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He's walking through a snowy wood, but he doesn't feel cold. He knows this is a dream. He comes upon Soleil, looking about 30 weeks pregnant, standing there like she's waiting for him. She's wearing a red maternity dress. You know the one: a gorgeous deep-red color, stretched enticingly across her body, showcasing her large breasts, hips, and belly. She's accented it with her favorite leather jacket, which is pushed to the sides of her full figure. Her long brown hair falls loosely, framing her face, and her lipstick matches the color of the dress. She has one hand supporting her belly, the other one resting atop it. She's breathtakingly beautiful.

She smiles when she sees him, and her blue eyes twinkle. She raises the hand on her belly and crooks her finger, inviting him close. He walks over to her and takes her in his arms. She reaches up with both hands to cup his face, brings it in to hers for a deep kiss. Her mouth tastes sweet and her smell is intoxicating. Her heavy breasts and full belly press up against him as their tongues dance against each other. She slides her hands from his face to wrap her arms around his neck, pushing against him. He brings his arms to either side of her waist. They stand like this for several moments, kissing passionately.

He lifts a hand to squeeze one of her full breasts. She moans lustfully into his mouth and arches her back, pressing her breast into his palm. He can feel her nipple under the fabric of her dress. Her kissing becomes more frantic, and her hands grip the fabric of his shirt. She reaches down and squeezes his erect cock through his pants, and he grunts. His hips twitch, pushing his erection into her palm.

She breaks their kiss and looks up into his eyes. He can see passion and want in hers, and knows she sees the same in his. He casts his eyes down to look at her gorgeous body, pressed up against him. Her hand reflexively squeezes his cock, and he looks back at her face. She chews her lower lip and his breath catches in his throat.

She turns around and presses her body against him, grinding her full ass into his crotch. She reaches behind her with one hand to caress his face, while her other hand rests on her bulging belly. He caresses her large breasts, and she gives a soft moan.

He turns her around again and leans in to give her another kiss, but she quickly presses a finger against his lips. She ducks her head to the side as though to whisper something to his ear; he gets gooseflesh as she huffs a short breath instead, followed by a teasing lick. She steps back, pulling herself from his arms.

With a seductive wink, she trails her hands down his chest to his pants. She swiftly undoes them and pushes them to the ground. His erect cock juts out proudly under his shirt, a drop of precum glistening at the tip. She looks down at it, then back up to meet his eyes. With him helping her keep her balance, she slowly lowers herself to her knees in front of him. She reaches out and grasps his hard cock, stroking it slowly before bringing her mouth to it. She licks around the head, and he gasps her name. Giving him a sexy smile, she takes him into her mouth.

He watches this beautiful pregnant woman suck his cock, his hips moving slightly in time with her actions. After enjoying the feel and taste of his cock for several minutes, Soleil lets his cock fall from her mouth and looks up at him. "Help me up," she says in her sexy voice. He does so eagerly, and pulls her to him for another fiery kiss, squeezing her large breasts again, making her moan. She gestures behind him. Since this is a dreamscape, he's unsurprised to find a comfortable-looking bed there. She leads him to it. She shrugs off her leather jacket, and he helps her lie down on the bed before lying next to her.

They kiss again, and he trails his hand down over her pregnant belly. Her dress has been pushed up; she parts her legs, exposing her naked pussy. He slides his hand between her legs. She's very wet. He strokes his fingers along her lips and she moans into his mouth. He slowly inserts one, then another finger into her wet pussy and starts moving them in and out. Her hips move in response and she throws her head back.

He takes advantage of this to start kissing down her neck and to her chest. She pulls the front of her dress down, exposing her engorged naked breasts. Her puffy nipples stand out stiffly, and he eagerly brings his mouth to one, sucking on it hard. She gasps as he does so, then holds his head in place while he worships her tit.

For some time he alternates between her two tits, sucking and nibbling on her nipples while he slowly finger-fucks her. Eventually, she gently pushes his head downward. She moans softly as he removes his hand from her wet cunt. He moves down her body, stopping to place some loving kisses on her pregnant belly, before positioning himself between her legs. Pushing them wide, he leans in and slowly licks from her taint up to her clit. She cries out softly as he captures her engorged clitoris in his mouth and sucks hard. He gives it a few gentle licks before he begins eating her out in earnest.

She moans loudly as he goes down on her. Her fingers are playing with her heavy breasts, pinching her nipples. Very soon she feels her orgasm approaching. She abandons her nipple play to hold his head in place, and bucks her hips against his face as she cums hard with a loud cry.

Her pussy juice floods his face, and he's too busy eagerly lapping it up to notice that she's gone still. When he finally realizes she's stopped moving, he looks up from between her legs. He crawls up next to her and chuckles softly when he sees she's passed out from the intensity of her orgasm. He kisses her softly on her forehead, then takes his cock in his hand, intending to finish himself off.


He pauses when he hears a soft voice calling his name. Though the trees he sees another figure beckoning him closer. Abandoning his self-pleasure, he stands up and approaches. As he does, he recognizes Ashley, also very pregnant and wearing the same sexy maternity dress as Soleil. She wears a crown of ivy leaves atop her blonde hair, which makes her look like a fairy princess. Her hands frame her pregnant belly and she smiles at him. He shakes his head, remembering this is all a dream.

He steps closer, hand on his hard cock. She looks at it pointedly and licks her lips, then meets his eyes. He steps up to her and pulls her in for a passionate kiss. She puts one arm around his neck, pressing her pregnant body against his as her other hand wraps around his cock and strokes him slowly. The precum oozing from his tip soon coats her fingers. She brings them up to her mouth and licks them clean with a soft moan of pleasure. She gives a meaningful look in the direction of the bed, so he takes her hand and leads her to it.

Soleil is still asleep as Ashley climbs onto the bed on her elbows and knees, presenting her large ass to him. He pushes Ashley's dress up over her hips, exposing her ass and pussy. He leans in and inhales her sexy aroma, then kisses her engorged pussy lips. She moans when he does so, squeezing her large tits with one hand. He starts slowly fucking her with his tongue, using his fingers to alternately rub her clit and play with her asshole. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter and she finally whispers back to him, "Fuck me."

He climbs onto the bed behind her and positions his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He pushes in, and they both groan at the sensation. Holding her wide hips, he starts fucking her slowly. Her wet pussy grips his cock as it slides in and out. "Faster," she breathes. "Harder." He complies, knowing it won't be long before he blows his load inside her.

Their fucking soon awakens his other companion. Soleil looks up to see him fucking the beautiful blonde woman, and smiles. She makes eye contact with Ashley, who leans in to kiss her. They moan into each others' mouths, and Soleil brings a hand down to play with her own pussy.

Bracing herself with one hand, Ashley uses her other to pull the front of her dress down, exposing her heavy breasts. Soleil stops kissing her and moves to capture one stiff nipple in her mouth. She sucks hard and Ashley cries out, arching her back and pressing her tit into Soleil's mouth. Soleil continues to suck, and Ashley pushes back against the cock driving into her pussy. Soon enough, the stimulation sends her over the edge, and Ashley whimpers through her orgasm. He groans as her contracting pussy squeezes his cock.

Soleil pushes herself up on her elbows and watches him fuck Ashley. He makes eye contact with her, and she licks her lips seductively. She fucks herself with her fingers in time to his thrusts into Ashley's pussy. She lifts one of her large tits up and extends her tongue, licking her nipple. He groans at the sight and squeezes Ashley's hips harder.

What the hell, he thinks. This is my dream. He whispers that he wants to fuck Soleil while she eats Ashley's pussy. The two women look at each other and agree with a silent nod. Ashley moans as he withdraws his cock from her, then the two women take some time to rearrange. Ashley rolls onto her back; Soleil maneuvers onto her elbows and knees, presenting her naked ass to him. He strokes his cock as they get into position. Finally, he climbs behind Soleil and lines his cock up with her dripping pussy. As he enters her, she lowers her face to Ashley's wet cunt and begins to eat her out.

Ashley lets out a low moan as Soleil's tongue penetrates her pussy. It is echoed by Soleil as his hard cock stimulates her pussy walls. Ashley plays with her heavy breasts, squeezing them and teasing her nipples. Her hips buck as Soleil fucks her with her tongue. She makes eye contact with him as he fucks Soleil. "You look so hot fucking her while she eats my pussy," Ashley says in a low voice. "God, I'm going to cum soon. Fuck her harder. Make her cum." She looks down at Soleil and says, "Play with my clit. Make me cum."

Soleil looks back over her shoulder. "Fuck me harder," she agrees. "Cum inside me." She starts driving her hips back against him, then returns to eating Ashley's pussy. She rubs Ashley's clit with her fingers.

He fucks her with hard, fast thrusts. Soleil squeezes her pussy around his cock, and it's too much. Fucking this gorgeous pregnant woman while watching her go down on another equally stunning pregnant beauty finally sends him over the edge, and with a low grunt he pushes into her one last time, releasing his load into her hot, wet pussy. His cock twitches repeatedly as he empties his cum into her. She squeezes him with her walls, and that sets off her own orgasm. She moans loudly into Ashley's pussy, making the other woman moan as well as she also cums.

For a moment after, the three remain still, lost in post-orgasmic bliss. He gently pulls out of Soleil, who slowly moves to lie on her back next to Ashley. They hold hands and look up at him, smiling. He returns their smiles as he takes in their exhausted, well-fucked, pregnant bodies. He closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath...


When he opens his eyes, the dream is over. He's back in his own bed. He turns his head and sees his very pregnant wife lying next to him. She's on her side, her head propped up on one hand, regarding him. Her blonde hair falls over one eye. Lately she's taken to sleeping naked, as her nightclothes have become too uncomfortable. Her swollen breasts and belly are on full display. She smiles, and it's the sexiest thing he's ever seen. He caresses her full belly and smiles back at her.

"I love you so much, Ashley Soleil."

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