his cum again....ohh Daddy's cum.

I never imagined that I could fall in love merely with the taste of another man's cum, but I was. With every lick, I knew more about the pleasure he took from me, more about Daddy, more more more, I thought, as I ran my tongue all around him and under to cover his huge balls, now hanging a little lower in the steam heat of the shower, and with their emptiness after cumming inside me twice tonight, once at each end of my willing sissy body.

I accept, Daddy. I give it all to you.

I was looking up at him as much as I could while I licked him, tasting the saltiness of his sweat earned from fucking my pussy to abandon. His meaty fleshiness on my tongue was making my lust for him kick in again with every lick, every taste of Daddy.

"What do you say, bitch?" He asked me firmly, looking down at his obedient, enraptured slut.

"Thank you, Daddy," I replied with true appreciation, between long, wet licks.


I continued, "....thank you for...for..."

And then the gravity of what had just happened struck me as I was speaking. And I confessed to him, my eyes watering up from just letting go of all the shame and just fucking saying it.

"Thank you for taking my..my sissy cherry, Daddy. I'll never forget it, never ever, Daddy."

He took my chin in his hand, and leaned down to me, kissing my forehead gently. Then he turned my face right up to him, facing him.

"I own you now, princess. Do you understand that?"

"Yes. Yes, Daddy, yes I do Daddy." I replied as eagerly as I could, but I was also scared. I mean, I knew we were playing a 'game' of sorts but it feels like more, and I really did want to be owned by him in that moment.

In our chats we had discussed our fetishes and turn-ons and one of them that came up over and over was our mutual need to always be defining the power exchange in our our relationship verbally - to keep me off balance by alternating between sweet names (princess, baby girl) and my role as his fucktoy (slut/whore/cunt, etc..). It was a real thing that he did naturally and he had been using it all night on me, and it was working.

As I sat on my knees, licking the huge cock that had just abused and enjoyed my throat and my sissy fuckhole, I felt gratitude, mixing with my heavy, almost painful lust for him that had only grown with every minute together.

I felt like I might just collapse in a crying, begging heap at his feet pleading with him to save me, keep me, own me, don't let Trisha run away again please please Daddy......So I focused my lust, like Daddy told me. I moved my wet tongue around and under his balls, tasting him so manly and incredible, breaking my heart into pieces of pure desire with every lick.

Eventually, he pulled me to my feet and I soaped him up, getting to feel every inch of his masculine body, learning it and fantasizing as I did about mornings in his arms, cuddling, fucking him everywhere and anywhere. I had fallen hard for him by this point, our little fantasy night becoming much more concrete in my mind.

I remembered some actual genetic girls that I had dated, and how they would kind of fall in love with me if I fucked them too good and I realized, 'Omg, I understand now.' I never want this feeling to end; to serve him, to be owned by him, to be so turned on by him that I can't think clearly. I thought, 'sorry I was mean, girls,' thinking of the times I had snickered at my old girlfriends when they got too clingy. I was becoming them now. I needed Daddy.

After our shower, we dried off with the big lush hotel towels, or rather, I dried off Daddy, serving him and planting little kisses all over his body as I passed the luscious towel around him.

Then to my surprise, he dried me off, but I realized quickly that he was inspecting me, inspecting my body.

"I want these pierced, bitch," he said, twisting then pinching my nipples, pulling them away from my body.

"Yes, Daddy," I answered. I had wanted pierced nipples for so long, searching the web for little dangling pink hearts and the most sissy nipple jewelry so many times but always scared to order them. But now I needed them; I felt naked without them suddenly.

"Belly button, too."

Omg yes. I'll make my frontal appearance so girly and femme for him. I wanted this for so long, and he's giving me the permission to do it. I was already thinking about where to go: should I go to Chelsea, the upscale gay neighborhood where I would just be another young boi coming in to experiment, or to a run-of-the mill salon? I'll figure it out later! I yelled at myself inside, letting Daddy's strong hands inspect me all over and make his demands.

He moved his enclosing hand to my little sissy clit still held tight by the cage which had done a great job of holding onto me and onto my desires.

"You've earned something special, princess" he said, tugging on my purplish sissy package, encased now entirely by his big hand.

He continued, "Go back to your bathroom and take off your cage, baby girl. Get dressed in the other clothes."

I nodded quickly, 'yes yes yes, Daddy.'

I was thrilled but scared now. It felt like I was cumming when he was fucking me, but I guess I didn't? Or it was like a feminine orgasm, not sure. I was still so horny, in a permanent state of desire for him, and like so many sissies before me, I kinda didn't want to cum because I knew I could lose the feeling, but I had to obey him and I had to know what he was cooking up next.

He released my cage from his strong hand and moved it around my neck, firmly holding my head up. I stiffened my back and averted my eyes, knowing what was coming.


His meaty fingers connected loudly with my right cheek.

"Look at me, bitch," he ordered, and I did staring into his eyes as he raised his hand again.


Again my right cheek took his pain and I squeaked out, "Oh!"

(Now just to let you know, girls, Daddy and I had chatted about another fetish we both had in common: face-slapping - it made me so hot to have to deny my male instincts of fighting back when another male challenges my dignity like that, and it just made me fucking hot in its total submission to the act. Daddy felt the same way and he had practiced many times, he told me, until he was able to deliver the perfect slap using only his thick fingers and not the hard bones of his hand or knuckles or anything. It stung but it didn't bruise or cause any serious damage, but it did hurt and feel so totally emasculating, solidifying my need to be trisha and only trisha for him all the time. It also was like foreplay. Just the act turned us both on mutually for each other, so why not let it happen?)

"What are you gonna do for me, princess?"


"Get my nipples and my belly button pierced, Daddy!"

"And what are you now?"


"I'm Daddy's owned fuckhole!" My eyes began to water up from his strong hand hitting me over and over. The pain seemed to drive my heart right into his.

"What else?!"


"Oh!!.....I'm Daddy's little girl fucking whore!"


"Ohh Daddy! Daddy! I'm Daddy's owned fucking slut! Daddy owns me!!" My eyes dripping now from the stinging pain when he leaned into me, backing me up hard against the bathroom wall.

He kissed me harder than he had so far, pushing his tongue into my mouth, his hand still around my throat. My mind was ablaze with sensations and lust again as I kissed him back, our wet tongues flailing inside our locked mouths as his grip on my neck stayed firm.

He pulled his lips from mine slowly. I tried to catch my breath.

"Go, bitch," he said, and I stared at him as I walked to the bathroom door in a haze of lust and pain.....I think I'm in love....

I was starting to open the door when he said sharply, "Trisha!"

"Yes, Daddy?"

"Heels on, never off," he said, motioning to the 6-inch pink platforms in a heap on the bathroom floor.

Without saying a word I picked them up and held one to my face. The wanton, total slut that I am was free to express her need for him, for Daddy. I gave one gold stiletto heel a long lick with my tongue, and moaned, then the other one and I said slowly "Yes....Daddy" and moved my ass to the bathroom counter, making a show of my bare legs going into the heels one after another.

I had told him that I loved having rules between me and Daddy, and one of them was that I must always be either in heels in the house or crawling, and he was using that. It turned us both on so much and by now, with the face-slapping, the heels, the kissing, and pledging my mind and body to him, I'm surprised we didn't start fucking again right there in the bathroom. But Daddy was so good at making me wait.

I was in a new combination which made me feel so naked and femme: just my long straight brunette wig, cage, and heels. 'Daddy owns this body,' I thought, as I teetered out of the bathroom looking back at him staring at his freshly fucked, impossibly horny painslut.

I walked quickly to the bed and saw my suitcase on the floor behind it. I just rolled the whole thing now across the hotel suite to the other bathroom, now a mess with the detritus of a sissy whore living her dreams. I picked up the suitcase and placed it on the counter, quickly opening it and taking out the last outfit that I had brought.

Daddy had mentioned a few times that he had a serious denim fetish. He showed me pictures of girls in hiphugger jeans, and tight cutoff jean shorts, their round asses straining inside the denim that seemed to be painted on sometimes it was so tight. He wanted me to get into it, and I did, sending him pictures that I found and describing what I would wear for him.

I pulled out the cutoff ripped denim short-shorts with the string sides. It was basically held together by criss-cross shoestrings on either side of my hips, showing my skin underneath. So sexy and revealing, and my ass hanging out underneath.

But first, I put on a new pink high rise thong then the denim shorts so the hip straps of the thong came up over the shorts to my hip bones making the undeniable outline of a whore...oh yes, Daddy.

I had matching pink fence-net knee-highs that ended just above my knee, in a good-girl-gone-bad way and all-light-pink 5-inch platforms to encase them. I took out the baby pink cutoff t-shirt with white neck and sleeve ends that said in plain white type right over my non-tits ' s l u t .'

I had also brought a package of cute pink butterfly clips to put in my hair to complete the look of Daddy's little fucktoy. I dressed quickly and deliberately looking at my sexpot body in the mirror when I remembered, my cage!

It had become so natural to have it on, that I almost forgot. I peeled open the denim shorts and pulled them and the thong down. The mess on the counter was insane: makeup cases, pieces of clothing...oh, where is the bag that the cage came in?....there!...I found the two keys still in their little pouch from the factory and gingerly unlocked the cage slipping it off and pulling out of it...ohh wow, my little clitty felt so...limp..and it turned me on so much, omg my sissy clitty is real, it's real!

I looked at myself in the mirror, denim jean shorts around my thighs and pink thong hanging there, my hairless clitty pointing down..omg it's happening....I said my mantra again as I stared at myself...

"My name is trisha and Daddy owns my mouth and my pussy....yes..yes he does," and I pulled up the thong and tight jean short-shorts.

After taking some time to re-do my makeup, focusing on my pink lips and eye shadow, I pulled out what I thought was the piece-de-resistance....a lollipop. I brought it just for this moment, one of those big blo-pops with the juicy piece of gum at the center, unwrapping it and placing into my wet mouth. I gave myself a sly smile in the mirror, so happy with how this slutty look came out, and I stepped out of the bathroom. The 5 inch platforms felt perfectly natural after the last pair and I was swinging my hips.

I saw Daddy come out of the bathroom in his robe and look up me. His eyes widened as I turned slowly for him, arching out my ass in the denim shorts. I reached back, running my hand over my ass cheeks, still glowing from his amazing flogging, and giving my ass a playful few slaps in the denim. He grunted deeply, staring at me. I tasted the sweet lollipop, teasing him like a stripper, licking it and pushing it in and out of my mouth.

Suddenly a hard knock on the door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!..we both froze.

"Room service!" said the voice.

"Just a minute," barked Daddy. "Back in the bathroom, little girl," he said to me not wanting to scare the help with our depraved intense playtime.

I stepped back behind the bathroom door and heard Daddy opening the front door to the suite, then muffled conversation and the sound of an expensive rolling cart and items being placed, and the door closing again.

"Come here, princess," beckoned Daddy.

I strutted out to him already sitting at the table, dressed in the hotel robe. I caught glimpses of his masculine legs and body...ohh god I want you so bad Daddy....I noticed his chair was pulled out to the side a bit, when the smell reached me....mmmm...Daddy had ordered dinner for us, a rich dripping filet mignon for him and something for me still under a silver cover. I hadn't eaten in more than a day, wanting to keep myself as clean as possible for Daddy and my stomach was doing flips.

I stepped right to him, keeping my hips swaying and sucking on the blo-pop.

"On your knees...," he trailed off, noticing the word on my cutoff top "...slut...right here," he indicated to come right before him.

I got down onto my knees, my legs apart, and holding my head cocked a little to one one side innocently, keeping my ass and non-tits arched out as far as I could. He reached down to me and pulled the lollipop from my mouth, tossing it onto the catering tray with a clink

"Nice fucking jeans, bitch," he said, maybe the first compliment he gave me all night, and I was so happy to please him, to internalize his denim fetish and adopt it. I instantly wanted a closet full of the tightest girl jeans to wear them every day for him, and work on my round ass, turning him on more and more as his fetish becomes mine....and I become Daddy's owned, femmed, denim slut...

"Open them up, just the top and pull the zipper down a little. Take out that useless clitty."

My heart sped up hearing this...what was going to happen? Seductively, I opened the button on the top of the jeans, licking my lips as I did. I reached in to pull out my little sissy clitty so soft and hairless, now half-hard in excitement, but I was too scared to touch it.

"Start at my feet, whore, and use that pretty mouth. Work up to my cock while I have dinner. I want you to edge yourself, princess, but no cumming, none. Get to work, cunt," he demanded.

And I did. 'Oh my god he's so fucking hot,' I thought, 'yes Daddy yes yes,' as I bent my face to the floor and pushed out my tongue, starting to lick and kiss his manly feet and toes, pulling on my little clitty with the other hand. As I went back and forth moaning in real pleasure, I could hear his silverware clinking as he ate. To be used this way, worshipping him while he almost ignores me - it turned me on so much and I soon had a rock hard clitty, and I was edging my swollen little head.

"Trisha," he said to get my attention. "Ahhhhh," he said, indicating for me to open my mouth.

I looked up at him, my mouth open, and Daddy fed me a small piece of juicy steak from his fork.

Oh wow it tasted like food of the gods, heavenly. The flavor seemed to fill my body with restorative power.

"Does my little bitch want more? Better earn it then." He chuckled and went back to eating as I began to devour him, kissing his ankles and large calves, and then up around his legs.

"Ahhhhhh," I heard Daddy indicate and I turned my open mouth up to him. He fed me another dripping, delicious piece. I went back down, my lips now at his thighs and almost to his cock.

"Ahhhhhh, last piece, princess," he said and fed me one more time. Just three small pieces - to keep my girlish figure, I guess.

When I had reached his cock, Daddy said, "Princess, focus on me up here."

I was getting lost in the taste of him and the steak and the submission. He continued firmly:

"You're never, ever to cum from that useless clit unless I'm inside your mouth or your cunt. Understood?"

"Yes, Daddy," I said, pulling on my throbbing clit now.

"Get me hard, and let me know when you're ready to cum. Take your fucking time, slut."

'Oh yes yes Daddy,' I thought. He was reaching down into the depths of my lust and putting it right on the surface. We had discussed my desire for orgasm control - another mutual fetish of ours - and this was it, I was living it for real now....omg yes I thought as I moved my mouth to his cock.

I planted soft wet kisses all over it, then licking it and sucking on his fleshy, hardening head, then taking his big balls into my mouth one at a time and gently tugging on them...

I gave Daddy a wet, slow, loving, dripping blowjob, different than before, taking my time to worship and enjoy Daddy's body, to fall in love with his cock and in love with servicing him, and by letting me touch myself he was reinforcing it in my slutty mind.

Before long, my mouth was foaming with sticky spit, dripping all over him, and I was getting lost in the pure pleasure of being Daddy's cocksucker. Then he was standing erect again, throbbing slowly in my wet, warm mouth..'ohh Daddy yes yes thank you thank you for letting me,' I thought, when I realized how close I was to cumming, rubbing my clitty so desperately.

"Almost there, princess?" he asked, and I nodded yes yes yes with my mouth full of his cock.

I heard him shift in the chair and move something around. I sucked his amazing, stiff cock even harder, bobbing up and down, while rubbing myself almost to completion.

Daddy took the silver cover off of my dinner, and picked up the plate, a small house salad, which he placed under me between my legs.

"You know what do, bitch," he said simply, and yes I did.

I did know. How fucking dirty he is....and...ohh Daddy....

I tugged and pulled my little clitty taking his cock deeper into my mouth, hearing him groan as I swallowed him into my throat, moaning, so close, so close.

Then yes yes Daddy ohhhhh!!!....I pointed my clit downward as my orgasm rushed through me, trying to keep his cock in my mouth as I came. But I couldn't.

I moaned loudly from the most intense orgasm of my life, legs shaking, my dripping mouth overwhelmed with his taste - the whole night playing back in my head - as I came, spurting and releasing right onto the salad, a girl's salad, a new whore's first meal.

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