By the time I had got up from the foot-stool and put it away in the corner of the VIP room, Tim was balls-deep in my girlfriend. In addition to the sight of Suky's secretions all over her thighs and the love-seat, and the smell of her arousal lingering in the air, I was now also assaulted by the sounds of their love-making. Squishy noises emanated from her wet pussy, as Tim thrust deeply into it.

I beat a hasty retreat from the VIP room, as the sounds of Tim and Suky laughing, echoed down the hallway. I heard the heavy sound-proofed door shut, and it went silent. Joy was on me immediately.

"Now that you are single, do you want to enjoy Rim before you leave?" she inquired. "Take advantage of being off of restriction. It's on the house. I know Rim forced you to eat her pussy. This is your chance to get payback. If I know my niece, this fling with Tim won't last long."

I smiled at Joy, and thanked her for trying to cheer me up. It was going to take a lot more than the pretty Filipino Rim eating my ass, to get me over the loss of Suky.

I headed back to the office, stunned by the new developments. My mind was spinning from the confrontation I had just had with my boss. However, I did try and set out a realistic expectation of what Tim could do to my career. I didn't think he could fire me without a few questions, at least, from the Board.

I had been here a long time, and had excellent performance reviews every year. More recently, thanks to Tim's policy of including the most valuable contributors, my name was all over some of the very successful advertising campaigns. I figured my employment prospects were good, it was my benefits and perks, that he could fuck with. And of course, my girlfriend, Suky.

I had made good progress packing up my office, when Tim showed up. He was definitely calmer than he had been earlier, when he tore me a new asshole. Probably because he just got his rocks off inside my girlfriend, I mused. He didn't say anything to me, but strode into his office with purpose. After a few minutes the stress was getting to me.

I stuck my head in his open door and said pleasantly, "I am going to Starbucks, can I get you anything?"

"Thanks Timmy," he said calmly, "I will have a Mocha Frappuccino. Oh, and a Warm Brown Sundae, from Baskin-Robbins."

"Yes, boss," I responded in a friendly manner, although I realized that this was an exercise in control, on his part.

Starbucks was located in the ground floor of our office building, and was a three minute trip via elevator. Baskin-Robbins was in the local mall, a ten minute drive with no traffic. It was Saturday afternoon and the mall would be packed. I didn't say anything else to my boss, but went to the parking structure and drove to get him his Sundae. Thirty minutes later, my boss was enjoying his ice-cream Sundae as we chatted.

"You know what Timmy, I am very disappointed in you for holding out on me. I intend to use your girlfriend every Saturday morning, before handing her off to you for sloppy seconds. I won't permit Suky to shower between our respective sessions."

I lowered my head at the prospect of being handed my own girlfriend back, after my boss had used her. However, I knew enough about deference to let him continue.

"I think I have punished you enough financially, having reduced your compensation by seven thousand dollars per month. However, I need to keep you humble to ensure you have learned your lesson, for a few months at least. Consider yourself on probation. The next time you fuck up, you are going to be Fat John's plaything every Saturday morning. I won't permit him to shower either, at least before his pampering session with you. After he gets off, he will be allowed to use the shower. I think that is his favorite part of your session together," my boss taunted.

That was the end of the beat-down. Tim had extracted his pound of flesh, and he relented on the office move. I was very relieved as I unpacked my personal effects and rearranged my office. That office defined my worth within the company, and I was grateful to keep it.

I was dreading Saturday morning and the week seemed to drag by. Tim texted me Friday night.

"Meet me at 10am at the massage parlor. Tell Suky to wear her lime green bikini and high heels."

I responded immediately with a meek "ok boss," but wondered why the fuck Tim wanted me to meet him. My appointment wasn't until eleven-thirty, after he had enjoyed Suky. I really wasn't in a position to argue with him so Suky and I waited for him, outside the massage parlor at the appointed time. Suky was wearing her lime green bikini, with the matching high heels, and nothing else.

The massage parlor, like a lot of sexually oriented businesses, was in a part of town known for street-walkers, and a few cars slowed down to check Suky out and to see if she was on the game.

I had tried to get her to wear a coat over her bikini, for modesty, but she said that Tim was very clear in his expectations of her outfit.

"It will be better for both of us, if we follow his instructions to the letter," she informed me.

Tim pulled up to the curb just before 10am. He exited his rental Mercedes, placed one hand on Suky's lower back, just above her ass, and guided her into the massage parlor. As she entered the door in front of him, he turned to me and tossed me his car keys.

"Park my Benz in the shade, Timmy," he said dismissively.

After I parked his car, I decided to get some breakfast. I had ninety minutes to kill before it was my turn with my girlfriend. I returned to the massage parlor around eleven-fifteen, and Joy invited me into her office for some tea.

I enjoy Joy's company and I know she has some empathy for my situation. However, I felt like a complete pussy, as I waited in her office for Tim to finish enjoying Suky. Eleven-thirty rolled by and there was no sign of the two of them. Finally just before twelve-thirty, Tim strolled into Joy's office looking very relaxed. Suky was right behind him, in obvious need of a shower.

I could see vaginal secretions all over her inner thighs, and there was evidence of semen on both pieces of her bikini, and in her hair.

"Is my twelve-thirty appointment here?" she asked her Auntie.

"Yes, Rim is getting him warmed up in room four," she said with a smile. "Take a quick shower and get your ass in there Sucky. Don't keep your honored guest waiting."

"Yes Auntie, I will be quick."

Suky turned to me and said, "Sorry Timmy, we got caught up in the moment and I completely forgot about you," she began.

Then, without any modesty or shame, she wriggled out of her bikini bottoms and handed them to me. As I took them from her, I noticed that they were soaking wet with her juices and the liner was full of semen.

"FaceTime me tonight and I will make it up to you, I promise!" she added. "I won't be coming home tonight," she added wistfully, "I am going to stay at Tim's."

With that, Suky turned and left the room to take a shower. I had her soiled bikini panties in my hand and was reluctant to put them in my pocket, as wet as they were. Tim looked at me stood there with an erection and Suky's panties, and must have felt some pity.

"Who is available right now?" he asked Joy.

"Handi and Rosebud," the Mamasan responded.

"Give Timmy thirty minutes with Handi," he said magnanimously. "One orgasm, handjob only," he added with a smirk. "Put it on my tab. See you Monday, Timmy."

After he left, Joy tried to console me.

"You can upgrade to Rosebud," she said, generously. "I won't say anything. You might feel better if you fuck Rosebud's tight little asshole. On the house, of course!"

I thanked Joy for trying to make me feel better, but ended up declining my pre-paid handjob. I left the massage parlor with my tail between my legs, and drove home. Suky had clients all day, and didn't finish work until almost 10pm. She did text me around 9pm to let me know she had one more client, and then she would FaceTime me.

"Make sure you are ready to go. I want you in Bubblegum Pink!" her final text read.

My heart sank as I knew that Suky was referring to my new Bubblegum Pink panties. Jerking off naked in front of my girlfriend, and whoever else she invited to watch, was emasculating enough, but having to wear a pair of pink silk panties as I performed for their amusement, made it much worse.

Around 10pm my iPad started to vibrate, and apparently Suky was ready to watch me jerk-off. Tim had beat me down so much, I didn't even ask who else was watching. I was already naked, except for my new panties, lying on my towel with my KY lube, and Suky's soiled bikini panties.

"Hi baby," she said cheerfully. "You ready to perform for us?"

My heart sank as I realized Rim was with her again, and possibly even Joy. This news was a double-edged sword. It was very humiliating to have to masturbate in front of my girlfriend and her co-workers, but the added stimulation would make my orgasm more intense.

"Yes, baby, I am ready," I replied. "Am I on the big screen?"

"Of course baby," Suky responded with a giggle. "We just had our weekly staff meeting and all the team are here! When Tim found out you declined his offer of a handjob, he thought it would cheer you up to bust a nut before bed."

I shuddered at the indignity of having to masturbate for six young girls, and Joy. However, I was rock-hard, and they were ready for showtime, so I started to stroke my cock.

The girls were quite vocal in their taunts and verbal abuse of me, and I wondered if they had been drinking. As it turns out, they were just happy to have the day behind them, and go from entertaining men all day, to watching one perform for their amusement.

Joy took control again, the others deferring to her not only because she owned the salon, but because she was twenty years older than the rest of them. Joy ran me through a series of humiliating and physically challenging positions, until I was sweating from the exertion. Of course, to make matters worse, I was erect the entire time, the tip of my cock protruding from the waist band of my silk panties, as if to emphasize my uncontrolled lust.

After I had run through Joy's exhausting routine, she informed that the girls were ready to see me have my release. I opened the bottle of KY lube, and began to apply the silky liquid to my cock-head. The humiliation of performing for the young girls had aroused me immensely, and I let out a frustrated whimper, as I lubricated my cock.

"He's not going to last long," Handi said, the most junior member of the team, stating the fucking obvious.

"He never does," my girlfriend added, to a round of laughs from the girls. "Use my bikini panties to jerk off," she added, demonstrating her total control of me.

As soon as I picked up her lime green bikini bottoms, and wrapped them around my nuts, I felt my balls constrict, a sure sign that my release was imminent. I jerked myself off for a few strokes before Suky spoke again.

"Come in the liner of my panties," Suky instructed me.

I removed the silky panties from my nuts, positioned the crotch over the tip of my cock, and exploded into them a few seconds later. I came hard, accompanied by a fairly raucous cheer from the young girls. Their taunts and laughter faded into the background momentarily after I orgasmed, and I enjoyed my release for a few moments before Suky snapped me out of it.

"Let's see how you did," she teased.

I removed the crotch of the panties from my cock-head, and let them fall to the floor.

"We can't see the liner," Suky informed me.

Like all men, I had lost interest in this little game the second after I ejaculated. However, unlike most men, I was not a free man. Rolling over and falling asleep was not one of my options, so I adjusted the position of the panties, so that the crotch was visible on their big screen.

Rim was the first woman to comment on the copious load in Suky's panties.

"Huge load Timmy!" she remarked. "I am impressed. I want to watch you eat it."

I heard the cheer go up, as the girls enthusiastically approved of Rim's directive for me to eat my jizz, from the liner of Suky's panties. I was very hesitant to stick my face into that disgusting mess, and it took a little coaxing from Joy, for me to do so.

"My girls do everything in their power to accommodate your kinks when you are in my massage parlor," Joy began, firmly. "Do as Rim instructed, now!"

I tentatively lowered my lips to the liner of Suky's panties, knowing full well that I was not completely responsible for the copious load that soaked the crotch. I reluctantly extended my tongue until it made contact with the semen, which had cooled to room temperature and had congealed slightly. I scooped up a small mouthful with my lips, and almost gagged as I swallowed it.

Suky was also well aware that there was more than one contributor to the mess in the panty liner, and to my horror, she told everyone.

"Full disclosure," she began, getting everyone's attention. "That huge load in my panty liner is not all Timmy's. Most of the semen in my panties is actually Tim's. It leaked from me after he fucked me," she announced, to a chorus of laughs from the whole team.

The girls watched intently, as I ate the remnants of my boss' load, from the liner of my girlfriend's bikini panties. Once they were satisfied that I had swallowed it all, Joy continued to take control of me.

"Set your pocket pussy up the way it was when you performed for Suky and Rim," she instructed me, her tone leaving no room for discussion. "Oh, and let's see your new Aqua panties."

I know my body language was that of a beaten man. I had just emptied my nuts, and was in no mood for their protracted games. However, I followed Joy's instructions, disappearing from their big screen for a few moments as I set up my plastic sex toy. Even though they couldn't see me, I could still hear them as I prepared for my next performance.

The energy level had ramped up in the employee break room, and they were all in anticipation of the next segment of my showtime.

"I have never seen a guy fuck a pocket pussy," I heard one of them say. "How demeaning."

Joy knew exactly what she was doing by saving the pocket pussy for last. Demeaning pretty much encapsulated the experience for me, but it was made worse by the fact that I had already ejaculated, and just wanted to go to bed.

"I bet that pussy can't get it up again," I heard Rim tell her assembled co-workers.

Once I had my pocket pussy wedged between the sofa and the cushions, I arranged the crotchless panties just so. I lubed up the entrance to the sex toy, and solely to increase my pleasure, I scented the whole jerk-off apparatus with Suky's perfume. Then I positioned my iPad in such a way that the team could watch me fuck it. A loud cheer emanated from the room as I came into view, wearing just my new Aqua panties.

"Somebody got some new panties," Rim announced. "How do they fit, Timmy? Do a little twirl for us."

I knew nothing good would come from fighting her, so I twirled around for their amusement, as the girls rained abuse on me. I can't explain my psychological make-up, or why I am so twisted sexually, but as they taunted me, I slowly grew an erection.

As soon as I was hard, my primary focus became busting a nut, and with that end in mind, I knelt in front of my pocket pussy. Joy instructed me to adjust the position of my iPad slightly, to enhance their view.

"That's perfect," she said, after I moved it slightly. "Now, mount up. Fuck your pocket pussy and make sure you come inside it. We don't want to see your dribble of a load. It is embarrassing to watch."

As the entire massage crew watched on intently, I lined up the tip of my cock with the well-lubricated opening of the pocket pussy, and mounted it. Fuck that felt good as I entered it. As soon as I was balls-deep, the taunts resumed, the girls conversing as if I wasn't there.

"We made him fuck his puss twice the other night," Rim said proudly. "I simulated sex with him the first time, positioning my pussy just above the pocket pussy. Needless to say, he came very quickly," she added with a giggle.

"Then," Suky chimed in, "I also simulated sex with Timmy, although I did let him have a quick taste of the real thing," she said proudly.

"Timmy finally had sex with you?" Joy asked, with interest.

"Well, not in the sense that Tim does, or Fat John used to," Suky teased. "Not to completion, he still ejaculated inside the plastic pussy. He hasn't earned the right to get off in my pussy yet."

"Maybe on your wedding night," Joy teased. "Although I have a feeling he won't be the first man to enjoy you in your bridal gown, on your special day."

"He's no stranger to sloppy seconds," Suky said, to a round of laughs from the massage crew.

The thought of my boss fucking my bride right after the wedding ceremony reverberated around my mind, and under the watchful eye of the six young Asians and the Mamasan, Joy, I pounded the crap out of my pocket pussy. My silky panties teased my nuts with every inward stroke, conspiring with the taunts of my audience, to get me off.

I must have looked fucking ridiculous as I approached my orgasm. My silk panties had ridden up between my ass-cheeks, as a result of my furious assault of my sex toy. I was sniffing the aroma emitted by the scented panties that were wrapped around my pocket pussy, trying desperately to forge some kind of connection between my orgasm and my beloved Suky, even as she sat on a sofa with her co-workers watching my capitulation with amusement.

I was almost at the point of no return when I heard my boss' voice over the speaker of my iPad.

"You bitches ready?" he asked in an aggressive manner. "I had a tough day and I need some release."

"We can't wait, baby," I heard my girlfriend say. "Are you sure you can handle all of us at once?"

"I am about to find out," he said with a laugh. "Let's go, I am ready to bust a nut."

Tim's interruption disrupted my flow, and I stopped fucking my pocket pussy and listened intently, as he took control of the entire massage team.

"Let's start in the shower," Tim suggested. "Get rid of the cuckold, Suky."

"I'd already forgotten about that wimp," she said with a giggle. "Beat it Timmy," she added derisively. "We have a real man to entertain us now."

"Fucking pussy," Rim said dismissively, terminating our FaceTime session as my iPad went black.

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