The Riptide Retreat: Prelude

[Hey there! Another quick note before the pastebin kicks off. First of all, big thanks to everybody who helped me out with the ideas and worldbuilding concepts to make this new part of the story happen. You've all been wonderful to talk to.

Other big thanks to everyone else reading and replying as I've carried on this strange experiment of a smut story. I try not to gush too much in the general itself since that's pretty fucking tacky, but discussion with you guys, even just watching lurkers drop by the pastebins, has been tons of fun. Can't wait to keep you guys updated as this exciting new section unfolds!

Anyways, this entire pastebin is the setup for this new part of the story, which is where Ryan is spending a month in the wild and wonderful Oasis District as an exchange employee for The Riptide Retreat, a monstergirl brothel based in the oasis city of The Delta. There's going to be more dates, more worldbuilding, and of course, HEAPS more smut with plenty of new monstergirls. Hope you folks enjoy it, because I'm already having a blast with just the 10k or so words I've done so far.]

After you both get a new cup of coffee and something to eat, you leave your apartment with Rita at your side, bound for the Husband's Hideaway.
As you're headed down the street, Rita pipes up. "Hey, so... Zal's actually going to be here at opening today. She has something she wants to talk to you about."
"Oh. Any idea what it is?" You ask.
"Not sure. She just said it was 'big'. Didn't give me any of the details. I think she knows I care about you a lot." Rita replies sheepishly.
"Well, let's not worry about it too much. Hopefully it's something cool!" You say with enthusiasm as you continue your walk.
Rita's face brightens as she smiles at your attitude.
The rest of the walk is silent, but that's not a bad thing. By the time you arrive at the Husband's Hideaway, you're both feeling refreshed and positive.
Rita goes to unlock the front door with her keys, only to find it's already unlocked. She seems a bit surprised, before Zal swings the front door open to greet you.

"Morning, stud! Hey, Rita! Glad to see you're here early!" Zal says, observing the both of you with a smirk.
"Hey there, Zal. Aren't you usually face down and hungover at this hour?" You ask.
Zal chuckles as her smirk deepens. "You've had your coffee already! That's good. Rita probably already snitched and told ya I'm here for a chat."
Rita lets out a small squeak of embarrassment, hiding her face in her neck fur. "M-Maybe!" She says.
"So, what's this chat we're having?" You ask.
Zal smiles and beckons you to follow her into her office, which you do so. You sit across from her at her desk, as she leans back in her chair and crosses her arms with a smug smile.
"So, I assume Rita's already told you what this is about." She says.
"She just said it was something big and that you wanted to talk to me about it." You answer.
Zal nods, as she uncrosses her arms and leans forward. "Right. It's pretty big, actually. So, you're aware of the gossip that spreads around the brothels here in the city, right?"
You nod. "Vaguely aware, yes."

"Well, the amount of work you've been putting in lately, or rather, the amount of money you've been bringing in for the Husband's Hideaway, has started to attract some attention from brothels based outside the Commercial District." Zal says.
You motion for her to continue.
"Words seems to have travelled fast about your performance here, so much so that I've been contacted by another establishment that wants to enlist your help." Zal explains.
"Go on..." You say with a questioning expression.
Zal shifts in her chair to continue her explanation. "There's this brothel in the Oasis District named the Riptide Retreat. They're a little... inundated... with demand right now. The sharkman who runs the place, Sawtooth, reached out to me after hearing very good things about your abilities."
Zal takes a deep breath, before continuing. "He wants to hire you for a month. You'll be paid quite well for your time, of course. In exchange, you'd be required to serve any and all clients that the Retreat sends your way for the entire span of the month."

You raise an eyebrow. "That's... a very unusual request. What made them reach out to you? Why not go through the proper channels and post a job listing?"
"The Retreat is technically an independent business, so they're not bound to post job listings anywhere. Also, I have a bit of history with the owner, so he contacts me when he needs special help."
You nod in understanding. "So... what do you think? Are you willing to give my name and details to this Sawtooth?"
Zal licks her lips as she looks you up and down. "I don't see why not. You've certainly earned it."
"Great." You smile. "Just let me know when and where I need to go, and I'll be there."
Zal nods. "Alright then. I'll tell Sawtooth to expect your arrival by the end of the week. That should give you enough time to prepare yourself."
"Sounds good."

Zal stands up, extending her hand as she does so.
You shake her hand with a grin. "Looks like I'm headed for a bit of a coastal vacation, then."
Zal smirks. "Just remember to have fun, alright? You always get way too stressed out about this sort of thing."
"I'll try." You smile.
"Great!" Zal smiles. "Talk to you soon, Ryan."
"Later, Zal."

You head off to the door, opening it and stepping through before closing it behind you. You take a deep breath, before walking down the hallway towards your room. You let yourself in, walking into your bedroom before you collapse on your bed with a groan.
"A whole month out on assignment... I better go talk to Rita." You muse to yourself.
You get up off your bed, returning to the lobby to find Rita at the front desk. She perks up when she notices your entrance, setting down her ledger and regarding you with a smile.
"Hey there! How'd you chat with Zal go?" She asks.
"It went well." You say. "I got some good news for you."
Rita's eyes widen in surprise and glee as she regards you.
"You're going out to the Retreat?" She asks.
"That's right. I'm heading out there at the end of the week."

Rita squeals in delight, immediately rushing forward and wrapping her arms around your shoulders as she presses her bosom against your chest.
"That's wonderful, I'm so happy for you!" She says, beaming.
You chuckle, patting her on the back comfortingly.
"You didn't need to make this reaction, you know."
"Oh, but I'm just so excited for you! You've been working here for years now, it's about time you got to go out and enjoy some of the other places the city has to offer." Rita says, finally breaking away from you.
"Well, I'm glad you're happy for me." You say. "But I should warn you, I'll be leaving in about a week, so I'll be pretty busy trying to prepare."
"Oh, of course! You've got plenty of time to prepare. I'll do everything I can to make sure you've got the space to plan everything in peace." Rita says.

"Thanks Rita, you're a life saver. What about my regulars? How are we going to handle them while I'm gone?" You ask.
"We'll be fine. I'll make them all aware of the situation and do my best to sort things out." Rita says.
"Alright then, it looks like everything's settled."
Rita suddenly gets very close to you, her face just inches away from your own.
"You know... I'm glad we met for coffee this morning..." Rita whispers in a sultry tone.
"So am I. Probably makes this a bit easier, doesn't it?" You remark with a chuckle.
"Yeah... Now, if you don't mind, I think I need to make a few changes to the roster... Just let me know when you're ready."
With those words, Rita heads back to her desk, leaving you to head back to your room.

A whole month out on assignment. You can't wait.
You've worked at the Husband's Hideaway for about two years now, never really bothering to explore anything outside the commercial district. The city is gigantic, after all, and you've never had the free time to visit all the different districts.
You've heard a little bit about the Oasis District, but not much. It lies beyond the Highlands District, which is part of what originally gave it an arid climate. You know that it's normally a desert, but being situated next to the coastline transforms it into something of a strange paradoxical paradise. You're extremely excited to learn more, and you realize you'll need to use the rest of the week to prepare as much as possible for your trip.
You don't know what the monstergirls are like in the Oasis District, but if they're anything like the ones here, you'll need to get stronger in order to keep up with their high sexual demands. You're a little worried, but at the same time you've been extremely excited at the prospect of a new challenge. It's about time you branch out and try something new.
You spend the rest of the week lifting weights, running, and working through as many clients as you can. You'll need to be in peak condition when you arrive at the Riptide Retreat. Rita seems to sense what you're doing, and she spends the week teasing you about it.

"You know, Ryan, I've never seen you this dedicated to work before," Rita says, smiling at you.
"Just enjoying the chance to apply myself to new horizons, that's all."
"Oh sure, you're all big and strong now. How are you going to handle it when the Oasis District girls get a hold of you?"
"I'll manage. I'm a professional, after all."
"Heh, I suppose you're right. Well, you're shipping out tomorrow morning, so this your last shift here for a while." Rita says, her smile faltering slightly.
"Don't worry about it. I'll back before you know it. Besides, I'm sure Zal will tell you all about what she hears from the owner of this place." You say with a chuckle.
"Yeah, I suppose you're right. Well, I guess we should get back to work."
Your last shift passes in a blur, easily conquered thanks to the progress of your strength training. You punch out and head home, double checking that all your stuff is packed before you head to bed. You fall asleep soundly, visions of new and exciting monstergirls running through your mind.

Your alarm stirs you awake just after sunrise, nice and early so that you can get your journey started. You hop out of bed and don some casual clothes, grabbing your two lightly packed backs and heading for the Husband's Hideaway for your final check-in with Rita and Zal before you depart.
The walk over is uneventful, and soon you find yourself in the lobby. Rita spots you and waves you over.
"Hey! There's the man of the hour! Here for your final arrangements?" She asks with a smile.
You walk over and behind the desk, wrapping your arms around Rita in a tight hug. "Yep. Wanted to say my goodbyes, too."
"Aww, you didn't need to do that!" Rita says, hugging you tightly.
You hold her for a few moments longer, before she gently pushes you away.
"Well...I suppose you should get on with it. I'm sure Zal is waiting for you."
"Yeah, I'm on my way to see her now." You say, turning around and waving.
"Good luck out there!" Rita shouts as you walk away.

"Thanks! I'll see you soon!" You give Rita one last wave before you duck into Zal's office.
Zal stands up from her desk and walks around it as you enter. She smiles warmly at you, and you can't help but smile back.
"So, all my preparations are set?" You ask.
"Indeed. I've got a carriage ready outside to take you straight to the portal hub. Sawtooth will be waiting to greet you on the other side." Zal says.
"Well then, guess this is goodbye for now. Take it easy, boss." You say with a smirk.
"You too. I'll miss our Mondays together." She retorts with a similar grin.
You walk up to Zal and embrace her, holding her tightly. She does the same, and the two of you just stay like that for a moment.
"I'll miss you." You say.
"I'll miss you too, slut." Zal says back.
With final hearty laugh and one last squeeze, you release Zal and turn towards the door. You wave to Rita as you walk past her, and she waves back with a smile.

You walk out of the office and head to the front door. You open it and find a large carriage with the sides covered in metal. The door is open, and sitting next to it is none other than Relkomaz.
"There he is! Prized manwhore of the commercial district!" He hollers as he stands up and waves to you.
"Yo! Relk! I should have known they'd have you running transport!" You say with a smile as you fist bump him.
"Damn right. Gotta make sure we get you delivered safe. You're a high value asset when it comes to interspecies lovin'!" He says with a chuckle.
"I guess so. Pretty crazy I'm getting shipped off to the Oasis District, huh?" You ask as you hop inside the carriage.
Relkomaz joins you on the other side of the carriage's seating, before signaling to the driver to depart.

"I can scarcely believe it. Fragile little Ryan's getting spirited away on a coastal vacation! You've grown, kid. And not just on the inside." He remarks as he notices your improved muscle tone.
"I'm just trying to make sure I don't get my bones broken on day one." You say.
"Smart move. The girls in the Oasis District are built different. They don't go easy on their rented men."
"Really now? What makes you say that?" You ask, slightly concerned.
"I worked security for a string of gigs across the Oasis District for a good chunk of my career. There are more crazy monstergirl types out there than I think I've seen anywhere else."
"Yeah. It's where desert and ocean species come together, makes for a real potent lineup. You've got variants on the standard species interwoven will all sorts of colorful new additions. None of 'em have a real tendency to be gentle, so buckle up for whatever Sawtooth has in mind."
"Do you know Sawtooth? What's he like?"

"Sawtooth used to be a worker like yourself. He was damn good at it, to the point where he made enough money to start his own brothel. He really leaned in to the multifaced appeal of the Oasis District, not a species he won't serve there. It's a big operation. High-trafficked and well-renowned. You'll be in good hands, if bold ones."
"Wow. Thanks for the info, Relk. I think I'd be toast without you." You say with a grateful nod.
Relkomaz chuckles. "Don't sweat it kid. It might be rough on the outset, but I think you'll do great. I look forward to meeting the man that comes back through that portal."
As if on cue, the carriage stops. The door swings open, and you step out at the entrance to the magic portal transportation hub. It's a gigantic nexus at the center of the city with magic portals to and from every other district in the city. Their usage isn't cheap, hence why you have your job sponsoring your speedy journey.

Relk claps you on the shoulder, before pointing to a shimmering blue portal on the far side of the nexus.
"That's your ride. Just step on through, look for the gigantic brown and tan sharkman with the tiger stripes. Can't miss him. Go get 'em, Ryan!" He cheers as he pushes you towards the archway.
"Thank you so much! I'll see you again soon!" You shout as you wave back at him.
Stepping through the portal is like stepping through a pool of water. One moment, you're in the nexus, with its beautiful marble floors and chandelier hanging high above you. The next, you're stepping out into the Oasis District's portal hub. The first thing that strikes you is how nice the weather feels. It's hot, sure, but the air is crisp and fresh in a way you've never felt before. You take a moment to savor the coastal atmosphere, before walking off the portal platform and taking a look around.

The Oasis District is an interesting place. The entire place is covered in sand, with date palms dotting the landscape every few yards. You're in the center of what appears to a bustling city, built in a style that reflects coastal inspirations with desert practicalities. What strikes you the most are the canals. Glimmering tributaries of crystal blue water crisscross the city in a vast network, standing out sharply against the beige sand that sits between buildings and drifts along the sides of the streets.
Observing the crowd milling around the portal hub, you quickly notice a figure standing almost a head taller than the rest. He's a towering sharkman, with tan and brown tiger-stripe patterning cut through with scars along many places on his body. No doubt about it, that's Sawtooth. He's leaning against a railing, looking out across the canal. You walk up to him, and he turns to look at you.
"You must be Sawtooth."
He looks you up and down, before smiling at you with row of sharp teeth.
"And you must be the Ryan I've heard so much about."

Sawtooth extends a large hand out, which you grab and shake. His handshake is almost crushing, but you do your best to try and prove your strength in return.
"Ah ha! Got grip on 'ya, huh? That's good! You'll need it!" He remarks with a chuckle.
"Thanks! I've been trying to get a little stronger before I showed up. I hear your clients aren't exactly gentle!" You say with a humorous smile.
Sawtooth lets out a lower laugh, almost a rumble due to how deep his voice is. "No. No they are not. But that's part of the learning that comes later! Right now I've got to take you to the Riptide Retreat! Get your orientation hammered out."
Sawtooth turns around, beginning to walk alongside the canal, presumably towards the Retreat. You follow alongside him.
"So, I'm guessing there's a lot I should know?"
"You bet your ass there is! But don't you worry about a thing! I'll be there every step of the way to make sure you get all the knowledge you need to be a proper whore for our clientele!"

You laugh at his remark. "I'm not exactly worried about that. It's just good to know what will be expected of me."
He lets out a low, rumbling chuckle. "You'll have a better grasp on that after orientation. We'll teach you all the basics, and then it's up to you to learn the rest as you go."
Sawtooth leads you down what looks to be a large market street, which gives you a good chance to look at all the different kinds of monstergirls milling about between the humans. As you walk along the canals, you pass by all manner of gorgeous creatures. Some you have heard of, others completely new to you.
You do your best to take in as much of the scenery as you can while Sawtooth continues you leading you down the street. You eventually make it to a decline in the road, at which point you realize you're at the top of a natural elevation in the city. Below you is a vast swathe of the Oasis District, built around a wide fanned-out pattern of branching canals that brilliantly glimmer in the afternoon sun.

"Welcome to The Delta, kid. Practically an extension of ocean around these parts." Sawtooth says with a grin, admiring the view.
You look to your left and right in awe as the streets are filled with all manner of people. Some of the ocean type monstergirls are even swimming along the canals! You're not sure when you last saw a mermaid, but now you've seen over a dozen just walking through the streets. Sawtooth leads you down into The Delta proper, navigating along a few more streets before he goes on to explain a little bit more about the city.
"Breeding season is an important time of year for the brothel, and as such it's an important time of year for you. We'll go into more detail in a moment, but the general rule is humans serve the monstergirls. You serve whoever has the most coin though, so don't just take people's shit for free."
You nod your head along. "Seems like a good system. So where are we going?"
"The Riptide Retreat, of course."

[The AI went into a small and confusing tangent here. By the time I realized it probably needed to be fixed, my story was too far along. Sorry about that.]

"But we're not here to discuss political structure, kid. I'm here to discuss how your exchange assignment works. You're still an employee of the Husband's Hideaway, it's just that you're under contract with me for a month. That means you're going to get compensated at a special rate above your usual pay for helping me relieve demand around here."
"Zal said you've had some issues with handling the spike in customers from breeding season." You say.
"Don't I fuckin' know it! We've been absolutely swamped. My poor guys are working graveyard shifts. I'm having to practically fish them out of ditches just to keep my roster fully staffed. I'm not even joking. You're going to have to pull a few double shifts, but I know you're up to the task. I've heard great things about you."
"I'll do my best." You say.
"No doubt about it." Sawtooth grins. "Just don't draw excess customers, alright? We're stretched thin as is."
"Got it."

"Alright kid, let's kick off the orientation properly. This is the key to your room. It's where you're going to be living and working while you stay here. We're located just off of the Oasis Promenade, so there'll be no shortage of potential customers. I've got a feeling this is going to be one hell of an exchange period, so see if you can get them to agree to something more drawn out. If you can get them to pay for a date, go for it. Helps pad our timetable while still making money."
You catch a small steel key he tosses to you, before Sawtooth stops walking. You look at the building he's stopped before, noticing that the sign says "Riptide Retreat". You've arrived. The building is quite nice, resembling a hybrid between a beach house and a desert palace.
"So, this is the place." You say.
"It certainly is." Sawtooth says, grinning. "Now, I'd like you to meet the staff."
You hear a door open on the first floor, and from it emerges a human. The man looks about in his forties, with graying hair and a clean shaven face. He's wearing a black t-shirt and dress pants, and he smiles when he sees Sawtooth.
"Hello, boss. Who's this? New recruit?"

"Not exactly, Vaughn. This is Ryan. He's going to be here for the next month, so do what you can to make him feel at home. I've got to go, but I'll check in later."
"Got it, boss." Vaughn nods. "Well, Ryan, I'm Vaughn. I manage the day-to-day operations of the retreat. If you need anything, just come find me. I'm sure you're anxious to get to know everyone, so I'll let you do that. Welcome to the family."
Vaughn heads back inside, leaving you and Sawtooth alone.
"He seems nice." You say.
"Yeah, he's a good kid. Now, I've got to go. Remember, if you need anything, just ask Vaughn. Your room is 11C. Go set up shop!" Sawtooth says with a grin.
"Will do! Thanks for the introduction. See you again soon, yeah?" You ask as you head for the entrance.
"Count on it, kid. Count on it." Sawtooth says, before turning to head down the street.

You enter the building and find yourself in a small foyer. There's a staircase leading up, and the entrance to a lounge on the right. You can hear soft music coming from inside, and see a few scantily clad women sitting around chatting.
"Hello!" You hear a voice call from behind you.
You turn around to see Vaughn walking up to you.
"Ryan. The boss told me all about you. You're here to service our clients, right? To make sure they have a good time?"
You nod your head. "Indeed I am. Hopefully my reputation holds up! I'm told the monstergirls of the Oasis District are a little rougher than the ones back home."
Vaughn chuckles. "You ain't lyin'. You'll get used to it, though. So, you ready to meet everyone?"
You nod, and Vaughn leads you into the lounge.

The lounge is quite fancy, with a black grand piano sitting in the corner of the room, and a small bar along the back wall. The walls are covered with a variety of oceanic treasures, ranging from driftwood relics to large crystals of sea glass.
There are quite a few monstergirls in the room, all relaxing in different spots around the lounge. You see a siren sitting by the piano, a mermaid in an aquarium, a few harpies sitting around chatting, and even a centaur standing by the bar.
"That's Mera, our siren. She prefers to stay near the piano." Vaughn says, pointing her out.
You nod.
"That's Iris. She's our resident mermaid." Vaughn says, pointing to the large glass tank on the right.
Iris looks at you, flashing a bit of skin, and then going back to swimming in circles.
"That's Delilah, she's one of our harpies." Vaughn says, pointing to a woman with wings, but with the upper body of a human.
You nod.
"And last is Dawn. She's our centaur." Vaughn says, pointing to the centaur.
You look at Vaughn with a hint of surprise. "And here I thought it was just going to be a bunch of other dudes."
Vaughn laughs. "Well, that's why I'm here to introduce you and set things straight! We cater to everyone we can."
"We're glad you're here." Dawn says in a gentle tone.
"You seem like a fine addition to the Retreat." Mera says with a honeyed voice.
"Good pick!" Delilah chirps.
You raise a hand to greet all the girls at once. "Thank you very much for the welcome. It's a pleasure to be here."
"We're going to leave you in Vaughn's capable hands." Dawn says.
"Don't worry, I'll show the new guy around." Vaughn says.
"Have fun." Iris waves.
The girls return to their tasks, and Vaughn looks at you expectantly.

"Let's see... where to begin?" Vaughn says, scratching his head. "Okay, let's start with the basics. The Retreat can be a bit overwhelming at first, so I'll give you the grand tour."
"Please do." You say.
"This is the lounge. We have a bar for drinks, and that piano is played by Mera. She's our resident musician, so if you have any requests, just ask her." Vaughn says.
"Very nice." You remark.
"This is the first floor hallway. We have our rooms, each with a bathroom, plus another more private lounge." Vaughn says.
"I was told I'm in 11C. Is that right here?" You ask.
"Indeed it is, follow me." Vaughn says, walking down the hallway.
He leads you around a bend in the hall, which reveals a few more doorways. Vaughn walks up to one of them, rapping a knuckle on it as he turns to face you again.
"This is it. 11C. Welcome to your office." He says with a chuckle.
You produce the key given to you by Sawtooth, unlocking the door and swinging it open to reveal the room inside. It's sparsely furnished, with a large bed, a desk with a chair, and a wardrobe for clothing.

"It's not much, but it's home for as long as you want." Vaughn says. "Just put your stuff away and come back out, I'll be waiting in the lounge."
You nod, stepping into the room and closing the door behind you.
You head over to the wardrobe first, opening your bag of clothes and organizing the outfits you brought with you. You lay them out in the wardrobe, then turn to your bag to see if there's anything else you can unpack.
You spend the next few minutes getting the basics set up, unpacking things for your bathroom, the desk, and then sliding your bags under the bed.
Your room looks a lot better now that it's got your stuff in it. It feels more like home.
Unpacking complete, you return to the lounge to meet with Vaughn.
Vaughn is standing by the bar, talking to Dawn, who is wiping down the counter. She smiles as you approach.
"Ah, there he is. I want you to meet Dawn. She's our star bartender." Vaughn says.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Dawn says, shaking your hand.
"And you as well. It's very good to be here." You reply.
"I'm sure it is. You're very lucky to be here, you know. We're the only brothel in the region that takes humans. Most of them are reserved for Monsters." Dawn says.
"As staff, or as clients?" You ask.
"Both." Vaughn says. "To be quite frank, humans don't have a lot of choice in the matter. Most of the staff here are larger than life, and smaller species like yourself tend to hold up poorly against the strain posed by being on either side of the fence."
"That doesn't seem very fair..." You say.
"Hey, we're in the business of sex, not social justice." Vaughn laughs. "Besides, the Retreat is doing its part by bringing on lousy humans like you and me!"
"I suppose that's one way to look at it." You say.

"It's the only way to look at it." Vaughn says, before turning to Dawn. "Speaking of, I need to speak with our newest employee about his responsibilities. I'll leave you to your bar-tending duties."
Dawn nods, before Vaughn leads you through a door near the back of the lounge and into a short hallway. You're guided to another door, which opens to reveal a small office. It's cramped, with a desk and a file cabinet barely leaving enough room for two more chairs. Vaughn sits down in the padded office chair and motions for you to sit in the other.
"So, I'm sure you have some questions." Vaughn says.
"Oh definitely. The Delta is very different from where I come from. Especially when it comes to humans! I thought humans would at least be on equal footing here, but it sounds like we're almost subservient." You say with a worried expression.
"Yeah, that's the way of things unfortunately. The monstergirl species here have had centuries to develop and adapt to their environment. Humans... well, some of us are still trying to figure out how to keep off sunburn."
"That's pretty bleak..."

"Yeah well, that's the reality of it. Now, you won't be treated too much like a lower class, but just make sure you remember that you're far from the strongest thing around." Vaughn says. "Now, let's talk pay. Your transfer contract comes with special conditions since you're still an employee of the Husband's Hideaway."
"Those conditions being?"
Vaughn takes out a small ledger and a pen from his desk. "Fifteen percent enhancement to your cut of the pay that clients give us. Tips and other excess are also tilted in your favor, which means you could be looking at some impressive payouts depending on the experience."
"Sounds lovely. What's the catch?" You ask with a smile.
"No catch. This is just to keep you with us so you don't run off to work for a competitor." Vaughn says with a smirk. "Nothing in this contract keeping you bound to us, it's all conditional. Your boss is one hell of a dealmaker."
"That's succubi for you. Zal loves making a good contract." You chuckle as you rub your left shoulder.
"Now, you will be working pretty heavy shifts with us. You're here to help relieve demand pressure, after all."

"Makes sense. Tell me, Vaughn. How demanding are the monstergirls of The Delta? I keep hearing ominous things about the toughness of the women here." You ask.
"No comment." Vaughn says, shaking his head as he does so. "I don't want to scare you unnecessarily, besides, you'll find out soon enough. Now, let's go meet the rest of your co-workers. Best to get this over with."
You and Vaughn step out of the office and walk down the hallway towards the lounge. Vaughn proceeds to introduce you to a collection of young women walking in your direction.
"This is the Riptide Retreat's newest employee. Say hi, Ryan." Vaughn says, pointing to you as the group of women approach.
"Hiya." You say, waving slightly.
The group of women stop in front of you and look at you expectantly.
"And these are the rest of the working ladies of the Riptide Retreat." Vaughn says.
You study each woman in turn.

You recognize a few of them from the lounge, but there are quite a few you don't recognize. There's one or two lamias, a slime, what looks like several varieties of harpy, some catgirls and elves, plus a few more humanoid species you don't even recognize.
You turn to Vaughn with a slightly concerned expression. "Vaughn, is there a single other male worker here?"
"The rest are on leave. For now? Just you, kid." Vaughn says.
You look at the crowd of women before you, and they look back with curiosity.
"You've gotta be kidding me." You say under your breath.
Vaughn clears his throat before speaking up. "Ladies, this is Ryan. He's our newest employee, taking over while our other boys are resting up. Now, I know all of you have been with us for awhile, but I expect you all to treat Ryan just as nicely as you've always treated me! If you have any problems with him, you bring it to me, and that includes your clients. Just remember, Ryan is a coworker! That means he's not for sampling!" Vaughn says with a sort of humorous glare at the group of monstergirls.
"Well, what are you waiting for, boy? The ladies want to meet you."
You look at Vaughn with slight panic. He laughs and pushes you forward. You walk slowly towards the group of women.

"So, uh... Hi." You say awkwardly.
The ladies all smile and giggle amongst themselves. A harpy walks forward and wraps her arm around your shoulders. She flutters her feathery wings and gives you a big hug.
"Hi there! My name's Hazel." She says.
"It's good to meet you, Hazel." You say, trying to sound as friendly as possible.
Hazel looks to be about nineteen or twenty years old, and is quite beautiful in a human-like way. Her eyes are large and bright, she has a lovely figure, and she smiles at you with cheerful enthusiasm.
"It's so nice to have a boy around here again! They're so much fun! Plus it means we get other ladies from The Delta to come by!" Hazel says excitedly.
"Vaughn said the rest of the guys are on leave or something." You say.
"Yeah... They get tired and have to go home sometimes..." Hazel says, her expression drooping.
Hazel's expression snaps back to a smile as she looks up at you again. "But that's why you're here! Now ladies can come by again! There's a whooole lot of them, too!"
"How many?"

"Oh, a lot!"
You raise an eyebrow. "Like, how many women were you handling a day when all the guys were here?"
"Ohhh! Uh, I'm not so good at counting... but... more than ten! Definitely!"
"That's a lot." You say.
"Yeah! And they're all cute, too! Just like you!" Hazel says, looking up at you.
You look up at the rest of the group of women, who are talking to each other with amused expressions in between glancing at you.
You're the only human male in an entire brothel of monstergirls. This was a little more than you expected.
"I'm going to go get some drinks." Vaughn says, walking past the group and towards the bar.
"I'll help!" Hazel says, following after him.
You watch as the two of them walk off, leaving you alone with what must be eight or more beautiful monstergirls in the middle of a hallway.

"So..." You say, looking around nervously.
"You're very pretty." A lamia says from the back of the group. She slowly slithers forward, moving gracefully.
"Thanks." You say, blushing slightly.
The lamia moves forward, touching your chest with an outstretched hand. "Mmmm... Your heart is beating so fast... We haven't even done anything yet!" She giggles flirtatiously.
"Well, I just get nervous when I meet lots of new people, especially at work. It's uh... social anxiety." You say in an shaky voice.
"Oh, we know plenty of ways to help calm you down." The lamia says, giving you a sultry look.
You hear a round of giggles from the women behind the lamia, before you awkwardly shuffle backwards and clear your throat.
"Well, uh, I'm flattered, but... I really should be headed back to the lounge to talk with Vaughn." You say as you start to sweat slightly.
"Headed back to the lounge, eh?" The lamia asks with a smile. "Well, maybe we'll see you later, then."
You nod your head slightly, before turning around and walking away from the group of monstergirls.
"I'll be waiting..." You hear one of them say as you walk away.

You make it back to the room with Vaughn and Hazel without further incident.
The lounge is less crowded compared to when you first saw it, but there are still a few monstergirls lounging around and chatting with each other. Mera is up on the piano, playing soothing background music. You spot Vaughn and Hazel over at the bar, talking to each other over drinks.
"Hey, you made it!" Vaughn says, raising his drink in salute.
"Yeah, I'm here. Introductions went well, but they seemed a little... too eager... to meet me." You say.
"Oh really? Did they try to do anything?" Vaughn asks.
"Well, they said they'd see me later..." You say with a frown.
Vaughn laughs boisterously before patting you on the back. "Watch your ass, kid! The rules say employees aren't allowed to sample each other, but unless I catch 'em there's not much to be done. If you get what I mean."

Vaughn's statement makes you feel a little uncomfortable. Sure, your job is to fuck monstergirls, but that wasn't supposed to include your coworkers. Let alone how many of them there are.
"I'll be fine..." You say.
"Alright, just one last component of your orientation before I let you go back to your room for the night."
"What's that?" You ask.
"The aquatic section! Iris doesn't just sit around in that tank looking pretty, you know." Vaughn says as he motions to the mermaid in the large glass aquarium that runs along the entire back wall of the lounge.
Iris looks at you with a playful smile for a moment, before swimming down inside the tank and disappearing below the floor.

"Woah! Where did she...?" You ask, but you're interrupted by Vaughn.
"Exactly. Follow me." He says.
Vaughn goes over to a cabinet, and opens it to reveal a spiral staircase.
"Down we go!" He says, as the two of you descend down the stairs into the aquatic section of the brothel.
The first thing you notice is how humid it is. Moisture gathers on your skin and you can feel your hair begin to get matted down against your scalp. The stairs deposit you on top of a grid-like structure of sandstone walkways that run between large square pools of water. A main canal runs through the center of the room, ending on either side in hollow glass columns filled with water that connect to the ceiling. You spot Iris swimming down the left column, revealing to you that it connects to the aquarium in the lounge.
You also notice that unlike upstairs, there are no lights. The tanks are lit up brightly by blue illumination crystals inside the tanks, which gives everything a sort of eerie color as the reflections of the water in the tanks dances along the ceiling.

"Over here!" Vaughn calls out, and you notice that he's already made his way down one of the walkways.
You hurry down the nearest walkway and follow Vaughn to the main canal.
"Here we are!" Vaughn says, gesturing his arms outward at the expanse of water-filled grid squares.
It appears that each of the tanks is sunken into the ground, accessible from the top and ringed by the walkways. It seems safe to assume that they have some way of accessing the main canal in the center of the room as well.
Your theory proves correct when Iris pops up from the tank just behind you.
You jump slightly at the sudden sound of her breaching the water, which causes you to slip and fall backwards. Iris, being behind you, is right there to catch you in her arms, just inches above the surface of the water.
She stares into your eyes with a thoroughly amused smile, shimmering green eyes backlit by the blue glow of the water. "Hey."
There's silence for a moment as you stare at her in shock, completely disarmed by how close you are to her face. The silence is broken by Vaughn's uproarious laughter.

"Haha! Oh, man! That's Iris for you, our little trickster!" He says, still wheezing and slapping his knee. Vaughn's expression softens as his fit of laughter subsides, staring at Iris with a humorous smile. "Alright Iris, let the poor boy up."
Iris gives you a small kiss on your forehead, before tossing your torso back up onto the walkway with surprising strength.
You manage to find your footing, before wiping your forehead and staring at Iris with a bewildered expression. "It's... nice to meet you."
Iris smiles and splashes you with water, before swimming off into one of the passageways.
"Aww, she likes you!" Vaughn says with a chuckle. "Well, let's get back to the tour. We've still got a lot to cover."
You follow Vaughn back towards the front desk, where he begins to explain the ins and outs of the brothel. You're paying close attention, since you want to make a good impression.

"So, the lounge is pretty self-explanatory. That's where you'll meet clients who've already paid up front. You'll spend some quality time together there, after which you can take her back to your room and get to work."
You raise an eyebrow, "What about the aquatic section? Will I be working there?"
"Not usually. But if we get a request for you down below, you're sure as hell going to take it. The payout for those kinds of jobs is very hefty. Which reminds me." Vaughn takes a moment to search through a drawer in the front desk, before procuring a small, studded earring.
There's no pin on it though, just a simple sapphire set against a gold backplate.
Vaughn tosses it over to you and you catch it with an open hand.
"This is your breather charm. Every employee has one, goes on your left ear."
"But there's no pin." You observe.
"It'll affix to your ear magically instead. Goes on when you want, only comes off when you want. Trust me, it's safer that way." Vaughn explains.

You press the earring up to your left earlobe, at which point the earring makes small static sound and affixes to your skin.
"That's pretty cool. What does it do?" You ask.
"Makes you a tad bit better at swimming around. But more importantly, it lets you breathe water like air. We have the real nice ones without any sort of acclimation process, so after one or two coughs you'll be able to breathe freely between environments." Vaughn says.
"That's pretty cool. This comes in handy if I have to work in the aquatic section, right?" You ask.
"Sure does. It's also a good way to tell clients apart from coworkers. Some of our more hydrophobic species don't have functional ones, but there was a stir about it a while back and now everyone has one, magic or not." Vaughn chuckles, before continuing.
"Anyway, you're all set. I'm heading back to the lounge, that's also where you'll be find me most of the time. You're free to head back to your room though, I don't have you on the clock until tomorrow. We have to let word get out, after all!"

Vaughn stands from his chair and walks back towards the lounge. You follow him, since you have to pass through the lounge to get to your room anyway.
"Thanks, Vaughn." You say.
"No problem, kid. I'm sure you'll do great here. Just remember, we're here to give everyone a good time!" Vaughn says with a smile.
Vaughn stops before the doorway to the lounge, allowing you to enter before him.
There are a few catgirls milling about, one of which turns her head lazily towards you.
"So, this is the new guy?" She asks.
"Yep, this is Ryan." Vaughn says.
"Hey, I'm Michi." She introduces, standing up and walking over to you.

She's a few inches shorter than you, with light tan skin and long black hair. Her ears are slightly pointed and her eyes are an intense yellow. Her attire is not very modest, she's wearing a small red bikini, with a red ribbon tied around her neck and adorned with a bell.
"Pleasure to meet you, Michi." You say, nodding your head respectfully.
"Hm, he's polite. I like him already." She smiles.
"Management reeled in a good one. He's too handsome to be a human from around here." A voice says from behind you.
You turn around to see another catgirl, though this one is dressed a lot more conservatively in a shirt and pants. Her fluff is also black as opposed to Michi's tan fur.

"Hey, Yusei." Vaughn greets.
"Yusei, this is Ryan. Ryan, this is Yusei." Vaughn introduces.
The catgirl walks over and extends her hand, which you accept. As she shakes your hand, she moves in close and looks into your eyes.
"You'll be very good for business." She says with a lewd smile.
"Glad you think so." You say in as formal a tone as you can muster.
"Oh, I know so." She says, letting go of your hand.
You pull away, rubbing your hand and smiling awkwardly.
"Pleased to be making introductions. I'm sure I'll get to know you girls better over the coming days, but for now I'm retiring to my room." You say.
"Sounds good." Vaughn says.
Michi and Yusei wave goodbye to you as you exit the lounge.

You walk through the lounge and into the hallway, finding your room easily thanks to the labeling on the doors.
You open the door and step inside, closing it behind you. You walk over to the bed and fall backwards onto it, letting out a sigh.
You take a moment to try and absorb everything you've learned today. There's a lot to understand, even more to consider. You've got a lot of work to do, and very little time to do it in. You'll need to be at the top of your game if you want to get out of this alive. For now, though, you're exhausted. You fall asleep within minutes.

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