It was early Monday morning and Chris was finishing packing up for a business trip to Vegas for a couple of weeks. He was coming out of the closet with some lingerie to stick in his suitcase when Christy came out of the bathroom.

"Packing some clothes for a little hotel room fun?" She asked as he saw Chris drop a small pile of lingerie into his suitcase.

"Of course." Chris replied. "Don't want to let a trip go to waste." He folded some hose and packed them in with the other things he'd just dropped in.

"You know," Christy said walking up to him, her body still glistening with a little water from the shower, "You ought to pack a couple of outfits. Go out all dressed up. You will be in Vegas after all." She reached up and pulled Chris' head to hers and gave him a kiss.

"You think so?" Chris said. "Go out and pick up some stud to take back to my hotel to fuck my brains out?" He kissed her back. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? That sort of thing?" He chuckled as Christy pulled away from him. Christy laughed too.

"I'm surprised you didn't think of it." She chided him. "You'll be out there for two weeks. It's not like you won't have time to go out on the weekend. Or another night during the week." She walked into the closet and picked out a couple of dresses for Chris. "These should work." She said as she tossed them into his suitcase.

"You're serious aren't you?" Chris said. He wasn't going to kid himself, the thought of wandering around Vegas all dolled up sounded exciting. He was sure he could fool quite a few people. But in Vegas, it probably didn't matter. He chuckled at the thought. If Christy was urging him to do it, who was he to argue. "Okay. Might as well. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a girl or guy to play with. Seeing as how you've already had some fun without me. And just what are you going to do while I'm gone?" He shot her a sideways glance as he picked out a wig from the top of the dresser.

"Of course I am." She said as she came up behind him and pressed her naked body against him. "Take advantage of it." She rubbed his groin through his jeans, he was rock hard. "as for what I'm going to do, I don't know. Patty and Rob are out of town for two weeks too. I won't have anyone to play with." Christy slid her hand into Chris' jeans and rubbed his cock through the panties he had on.

Chris groaned as she rubbed him, what a tease. "I'm sure you'll think of something." He pushed his hips against Christy's hand. "Why don't you suck it before I leave? You won't get to see it for another two weeks." He suggested.

"You dirty old man." Christy chided him jokingly. Pulling her hand from his pants she moved around front and dropped to her knees. "But who am I to deny such a request? I'll miss it while it's gone." She pulled his jeans down and fished out his hard cock from the satin panties. "Mmmm, I do love this cock." She said as her tongue ran up and down it's length. "Maybe I'll find a new one to play with while you're gone." Her mouth engulfed his hard cock and began sucking him in earnest.

Chris groaned at Christy's mention of her finding a new cock to play with while he was gone. That combined with her wonderful mouth made his cock twitch. He looked down and watched as her head bobbed back and forth over his cock. Her naked body still glistening with water from the shower. He reached down and guided her head on his cock. As he did, she took her hands from his shaft and began feeling herself up. Chris loved it when she did that while blowing him. Knowing she was pleasuring herself while sucking him turned him on immensely. One hand was on her pussy and the other was gripping one breast. He began thrusting in and out of her mouth as she held still as she pulled at her nipple and dug three fingers deep into her pussy. Her moans of pleasure reverberated through his cock and drove him to the edge of his orgasm. "Oh God Christy, here it comes!" Chris called out as is legs stiffened and he shot his load down her throat.

Christy clamped down on Chris' cock as he called out. Never one to waste a drop she sucked hard as the first shot of his orgasm hit the back of her throat. She moaned and dug her fingers deeper ingot her pussy and pinched her nipple hard to bring on her orgasm. She shook as the next jets of cum flooded her mouth and she swallowed as he finished up and pulled form her mouth. Letting out a low moan she fingered her clit and exploded on the floor in front of Chris with an earth shattering orgasm. She shook and gasped as pleasure washed over her, her body shaking and writhing. When it subsided she looked up at Chris who was tucking himself back into his jeans and grinning from ear to ear.

"Damn that was hot Christy!" He bent over to help her naked body off the floor and kissed her. "I'm going miss those blowjobs for the next two weeks."

Christy giggled. "Something to remember me by". She kissed him on the cheek and went to the closet to get dressed. "I'm sure you'll find someone to help you out in that department." Coming back from the closet she dropped in the pair of breast forms that he had bought a few weeks back. "Don't forget these. Can't complete the look without them."

Chris smiled at her. She was really wanting him to go all out while he was away. "So what do you really have planned while I'm away?" He asked as he rummaged through the closet to pick out a couple of outfits and some shoes to pack. He also grabbed a wig on the way out of the closet. Can't forget that, he thought. He'd look mighty strange all dressed up with his short hair.

"I told you what I would be up to." She giggled and kissed him. He could still taste his cum on her lips. Pulling back, she continued. "But seriously though, I'm getting together Friday with Cassie. We haven't seen each other in a while."

"I see." Chris grinned at her. "So a little muff diving then?" He laughed as smacked her ass.

Christy jumped and giggled. "I wish. She's not into it. I've dropped hints before and she's never shown any interest."

"Poor baby." Chris rubbed her ass as he kissed her neck. "You'll have to make do with our stash of toys then."

Christy moaned and watched him finish packing. "As long as you don't take the good ones." She said as he dropped a bottle of lube and a dildo in the suitcase.

"I left plenty for you." He said as he zipped up the suitcase. "And you know, I'll be gone two weeks. That gives you plenty of time to fool around." He kissed her gently, his mind racing with thoughts of her getting fucked or her bedding another woman while he wasn't here.

"You horndog." Christy chided him and chuckled. "Unfortunately, I've got two busy weeks ahead of me. We're working on new project proposals at work. So, I've got a quite a bit of work to be doing. I probably won't have the energy to fool around until the weekend. That being said, I'll probably have some solo fun to relieve some tension a few times." She giggled and shot Chris a sly grin.

He picked up his suitcase and smiled back. "Send me pics. I always enjoy them." He walked over, picked up her chin and gazed into her deep brown eyes. "I'll miss you baby." He kissed her tenderly.

"Me too. But you better get going or you'll miss your flight. And don't forget to send me pics of any fun you have too." She called out as he headed downstairs and out the door.

Chris hopped in the car and took off for the airport. He wondered what kind of time he would have on his hands after he was done at the seminars and expo he was headed to Vegas for. He hoped that he'd get to go out a few nights besides just the weekend. He also wondered what kinds of mischief Christy would be up to. He trusted her judgment when it came to venturing out and picking up guys but without him being around it was a little different. In the back of his head he worried a little bit. In the end he knew she would make the right decisions he thought as he made it to the airport to board his flight.

After checking into the hotel Chris unpacked his clothes for the next two weeks. He hung the dresses up in the closet and neatly set his lingerie into one of the drawers of the dresser. The rest of his clothes he tossed into the remaining drawers and hung up his polos. Jeans didn't exactly need to be kept neat and hung. The wig he brought he set on the overturned ice bucket so it would retain its shape after being in the suitcase for half a day. His makeup he laid out in the bathroom all ready for use. As he relaxed on the bed after unpacking, he thought about what the cleaning staff would think of the makeup and wig in the room along with the obvious signs of male clothing sitting around. It was Vegas after all. He was sure that the hotel staff had seen much worse, or stranger things. He chuckled as he thought about it. They'd probably seen it all so it really didn't matter, no reason to hide it here. Let your freak flag fly he though as he dozed off for a nap.

Chris woke up from his nap refreshed and ready to head out to take in the sights of the strip at night. But before doing so he needed some food. After a quick bite to eat from room service he was ready to head out. As he walked down the street in the failing sunlight he took in the sights as the strip started light up. The lights and sounds and antics of the locals assaulted his senses. He was taking it all in as he walked down the street. Performers on corners dancing, standing like statues, holding parrots for people to pet or stick on tourist's shoulders for money. And the occasional street preacher and Elvis impersonator. And of course, crossdressers here and there. Some were obvious but others were not. He began to relax after thinking that he weas going to look out of place all dolled up on the strip. Based on what he saw he'd put some of these girls to shame. After walking a couple of blocks he sat down to watch the Bellagio fountains and check his cell phone.

On the flight out he'd scoped out some potential bars that he could visit form some fun. But after walking a block and looking at where the places were on his cell phone, he realized that those places were quite a way off the strip. He'd be better off finding a bar or club in one of the casinos on the strip. He felt that would be safer than to venture out from the strip all dressed up on his first trip to Vegas. After watching the fountain for a few minutes, he got up, stretched, and decided to walk the rest of the strip to take in the rest of the sights before heading back to the hotel and giving Christy a call, hoping she'd still be up.

Back at the hotel he gave Christy a call. "Hi honey, I made it to Vegas ok."

"Good to hear." Came her voice from the other end of the line. "Get into any trouble yet?" She giggled.

Chris laughed. "Not yet. We'll see how the week goes. I'm sure I'll find something to do before the week is out. I'm going to be here for two weeks. Should be plenty of time to get into trouble. What about you?"

A hearty laugh came from the other end of the line. "Did you expect me to go out and find someone to hop into bed with right after you walked out the door?"

Chris let out a guffaw. "I'm just giving you a hard time. I know you wouldn't do that. So what do you plan to do?" He asked, his interest piqued.

Christy cooed into the phone. "Oh, I don't know. I may get out some toys and play before bed. If I'm feeling pretty naughty, I might take some pics to send to you."

Chris groaned at the thought. He loved seeing Christy play with herself. "You naughty girl. But what about the rest of the week? I'll probably be to busy here to get out and have any real late-night fun until the weekend."

"Poor baby. I guess I'll have to keep you entertained with pictures for the week. I may be in the same boat unfortunately. Maybe I'll do some surfing online. Get a taste of some of the things you've done without me in years past." She quipped.

"Oh really?" Chris said, his curiosity piqued. "Just what do you intend to do?" He squirmed on the bed as he thought about all the things she could do while at home alone, his cock hardening.

"Yes. I was thinking about it this afternoon as I was cleaning up the spare bedroom in the basement and was dusting off the old desktop down there." She was silent for a moment then spoke again. "So what was that chat site you fooled around in?"

"So you're serious?" Chris said, his excitement rising. "Are you going to take some video for me to see?" He said, egging her on.

"Yes I am. You know I like being watched." She said matter of factly. "So after seeing the desktop, for some reason, it got me thinking."

"I'll text it to you. You little devil." Chris said, a hint of excitement in his voice. He began to think of the things they could do together if she liked her little foray into chat rooms.

"You like it and you know it." Christy shot back. "I'll have to see how work goes this week. I may not get to much time to play. We've got a big project coming due this week so I may be very busy."

"I hope you at least get some time to rub one out and send me some pics though before the weekend." Chris grinned. "I always like fresh material to jerk off too." Before she could reply he said good night.

"Night baby." Christy cooed. "I think I'll rub one out right now. All this talk about fooling around in chat rooms has me wet."

Chris was about to say something when she hung up. He was pretty sure that she'd send him pics. With that in mind he stripped down to his bikini cut satin panties he had on, grabbed a pair of hose and a camisole from his luggage and slipped them on. He was going to have some fun of his own before falling asleep. Digging into his luggage he pulled out a bottle of lube and one of their double ended dildoes that he brought along. Laying back on the bed he held up the dildo and snapped a selfie to send to Christy. "Going to have a little fun myself before heading to bed." He hit send and set the phone down.

His body slid down the bed as he licked the long phallus. The feel of the lingerie on his body never failed to arouse him and tonight was no exception. As he sucked the dildo, his hand snaked into his panties and pulled out his rock hard cock. His hips moved up and down, matching the rhythm of the hand stroking his shaft. Moans escaped his lips as waves of pleasure washed over his body, oh how he wished he had a real cock in his mouth at the moment, or a woman in bed with him, helping please him. At the moment though his mind was racing with thoughts of Christy chatting with a man or woman in chat rooms and telling them all about the things that she likes to do. Then maybe turning on the camera to show off while she plays with her toys. He hoped she would do it and really like it. He did, and hadn't done it in a while. He gripped his cock harder as he fantasized about the opportunity to get to play in chat rooms again. This time with his wife.

Feeling that he was close to cumming he wanted the dildo in his ass. Chris took the lube, squeezed out a dollop on his fingers and began to tease his ass. The lube was cool on his tight hole and he slipped a finger in and wiggled it, causing his cock to jump a bit. The anticipation of taking the thick dildo in his ass was maddening. He loved how the two inch shaft stretched him out. He stopped stroking his cock to slick up the long double ended dildo and place the bulbous head against the entrance to his ass. His hose clad legs squirmed on the bed as he pressed forward. The head stretched him out as it was even thicker than the shaft itself. He pressed in and then backed off a bit. Even though he'd had it in his ass many times it was always easy going to get the bulbous head in his ass. Just as he was about to push a second time with eth dildo his phone buzzed.

Chris would usually ignore it but since he'd just gotten through talking to his wife, and knowing what she was going to be up to, he picked it up and checked it. And he was not disappointed. The text from Christy had a picture and a video attached to it.

"Enjoying myself. I hope you like it. I see you took the big double ended dildo so I got out the thin one." The text read. The picture was of Christy with their slim double ended dildo. She had nipple clamps on her engorged nubs and was shoving the dildo deep in her wet pussy. He waited to start the video until after he'd gotten the dildo in his ass. He wanted to take a pic for her to enjoy also. And he wanted to cum while watching her.

Taking the dildo in hand again, he relaxed and pushed the thick shaft against his puckered hole as he relaxed. The fat head slowly spread his ring and he relaxed as more of it slipped into him. The head was stretching him wide and he gasped with a shot of pain and then pleasure as the head popped in and his ass closed around the thick shaft. Oh god it was so thick, but it felt so damn good he thought as he let out a gasp. Chris reached over, took his camera in hand, and set it on the bedside table ready to take a picture. He hit the button and the timer started counting down from 30, giving him time to turn around and face the camera, the dildo still ensconced in his ass. He had just enough time to pull his legs up, and using his flexibility, to grip the dildo between his feet as he dropped his knees to the sides lite butterfly wings. It was a well practiced move he'd done many times while fooling around on camera in chat rooms. Doing this, he could move his feet back and forth, moving the dildo in and out of his ass. This left his hands free to play with his cock and nipples.

The camera went off and took a couple of pictures as he thrust the dildo in and out a couple of times. Grunts and groans escaped his lips as he did so, the dildo driving deep in his ass and then pulling out again. His cock was still rock hard and throbbing as he spun back around on the bed, the dildo slipping out a bit in his ass but remaining there due to the thick head of the shaft. He groaned as the sheets pulled on the shaft while he settled into position again.

He typed quickly, "Love the pic. Going to watch the video as I finish getting off." He attached the pics he just took and sent them off. Moving back to his wife's text he hit play on the video and resumed stroking his now aching cock. The video started with Christy tugging the nipple clamps and shoving the dildo deep in her pussy. Her moans and gasps were loud and she was squirming on the bed. Chris was doing the same as he took the dildo between his feet and began moving it in and out of his ass again. Turning to face his phone he watched as Christy groaned out his name and looked at the camera.

"Oh god I wish you were here to fill my ass while I fucked myself with the dildo. But I guess Ill have to do it myself."

Chris watched in amazement as Christy bent the long dildo and easily slid the other end into her ass. She let go of it after shoving about six inches into her ass. He gripped his cock tighter as Christy grunted.

"Oh my God! That's incredible! She gasped. "Ughhhhh. I love it just sitting there." She squirmed and diddled her clit and yanked at the nipple clamp chain.

Chris let out a grunt of his own as he neared orgasm. Pulling his feet almost to his ass he drove the dildo deep into his ass and arched his back. Looking back over at the phone he saw Christy now pulling the dildo in and out of her ass and pussy at the same time while rubbing her clit with blinding speed. She was beginning to thrash about on the bed as her orgasm washed over her and Chris couldn't hold out any longer while watching. Tensing up he let out one final groan and tugged at his cock. He exploded almost at the same time Christy did on the video. Cum shot from his shaft and landed on his chest. Spurt after spurt landed on his camisole as he listened to his wife moaning and groaning through her orgasm.

Breathing heavily, he glanced down to see the mess he'd left on his camisole and grinned. He'd have to wash it in the sink before wearing it again. He didn't want to leave cum stains on it. Then he looked back at his phone to see Christy rolling over and reaching for the phone to turn it off, the dildo still bent and trapped in her pussy and ass, but not before blowing a kiss into the camera. "I love you baby." She sighed as the screen went black."

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