Spirits in the Material World, Part 5 by storyteller0112

All persons are over the age of 18, and all characters and locations are totally fictional.

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I just can't seem to let this go. Too much for these characters to do.


"Black Friday", Day after Thanksgiving Day:

Alan's alarm clock radio flipped from 5:59 to 6:00 am, and the smile-inducing tones of Katrina and the Waves' "Walking on Sunshine" filled the bedroom. The perfect song to reflect Alan's state of mind and being. He could not help himself but to smile from ear to ear. Alan allowed the song to play, rather than silence the radio alarm. And then he felt it.

There was a collection of wrappers and freshly used condoms in the wastebasket Alan kept near his nightstand. Three of each, to be precise. What he was feeling was a fourth one being applied to his inflating cock, courtesy of the talented and very warm mouth of Rose Lawson. If he had been standing, his knees would probably have buckled at her method. Fortunately for all concerned, he was reposed in his bed, and near his head was Rose's delicious honeypot, which he decided to sample.

He twisted his upper torso, wrapped his arms around Rose's lower half, and retwisted so that she was over him in a 69, and he went to town. He sucked, he licked, he poked with his tongue, he made it his mission to coat his face with her juices. And he was good at this. Rose lifted her head off his condom-clad cock and moaned in delight. "Oh, you gorgeous, gorgeous, wonderful man you! Oh, oh, keep doing that. Right there. Yes! More! More! Ohmygod! YES!! Unh!" and she had a very nice wakeup orgasm, all over his face like he wanted.

She shifted around 180 degrees so she could plug Alan into that buzzing receptacle and look him in the eyes and kiss his face. She did not mind the taste of her juices, but she preferred the man underneath them. He slid into her well-lubricated pussy, it well accustomed to his size, and she started to rock on him. With this being his fourth time in about six hours, and with his backlog having been addressed during those preceding six hours, Rose was in for a bit of a ride. And what a pleasant ride he was!

Few words were spoken apart from a quiet "Good Morning", but the squishing sounds, augmented by various grunts and moans, conveyed a wealth of meaning to both people. Unknown to them, some of their noises could be heard below them in the living room, and similar sounds were being generated by the occupants below.

= = =

Tom and Julie were in the combined sleeping bag on the queen-sized air mattress with some occasional fragrance from the piney woods. They were a good match, as Tom slept like a starfish, legs and arms spread out, and Julie slept like an octopus, all wrapped around Tom. It was going to suck so badly when they went back to their own beds at school. Julie had her legs wrapped around Tom's torso as he was plowing her pussy with his hard cock. Morning sex was a great way to start the day! Then Julie stopped Tom when he was fully embedded.

"Sssshh," she said. "Listen." And then Tom heard it, the rather distinctive sounds of someone else having morning sex, and it was coming through the ceiling. A huge grin split his face, and he kissed Julie repeatedly.

"That's my dad and your mom, right? His bedroom is right above us."

"Yes!" and she pumped her right fist while nodding her head, an equally broad smile on her visage. "I do so love it when a plan comes together!"

"What plan was that, my love?"

"The one to get your dad and my mom together, as well as getting David and Maggie together. Trust me, it would make the holidays much, MUCH simpler. God! I want to tell you something, but I promised Mom I would not."

"Oh, now that's just not fair!"

"Ok, I won't tell you any of the details, but I will hint that our parents may see a lot more of each other, maybe after the first of the year. Nothing is definite, but there are possibilities at work. Trust the universe, Tom. Things often work themselves out without our interference."

The mood was now gone, so Tom unplugged from Julie, and they took turns in the powder room to freshen up a bit. While Julie was taking care of her needs, Tom started a pot of coffee and prepared a second filter with fresh grounds for the necessary second pot.

"I'm glad we got two bottles of the creamer on Saturday," Julie noted as she emptied the first one into her mug in preparation. She then prepped a second mug similarly. "Do we have a 'breakfast in bed' tray? I'd like to see their faces if we can surprise them."

"Yeah, we keep it on top of the refrigerator. I need to clean it off. It hasn't been used since ..." and Tom's voice trailed off as tears welled. Fighting through it, he pulled it down and took it to the sink to wash off the accumulation. Julie wrapped her arms around his middle, her front to his back, comforting him as best she could.

The coffeemaker burbled and beeped, indicating its cycle was complete, and Julie poured four mugs of coffee and set them on the cleaned tray provided by Tom. "I had better carry this up," Tom decided, and together they quietly mounted the stairs to Alan's room.

When they reached the door, Julie pressed her ear and did not hear much activity, so she tapped on the door three times. "Oh, shit!" she heard Rose declare, and Julie smiled and opened the door. She poked her head around the door, and seeing nothing unexpected, stepped in, leading Tom. Tom had a huge grin as he'd heard Rose's exclamation, and stepping up to the bed declared, "Coffee's ready. Who wants a mug?"

Alan was sitting up, propped against the headboard, sheet down to his waist, and there was a lump next to him, covered completely by the sheet. Slowly shaking his head, Alan smiled and nudged the lump.

"They know, Rose. Come on out from under there. They seem pretty cool with it."

The top of the sheet pulled down, enough to show the top half of Rose's head to her nose as she looked first at Julie then at Tom holding the tray. Her face was starting to flush with embarrassment and chagrin. Both Julie and Tom were smiling, knowingly, and Rose dropped the sheet to her waist as well while she too sat back against the headboard. Tom offered the tray's contents to Alan, who took first an adulterated mug and handed it to Rose, then took a pure one for himself. Julie plucked the remaining coffee with creamer from the tray, and Tom took the fourth one, and everybody gently sipped their morning brew.

Julie walked around the bed and got Rose to scootch her feet so Julie could sit. Tom just sat on the floor with his legs bent and crossed in what used to be called 'Indian Style'. Julie took another sip of her coffee, her grin just so wide. Then she schooled her expression into seriousness and asked, "So, Mom, when did you two first have coitus?"

"Oh, snap!" exclaimed Tom. "Yes! Payback time! Dad, are you ok?"

Rose snorted because her mouth was empty, but Alan did a decent spit-take, not expecting that at all. Coffee spewed down the top sheets, and Julie had to laugh.

Rose answered, "About 12:15 this morning, dear. And it was GOOD!"

Tom saw the wrappers and used condoms in the trashcan and said, "Well, I sincerely hope so. I'm glad to see that precautions were taken." This caused Alan's face and upper chest to flush with embarrassment.

"Enough already," Alan declared, quietly so as not to alert anyone else in the house.

Julie, Tom, and Rose all giggled at that, then took deep drinks of their coffee. After a couple of minutes of sipping and head nodding in approval, Tom and Julie departed taking the tray and closing the bedroom door.

"Oh, that was priceless!" exclaimed Julie, who then covered her mouth and she hurried Tom down the stairs and back into the living room.

"You got her really well, Jules. I'm impressed! I wish I'd thought to haul that one out."

The pair sat on the sofa and drank their coffee and leaned into each other. Finishing his coffee, Tom stood and took the tray back to the kitchen, placing it back on top of the refrigerator. He dumped the used coffee grounds into the trash and placed the fresh grounds back in place. He could not brew another pot yet, but things were ready for when David and/or Maggie wanted some. He then started making some cinnamon raisin toast and a pitcher of orange juice for a light breakfast for all.

= = =

David awoke with a start. Someone had just exclaimed something at volume, but he could not say what was said. He got up and opened his bedroom door, but he saw no one and thought he heard footsteps downstairs in the living room. He looked at the time, and it was 6:40. He thought about going back to sleep but realized that he'd lose time in Maggie's company if he did so, and that was NOT his intent. He looked back down the hall, and the door to Tom's room was closed. Then he smelled the coffee. He scurried into 'his' bathroom, and quickly showered and shaved, just in case he was able to rub faces with Maggie. He wrapped himself in a towel and scurried back to his room after assuring that the coast was clear. He noted the 6:55 time on the clock and got dressed and headed for the kitchen.

David noted Tom's presence and took over the toast making duties. He poured a mug of coffee for himself, using up the rest of the already brewed pot. He saw the grounds in a fresh filter, so he put the pot in its place and added the water to brew the second pot.

When enough toast was ready, he carried it and the orange juice to the dining table then went back for six luncheon plates and juice glasses. "Hey, Tom, would you please advise the others that breakfast is getting cold?"

"On it."

= = =

Maggie awoke with a sunbeam resting across her face. She was sprawled out in the center of the king-size mattress in Tom's room, and something did not seem to jive with her expectations. She flopped her right hand around and found nothing but the cool mattress. Same for the left hand. She opened one eye then closed it immediately as sunlight flooded her consciousness. Rolling away from the sunlight, she still encountered nothing. She opened both eyes now. Only the bed was in view.

"Mom?" she called. Silence in response. "Mom?" she called, louder this time. Still silence.

Maggie rolled out of bed, stumbling slightly to the bedroom door, and headed down the hall to the bathroom, which was unoccupied but appeared to have been used recently for a shower, as the humidity had not been totally vented away. She used the plumbing facilities as designed and started out the door, back to the front bedroom. Just then, the door to Alan's bedroom opened, and Rose emerged, laughing and holding Alan's hand. Maggie stopped dead in her tracks, as did Rose, which caused Alan to collide with Rose.



= = =

"Hey, folks upstairs! Breakfast is ready. Coffee, juice, and cinnamon raisin toast, but the toast is getting cooler by the second!" Tom called upstairs but not going to the base of the stairs.

"Maggie, please go make yourself presentable in front of the men and hustle downstairs, please," Rose asked.

"Uunnnnnnghhh!!" exclaimed Maggie, who dashed for the bedroom door and closed it a little harder than necessary, but she did not slam it.

Exhaling mightily, Rose and Alan descended and made their way to the dining table where Tom, Julie, and David awaited them. A little sheepishly, they entered into view holding hands, but quickly dropped them. David was a little puzzled at this example of PDA, and Tom and Julie had their backs to the entryway and did not see anything.

"Is Maggie coming?" David inquired.

"Yeah, she'll be right along," Rose answered.

"What was all the yelling about?" David asked.

Sniggers and snorts erupted from Tom and Julie while Alan and Rose blushed slightly.

"Somebody or somebodies got busted," Tom responded.

"Oh?" David asked, archly, of the older adults.

"We will discuss this once the breakfast has been eaten, David," Alan replied.

Maggie then appeared in teal shorts and a white and teal football jersey. David's face lit up in delight at the sight of her, which buoyed her attitude and she happily made her way to the empty seat next to him. Rose thought for a couple of seconds, then started to softly sing to the tune of the theme from the 'Mary Tyler Moore Show': "Who can turn the girl on with his smile? Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?" Tom, Julie, David, and Maggie all looked blankly at her, but Alan chuckled in remembrance and the subtle word changes.

Alan reached his hands for his sons', and the chain continued quickly until all hands were joined. A simple prayer of grace was asked, and the light breakfast was begun.

"So, Dad," David inquired, halfway through his first piece of toast, "who got busted and for what?"

"Rose and I spent the night together in my bed, David."

"Oh," David responded. A few seconds later he came out with, "Cool."

"What do you mean, 'cool'?" Maggie demanded.

"I mean that it's cool that my dad hooked up with your mom. What's wrong with it? They're both single, consenting adults, I assume you both consented to this," to which he received affirmative nods from Alan and Rose, "and nobody was harmed. Did you see the way they were dancing with each other last night?"

"Not really. I was focused on you."

"Oh. Well. Thank you," David blushed. "Seeing as Tom and Julie are paired, if your mom and my dad get together, it seems symmetrical." He thought about it for a minute. "It would make the holidays much simpler."

"Yes! Great minds, David!" Julie exclaimed

"So, Margaret, do you still have an issue with my having spent the night with Alan?" Rose asked.

"On one hand, it just doesn't seem right to me. I mean, you just met him yesterday at noon."

"True. So, what about Tom and Julie's connection basically at first sight? Was that wrong? Let's turn this around for a second. What about your jaw scraping the carpet yesterday after meeting David?"

"Ouch, Mom! Ok, I get your point. You felt something when you met Alan?" Maggie inquired.

"Yes, indeed I did, and it went right to my sensitive bits, too. I think that all three of these relationships are good examples of 'when it's right, you know'."

"Ok, ladies," Alan interrupted. "I apologize for interrupting, but I believe the day marches onward. I was given to believe you wished to do some shopping down here before returning home, right? Well, leave the cleanup for us menfolk and get yourselves ready for your shopping. I would like to meet you all at a decent restaurant for lunch, say 1 o'clock? How does Longhorn work for you?"

Getting nods from her daughters, Rose answered, "Longhorn will work fine. 1 pm. Now, where is it?"

Alan chuckled and her directions to the mall outparcel where the restaurant was located.

"Oh, that's right by the Michael's," Julie exclaimed. "I can get us there, Mom, no problem."

"Ok, girls, dash away, dash away, dash away all! Let's get dressed and rolling."

Each of the Lawson women felt the great need to hug and kiss their matching Harrison men, then the groups divided to conquer.

= = =

Tom and David dealt with the few dirty dishes from breakfast, then the three of them sat at the kitchen table to work out a menu for the rest of the weekend. Both would be departing early on Sunday afternoon, assuming that a replacement vehicle for David was found and acquired in time. So that led the three of them to re-scan a few websites and search through Craigslist, but nothing was fitting into their parameters. Alan decided that they just needed to go to some dealers and walk around the lots a bit. It would be a way to pass the time until they met the ladies for lunch.

"So, Dad, you had company last night, eh?" David probed.

"Yeah, about that. We all went to our beds as intended, but I was dreaming about your mom again, and I guess I was making some noises. I remember her saying 'you need her and she needs you. Do what is right.' This dreaming about her is really starting to freak me out." Alan started to tear up. "She won't leave me alone to suffer."

"I don't think she wanted you to suffer at all, Dad," Tom provided. "She knew you needed time to mourn, and there's good reason why many cultures 'designate' the first year for that mourning period. But I'm with her on this: you need to get on with your life and have companionship."

"We humans are not meant to be alone, Dad," David interjected. "There is a lot of stuff out there about how what once was whole got separated, and it's our 'job' to go find that other half. I'm not saying that you were meant to be with Rose all along. We would not be here if that was the case. But I'm saying that you are probably meant to be with Rose from now on. And we're both cool with that, Dad, right Tom?" Tom nodded in agreement. "We see that you are not forgetting Mom. Hell, you can't now with that painting I did. Maybe that's why I did it, so that you would have a point of remembrance. But you can't just get up, go to work, and come home, day after day. There must be some Alan-time in there."

"So, Dad, Rose is only 100 miles up the road. Sure, you probably can't see each other daily, but it could make for some fun weekend road trips. Friday after work until just after supper on Sunday? And you could swap out on who makes the trip," Tom offered. "David and I will be home for a month starting a week before Christmas. Just hang in there, please."

"Ok, alright, your points are made. Anyway, what happened was that she came in while I was tossing. She laid her hand on my forehead and that woke me up and we fell into a kiss immediately. You can be proud of me, David. 'When the underwear comes off, the condom goes on'."

Tom sniggered. "Yeah, it looked like the underwear came off quite a few times overnight. How many condoms did you use?"

Alan declined to answer that specifically, just, "Enough of them," which sent David and Tom into a laughing fit. They were still laughing about Alan's answer after having showered and dressed for public visibility. Alan had disposed of the evidence, so only he and Rose knew the actual count (four). They piled into Alan's Volvo, and the dealership-to-dealership jaunt began.

= = =

Rose, Julie, and Maggie left the dining room and readied to go shopping. With his permission, Rose used Alan's ensuite shower, while the girls took turns with the public one. Feeling a little naughty, Rose left her soaked-now-dry thong from Thursday inside Alan's pillowcase as a gift for him to remember her by. By 9:00, all the ladies had cleansed and dressed and Rose and Maggie had made sure to take all of their items (excepting the one left behind intentionally) were packed. Knowing they would see the men at lunch, they departed in Rose's Subaru Outback for the Commercial Mecca that was the Middleburg Mall and environs, to which Julie competently guided them. Once in the car, the inquiries began

"Ok, Mother, when did you abandon me last night?" Maggie asked, an edge to her voice.

"You were not abandoned, Maggie. I had a dream about a much older Julie taking me by the hand, then I woke and had to pee. I heard some noises coming from Alan's room, pained groans actually, and I had to investigate. He was tossing and turning in his sleep, so I felt his forehead and suddenly his lips were on mine and my mind was gone."

"Mom," Julie interjected, "that was probably Laura you encountered in your dreams, not future-me. Her spirit has been all over the house for the past week and I hope, for the most part, she has gotten what she came for. Tom and I are reassured of her 'blessing', and now she got you and Alan together. Tom did not say of dreaming of her while in Centreville, so she just may have been hanging around the house in Middleburg. As Shakespeare said in Hamlet: 'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.' Who is to say that Laura's spirit has not been instrumental to everything that happened yesterday?

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