I pushed Lori legs back and apart as she leaned back and then I plunged face first into her wet pussy. I loved the fact that there were no more hairs as I licked, sucked and nibbled all over her labia, vagina and clitoris. Lori was moaning loudly with the treatment I was giving her and before long had an orgasm of massive proportions. After her climax calmed down, I decided to try something new by working my tongue down over her perineum to her anus and rimmed her for a few moments. Apparently, Lori liked it because she held my head where it was and cried out, "OH MY GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!"

I noticed some movement to my left and saw Jill standing off to the side watching us. She was naked and was rubbing her pussy. An idea popped into my head, so I picked Lori up, laid her on her bed and then said, "Jill, sit on Lori's face!" Without a moment of hesitation, she climbed onto the bed and lowered her pussy onto Lori's face. Both women were moaning loudly, Lori with the treatment I was giving her and Jill from what Lori was doing. After about 10 minutes, Lori pushed Jill up enough so that she could cry out, "OH GOD, BEN! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!"

I was happy to accommodate my girlfriend, so I stripped off my boxers and t-shirt and plunged my erection deep into Lori's hot, wet pussy. I was looking at Jill and was admiring her big bouncy tits as plowing into Lori caused Jill to move too. She had her eyes closed as she enjoyed what Lori was doing to her. After a while, Jill opened her eyes, looked into mine with lust, leaned forward and pulled me in for a scorching kiss.

Now, I had only kissed one person like this before in my life and that was Lori. I couldn't help but compare the two. I liked kissing Lori more, but that's not to say that Jill was a bad kisser, she was just different. Anyway, when Jill broke our kiss she asked me to pull her nipples and squeeze her tits. Again, this was all new to me because Jill's tits were considerably larger than Lori's and were, to tell the truth, pretty intimidating. But, I did what Jill asked and enjoyed playing with her massive mounds.

After about 15 or 20 minutes the three of us all had orgasms one after another. As Jill climbed off of the bed, Lori said, "Jill, why don't you clean Ben's cock off with your mouth and then suck his cum out of my pussy?" Before I could react, Jill was on her knees and was taking my semi-hard cock deep into her mouth and started cleaning it with her tongue and mouth. That only lasted a couple of minutes and then she turned her attention to Lori's cum filled pussy. Jill sucked and slurped until she was satisfied she had cleaned Lori out. She then turned to me and said, "Your cum tastes really good, Ben."

Lori laughed and said, "I agree. Now how about some breakfast?"

When Lori got out of bed she kissed me and I could taste Jill on her mouth. She kissed me very passionately and then said, "God, I love you Ben. Thank you for being such a giving lover."

I smiled, kissed her back and said, "As usual it was my pleasure." I noticed Jill had left the room, so I asked, "So, what was that about telling Jill what to do?"

Lori smiled and said, "We'll talk later after breakfast."

I returned to my dorm room and took a shower while Lori and Jill did the same thing. I met them back at their dorm and then the three of us went out for breakfast at a coffee shop. When we finished, Lori came to my room with me while Jill returned to their room. When we were alone, Lori said, "About Jill, I noticed last night that she would do anything sexual I asked her to do. So, this morning I wanted to see if she would still do anything I asked. Apparently she will."

I thought about what Lori said and said, "So, you think she's a submissive? Did you tell her to kiss me and ask me to fondle her breasts?"

"No, why, did she do that with you?" I nodded, so Lori said, "Hmmm, perhaps she's just horny. She told me a while back that before coming to school she had pretty regular sex with several guys back home, but has had nothing since coming here. We should find her a boyfriend."

The dynamic around the three of us changed quite a bit after Halloween. Our lives now included Jill even more than before. The more I got to know her the more I liked her. Lori and I were going home over Thanksgiving weekend, so we invited Jill to join us. Dinner was at my place as my Dad had invited Lori's parents and my Dad's parents. He told me one more mouth would be no problem.

As we drove home, I told Lori that she and Jill should spend Wednesday and Thursday night at her parents and then Friday and Saturday night we could stay at the lake cottage. This plan was met with enthusiasm. When we got into town, I dropped Lori and Jill off at Lori's parents. I went in to say hello and then took off for home. It was a bit weird thinking of my Dad's place as home after having been gone for several months. Anyway, when I got home I was met with a surprise...Anna, my former high school principal was living with my Dad!

I had always liked Anna, so I was happy for my Dad. My Dad was still at the shop when I got home, but Anna was there and she greeted me with a warm hug and a welcome home. We sat and talked and she asked me how college was going. I told her, "You should give Mrs. Jenkins a big raise because my college biology class doesn't hold a candle to hers! I realize the class is taught by a TA, but I'm breezing through, especially the lab, thanks to her class."

Anna smiled and said, "I'll take your recommendation under consideration. I'll also tell Amy what you said. She told me you were one of her favorite students and she's been teaching that class for over 20 years!"

When my Dad got home, he hugged me and welcomed me home and then hugged and kissed Anna. Before my Dad sat down he looked at me and said, "I need to tell you something. Anna and I are going to get married. Please understand that my marrying her in no way diminishes the love I have for your mother. I will always love her and you."

I jumped up and threw myself into my Dad's arms, hugged him and said, "Dad, I know you loved Mom and I know you love me. I'm truly very, very happy for both of you. I really like Anna a lot and I'm sure the two of you will be very happy." When I let go of my Dad I went over to Anna and said, "Welcome to the family!" and then hugged her.

During dinner we discussed wedding dates and I told him of Lori's and my plan to spend Friday and Saturday night at the cottage. My Dad said, "Yeah, that sounds fine. I went and checked on the work that was done and have to say they did a great job. Other than the fact that there's no paint on the walls and the furniture is older than I am, it looks great!"

"I can't wait to see the new bathroom. I was thinking that Lori and I can stay out there during Christmas break and do some painting."

The next day our guests began arriving at around noon. I introduced Jill to my Dad, Anna and my Grandparents. We had a great meal which my Dad and Anna did the bulk of the work on with a little help from me. They were fun to watch as they interacted in the kitchen, so I didn't want to get in the way.

Before we started eating, my Dad stood, walked around to the other end of the table where Anna was sitting, put his hands on her shoulders and said, "I wanted to tell all of you that I have asked Anna to marry me and that she has accepted. We talked about a date last night with Ben and decided that we would get married on the 31st of December since Ben will be home from school."

There were a lot of smiling faces around the table and then Lori's Dad stood up, grabbed his wine glass and said, "A toast to the happy couple! We all wish you nothing but the best and congratulate the both of you." We all cried out, 'Here, here!' and then my Dad bent over and kissed Anna briefly.

We were all stuffed from the meal and hadn't even had dessert yet. I sat with Lori and her parents, while Jill talked about farm life with my grandparents. By 6pm our guests were leaving, so as Lori got ready to leave I kissed and hugged her and asked, "What time would you like me to pick you up tomorrow?"

"How about 10. We'll need to get some groceries for the rest of the weekend and then we can head out."

"You didn't have any trouble about spending the rest of the weekend out there did you?"

Lori laughed and whispered, "I think my parents have gotten used to the idea of having an empty house. Jill and I heard them having sex last night. That's the first time I have ever heard them! So, no, no problem whatsoever!"

The next morning I collected Lori, Jill and their luggage and then stopped at the supermarket. We had fun shopping for groceries together. As we stood in line to checkout, Jill asked, "Why is that guy over there staring at us?"

I looked over and saw Lori's old boyfriend Chad Emery. I chuckled and said, "That is Lori's old boyfriend Chad. He's not too happy about Lori being with me instead of him."

Jill nodded and said, "Ah. I guess that explains the daggers he's looking at you with. But why is he working in a grocery store?"

Lori shook her head and said, "Because he's an idiot! He tried to beat up Ben and then he came to Prom drunk and got suspended for the rest of the year. He didn't graduate, so here he works. For the life of me I don't know what I saw in him?"

As we left the store, Lori smiled and said, "Hi, Chad," as we walked past. He muttered, 'Hi Lori,' in response. Knowing Lori, I knew she didn't say hi to be mean, but in an effort to eliminate the hate that lived in his heart.

As we drove to the cottage it started snowing lightly. I always liked it when it snowed out at the lake. When we pulled in and unloaded all of our gear and groceries we went into the house. It was nice and warm in there, something that I had never experienced in all of the years I had been going. Lori looked at me and said, "When did the furnace get turned on?"

I laughed and said, "As I left my Dad's place." I pointed to the thermostat and said, "I had wi-fi installed, so we can turn the heater on with my cell phone. I think it's pretty cool. Anyway, let's show Jill around."

We gave Jill the dime tour, deposited our bags and put the groceries away. When we were finished, I said, "So Lori, I was thinking that we could stay her during the bulk of Christmas break and paint our walls. Dad suggested that we upgrade the furniture, which I think would be a good idea. What do you think?"

Lori smiled and said, "Well, I think I'd prefer to hang wall paper as opposed to paint in the living room and bedrooms. I think it would look a lot better and homier. The kitchen and bathroom we can paint. Something bright and cheery I think. We can think about that later. Right now, I just want to get naked and have lots and lots of sex!"

Jill seconded that idea as the two of them began stripping their clothes off. I smiled at my luck as I watched these two beautiful women get naked before my eyes. When Jill was naked, she asked Lori, "So, what do you have in mind? I for one would like to eat you to a dozen orgasms while we 69!"

"Ooh! That sounds like fun. Would you like to watch us Ben?"

I laughed and said, "Of course I do! But, I may do more than watch!"

Lori laughed and asked, "Pray, tell, what might you do?"

"You'll just have to wait and find out."

The three of us headed into the big bedroom where I went and sat on an easy chair that we had in there and Lori and Jill jumped up on the bed. They faced each other on their knees and began kissing very passionately while running their hands all over each other's bodies. After a few minutes, Jill lay back on the bed and Lori swung her legs over her roommate sitting her pussy on Jill's face and then bending over and planting her face between Jill's legs.

I watched the two of them pleasure each other for a while until they each had an orgasm. I decided it was time to get in on the action, so I straddled Jill's head and slowly pushed my erection into Lori's dripping pussy. It was nice being in Lori again as I slowly fucked her. I could feel my ball sac drag across Jill's forehead and nose. Lori was moaning loudly as Jill and I did our best to bring pleasure to her. After a few minutes I was surprised when I felt Jill's tongue lick my shaft as I worked in and out of Lori. Jill even took some time and licked and sucked on my scrotum! The whole situation was so hot I wasn't sure how long I could last as I began to up my tempo as I fucked my girlfriend harder. Lori was moaning loudly now and I have to give her credit because she never wavered from eating Jill.

All at once, the three of us began to cum one after the other. First, Lori groaned loudly, started shaking and spewed her girl cum all over Jill's face. I was up next, just moments later as I shot my load deep into Lori's pussy. Last, but not least, Jill cried out, "I'M CUMMMMMING!" as she exploded into Lori's face.

We all crashed beside one another on the bed as our orgasms ebbed. Lori was sandwiched between Jill and myself as we lay there contemplating what had just transpired. Lori was the first to speak, "Well, that was the perfect way to spend a day off!" Jill and I just started laughing joined by Lori. After our laughter calmed down, Lori then asked, "What do we do for an encore?"

Jill giggled and replied, "I'm sure we'll think of something."

The remainder of our weekend was spent sleeping, eating, fucking and even studying a little because we had finals coming up. The three of us had fun together and talked about our move to an apartment for next semester. "So," I said, "On our last day of this semester, we should empty our dorm rooms. Lori and I can keep anything you don't want for Christmas break here with us and will bring it when we return in January."

Jill smiled and said, "Yeah, that would be great. When can we get into the apartment?"

"Technically," I replied, "On the 2nd of January. I thought Lori and I would show up the Friday before classes resume."

When we returned to Madison, we had 2 more weeks of classes and then a week of finals to get through. The three of us studied hard in preparation for our finals and by the end we were all confident we passed everything with flying colors. Lori and I saw Jill off on the bus she was taking to go home and then the two of us headed for the cottage. When we arrived, we stashed all of our dorm stuff in one of the spare bedrooms and then drove into town to see our parents.

We stopped first at Lori's place and spent several hours catching up. After that we went to my Dad's place and had dinner with he and Anna. We discussed wedding plans with them and my Dad announced that I was to be his best man. It sounded as though the wedding would be very small with just a handful of people invited.

Just before we were going to leave, Anna asked, "What are your plans for Christmas?"

Lori answered, "Well, my parents wanted us to be with them on Christmas morning, if that's okay."

Anna smiled and said, "That will be fine, I'm asking because your Grandparents want to have us all over at some point, Ben. Apparently, they have a big surprise for all of us. So, I'll tell them what you have going on and then I'll call you and let you know when we'll all go over there. Okay?"

We decided that sounded like a good plan and then we took our leave. We decided to hit the grocery store to stock up the larder. As we shopped we ran into Chad again. The last time we ran into him at Thanksgiving, it was pretty awkward. This time, Chad was on his knees restocking a shelf. As we approached him he looked up and blushed as he looked down at the floor. As we got next to him, he stood as Lori said, "Hi Chad."

Chad smiled and said, "Hi Lori." He then turned to me and said, "Hi Ben. Look, I want to apologize for being an asshole with you while in school. I hope you both can forgive me." He then stuck out his right hand to me.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, but I wasn't one to hold a grudge, so I took his hand, shook it and said, "Of course we do. How have you been?"

Chad smiled and said, "I've been good. I have to confess that I don't miss school in the least. How was your first semester at UW?"

"It was good." Replied Lori. "We both did really well. So how are things around town? Are you dating anyone?"

Leave it to Lori to make things more awkward, but Chad just smiled and said, "Yeah, I've been dating Katie Cook for several months now. Her Dad owns this store."

Lori smiled and said, "That's great! I really like Katie. Say, why don't the two of you join us for dinner one night? Ben has a cottage on Spider Lake. If it works for you, how about on the 27th at 6?"

"I'll check with Katie, but I think that should work. Are you at the same number?"

"Yeah. Call anytime and let us know.

We said our goodbyes and continued shopping. As we shopped, Lori asked, "You don't mind that I asked them to dinner, do you?"

"I laughed and said, "Of course not. When he's not threatening me, he seems like a nice enough guy. I'm trying to place Katie Cook."

Lori laughed and then said, "She has very red hair and is quite pretty. We've had her in classes forever. She's really nice and is really funny. You'll like her."

We finished shopping and then headed for the cottage. When we finished putting the groceries away we sat next to each other on the couch and stared out on the lake as dusk set in. After a while, Lori turned to me and said, "I love Jill nearly as much as I love you, but I'm really happy to be with just you right now. Sometimes I find it hard to divide my attention between the two of you. We need to find her a boyfriend!"

I had to laugh and said, "Good luck with that! She's so damn picky, I don't think we'll ever find anyone for her."

On Christmas morning we headed to Lori's parents place. We had a nice breakfast, opened presents and had a nice time catching up. At around 11, Lori's Dad said we should head over to my grandparent's place for dinner. All four of us piled into my truck and headed over. As I drove I was wondering what the surprise was that Anna had referred to.

As we entered their house, we were all warmly greeted by my Dad's parents. As I walked deeper into the room I opened my eyes wide in shock as I saw my other set of grandparents, who I hadn't seen since my mother died. My grandmother ran up to me and threw herself into my arms while crying loudly. I held her tight and tried to comfort her as my grandfather joined in on the hug.

Finally, they stepped back a bit and my grandmother looked me up and down and said, "You have grown so much and are such a handsome man!" Stuff like this always caused me to blush and this time was no different.

My granddad, said, "Ben, your grandmother and I want to apologize for being out of your life for so long. I hope you will forgive us."

My Dad, in his wisdom, had told me that they had suffered the loss of their only child very hard and that I should give them time to heal from their loss. Thanks to my Dad I fully understood what they were going through. However, I was now elated to see them and to hold them close.

"There is nothing to forgive. I totally understand what you were going through and Dad explained it all to me very well. I'm very, very happy to see you now!"

At this time, my Dad and Anna arrived and when he saw his in-laws, he rushed forward and hugged them both as everyone had another teary reunion. My Dad then turned to Anna and said, "Mom, Dad, this is my fiancé Anna Kline. Please know that my love for your daughter hasn't diminished one iota, it's just I have found another love."

My grandmother walked up to Anna, pulled her into a hug and said, "Joe is the most wonderful man in the world, please take good care of him."

Anna smiled and replied, "I know he is. Both he and Ben are gifts that I'll cherish for the rest of my life."

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