From the last part I shared with you about that crazy night:

"You'll all hump yourself to climax for us tonight! After that, we'll have enough evidence to choose a winner, right guys?" The audience agreed.

I stood there petrified but incredibly turned on. I never would have thought that this night would lead to me basically fucking myself to orgasm in front of an audience of gay men. Who would? But that's where it was indeed heading. I have no clue what transfixed me into this. Sure Kevin got us into this mess but before tonight I would have totally just chickened out.

Something in me had changed. I was not only hard beyond my better judgement but I was actually eager to cum. Eager to release myself in front of these gay guys anonymously. It'd probably be different if I wasn't shielded by this box but either way, I knew that in a few minutes I would be busting my nut in front of dozens of eyes and camera phones. And I wanted to.

"Okay, Marty go ahead and strap those on."

I wondered what it would feel like but didn't really need to. I'd messed around with my share of solo-toys for guys back before I met Sarah. If I'm being honest, even a bit after I met Sarah. What's different is what it feels like knowing that an audience is watching.

I felt the silicon touch the tip of my penis. Marty was there, right in front of me, attaching some sort of fleshlight onto the box. I wagered it would be clear to give the audience a better show but best not think on that.

He tried to shove it down over my dick so that he could strap it onto the box and although I was leaking a ton, it wasn't coated on the top of my dick yet so the silicon met resistance.

"He's still a bit dry."

Hmm, that must be Marty. He sounds familiar. Oh well, I guess most disembodied voices would sound similar through a wooden wall.

"Well, then use the lube."

I guess they were going to give me some lube so I could slide in and out of the contraption easier. And while that was indeed their desire I had not been expecting a hand to coat it that wasn't my own!

I could have pulled my dick back from the mysterious, wet hand but I didn't. I tensed, sure, but stood my ground as the warm, thick hand rubbed a viscous liquid all over my dick. He had coated it in the second stroke but continued to 'apply' it.

I should have been mortified, turned off, and pulled back immediately but I didn't. This high of ecstasy I was riding wouldn't allow me to. I had never been more turned on in my life.

"He seems to like your hand, Marty. He's bucking at it."

Was I? I focused on something other than my beating dick for a second and realized I indeed was. Marty's hand may have actually stopped stroking me after a couple pumps and then my body had taken over without me telling it to. I was slowly thrusting my hips back and forth into this stranger's hand, basically forcing him to jack me off.

Then again, he's gay right? He probably loves it. He probably would have jacked me off anyway, if I wanted it. Did I want it?

"Well," the MC declared. "If he'd prefer your hand, it'll do the same job. What do you say guys, should number 5 get jacked off instead?" Obviously the crowd loved the idea. A handful volunteered to help.

"Marty, would you be okay with that?"

"Umm." The crowd told him to continue, to relish the opportunity. "I guess."

He guesses? Did this gay guy not like his dick? Or maybe he was just embarrassed. That must be it. Or wait, what if he had his eyes on one of my other friend's dicks instead. I guess theirs are probably more impressive...

No, he should want to jack ME off. I'm going along with it much more than my other friends would, I'm sure. I'd make sure by the end, he was happy he picked me.

I bucked my hips back and forth farther, hitting against the wooden divider with each pump so he could sense my enthusiasm.

"Well 5 sure does want you to. Okay, the gear is equipped, Marty included. Now let's get these boys to cum!"

Any reservations about this evening were gone. My mind was so narrowly focused on the feeling of this guy's hand around my dick, the near-painful erection I was sporting, and the desire to cum. I stopped bucking for a bit when Marty took over stroking me.

He started slow and a bit mechanical, but after half a minute or so started to get really into it. Like he was jacking himself off. He would stroke my full length a few times and then edge me for a few pumps. He'd take a firm hold of my dick and just squeeze it for a second before rinse and repeating the whole activity.

"Well don't forget the balls, Marty!"

He had been. Did I want him to? No, I needed his hands everywhere. Marty didn't need much encouragement although the audience gave it to him. His other hand timidly cupped my package before kneading them between his fingers. As he stroked my dick, his other hand slowly became more forceful and started to tug a bit on my nuts too.

"Oh wow, all three guys are really getting into this aren't they guys?"

Cheers, applause, lust-focused cat calls. The audience of gay dudes was certainly loving the treat me and my friends had delivered to them.

"How much further do you think they'd be willing to go?"

What could he mean? We were already being jacked off on stage on the path to cumming in front of all of them.

"Marty, do you think number 5 would appreciate a blow job instead?"



It seemed like Marty and I were on the same page of shock and confusion. I was first shocked by the suggestion: to be blown by a man! But then I was confused by Marty's resistance. He had let go of my dick at the MC's words which left me feeling so deprived.

"I... I don't think I can do that."

"Why not, stud? This was all your idea anyway right?"

More applause and whistles. One guy yelled out, 'take one for the team!'

How was this whole thing Marty's idea? To jack me off? I feel like I was the one that kind of forced that on him when I started bucking my hips. If anyone is to 'blame' for the night it would be Kevin next door to me, likely still going to town on his attached fleshlight with that thick cock of his.

I wondered if they were nearing completion. I wondered if they were jealous that I had a guy actually jacking me off or that there was the prospect of getting a blowjob when they were forced to jack themselves off.

"I think you should do it, else we let number 5 in on your little secret."

Secret? What secret?

"Fuck. Okay, sure."

Man, his voice did sound really familiar. Maybe it was someone from when we got to the club? The person taking covers and checking IDs maybe? I couldn't remember what he sounded like though.

After what felt like minutes, Marty's hand found my cock again. It throbbed in his touch. He wasn't stroking me though. I imagined he was taking in the sight of my dick before him, knowing that he and he alone would get to actually taste one of us straight guys. Must be his fucking dream come true.

Then his tongue touched my head. I tensed and my dick nearly bobbed out of his grasp. He retracted his mouth, probably savoring the taste of my precum. I know how much I leak and with how he had been jacking me off, there must be a ton coming out.

"Oh, don't be scared. He doesn't bite. And nor should you!" Laughs in the audience and my internal dialogue agreed: yes, please don't bite my dick, sir.

His tongue was on me again. This time he licked my entire shaft from base to tip and when he got there, he took me in his mouth. It was warm and wet and perfect. He didn't take me deeply into his mouth and as he started to bob he barely took half my dick in.

I know I'm not huge, as I mentioned previously. Maybe 6 inches on a good day. I guess I just always expected gay guys to be able to deepthroat anything, or at least all slightly-above-average cocks. It was a bit of let down that this guy wasn't a pro at giving blowjobs but hey, a mouth is a mouth at this point right?

He got a bit more engaged into the activity though, which was welcomed. He still only bobbed his mouth on half my cock but his hand on my dick started to stroke in an opposite direction to give my full dick attention and his other hand on my balls continued their firm massage. And luckily, no teeth.

Shit, I just realized I had no way to tell him that I was getting close. There was a piece of me that wanted to cum down this eager gay guy's throat but a piece of me that wasn't completely over taken by lust felt that would be rude. At least, I should give him the option, right?

I needed to figure it out soon though. My climax was rising and I could feel my balls start to retract towards my body. I feel like a pro should have known what that meant.

I could have shouted out that I was close but while I didn't mind the blowjob I was getting from a guy (that doesn't make ME gay by the way), I didn't exactly want the rest of the guys to know it was ME who was getting blown. I'm sure Kevin and Dan would have put it together but there was a chance that the rest of the guys wouldn't know.

The only alternative I saw was to bang on the wall as a signal.

Pow, Pow, Pow!

Three hits with my open palm rang out at least far enough that Marty and the MC heard it. Marty instinctively took his mouth off me but didn't stop jacking me off, which was now wet with precum, saliva, and lube.

"Looks like we're all about to see the fireworks, guys!" The MC announced what I had been trying to say. "Let's zoom in for the big screen."

Oh fuck, were they showing this ont he TVs in the bar? I guess that would make sure everyone got a good view but it hadn't occurred to me yet. That also meant that they were going to get a close up of my cock exploding.

Marty was relentless and it took no more than 15 seconds out of his mouth for me to fall over the edge.

"Fuck!" I stifled my groan but couldn't keep it in as I came. I don't shoot far or a ton, to be honest, but the first two spurts are usually pretty good. And the fact that I had been teased for so long meant that I probably came more than usual. The audience was beside themselves.

Marty continued to jack me off as I came, likely getting a ton on his hands to lick up later, the queer. Oh well, I guess he had earned it.

My body quivered as I came down from the post-cum high. Marty continued to stroke my sensitive cock and milk out the last few drops of cum.

"Come'on now, MARTY, take one last bob on that cock."

"No, that's too far. I can't do that."

Why does he sound so damn familiar?

"Marrrty, do I need to call you by your real name?"

"Fuck. No! Fine!"

His real name? Was Marty short for something? Or a nickname? Why would that matter?

My thoughts were cut short though as Marty placed his mouth on my dick again. Being hyper-sensitive already, the feeling was euphoric. I think I spurted out a bit more cum when he did that into his eager mouth.

He went down twice and then pulled back off my dick with tight suction, taking off what cum he could.

"Wow, now this was a fantastic night."

The crowd screamed with pleasure and agreement to the MC's words. I wondered had the other guys came already? I hadn't been listening for anything from Kevin or my uncut friend but I did hear the MC pretty clearly. Why hadn't they been commenting on my other friends?

"And I think we can all agree on the winner, right guys?"

More applause. Shit! Did that mean... no it couldn't mean I won! Did my friends chicken out or something once the fleshlights were attached and the MC just didn't tell me?

That meant I would have to go out there and collect my prize publicly. All the pictures, the videos would be linked to my face. My god! What if Sarah found them!? I could lose my marriage before it begins. I could lose my job.

No, no, no.

No longer driven by lust, my mind was finally coming back to reality. I'd just have to forgo the prize. I could just not claim it and then leave everyone guessing who it was that got blown on stage. Fuck it, I could just leave without the drinks too. Just zip up and run back to the entrance.

Zip up.

Shit, my dick was still out for everyone to see.

I pulled my dick back and out of Marty's hands to shove it back into my boxer briefs. In a moment my jeans were up and I was dressed but still in my little box. Had the other guys stayed in theirs too? I hoped so.

"Oh, now he's shy! Well by a round of applause, who thinks number 5 was our winner tonight?"

An uproar of cheers, whistles, and claps filled the bar.

"So should we meet our straight friend?"

Wait, weren't they going to vote on Kevin and the uncut friend? Did I win by default because I came?

"Let's meet our groom-to-be, Ben!!"

My heart sank.


Fuck no.

How did he know it was me? How did he know my name? We didn't give them our names? Panic set in. It must have been from our IDs when we came in. But how did they know I was the groom? Or that I was in booth 5?

In a scared rush, I jumped out of my booth to tell the guys we needed to get the fuck out of here right now. The rest of them still had their curtains drawn closed. I went to the first one I could think of, Kevin's, and ripped it open.


What? What the fuck?

I went to the one on my other side which should have been Dan and his big balls.


The next stall: empty.

"What in the fuck is going on?" I said to myself.

Then I heard Marty's voice over the speakers. He must have been given the mic from the drag queen.

"Ben, come on out to the front of the stage."

My stomach dropped. This had been some sort of setup, wasn't it. Kevin and the uncut guy didn't jack off even a little. Shit, did my friends participate at all?

This whole time, had I been the only dick on stage? Did everyone know it was me the whole fucking time?

My brain tried to process all of that but the thought bubbling to the top that I couldn't get away is that with the added clarity of the microphone, I now knew why Marty's voice sounded so familiar.

He spoke again, "Ben. Come on man. Don't be sour puss. Come get your free drinks."

It was my buddy Kevin speaking into the mic.

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