What is Divolt?

Divolt is a self-hosted Discord alternative ran by pirates, for pirates. Just like Discord it consists of multiple communities you can be a part of, including FMHY. The chat is also bridged to our private Discord, meaning both communities can communicate with one another easily.

How-to Join

  1. Register an account on Divolt: https://divolt.xyz
  2. Login, then join the FMHY server: https://fmhy.divolt.xyz

Desktop / Mobile Apps

Desktop: https://github.com/fmhy/divolt-desktop

Android: https://github.com/fmhy/divolt-android

iOS / Android: https://github.com/revoltchat/rvmob

F-Droid: fdroid.ggtyler.dev

Thanks to /u/ggtylerr for making these.

Things to Note

  • Divolt is a self-hosted version of Revolt, meaning you need to make an account on Divolt, even if you already have one on Revolt.
  • During signup you can use a fake email, but it will only load with real domains like .gmail.
  • If you'd like to join Discord you must be active in our community, or a developer / contributor to one of the projects we have posted in the wiki.
  • If the page won't load, try clearing your cache, a different browser, disabling ublock or using incognito.

Resources: https://github.com/ggtylerr/awesome-divolt

Pub: 01 Jul 2023 17:01 UTC
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