The next morning, it seemed that all three of them awoke around the same time. It was Sunday and they had to be out of the campground by eleven. Lo looked at her phone. It was already nine. Meri sat up and looked at her naked son and her naked lover. Their body parts were variously covered and exposed by the blankets. Lo looked at her and remembered all that had happened. She wondered if it was possible that Meri heard her outside the tent the previous evening blowing her son. If she did, would she care? Would she be turned on? Upset? Indifferent?
As these foggy thoughts and vivid memories were flitting about in her mind, Meri's son woke up. It was clear as day that a different part of him had already been up before he became conscious. Both Lo and Meri looked at that part of his anatomy and a slight smile came to their lips. The micropenis was so eager, yet inferior and incapable giving of any sort of real satisfaction.
Meri unzipped the door flap to the tent and emerged into the morning light, naked. Next to get up was her son, also naked. Finally, Lo followed them out, wearing only her panties. Had you passed by their site, you would have thought you were in a nudist campground. But it was not and, though the number of campers allowed in was restricted due to COVID protocols, as Lo looked around, she noticed that there was a tent set up just behind theirs. Had it been there yesterday? Did they fail to notice it?
One at a time, the three of them rummaged through the clothes in the back seat of the car to find what they were looking for and then got dressed. As they were making the campfire for coffee and breakfast, Lo, always alert and on the lookout, noticed the two campers at the site behind them looking over at them suspiciously. Did they know? Had they heard? In the dark of the night did they hear son say to mom, "I want to fuck you now," or Lola screaming from being finger-fucked by him, or Meri's passionate climactic cries from Lo's lips on her vulva? Had they called the police? Or the department of social services? Did they complain to the camp rangers that a mother and her son and some slutty girl were getting it on, causing a racket after the official quiet hour of the campground?
Just as Lo was contemplating the potential consequences from any of those scenarios, she spotted one of the state park officers driving around in his vehicle slowly. He was driving toward them. He seemed to be looking at them, studying them. Lo's heart began to race. She started fidgeting with the pot of water over the fire and getting the coffee ready in the French press.
The pickup truck ominously approached. Lo didn't dare look over at it, but she could hear the sound of its tires crunching the branches and leaves as it pulled up. She heard the idling engine only a few feet away. She couldn't resist any longer and she lifted her eyes from the coffee in her lap to the masked officer sitting in the truck looking back at her. Time seemed to stand still. The birds went silent. She suddenly had tunnel vision. Darkness surrounded her periphery and all she could see was the ominous stare of the officer and all she could hear was the thunderous thud of her heart throbbing in her temples.
"Morning," he said, breaking the trance. Lo saw Meri smile at the ranger and heard her casually return his greeting.
There was another interminable silence before he said, "Whose car is that?"
"Mine," chimed Meri from her folding chair by the fire.
"Can I see your parking permit? It's not displayed in the window."
Meri got up. She was wearing sexy, tight denim shorts. Her ass looked good. Lola, Meri's son, and the ranger all noticed how she walked with a swagger. She was wearing flipflops and just a t-shirt, no bra. She reeked sex and her motions communicated sexual energy as she opened the passenger door and bent over to search the floor where the pass had fallen. She pulled it out and walked it right up to the ranger, passing it to him.
"Says you're good until today," he remarked.
"That's right."
"Checkout is at eleven," he said.
Meri, Lo learned the previous day, doesn't like male authority. "It's nine thirty," she said, almost daring him to contradict her.
"Yes," he responded.
"Don't you worry, we'll be outta here by eleven."
He passed her the parking pass back and stared at her a moment too long. He then looked over at the campfire as Lo and Meri's son watched him.
"That your son?" he asked, nodding in his general direction.
"Yeah," said Meri, defiantly.
"Who's that?" he asked, inquiring about Lo.
"None of your fucking business," said Meri.
"They both twenty-one?" he asked.
"What's it to you?" spat Meri at him.
He nodded his head at the picnic table where there was an empty bottle of wine.
"That's mine," said Meri.
"This is a state campground," he countered. "No alcohol allowed."
"It's empty," she said "and I used it to carry my salad dressing," she added, lying.
"Got any more alcohol on the premises?" he asked, not believing her lie.
"No," she lied again. The cooler was full of beer and wine.
"Good. Like I said, this is a family-friendly campground."
There was something about the way he said "family-friendly" that turned Lo's stomach. Was she reading into it? Was it her guilty conscience? Did she imagine he was insinuating something?
He gestured to tip his ranger's hat and drove off.
"What an asshole," said Meri.
"Let's eat, pack, and go," said Lo. "I have a bad feeling about him."
Meri wasn't keen on returning to life without Lo and she suggested that after they depart from the campsite, they make use of the perfect weather to climb a nearby mountain. "The trail isn't too steep," she said, "I hiked it once before."
After they had eaten, broken down the tent, and packed everything up, they headed out to the hidden path leading to the nearly abandoned crag at the base of the mountain. Most people used the more popular entrance on the south side of the mountain. This one, on the eastern-facing slope, only had enough parking for two or three cars. At the moment, their car was the only one parked in the small lot.
Lola thought of Meri as a well-kept trophy wife suburban mom and was surprised to hear that she had hiked any mountain, let alone this particular one.
"When were you here?" inquired Lo as they set out.
"The summer before last."
"Did you come alone?" asked Lo, realizing that after the events of the weekend, that question sounded odd.
"Actually," said Meri, "it was a high school field trip. I was a chaperone."
"That was here?!" chimed in Meri's son, surprised to hear that he also had been there before.
"Yes, you didn't recognize it?"
They had begun the ascent and he had his eyes on Lo's ass as she scaled the side of the mountain in front of him wearing her tight shorts.
"I didn't."
They had gotten pretty far up the incline and were sweating by now. She was behind Meri and was lured on by the look of Meri's ass in her tight denim shorts just as Meri's son was following Lo's behind closely with his lustful eyes. Just when Lo thought that she might not be able to continue, it leveled out.
"I need a pee break," said Lo, feeling the two cups of coffee she had drunk that morning pressing on her bladder. "I'll be right back," she said as she turned to walk into a thicket of birch trees.
"Wait!" called Meri.
"What?" asked Lo, turning around.
"Why go there?"
"Hu?" she said, confused.
"Do it here," Meri commanded.
"Here? On the path?"
"Yeah. No one is around. Let's see."
Lo wasn't sure what to do. She looked around.
"Come on," said Meri impatiently. "Don't be a fucking prude. I know you're a dirty slut. I know you have done this for HH. . . and others. Do it for us."
Lo, not appreciating the tone, but strangely turned on by it, by being degraded, unbuttoned her shorts. She pulled them down and pulled down her thong under it. She went to squat.
"Take off the bottoms," said Meri. "You'll piss all over them."
Lo took them off and threw them to Meri's son to hold. His attention was fixed on the spot between Lo's legs.
Lo squatted and, after a moment of silent concentration, released a stream onto the dirt path. The pee twinkled and gleamed in the noontime light.
"I have to pee now too," said Meri when Lo was done.
"Me too," added her son.
"Take off your top," commanded Meri to Lo.
Lo pulled off her tank top and passed it to Meri's son.
"Lie down," said Meri.
"Here?" asked Lo, still squatting over the wet dirt where she peed.
"Yes. In your own mess."
Lo obeyed.
Meri's son stood between Lo's legs and Meri stood over her face.
"Spread your legs wide," Meri said.
Lo obeyed.
Meri's son grabbed his cock with one hand, took aim, and shot directly at Lo's open hole. The warm piss filled her and splattered on her tum.
Soon after, Meri straddled Lo's face and let her warm stream cover Lo's tits and neck and face and saturate her hair, just as she had done the day before.
Meri's son watched his mother peeing with arousal and curiosity. His cock grew hard in his hand. Meri saw him.
When both of them were done with their satanic baptism of Lo, they looked at each other. Meri removed her t-shirt and her son removed his. He threw all the clothes in a pile on the grass to the side of the path and they laid down in the soft green of the field. No condom. No words. No hesitation. He entered her wet pussy and fucked her in broad daylight as Lo watched. Lo thought, "This time, they're not hidden by the cover of night. Right here, where the gods of the mountain can see the carnal sin of son with mother fornicating in defiance of all laws - natural and human. But isn't this also the most natural of instincts?"
These fleeting thoughts were replaced by the sheer carnal beauty of seeing the boy grab his mother's breasts and squeeze them as he imitated what he had seen as intercourse, thrusting his hips into Meri's widely spread crotch as she cried out, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me!"
Lo knew that she couldn't feel anything. After giving birth to three sons, including the one in her at the moment, Lo knew that her flapping, sagging, near fifty-year-old lips were too loose, too juiced, and too used to feel the tiny prick with which her son was fucking her. Never-the-less, Meri put on a great show and an award-winning performance in the category of Fake Orgasm; right up there with Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally. Her son, blown away by the howls and groans, shot loads of cum inside her pussy before collapsing, exhausted on her chest. She held him, lovingly, like a mother would, and kissed his head while whispering, "Good boy. Good boy. You made Mommy happy today."
The fact that he was no longer a boy, but a man who had lost his virginity to his own mother, made the comforting words of MILF Meri sound almost ironic to Lo.";area=summary;u=1082404

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