She is hard enough to shop for usually, but her birthday makes shopping even worse. I went to her usual shopping spots and found nothing. I went to the craft shops where she gets her multitude of craft items. In a final attempt, I went into an adult shop.

A simply built sales lady asked, "How can I help you?"

I told her about the wife, her birthday, and my shopping dilemma. She took the time to ask questions about my wife's likes and dislikes. My likes and dislikes were discussed. Her manner and soft voice allowed me to drop my down and we talked about past experiences. My wife and I had a few threesomes in our twenties and thirties but when our children arrived we stopped hosting. Both I and my wife are bisexual so our threesomes were split evenly between men and women.

She asked about our small toy collection. We had sex cuffs, a couple of paddles, and dildos. They ranged in size from a small prostate stimulation tool, two strap-on's, various sizes of penis-shaped dildos, and a huge double-headed monster 30 inches long.

As we talked I noticed the sales lady was getting more red-faced and her breath quickened. We looked over the clothes and accessories, toys and oils, and we picked a new toy.

Nikki modeled two outfits. The first was a blood-red teddy with silk trim and a matching garter belt. The second was a restrictive corset that pushed her tiny breasts up into tasty mounds topped with cherry stone-hard nipples. She strutted over to where I was sitting and asked, "You like this one?"

The bulge in my khakis told her I was pleased with the outfit and the lady in it. I stood and pulled her in my arms and we kissed softly. Each kiss became more intense as we roamed each other. We separated when another customer entered the store. She whispered in my ear to meet her in the changing room.

I was leaning against the counter when she strolled through the curtain. A couple of kisses later my pants were on the floor and she had my balls in her hand. She dropped to her knees and eyed my cock up close. Nikki licked a clear drip from the tip then tongued the whole mushroomed head. Once she had finished she kissed down the right side of my shaft. At the base, she took my right nut in her mouth and rolled it around. Nikki used her talented mouth to suck her way up my shaft, over my glistening head covered in precum, then down the other side to my left nut. When she had my sack covered in spit she sucked my cock in her mouth and slowly pumped up and down.

I took her sweet face between my hands and forcibly fucked her mouth. She held the counter with both hands to stabilize as I shoot thick goody ropes of semen down her throat. We adjusted ourselves and stepped back onto the sales floor as another customer entered the shop.

After she made a quick sale we rang up all my items. I then packed them in two boxes that were the right size to fit in the utility box on the back of my truck. As we packed the boxes I noticed a small handwritten note advertising Nikki's home massages. I talked it over with her and I booked a massage for next Saturday afternoon when Nikki had the day off.

When I got home I told my wife that Saturday she was going to have a special day for herself as a birthday present. The kids were told we were busy so no grandchildren, cooking, any other projects were to be scheduled.

By Friday night I had food bought, a couple of CDs of her favorite music burned, and our spare bedroom stripped of everything but the bed and Nikki's massage table. I had picked it up that morning after getting a second blow job.

I kept the room door locked so Cristi (the wife) couldn't peek at preparations for her birthday. I deliberately refused to have sex with her Friday night to heighten both our arousal for Saturday. That was hard to do because she was so curious about the plans for her birthday that she offered to blow me and have anal sex, both of which she seldom did. But I was determined to make this birthday not only special but to reawaken her sex drive.

I marinated flank steaks and sent Cristi to her sister's. Helen had no idea of the plan other than she was to keep Cristi busy until I texted her to send her sister home. I had cheesecake in the refrigerator, mixers for Cristi's favorite cocktails bought, and mood lighting in the quest room set.

At ten Nikki arrived after a quick make-out session on our couch of deep, passionate kissing and rubbing our bodies together we separated and continued getting ready for the night.

She went in the bedroom to set up her massage oils, massager, and aromatherapy scents on the dresser I couldn't fit in the closet with all the other stuff from the room.

Candlelit dinner settings were arranged on the small table in the breakfast nook as well as the CDs I burned were stacked in the rack of our player. I put on clean clothes after a hot shower. I was texting Helen when Nikki stroked out of the spare bedroom wearing only a white smock that came to mid-thigh and 6" heeled black leather open-toed shoes. Her long legs and manicured toes made my cock swell as her ass cheeks peeked out under her uniform.

Helen started Cristi home then called me. She was so curious about the events to come so I gave her the short version of the itinerary. Helen was giggling and obviously sounded excited as we finished talking.

I gave Nikki a glass of wine and told her to wait in the guest room until I introduced her to Cristi. When she walked in the door I met her with a lime margarita and a warm wet kiss. We kissed and mauled each other for a few minutes until I led her by the hand to the spare room.

Nikki was standing by the massage bed when I brought Cristi in and introduced them. Nikki was offered to share dinner with us as I had planned. Cristi took a bubble bath while Nikki and I played grab-ass and finished getting dinner ready.

Cristi came out of the bedroom dressed in a terry cloth robe. I lit the candles, handed her a glass of wine, and sat the two ladies at the table. Caesar salad, Duchess potatoes, and flank steak followed by strawberry cheesecake as we engaged in small talk rounded out the dinner.

After dinner, Cristi and Nikki went to the living room while I put everything away. By the time I entered the two ladies were sitting together on the couch laughing. I liked the idea of them getting comfortable, it wasn't until later I found out how comfortable they had gotten.

I explained that Nikki was here to massage Cristi and I would give her the rest of her present after. Nikki stood and took Cristi by the hand. They walked into the spare room. Cristi dropped her robe and lay face down on the table. Nikki grabbed the oil and slowly applied it over her legs. Nikki started at Cristi's left ankle and worked each muscle group to her butt cheek. I was feeling uneasy with my cock tenting my dress pants. Cristi wiggled her ass as Nikki dipped her fingers deep to massage her inner thigh. She then stepped back and oiled Christi's right ankle and began again. By the time her hands were kneading Cristi's right cheek, Cristi was panting and wiggling even more.

Nikki took her time as she worked my wife's back. Then came the biggest surprise of the night. Nikki dropped her uniform and moved to Cristi's head. Her firm breasts were upturned and capped with hard nipples with gem-studded barbells through each. But the big surprise was an eight-inch hard cock pointing straight at my wife's head. The tip had a clear drip hanging from the end. Cristi opened her eyes and gasped. Nikki stepped forward and started working her neck with her cock inches from my wife's mouth. Twice I saw her stretch out with her tongue but never was able to taste the fluid that clung there.

Nikki stepped back and told my wife to roll over. As Cristi did as she was told Nikki stepped over and kissed me then told me to strip and sit on the barstool she brought in from the other room. I had my clothes in a pile and perched on the seat as quickly as possible.

Nikki returned to Cristi and tortured my wife further with starting at her left ankle worked her way up to Cristi's pussy. Nikki took extra time to touch my wife and make her moan softly. The right ankle was next as Cristi was clearly excited. Up her right leg, Nikki worked her magic. When she got back to her pussy Nikki adjusted a swing arm and a good-sized phallic tool slipped between my wife's pussy lips. Cristi moaned and shifted down to get a little more in her a Nikki worked up her body. As she massaged Cristi's tits I noticed that my wife was slowly stroking her cock.

At her head again Cristi opened her mouth and sucked the tip of Nikki's cock as she stepped closer. When Nikki tapped a button on the floor the phallus inside my wife began vibrating and Cristi exploded in a huge orgasm. Nikki finished the massage while my wife came over and over in a chain of orgasmic delight.

Nikki took her foot off the pedal and they kissed hard. They passionately shared their juices and I couldn't take anymore I dropped behind Nikki and opened her cheeks. My tongue touched her wrinkled opening as she stood and Cristi started sucking her cock again. Nikki was quickly brought to orgasm from our tag team she emptied in Cristi's warm mouth and stepped back. I kissed my wife and tasted the treasure she had just received.

I took her hand and helped her off the table. On shaky legs, we walked to the bed. I lay her down and moved between her legs. My hard easily worked into her very wet pussy. Cristi moaned as she wrapped her legs around me. Our knowledge of each other had her orgasmic in minutes and I was close when Nikki got behind me. Her hands roamed my back, around my shoulders, and my chest. I felt her tool as she worked it between my cheeks as I rammed my cock in my wife. I gasped as Nikki entered me. The feeling of her thick cock in my rectum increased the size of my cock. It's swelling of my cock made Cristi orgasm harder on each thrust. Nikki had her tits smashed against my back as my thrusts pulled her out as I entered Cristi then jammed her deep against my prostate as I pulled out of my wife. This level of stimulation was more than I could take. My balls tightened and I emptied them in my wife's sloppy, wet pussy to her joy as she exploded on my cock. My orgasm caused my rectal ring to flex and taking Nikki over the top and she emptied in me. We laid down on the bed and spooned as we all rested.

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