Sarah woke up to a warm sunlight streaming in and a warm breeze gently billowing the curtains in the master bedroom of the home she shared with her boyfriend, Anthony. It was a peaceful awakening, one that didn't last long.

It was clear her boyfriend had also woken up, as he sleepily reached over to grab a fistful of her hair and tug her head insistently towards his morning wood.

While Sarah started at the sudden pull out of her blissful waking, she immediately fell into her routine of being Anthony's live in human fleshlight. His cock needed draining, and it was made clear from the start that any one of her holes could made use of when this need struck. This morning it was her throat.

He guided her head towards his cock, laying on his back as he pulled her over. His cock slid into her mouth and she made sure to suck gently on the head and flick her tongue around it like he liked.

Through practice she learned how to relax her throat. From this angle, it was easier for him to slide it all the way in. He slid into her throat balls deep and held it in for a few moments at a time, releasing his cock to give her a quick second of breath. A few thrusts of this to loosen up her throat and get his cock lubed up with her saliva, and was getting harder and hornier.

He slid her all the way down and held her head there, enjoying the feeling of her gagging on his cock and struggling a bit. Slowly he pulled his right leg over her head and released his hands. His leg resting against her head holding her against his dick and his hands free, he began feeling up her large tits. Roughly squeezing them and pinching her nipples, he pulled his leg in a bit tighter.

Sarah's nose pressed into his balls even more. His cock was fully inside her throat hole and as much as she enjoyed being his fuckhole, the feeling was becoming overwhelming. She was choking and gagging repeatedly but Everytime she attempted to pull her head back, his leg held her securely in place.

He finally released her and she inhaled a huge full of fresh air, saliva coating his cock. Having woken up and ready to blow his load, he needed to get off. Hands on her head, he began briskly fucking her face, moaning as her gagging massaged his cock. Sarah tried to relax her body and calm her gagging as his large penis stretched her mouth and throat for the first time that day.

"I'm gonna cum, bitch, here you go!" he spoke his first words to her that morning. Five deep, hard, quick thrusts and he plunged his cock in balls deep and filled her throat, crying out as he emptied his load into her face hole.

Sarah struggled to contain his massive load, spewing cum and saliva all over his balls and the sheets, which she somehow made a mental note to throw in the washer after.

His grip loosened on her head and she pulled back, gasping air but keeping his cock head in her mouth, tasting the last few spurts of his morning cum. He laid back and sighed, satisfied with the throatfucking. Stroking her hair as she gasped and coughed, he realized how messy it was down there.

"Don't forget to clean me up" he told her. Taking a deep breath, she dutifully began gently licking and sucking the dripping cum and spit off of him. She finished off by sucking his balls clean, giving them one last lick over all.

He glanced at his watch and was pleasantly surprised to see they had woken up quite early.

He pulled her up and squeezed her right titty as he murmured in her ear, "still have time to spare." He kissed her on the neck and with the hand gripping her tit, began rolling her nipple.

"Get down there" he whispered in her ear. She shuffled down the bed and laid between his legs. He spread his legs, grabbed the back of her head and pulling himself up a bit, pulled her face into his ass and taint. He closed his eyes and smiled, laying back as he felt her tongue getting to work.

Sarah pressed her face into his taint and flattened her tongue, stroking it broadly over his ass and licked up the underside of his full, large ballsack. It had been a while since he'd had her give him a morning rimjob. During their vacation a few months ago in Mexico, she became accustomed to her place in between his legs, tongue stroking his asshole as he drifted in and out of sleep.

She watched him once again drift in and out of sleep as she made out with his hairy asshole, his large balls blocking most of her view. Breathing in his mustiness, she reached down and fingered her wet pussy. Her cunt had been dripping ever since he used her mouth as a cum dump.

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