I was eighteen years old, and my freshman year at college was finally over with. It was late and my parents were really strict, not wanting me out too late. My argument that I was eighteen didn't hold much weight with them, saying, "If you're under our roof, you're under our rules."

Well, I broke those rules. It was a long, hard school year, and I wanted to blow off some steam, maybe find female companionship. I had thought college would cure me of my virginity, but it didn't happen. I stayed at a dorm, with more strict rules. It was all guys and most them were annoying to put up with, wanted to party all the time, and with all the studies it was a tough balancing act. In spite of it all, I wanted to do well in my classes, and that left very little room for social activities. Here I was now, back in the hometown, summer off, and my first night at an all-night party, a lot of beer, and a lotta girls. Except for one thing. I got drunk.

It wasn't the eight beers that did it, but the whisky I started adding to it, almost a half-bottle before long. I was really fucked up and needed to lie down and rest for a while. It was a good thing I hadn't eaten for long time or I'd have been sick. A guy gave me a couple of pills, said they were aspirin, and they would mitigate the hangover when I finally woke up. If I didn't mention it before, it was a big house, a lot of bedrooms. I opened the door to one and saw a big double bed. I took off my coat, shoes, and for some reason my pants. I must have thought I was home. That bed looked too inviting. I flopped down on it and pulled the covers over me. The sheets smelled clean. I pulled the covers over me and smashed my face into the pillows, and soon I was out. It was a long sleep. Just before dawn, I woke up and took a piss in the bathroom that was next to the bedroom, and then jumped back in the bed and was soon out again.

I woke up to a funny sensation, something wet and warm, and two arms pulling my legs upward, and that something wet and warm was exploring my ass crack. I looked up and saw it was a tall guy with dark brown hair. "OH NO," I said. I tried to sit up but my legs were pulled upward holding me down.

"Hey," I said, "you gotta stop this. I'm not gay."

He stopped and softly spoke into my wet crack, "You taste good."

He kept it up, burying that wet snake deep into my ass. I had to admit, it felt good, but it was the wrong gender. "You gotta stop it!" I implored.

My answer to that was a gob of warm gel pushed into my ass along with a bunch of moving fingers. I noticed it was daylight and turned my head and saw a clock on a dresser showing ten forty-five. Those fingers were making me feel good, but this had to stop.

"Hey buddy,'' I said, "look up at me." And he looked into my eyes, smiling with his lips and eyes, saying with them, you're gonna get it, real, guhd.

"You can't" I said, "I'm not gay."

"You got a hard on." He replied. "Sure looks gay to me."

"Your fingers are doing that. Now let go of the backs of my legs" He got up on his knees and to my shock there bouncing up and down was a huge cock, at least nine inches, maybe closer to ten inches long, far bigger than my five and half inches. But I didn't have to break free of my involuntary mesmerization, for he quickly started pushing the head of his cock at my opening, and that brought me back to reality.

"NO!" I shouted. "Don't!" But it was too late. It was in. The pain shot through me, burning throughout my ass. It was on fire. He had a bunch of it in and was slowly moving it back and forth ever so slightly. The burning pain was intense.

"Oh, please," I begged. "Pull it out, IT HURTS. I don't want to be fucked. I DON'T LIKE THIS." He took a hand and stroked my cock, which was hard, dammit. The pain was lessening. Man, I didn't want to be gay. But it was feeling good. Then he pushed again, and there was more pain, kind of down deep. He was in my bowels and beyond. And then I felt his pubic hair. He was all the way in. And then he was stroking it in and out, pounding me good.

"Oh my god." I said, lugubriously. "You're fucking me. You're fucking me, and, Ohhhooo, es good. Fuck my ass."

In and out in and out, and then I realized my legs were no longer being held pulled up. I was doing it voluntarily, finally wrapping them around his waist, and fucking back at him, while he long dicked me with his fat, long cock. Pounding- sawing- hammering. I wanted that cum deep inside me.

"Fuck me, Baby," I said. "Fill-me-with-your-seed."

"Oh," He grunted, "yeah, here, it cummmsssss. Ahhh."

I felt it spurt hard into my depth. It was leaking out the sides. He kept shooting deep into my ass.

"I'm gonna have a baby," I said, half out of it. I heard him laugh at that, and then he slowly pull his big long one out of me. I felt my ass gape open, kind of wanting to be filled back up. And then cum started pouring out of the hole. I jumped from the bed as it ran down the backs of my legs and scrambled my way to the toilet and sat down.

I sat there for a while, letting the cum run out. He came into the bathroom and went to the sink and wiped off his cock with a wash rag. He looked over at me and smiled. I didn't smile back. He was a few years older than me, and so far, I wasn't sure, in spite of my enjoyment, that I approved of what he did to me. Then he stepped in front of me while I sat on the toilet. I had just finished emptying myself out. His cock was in my face.

"Get that thing out of my face."

"You want it." He replied. "Give it a try. You liked getting fucked. You might like sucking cock."

I stared at it, and it was only half hard. It would normally turn me off, but that smell, a male pheromone smell. It drew me to it. Why did I do it? I've been asking myself that question since. I opened my mouth while at the same time he moved closer, and in it went. I had just the head in at first, but he started to slowly face-fuck me, which turned me on, making me want more cock in my mouth. Soon it was gaging me.

"Take a deep breath, and then take it down," he commanded.

I did as he said and got it past my gag reflex, now going down my throat and into my esophagus. I felt pubic hair at my lips and nose. I was deep throating the guy. With that cock base and pubic hair at my lips, I was so turned on, my cock was shooting cum wads on his feet. It was shooting and I hadn't even touch it. Now he started pumping, fucking my face in earnest, making it into a big- wet- cunt pussy, my head was a cunt pussy being fucked, letting me know just what a pussy felt like, as this one a pussy with a brain, taking a cock. I started sucking at it, pushing my face at it, fucking back like a hot cunt pussy does, when plunged all the way to the balls, my tongue lapping against them. I was out of it, in seventh cock suck heaven, when the voice came out of nowhere.

"Son, we're home. You better have had this place cleaned up." He pulled his cock out of my mouth, making me super sad. I wanted his load.

He hissed at me with rage in his eyes. "Hurry up, get dressed before they come up here."

He led me out the back hallway, into the backyard.

I looked back at him as he was closing the door. "Will I see you again?" I asked.

"Probably not," He said, and started closing the door again.

"Wait!" I said, stopping him. "I ...I... I want to finish sucking your cock."

He hesitated and then said, "Wait here for minute," and went back into the house.

A few minutes later he came back out. "To the shed at the end of the yard," He commanded, and I led the way with him behind me.

When we got inside, he dropped his pants. The floor looked dirty, but I didn't care. I got on my knees and took his now soft cock and sucked it back into my mouth. I was able to go slowly this time with no difficulty. I tried to suck the whole thing down and then making as much time with my tongue on his balls as possible. I was fucking him with my mouth. He then pumped back at my face hard, fucking my face good. I was in control. He was breathing heavy. That cock was mine until he paid me with its contents. Suddenly he was cumming, and it was going down my throat. I pulled back, letting it flow into my mouth, choking a little but then regaining control, swallowing my first load.

I got up and he pulled up his pants. I knew from the look in his eyes it was all about taking me and conquering me. He did. He turned me into a cunt faced, butt whore. I loved it.

On my way home I stopped at convenience store to pee. I looked in the restroom mirror, and on each side of my lips was a brown pubic hair stuck on my face. I pulled them off, wondering how many people had seen them and not said anything.

I didn't tell anyone what happened. Later, I finally got with a woman and got my straight cherry popped. But I couldn't shove under the rug what I'd experienced. I didn't want to go out hunting for big cock, because it would have to be a big one like my first. I ordered a 12-inch dong online, and soon I was riding the whole thing. I wanted another real one, a big one. I read porn magazine article about it what I needed and why. It said I was a size-queen.

I thought about going back there, and finally got the courage to do so. When I knocked on the door, his parents answered and said he had gotten married and moved out, telling me the date they got hitched. How about that. He fucked my ass and had me sucking his cock, merely three days before he was to be married to a woman.

This was terrible. I was dying to be fucked. And I wanted to suck and swallow a big cock. But it had to be right, not some bum behind the bar. In the meantime, I was fucking various chicks, and while fucking them, fantasizing about getting fucked and sucking.

I finally found a hot blond chick who listened to my problem and was willing to do anything. She went out and bought a 12-inch strap-on, and started pegging me with it every night. One night, with my ass propped up on a couple pillows for her to peg me, she leaned up and whispered into my ear, "My girlfriend's ex-boyfriend has stopped by." I opened my eyes wide and looked up at this tall guy with long blond hair, leaning over me, while at the same time feeling a warm-thick-cock pushing into my ass. She leaned over and whispered in my ear again, "It's eleven inches, and this time it's real."

"Oh gawd, dat feelllllls goooood." He pounded me, fucking me in every position for the next eight hours, dumping countless loads into my ass from his big succulent balls. I blew him a couple times two. My girlfriend, Rena was her name if it matters, got up and sat on my face, riding it while he fucked me, giving me a good load of pussy juice to go with the cum.

When John —he told me his name— was ready to go, I stopped him in front of the door and unfastened his pants and pulled them down, dropped to my knees, engulfing his cock one more time, swallowing the entire staff. He fucked back at my mouth. I was in complete control. I pulled it out and leaned under him, licking behind his balls, attempting to tongue his asshole but just nipping at it. Then I swallowed the entire eleven and then put my tongue against his balls, rolling them back and forth, and he jerked forward, finally bursting his entire load directly down my esophagus and into my stomach.

After he came out of his just-got-off buzz, he pulled his pants back up and went out the door. Rena came up to me and smiled. She took her fingers and picked off several of his blond pubic hairs that were stuck to my lips and around my mouth.

From here on it was the three of us. My two cunts, mouth and ass, were both his and hers.

One day to my surprise, in spite of my small five and half incher, Rena and John offered me to fuck both their asses. I was hammering him, and then pulling my cock out of his ass and plunging right into hers, and then back again. I dumped a load in each of their asses.

After a week or two, they both left, her having to move out of state to help a sick relative, and him going off to college. Now I was looking, looking for a nice long, thick one to pound my size-queen ass and fuck my face, and whatever I could think of. But it didn't happen. I've been alone now for nearly two years, watching porn and pounding my ass with big dildos. I couldn't bring myself to hook-up with strangers, too risky, I thought. Right now, I'm on the hunt, searching diligently for someone with a big, long cock. It's been a lonely wait.

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