Master looked down at my ruined face as I gasped for breath. His cum splattered, makeup ruined, drooling faggot had served him once again.

Master looked down at me, past his slowly softening, saliva covered cock. My once perfect eye makeup and lipstick, now smeared around my face, mixed with my saliva, his cum and spit. I was the perfect picture of a ruined, used and shameless sissy cocksucker.

The saliva running down my smooth, shaved body, slowly oozed down into and dripped from my steel caged reminder that I was born a male. Some of it had worked its way back to the silicone plug buried deep in my ass, holding Master's earlier cum load inside my fuck hole.

"What a good little bitch, a dirty little cum hungry bitch." Master said while wiping his wet cock in my shoulder-length dirty blonde hair.

"Thank you, Master!" I replied eagerly.

Master uses the head of his cock to wipe the cum on my face into my drooling mouth. I respond by sucking him clean and repeating my most used phrase, "Thank you, Master!"

"Clean up, make yourself pretty and join me at the pool."

"Yes Master." I reply and got up from my knees and headed to the bathroom. I showered, cleaning all of my body except my well-bred hole that stays plugged. After the shower, I blow my hair dry, re-apply my mascara, eyeliner and finally my bright red lipstick. Master likes my eyes and lips done.

I slip on the red thong he had left out for me, a tiny garment that does not completely cover my chastity cage or the base of the butt plug in my ass.

I stop in the kitchen to get Master a glass of whiskey, and feel the plug deep in my body as I walk out to find him laying naked on a lounger by the pool. I kneel next to him and offer him the glass.

He takes it and after a big drink, hands me the glass while grabbing my ass with his other hand.

"Such a good sissy boy." he compliments me.

"I have plans for you next weekend my little cum bunny. I rented a house boat for me and a couple friends. Of course, you will be our entertainment. It will be a relaxing trip for everyone... except you." Master chuckled as he ran his hand across my face.

My heart begins to race! I have served Master and his friends before, but only on single occasions. He has a group of guys he hangs out with that love to get sucked off while watching football. But this would be an entire weekend!

Master provided no other details, but the following Thursday, he was gone most of the day, "getting things ready."

Thursday night, he gave me a small bag and told me to get myself ready for the weekend. I shaved my entire body, thinned my eyebrows, and used the bottle of hair coloring and nail polish in the bag to bleach my hair and turn my finger and toe nails bright pink.

Early Friday morning, Master woke me and handed me another small bag. "Get dressed and get pretty bitch, dont keep me waiting!"

I ran to the bathroom, showered, put on my makeup and opened the bag. It was a tiny, hot pink bikini, but the front of the thong bottom had a hole in it for my cage to hang through!

Putting on the bikini, the top had small triangles that covered my smooth nipples, but not much else! The bottoms fit snug and lifted my caged goods, causing them to stand straight out.

Checking myself in the mirror, I could have passed for a flat chested blonde slut, except for the painfully swollen caged penis hanging out the front of my tiny bikini!

I returned to the kitchen to find Master in a short pair of running shorts and a tank top that showed off his bulging gym toned body.

"Wow faggot, you could almost pass for a real bitch!" he said, playfully slapping my locked cock.

I jumped at the swat and let out a gasp, causing Master to laugh.

I was instructed to get in the truck and wait. Going into the garage, I climbed into the previously loaded truck. Soon Master emerged and getting in the truck, we were on our way.

The breeze from the open windows teased my now bleached blonde hair, my exposed cock, tickled by the swirling air, swelled uncomfortably.

"The rules are simple, you can wear only what you have on now, unless told. Most of the time, you will be naked. You are to do everything you are told and not refuse anything."

"All of the guys were tested this week, so nobody needs to waste condoms on a bitch," Master added. "Any questions' slut?"

"Master, how do I get to the boat wearing this?" I asked, honestly concerned about being arrested at the Marina.

Master informed me he had a cover garment, but by asking for more clothing, I would be required to surrender an item once we got on the boat.

We arrived at the parking area for the busy marina, people wandered about and I became very nervous!

Master got out and began loading the ice chests onto a cart. "Get out here and help!" he snapped.

"But Master, what do you have for me to wear?" I asked nervously.

Master rolled his eyes and pulled something from a bag and tossed it to me. It was a very short, blue, stretchy denim skirt! I was shocked and not sure if it would cover much!

I slipped it on, and in a sitting position, it left the bottom of my ass, caged cock and bikini visible!

"Get out here bitch!" Master demanded.

I slipped out of the truck and was relieved to find the skirt just barely covered my cage, although the cage made the tight material bulge prominently in the front!

I helped Master load the last ice chest, realizing as I did my entire thong wearing ass was exposed!

I was a nervous wreck as we walked across the parking lot and down the docks.

Ours was the last house boat in the row. By the time we arrived, I was burning up with embarrassment! All eyes were on me as we walked!

Arriving at the boat, I recognized Joe. He was 33, 6' 180 and in very nice shape! I remember when Joe had beat Master at a hand of poker, and I was made to crawl under the table and blow him. I blushed more as I remembered his thick cock and the very large load he fed me then!

"Hello you slutty little thing!" Joe said as I climbed onto the boat, my cage pushing the tiny skirt up and exposing me completely!

As Joe was laughing at my slutty, gay situation, another man walked around the cabin into view. He was in his late 20s, blonde and well tanned. His white shorts gave a large hint of what they were concealing!

"Mark, this is my bitch." Master introduced him.

Mark looked me up and down and turned to Master. "You did a good job making the fag presentable, it nearly looks like a real slut!"

"It's a real slut alright, you will find that out!" Master again laughed.

At that point I saw Dave walking down the dock towards the boat. Dave is a 34-year old ex-baseball player with a bad altitude and a beautiful bat! I had sucked him off more that once while Master watched. And while I hated the way he acted and treated me, I was in love with his 8+" cock!

As Dave got on the boat, he glanced at me and said, "Hey fucker, you ready to be my bitch?"

"Yes Sir," I said submissively, both wanting to throw him in the lake and feel his large cock thrusting deep into my slutty cum tunnel!

The men got the boat ready to go as I stocked the fridge with beer. As I was doing so, Mark came in behind me, reached under my skirt and began working his thumb into my ass, slowly fucking my hole.

"I'm going to love wrecking this fag pussy!" he said, pulling his thumb slowly from my hole and offering it to me.

I sensuously drew his thumb into my mouth and sucked it like it was a little cock. At that moment, the engines roared to life, and we began to move.

"On deck bitch!" one of the men yelled.

I came out of the cabin and responded, "How may I be of service?"

Master told me we were on the boat, so I needed to give up the skirt and one other item.

I pulled the skirt down, feeling my exposed caged cock bounce free in the air. The men laughed my ass felt the warm rays from the sun.

I considered my options. I could give up the bikini top and to anyone passing by, with my bleached blonde hair and makeup would look like a topless girl and draw attention, In most places, the sides of the boat were tall enough to cover my lower body. I decided to give up my tine bottom as it left my caged member and bare ass visible anyway.

I peeled by tine thong off and handed them to Master. "Good choice bitch, that thong was going to be in the way anyway!"

"Thank you, Master." I said.

"Well boys" Master said as we left the marina, headed into open water. "Our little bitch here has promised to be our fuck bunny for the next couple days. Who wants to start this trip off right?"

Mark stood up and pulling his shorts down and off, snapped his fingers and said, "Start with those lips around my cock" His large, uncut cock flopped up onto his washboard abs, the large cock head landing just above his navel!

"Yes Sir!" I said, dropping to my hands and knees, crawling to him and taking his hardened cock into my mouth. His large tool completely filled my mouth and throat, promising to challenge my deepthroating skills and what was left of my gag reflex!

As I began to suck the first cock of many that day, the warm feeling of the sun on my smooth, exposed hole was replaced by the feel of a warm hand and a finger being slipped into my soon to be well-used man-cunt!

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