It all started about three years ago, my daughter Tracey and her best friend Debbie were at our house as usual in the pool. The girls have grown up together and since an young age have spent their free time between our house and Debbie's house. Debbie has always been a friendly girl but in recent weeks things have changed, I couldn't put a finger on it but something was different, I put it down to the fact that her and Tracey have finished school and were both looking for work.

I was in the kitchen when Debbie walked in from the pool, she was an attractive girl and it was hard not to stare at her. She was still wet her long hair clinging to her body, she was wearing a bikini, her top was tight fitting pushing her breast together giving a nice view of her cleavage, the water of the pool was cool and her nipples were sticking out. She had a lovely hourglass figure with her thin waist flowing out to her hips. Her bikini bottoms were just big enough to cover her and today she was showing a nice camel toe. Her legs were long and slender, and her feet were dainty with bright red painted toe nails. I could feel my cock getting hard as she stood in front of me.

"Mr Smith do you think I'm attractive," Debbie asked.

"What?" I was taken back by her question, stumbling for words I said, "Yes Debbie you are an attractive young woman."

"What do you think is my best feature?" she asked as she turned around twice showing me her body.

I was feeling uncomfortable, my wife was in the next room, my daughter outside and I have this young attractive 19 year old parading herself in front of me. "I have to go Debbie, I got some work to do." I turned and walked to my office.

I didn't hear her following me, it wasn't until the door closed that I knew someone was behind me. Turning around Debbie was standing there holding her bikini top in her hand, dropping it on the floor she walks over to me.

"Don't you find me attractive Mr Smith?" Debbie asked.

I couldn't take my eyes of her breasts as they moved up and down with each step, her pink areolas and hard perky nipples coming toward me. I couldn't speak, I feel her long fingers running up and down the front of my pants, tracing the outline of my cock.

"Oh I think you do find me attractive," Debbie purred.

Putting her thumbs inside the waistband of my shorts she pulls them down as she drops to her knees in front of me, my cock standing to attention in front of her face.

Holding the base of my cock with her hand she drops her mouth to my balls, looking up at me she licks my balls before sucking them into her mouth, her hand moving up and down my shaft. My mind had gone blank, I didn't care if this was right or wrong, all I was thinking off was this gorgeous woman on her knees sucking my cock.

She runs her tongue along my shaft, a drop of precum appearing, her tongue runs around the head of my cock before she licks it up, giving me a smile as her lips move around my cock, she slowly swallows it into her mouth, her deep blue eyes still staring up at me. Her head moves back and forward as she sucks me, her tongue roaming over my cock at the same time. My cock is swelling in her mouth, I can feel my balls tighten, I grab her head just as I come. She slides my cock deeper into her mouth and keeps sucking, her eyes smiling at me as she swallows my cum, she keeps going until she drains me.

Standing up she says, "Thank you Mr Smith, I'm glad you find me attractive."

Turning around she heads to the door, she bends over wriggling her ass as she picks up her top. Putting it on she opens the door, looking over her shoulder she smiles saying "You better put that away until later."

I realised my pants are still around my ankles and my cock is in full view, I quickly pull my pants up and move behind my desk. I didn't get any work done, my mind was too busy going over what just happened with Debbie.

I decided this was a mistake and I can't let it happen again, I'll talk with Debbie, explain to her that I'm too old for her and she needs to find someone her own age, correction I'm married and too old, how could I forget I was married. I didn't see much of Debbie for the rest of the day, her and April kept to themselves, I had dinner with my wife and we watched TV before going to bed. As I laid in bed I said to myself, "Tomorrow, I will talk with Debbie tomorrow and sort it out."

I was awoken by a hand touching me, it was softly stroking my cock, the tip of the fingers gliding up and down my shaft, the palm rubbing against my nob. I thought it might be my wife, but looking over I notice her back is towards me. It's the middle of the night and all I could do was make out shadows, as I look down the side of the bed I saw a head disappear under the sheet and felt a mouth close around the nob of my cock.

This wasn't right, the daughter of a family friend has my cock in her mouth while my wife lies asleep beside me, I should stop this. I should but I didn't, I just lay there trying to control myself, trying not to move too much and disturb my wife. Debbie's mouth was like a vacuum cleaner the way she sucks, her hand squeezing my balls as her mouth moves up and down my cock, oh my god I going to come, my whole body went rigid as I exploded in her mouth. I could hear her slurping as she sucks up my cum, I prayed she doesn't wake my wife, she keep sucking until every last drop was gone. Coming out from under the covers all I can see is a shape squatting beside the bed, she turns toward the door and creeps out into the dark hallway. As I lay there recovery I said to myself, "That's the last time, tomorrow I'll sort it out." It took a while for me to go back to sleep, I couldn't stop thinking about Debbie sucking me off.

Next morning I went to have breakfast and both girls were up.

"Morning Daddy, hope you sleep well," said Tracey.

"I hope you had sweet dreams," said Debbie.

"Yes thank you girls I had a good sleep," I replied.

Shortly after breakfast I got a chance to have a quick word with Debbie, "Debbie I need to talk to you about yesterday, can you come to my office later when you are alone?"

"Yes Mr Smith," Debbie replied.

It was after lunch before I got to see Debbie, my wife has gone to the shops and Tracey was busy face timing someone. I'm working at my desk as Debbie walks in.

"You want to talk with me Mr Smith?", Debbie asks.

"Yes Debbie, it's about what happened yesterday," I said.

Debbie walks toward me, the swimmers she has on today is even smaller than yesterdays but I need to focus on the task at hand. "Didn't you find it pleasurable yesterday?" she asks as she stands beside my chair.

My god that body is beautiful I thought, "Yes it was nice Debbie, but, ..." I said

"Don't you like my tits?" she said as she takes off her top.

"What about my pussy do you like it?" she asks removing her bottoms.

She had a gorgeous pussy, her hair was shaven into a landing strip, her lips were full, just begging to be sucked, I could feel my cock getting hard. "You have a lovely body Debbie, it's just that ..." I said before her hand snakes down gripping my hard cock.

"Oh I do see you like my body," she says smiling as she pulls down the front of my shorts, releasing my hard cock. Before I could say anything she bends over taking my cock in her mouth.

After a few minutes of sucking she straddles my chair, her hand holding my cock as she positions herself above it. Slowly she lowers her body, guiding my cock into her tight hole, her pussy gripped my cock as it glides up and down, I'm in heaven, this young hot body riding my cock, leaning forward I take one tit in my mouth, my hand dropping to her clit rubbing it.

Debbie begins moaning, her body bouncing harder on my cock, I bite her nipple making her yelp and ride me even harder, her head leaning back, "I'm coming," she moans as her body trembles with an orgasm. She keeps riding my cock, "Come in me Mr Smith, fill my cunt with your cum," she says.

There was no holding back I take hold of her hips, moving her body faster and harder, my cock twitches, I come inside her, my cock throbbing, pumping cum into her. She squeals with another orgasm just as I come, I could feel her pussy muscle squeezing my cock, drawing out my cum, she sits on my lap until I finish coming inside her. Standing up she puts on her swimmers, a wet patch appearing between her legs as our cum drips out.

Rubbing her wet swimmers she said, "I'll better clean up before I go home, was there anything else you wanted to talk about Mr Smith?"

"No not now Debbie," I said, as she left.

Debbie went home that afternoon, the following weekend Tracey was staying at Debbie's place and the weekend after that Debbie had something on and couldn't come round. I knew it was wrong but I was aching to see her, to feel her young hot body. to have my cock inside her. God I just want to fuck her again.

Three weeks later as I sat in the lounge with my wife, late on Friday night I heard the laughter of the girls coming up the driveway, my cock immediately started to get hard, "Fuck, I'm going to fuck Debbie again," I thought.

The girls came in, said hello and quickly disappeared up to Tracey's room, we didn't see them for the rest of the night. We went to bed, as I was dropping off to sleep, "Tomorrow, I'll fuck her tomorrow," I thought stroking my cock.

I'm awoken by a hand playing with my cock, I roll on my side facing her in the hope there will be less chance of disturbing my wife. As I roll over her mouth swallows my cock, oh god she was good, I wish I could see her, those big tits, that cute ass and her incredible pussy. Thinking of her naked body made me harder, she stops sucking and starts moving around, her hand grabs my cock as I press against her, she's guiding me inside. I shove my hips as far forward as I can, she moves her body back and forward on my cock, she was softly moaning as we fuck.

"Are you alright dear," my wife mumbled still half asleep. Hearing her speak nearly gives me a heart attack, making me jump. Debbie doesn't miss a beat as she keep fucking me.

"Fine, just a stiff muscle," I reply.

"Just give it a rub, it'll go away," she says.

"Yes dear, I'm working on it, go back to sleep," I say.

Debbie's rhythm is fantastic, she never stops, I can feel my balls tightening. I come inside her, she pushes herself back harder against my cock taking all my cum inside her. When I finish she sneaks out of the room, god I'm glad Debbie's back.

By the time I get up next morning my wife has left for her day out and the girls are in the pool playing. I make a coffee, sitting down to watch them or watch Debbie at least. They are jumping around splashing each other when Debbie pulls Tracey's top off, Tracey's tits aren't as big as Debbie's, but they are perky and her nipples are very puffy. Debbie leans forwards and starts sucking Tracey's tits, Tracey reaches out taking hold of Debbie's tits, playing with them.

The girls climb out of the pool, Debbie lies down on the day bed, Tracey moves between her legs, Debbie's bikini bottoms drop to the ground, Tracey lowers her head as she starts eating Debbie's pussy. I'm sitting watching her, staring at my daughters ass as she eats out her friends pussy, my cock is raging hard, I wish it was me between Debbie's legs. I jerk off watching the girls take turns eating each other, I wonder if Tracey can taste my cum inside Debbie.

The girls leave the pool, I decide to rest by the pool, sitting on the day bed, partly because it's comfortable and partly in the hope that there might be a lingering scent from earlier. I was woken by Tracey mid afternoon, "Daddy I need to use your computer, if that's alright, for a job application?" she asks.

"That's fine princess," I say.

"Oh and Daddy Debbie wants to see you, she's in my room," Tracey said.

I had to stop myself from jumping up and sprinting to Tracey's room, "Thanks princess, I'll see her shortly." I said.

After Tracey left I nearly did sprint to her room, opening the door Debbie was lying on the bed naked, turning to face the door she propped herself up on her elbow, "Hello Mr Smith, do you want to play?" Debbie asks.

"Oh yes Debbie, I'm here to play," I say, taking off my clothes I walk toward the bed.

"Oh Mr Smith you are ready aren't you?" Debbie says staring at my erection.

"Yes Debbie I am, but you need to stop calling me Mr Smith, I say.

"What should I call you?" Debbie asks as her hand stretches out for my cock.

"Call him Daddy," a voice says from behind me.

Turning around I see Tracey, she is standing in the doorway naked, she walks over to me smiling, I just stand like a statue as her hand reaches down taking my cock, she drops to her knees kissing the tip of my cock before looking up, "Hello Daddy," she says.

"I want some too Daddy," Debbie says as she joins Tracey on the floor.

Both girls start working on my cock, their tongues licking up and down the shaft, lips wrapping around it as they slide up and down. I can't believe what I was seeing, my daughter sucking my cock. They stop, standing up they kiss each other, tongues wrestling, then they turn to me and start kissing me.

Tracey looked at me asking, "Please Daddy fuck my ass again?".

"What, I haven't fucked you!" I say.

"Yes you did, last night in your bedroom," she replies. Moving to the bed she climbs on top, sticking her ass in the air, offering it to me.

"Come along Daddy, princess is waiting," Debbie says.

"I don't understand," I say.

"It's very simple Daddy," Debbie says, "I'm your daytime fuck and Tracey's your night-time fuck."

Debbie walks me over to Tracey, rubbing her spit into my cock, she positions me against Tracey's anus, Tracey pushes back against it, forcing me inside her. Like last night she moves her ass back and forward fucking my cock. Debbie climbs on the bed, spreading her legs either side of Tracey's head, Tracey lifts her head, Debbie slides down the bed toward her, lowering her head again Tracey eats Debbie's pussy.

My hands are on Tracey's hips as I fuck her, pushing my cock in and out of her ass. I've forgotten it's my daughter I'm fucking, I'm just fucking a woman's ass while she eats another woman's pussy, Both girls are groaning, I slap Tracey's ass as I fuck her, she squeals with pleasure.

"Come princess, I want you to come for Daddy while I'm fucking your ass," I tell her.

"Oh I'm coming Daddy, I'm coming!" Tracey screams, her body shaking with an orgasm. I slap her ass again.

"My turn Daddy, fuck my pussy Daddy," Debbie says.

I take my cock out of Tracey pushing her over to the side, I grab Debbie's ankles dragging her toward me, I stare at her gorgeous pussy as I pull her to the side of the bed, with her legs spread I push my cock into her pussy. She moans as I enter her, "Yes Daddy fuck me," she says.

Tracey is sitting beside Debbie rubbing her own pussy as she watches my cock sliding in and out of Debbie's, "Sit on her face princess," I tell Tracey.

Tracey straddles Debbie's face, lowering her pussy, she moans as Debbie's tongue starts licking her, I reach out taking hold of Tracey's tits, squeezing them. "Rub her clit princess," I tell Tracey.

Debbie is moaning loudly, her body convulses as she has an orgasm.

My cock is rock hard, I'm close to coming also, "Get on the ground girls", I tell them pulling my cock out of Debbie's pussy. They climb off the bed, sitting on the floor in front of me, I start jerking my cock, they open their mouths.

After a few minutes of jerking I come, I move my cock back and forward between Tracey and Debbie shooting cum over both their faces, in their mouths. When I finish Tracey leans forward taking my cock in her mouth, sucking the last cum from it. They turn to each other kissing before licking the cum of each others faces.

After that weekend Debbie spends every weekend at our place and when the girls got a job and their own place, they give me a key. Tracey is still my princess but Debbie is now my baby and I'll always be their Daddy with benefits.

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