She moans as I pinch them hard between the forefinger and thumb of each hand. Then I start to slide her dress down her arms. Megan struggling to pull it back up. " We can't do it here, there isn't any cover," Megan gasps. " Let's go to Ritz Carlton. I have a corporate suite there." I said.

I walked into the living room and stopped in my tracks. Megan is standing there naked. Her full and shapely body exposed to my view for what I realized is the first time in a very long time, and what a magnificent shapely body she has. My eyes raking over those magnificent firm breasts that showed no hint of any sag. Her waist is small, over rounded hips, but her legs are breathtaking. Long, full, shapely, enhanced by the golden tan that
covered the whole of her body I noted. She must have been sunbathing naked. A surprising thought for a woman
I appreciated is sexually naïve and conservative. All the more surprising that she is standing there
naked in my hotel suite living room. My eyes finally ceased devouring that magnificent example of 30 year old womanhood and looked into her eyes. Behind that classic beauty I recognized the fear and insecurity that seems at times to overwhelm this her.

She allowed herself to be led to my bedroom, her heart seems ready to beat its way out of her chest. Her nipples have become erect, thickening with heat and blood her nipples are aroused. She blushes at the thought that if I look I would be able to see how excited she has become. I opened an oak paneled door, and led Megan in and
she stopped in her tracks. To describe the room as opulent is an understatement. Her attention is riveted on the large canopied bed. Dark, varnished, carved oak posts marked each corner of the bed. Supported by intervening beams, purple cloth seems to shine, and she wonders if it is velvet. It is trimmed in gold with tasseled bobs hanging in a fringe. The bed itself is, like me huge. The coverlet is light and airy as befitted the hot climate of Dallas. To Megan's surprise it is a gaily, colored panorama of flowers.

Now as she sought to push me away, she is reminded just how strong I am. While one part of her told her to be sensible and remember that it has been a long time since she has been with a man. Another stronger, suppressed emotion fluttered to the surface. This man is so strong it is sending wicked signals to her pussy. She fought to control that irrational reaction. She is a career woman, an intelligent educated woman. She is happy. I tilted her chin, my mouth descending. With a fierce passion my tongue darted into her mouth. Her senses depart and she kisses me back. Her lithe and nimble tongue seems to have a life of its own as it met my tongue, darting and challenging. As she berated herself she breathed in my masculine presence. My demanding presence as my hands wandered unrestricted. This is forbidden...her eyes closed and she welcomed my demanding passionate kiss. It seems so long since a man has kissed her like this. The thought of being with a man jerked her back to reality. Her eyes flash open and look up at me as I kissed her. My eyes are locked on hers. My eyes are dark, mesmerising, and powerful. She is losing herself in my eyes, when she again sought to pull herself together.

Then one of my hands closed on her breast. "," her hand rose and grasped my hand at her breast. It is like trying to move a steel girder, but this bit of steel, is warm. It cupped her breast, and caressed and fondled. No amount of feeble pushing on her part is going to free her breast. Then my hand at her neck grasped her long dark hair, and jerked sharply down. " Arghh...oh," she gasped as her pretty face is pulled sharply up and presented to me. She is not use to pain, and the shock of it ran through her. Then my big heavy body seems to bear down on her and her lips seem to open automatically to receive my kiss. She is shocked and feels betrayed as her body reacts in ways it shouldn't. She didn't want to feel like this. She didn't, she really didn't...Then my tongue met hers and her mind seems to swirl and fly. I grinned to myself as I played this naive and innocent woman. My hand has risen and clasped her firm breast. I savour its fullness.

I love women in their thirties. They look after themselves so well. These women take such care of themselves. Over their figure, and diet, and appearance. As my hand seems to weigh the breast I love small full breasts that are a handful and no more. I cupped it, squeezed it, stroked it, and fondled it. The breast of a woman that has not been with a man in a long time. My fingers found a hard nipple, I nipped the thickened pert nub sharply. Megan lay beneath me as she squealed into my kiss, but I did not release her mouth, or my grip on her nipple. Pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain. I release my grip, and she sighs into my demanding passionate kiss. As she relaxed I ran the palm of my hand over her nipple, and feel her body trembling. I estimated that excited little tingles will be surging from her abused bud, as I fondled her mound and then lightly stroked my thumb over the over-excited nipple, enjoying her squirming in my arms.

So few of well brought up, middle class women seem to fully understand the nature of pain, and its relationship to pleasure. I will delight in teaching Megan. Oh yes, I will teach her all about the pleasure of pain, and pleasing my cock. I turn back to the lovely panting Megan, as she lay half beneath me. Her eyes are wide as she looks up at me. Those delightful now bruised lips quivering. Her chest rose and fell, her breathing deep and irregular. She is a delightful 30 year old in her prime. I grin to myself, as my hand begins caressing her inner thigh. " Noooo! Please... we have gone too far!" Her hands reaching for me. I ignored them. Her efforts are light and ineffective. Lacking the strength to keep my eager hands from her firm orbs in my view. Megan gasped, thrusting her breast into my hand. It is as though she has no control of her own body. Hot sensations radiating from my hand. This is not some inexperienced guy struggling for a quick grope. This is a strong masterful man taking what I want, and she
struggles against the sudden urge to spread her legs.

I stare with delight at the slightly darkened nipple that still held a touch of pinkness. I delighted in the sight, and the feel of the firm orb, which as I had guessed did not sag. My head dropped, Megan jerked beneath me as my greedy lips took the nipple into my mouth, then widened further to gorge on the breast. Megan jerked as my hot mouth enclosed her nipple. My lips suckled, and then drew her nipple deeper into my mouth and she feels my teeth nibbling on the sensitive tip. Her toes stretched as pleasurable sensations overwhelm her breasts, radiating across her chest and sending tingling sensations down to her curling toes. " Oooooh!" I grinned and worked my teeth hard. I feel her shiver and shake in response to my attention to her aroused bud. My tongue curled around the erect nipple and I'm delighted when her back arches, and she inadvertently pushed her breast into my mouth. Her hands were trying to push me away and I allowed her to push my shoulders back. I released the nipple. I look down at her. Her eyes are bright. Her untended left breast is in stark contrast to the overexcited right breast.

" Please, enough, I should be going," Megan pleaded. Her hands on my shoulders seems to be holding me at bay, but she made no attempt to cover over her breasts. I grinned and lowered my head to her left breast. " No!" Her slim hands strained to keep me away. Margo struggled to understand how easily I ignored her straining hands my mouth descended to her left nipple and hot wet sensations wracked her nipple. " God!" She gasped as my teeth chewed on her nipple, then my tongue soothed the agitated nub. Her back arched and she consciously sought to pull her breast free. Her efforts are distracted by the feel of one of my hands sliding down stroking upwards over her shapely thigh. She wants to pull away, but she is trapped on the bed. My heavy body, holding her down while my teeth, lips and tongue do indescribably things to her excited aroused nipples, and now my hand on her thigh.

She feels my hand caressing the soft bare skin of her upper thigh. My hand is hot, and softly circling. My hand stroking gently the soft silky skin that only two guys have ever touched. Thoughts of her last boyfriend surfaced and she renewed her efforts to push me away, then stopped. My hand reaching higher and she 'allows' me to push her legs apart. She tenses as my hand found her vulva, she jerks as my fingers lightly stroked her. " Oh God! I should not be letting you do this," Then she wonders if she is allowing me to do this. I'm bigger and stronger than she is. Far stronger than any man she has been with! My hands, lips, teeth are roaming over her body, despite her attempts to push me away. She can't stop me, even if she wanted to. She is nervous at the thought, never in her life has she ever not been in control. Here on this bed, she knew she was not in control. Sensations are wracking through her body. Pleasurable sensations. A finger slips into her wet pussy.

She flushes embarrassed as she realized just how wet she had become. That I discovered the level of her excitement is deeply embarrassing. Her hands dropping to my exploring hand seeking to push it away. I caught one of her hands by the wrist and pulled it to one side. I guided her hand between my legs, and her fingers brushed the hot, hard length of my exposed cock. Her hand jerks away, she is startled by the heat and hardness of my cock. She had been unaware of me releasing my cock from my trousers. I grab her hand bringing it back to my aroused and excited cock. At the second contact as my hand pushed her slim hand along its length. Margo found her hand had grasped its thickness. She is shocked by its girth. The thick pulsing veins seem to throb in her soft hand. She struggles to comprehend its thickness as her hands squeeze it. She realized with a sense of disbelief and a certain dread that her fingers cannot meet when they close around it. It is too thick to fit inside her. Not that she is going to allow me to try.

My hand is back on her wrist as I guide her hand up and down its hard length. Her dread at its thickness is increased and heightened as she realized it is also long, just how long she had yet to discover. Margo now needed no encouragement to explore its length. She had heard rumors and stories that I had a big cock, and she knew that it was not true, but my manhood seemed to be true. It is both long and thick as her hand slides down its underside seeking the base, she is shocked to feel the thick circumcised head push against her upper arm. Shocked she releases it. It can't be that long! She tried to look down at it but the pressure of my heavy body on hers prevented her from doing so. At that point I push a thick finger into her. The effect on Margo galvanized her into attempted action. There is only one consequence of the continuation of her inaction, and it must not happen. She is not ready. She must not allow this to proceed further. " Let me up!" She demanded. I ignore her. My lips busy nibbling on the soft skin of her slender neck. My finger pushing deeper. Her writhing legs close on my hand seeking to squeeze my hand out from between her legs.

" This is too much, we have gone too far." I grin at the reminder that the delightful curvy body seeking to wriggle from beneath me belongs to no other man. I circle my finger in the hot, wet, tightness of her pussy thrusting my finger in further. As my finger slides deeper Margo found her hand gripping my cock tighter in response. Her fingers can hardly grip it. She knew the stories from around the office that said I possed a big cock, but what she held in her hand is beyond anything her imagination had ever considered. My cock throbbing in her hand. She feels gnarled veins throbbing and pulsing with blood and eager sperm. I withdrew my finger and shifted positions. My weight lifted from her and she is able to look down at my cock. Her eyes widened as they confirm the size of cock her hands had explored. I;m huge! " My God!" I grinned. I'm delighted in the shocked reactions of the women when they discover the size of my cock. I have rarely found one complacent and anticipating such a cock. The surprise on the women, is a pleasure, but the additional mix of fear that engulfs them enhances my pleasure.

If the surprise of women in their thirties is a delight to observe, the reaction of the women in their twenties is even more so. Breaking in a 18 or 20 year old is my favorite pastime, and the look in their eyes when they see the size of my cock is always a memory to treasure. Margo is no virgin, though I suspect my first penetration is going to take some effort, her vaginal walls are probably thick from under use. Margo is staring at my cock with fear and fascination. As though she has found herself confronted by a striking cobra and is afraid to move. I enjoy her conflicting emotions. " Is this what you dreamed of?" Margo looked up at me perplexed. " Don't you have fantasies of being ravished by a big cock?" Margo blushed. The pink glow suffused her cheeks and descended to her breasts. How did I know? She would never admit her fantasies to anyone, especially never to another man! My cock is not natural! It is too thick! It is easily as thick as her wrist. As I shift positions both my hands went up to her hips. As my body shifted more of my cock slides out of my trousers, and she gasps as its length became apparent.
It is far too long to go inside her! It will rupture her womb!

" It's too big..." her words came out in gasps. Her breathing had become heavy. There is a tension in her throat, and a heat in her pussy. I grin, as I tug at her panties, her hips rose slightly allowing me to ease her panties down. She is mine..." Oh God! Please." I grin as my mouth drops to close her pleas with another kiss. Margo turns her head to one side to avoid the kiss. Her movement presents a small delicate white ear. I grin and instead of closing on her mouth, my lips caught the soft lobe of her ear and I nibbled it. Margo jerks beneath me as her body is galvanized by the soft touch of my lips on her ear. My tongue licks the lobe as my hands caress her thighs enjoying the feel of the shapely thighs of a young woman. I dip my tongue inside her ear curling it, pushing deeper, twirling my tongue, in the soft sensitive interior. I feel her breasts heave pushing against me in response to the sensations she cannot avoid as my tongue excite her. My hands push her shapely thighs apart, I position myself between her legs.

Margo is oblivious to her danger. The teasing of my tongue is merciless, and exciting. I really know how to excite her! It is dirty! It is nasty. She jerks her ear free of my tongue, turning to face me to tell me to stop. She looks up into my eyes. Eyes that are full of passion and desire. Desire for her...Her heart is racing. She is confused, as her heart raced and her senses pulse. She humped her hips and blushed with shame at her action.
She curses her weakness, but when my mouth drops to hers she did not resist. Her mouth opens in response
to the passionate demand of my kiss. When my tongue slides between her lips, her own tongue darts to meet
me locking with me in a passionate wrestling match. Then my cock nudges the lips of her pussy, and her eyes flare wide. She stares up into the dark powerful passion filled eyes above her. I met her gaze. I love these moments. The shocked surprise in a woman's eyes as she realized I'm about to enter her. I thrust my hips and broke free of her eagerly kissing lips. " Oooooooohhh! ... No! ... You mustn't!" I thrust again passing through the lips to her womanhood.

I pause. It is always so surprising how tight these women were, even those married with children. Her pussy clasped my cock tight. Her sheath is like that of a virgin protecting its hymen. He savor the hot tight grip on my cock, leaning forward thrusting deeper. Another inch of my thick manhood slides into her, and her legs flail in reaction. I grasp the hot warm curves of her hips and lift, as I thrust. My cock is now three inches into her, and past the restricting grasping portal. I thrust again, sliding further into her. " I'm bursting!" I roar a triumphal laugh and thrust again. Her hips jerking spasmodically beneath me, her legs grasping me then release me. She struggles to push me away. She tries wriggling free from me. I hold myself in position, while she wriggles and
struggles. I enjoy the feel of my cock as is it slithers deeper in her lubricated sheath. Margo stops struggling realizing belatedly that her efforts had only resulted in my cock sliding deeper inside her. I'm too well ensconced inside her now. She is not going to gain her freedom by her own efforts. She is going to have to let me have my way
with her. A warm tingling sensation overcame her at the thought she is helpless to prevent this dominant man from taking my pleasure between her legs. She is going to get fucked.

Erotic sensations rise from her pussy as she became accustomed to my thickness. Her pussy is clinging to my cock, relaxing and adapting to its size. She realized that I had stopped thrusting into her. She looks up at my face and realized I'm savoring the pleasure of being inside her. Without conscious thought her pussy squeezes my cock sending further excitement shooting through her. To her shame and pleasure the muscles in her sheath caress my cock. She tries to bring her body back under control. Then when she got herself back under control she looks back up at me. I'm gazing down at her. She blushes under my gaze. " Is it all? Is it all inside me?" I grin. " No." Then I run my hands up from her curvy butt, sliding them along the soft skin so that I firmly grip her shoulders. " No, that is not all," I laugh thrusting again. I enjoy the startled look on her face as I thrust in and out. This time firmly holding her shoulders to keep her in position as I push deeper. I relish the glove like grip on my cock as it hits against her cervix pushing through deep untouched barriers. " Ooooooh...oh God...oooooh." I free one of my hands reaching up to grasp her hair. I jerk her head back. Pain shooting through her, sending powerful sensations down her pussy. She grasps my cock with her sheath instinctively. She feels the slapping of my balls against her butt. She realized she is fully impaled now. With my balls slapping against her butt I'm all the way in! She writhes beneath me.

I look down at her pretty face. I enjoy the sight of her slender neck. I noted the dilated eyes, her gasping breath. Her unfocused eyes, I give her time to recover. When her dark eyes finally focused on me again I grinned down at her. She smiles faintly back at me. " Now," I said, " I am going to fuck you!" Her eyes widen. Then I feel her legs wrap around me. I grinned, she smiles nervously back at me. Then I start thrusting. She wails like a hyena in heat as I withdraw then slam back in. My hips rise and fall against her splayed thighs. He savor the silky softness as the inner thighs of this single woman grab me pulling me to her. A unmarried woman lost in passion beneath me. There is no greater pleasure? Yes, there is, the pleasure of my seed spurting inside her virgin inner sanctum. I grip her shoulders taking my pleasure, driving my manhood deep inside. Enjoying the exquisite pleasure of her tight womanhood. Her body betraying as she orgasms beneath me, heaving and bucking beneath me. I pause briefly. Then resume slamming in harder and deeper. " Please stop...I have come... enough..." I laugh renewing my merciless thrusting. " Oh please...too much... didn't you hear I've come already!"

I ignore her continuing to slam into her. She is writhing and bucking trying to push me out of her. It is too intense, too powerful, the feelings too strong. Then too her shock a second orgasm overtook her, she is bucking wildly beneath me. Shocked, disbelieving, she has never had two orgasms before. She collapses beneath me defeated. There is no point resisting. I continue impaling her, her legs tightly wrapped around me. A rolling wave of orgasms overcome her as she abandons the struggle letting me slowly pleasure her. " YES! OMG YES!" She moans. Again she yells it out. This is what she has dreamed of, this is what she wanted and needed for so long and now it's happening and its better than she ever imagined. Having a man fuck her like a stallion, feeding my hard thick cock to her the way she craves for it. I'm slamming into her harder, deeper, and faster, fucking her the way she has never experienced before. My thrusts are savage, rocking her body back and forth under me with the power of my body. Every stroke is complete, my cock head battering against her cervix. Margo has never felt a cock buried all the way inside her. The sound of our fucking is loud, louder than her passionate moans and my grunts. The unique sounds, of wet flesh slapping hard into wet flesh, over and over again.

After continued abusive injections from my steamy hot piston she finds herself craving something more unusual and exotic. The only thing that can gratify this new carnal desire is to feel my cum flowing in the most intimate of primal ways. Margo angles her hips into a position that makes penetration shallow. I'm slightly confused as I watch her bite her lip and carefully position her hips. Then I feel the ring of her cervix gliding up over and rest on the tip of my penis. Now I understand her intention and impure wish to have the sanctity of her virgin womb violated by my searing manhood. The slimy, concave opening of her cervix feels like it's sucking my crimson cap as she repeatedly tries to stretch it over my large engorged head. After several attempts the mucus covered ring of the external orifice dilates, relinquishing it's guardianship of her sacred feminine passage. Slowly the muscular orifice of her cervix rolls over my penis, contracting its ring behind the ridged corona of my bulbous head, locking me tight within. Once inside I slowly push into the unexplored, constrictive passage of her resisting womb; while enjoying her facial expressions of her inner deflowering.

As Margo advances me into her womb's canal I sense her ambition to feel my salty seed spoiling her pristine womb. The aching causing me to swell inside the impossibly narrow, furrowed tunnel, making passage near impossible. Margo pulling me deeper until I feel the contracted internal orifice at the tip of my dick. The clenching sphincter feels impassible, a worthy sentinel guarding the virgin inner sanctum of her abyss. With continuous gentle nudging and steady pressure, her desire to feel me inside is finally granted. Steadily I pry open the virginal narrow passage, slowly pushing the head upward into her waiting uterus. The ring of her internal cervical orifice gripping me like a tight circular band tightening around my throbbing cock head as it slides into the creamy cavity of her waiting uterus. Experiencing the phenomenon leaves both of us amazed that my raging cock has skewered the entirety of her dainty vagina as well as her chaste womb. We succumb to the achingly deep penetration together; the conjoined bliss of our locked bodies reeling in unbridled ecstasy. Then I feel her clench down around the intruding tip as a sudden shuddering of her body builds into the spasms of a massive internal orgasm.

Deep moans emanates from her as she writhes and bucks on my impaled member. Over and over her interior muscles repeatedly clenching and releasing my imposing girth like fingers fumbling to grasp a baton. The earth shattering orgasm releases endorphins that disperse throughout her body. As the ecstasy consumes her, she wraps her arms around my neck while looking deep into my eyes. Playfully she flicks the tip of her tongue in and out of my mouth as the pulsating of her vanquished uterus smears cum all over the tip of my cock. Deeply Locked within the confines of her spongy, soft uterus I feel myself reaching soaring heights of arousal. There the creamy tight cavity stretches around my swollen head, pulsing the tip with the spasmodic throws of a massive orgasm. As she looks into my eyes with aching shock and delight, she begs me to spill my warm seed deep inside her. Deeper than I have ever been or may ever be again. Though unnecessary, she softly bucks her body up and down over the impaled cock, stroking the buried cap inside her clutching uterus as she milks an orgasm from me which is building.

A whirlwind of pleasure overcomes my body as she sucks on my lower lip. The feel of my rapid breathing and moaning makes her aware that I am about to erupt. Below the deep penetration Margo reaches her hand up to massage my tightening scrotum. Inside, hours of pent up testosterone is readying a torrent of semen inside my achingly full testicles. Margo squeezes and massages my balls, rolling them through her fingers to make me aware of just how desperate she is to drain every last drop of cum from them. All the gentle pulling on the skin and kneading of the sac makes the load inside more voluminous. An intent stare from her eyes as she clamps down around the entire length of my meaty intruder. The strangling grip is more than I can bare pushing me over the edge into a massive orgasm. A chill runs up my spine as my cock stiffens uncontrollably then jerks and throbs under the grip of her slimy, penetrated cavern. The engorged tip of my cock swells inside the confines of the scintillating chamber. I let out a primal groan as I feel copious amounts of sperm rocketing up my shaft to her waiting chalice.

Tightly gripping the entire length of my cock, she feels the masculine contractions of my massive orgasm and the delivery of my sperm as it blasts my salty seed into her virginal womb. It splatters against the roof of her cervix, filling her fallopian tubes, then cascading down around the buried tip. Immediately following is a thunderous surge of warm thick cum that fills her. A faint sigh tells me that she feels the warm jets of erupting cum painting the walls of her womb. I hear her exclaim " Fill me John!" as another spasmodic contraction discharges copious amounts of warm pearlescent molasses. I look into her eyes as I continue to defile her womb, ejaculating long ropes of milky seed inside her. Finally, firing the last creamy string of cum within her, draping the sticky sweetness all over the walls of her uterus.

My massive orgasm filling her with a bountiful load of sperm. The feeling is overwhelming she collapses onto the bed as I kiss her deeply. I'm quivering in the aftershocks of a massive orgasm. As I cool down, her uterus pushes my diminishing cock from its tight confines, closing behind me sealing the inseminated cavity. Her hand resting below her stomach telling me, she feels the warm globs of cum pooling inside her uterus. I feel my softening cock sliding back into her cervical canal before it is finally expelled through the tight ring of her cervix. Inside her vagina is an engulfing warmth that caresses my shrinking cock. An aching heat that thanks me for depositing all that gooey sperm inside her.

A little nibble on my lower lip becomes a French kiss as we both glow in the blissful aftermath of our orgasms. We giggle for a moment as Margo lays beneath me, her pussy expelling all nine inches of my limp cock and it flops out on to her mound. I expected a viscous discharge of my semen to leak from her cervix, then drip its way down her vagina before coating her flared labia, but I seen none. In fact, not a drop of cum is released. Her uterus has swallowed all the milky ejaculation and would not release a single drop. She attests to that fact by telling me, she feels the warmth of my cum as it swishes around, deep inside her. I know Margo has the Essure device therefore have no concerns with her keeping my cum. Margo whispers " John, you have given me a precious gift, making me a complete woman." I lean over kissing her lightly on the lips. The room is filled with the smell of sex. Moments later we fall asleep in the euphoria we have created for each other.

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