Episode 29: Stacy's Capture

I made friends with Stacy online, and we enjoyed trading notes. She asked me to write a video with her as the lead. She sent a couple of cute photos to me and answered some questions about things she likes, and this was the result.

She wants Shyla Jennings to play her role in the video.

Stacy emerges from a club at night with a large crowd who was there to hear the band. She's a slender young woman in her mid-20s and wearing sexy, high-heeled dark grey leather boots that come up to her knees and a matching grey miniskirt. She has a stretch grey bandeau that shows off her breasts nicely and a short, unbuttoned leather jacket that comes down just below her bandeau. She's very attractive and has medium length light-brown/dark-blonde, wavy hair. She likes to be noticed but is basically shy, so she walks quickly and doesn't make eye contact. She's aware of the men and women staring at her sexy body, and it excites her a little. She goes around the corner of a building and stays in the shadow against the wall and uses that opportunity to hike the skirt up even higher. Then she continues her quick walk towards home. As she opens her clutch purse, she purposely drops it but wants it to look like an accident. That gives her an excuse to kneel down and pick it up and take out the cell phone while the skirt rides up to the bottom of her ass. She knows that the men around her are trying to see up her skirt, but it's too dimly lit for a good view. She's having a bit of fun being a tease, and she smiles. Then she stands and hurries away while she dials a number. The number rings and finally transfers her to voicemail, and she leaves a message.

"Hi, Michelle, this is Stacy. It was such a fun concert, and I really, really wish you didn't have a last minute project at work and couldn't come with me." She pauses. "I'm walking home, and I'm feeling sexy and want to see you. But you didn't answer, so maybe you're already in bed. But I've got the key you gave me, and I'll let myself in and kiss you until you wake up. I'll be there soon, babe."

She hangs up and continues walking to a modest neighborhood and walks up to the front door. She sees a light on in the window and motion, so the peeks in. She's surprised to find a young woman facing away from the window. It looks like her hands are tied together and tied around a stair railing or light fixture. She looks like she's in her late 20s. Her jeans are pulled down around her ankles and she wears a tight blouse that doesn't quite reach her yellow panties. She's barefoot, and her head is down. Net to her is another woman in her early 20s wearing high heels and a minidress with long sleeves. Both of these women are beautiful. The one standing has a belt in her hand, and Stacy sees the woman spank the bound woman with it. The woman is angry and shouting, but it's too muffled to understand what's being said.

Stacy gets out the key and pushes open the door and slams it behind her. "Get away from my girlfriend!" She rushes at the standing woman and pushes her down. Stacy turns round to release the bound woman, but the other woman gets up quickly and grabs her from behind. Stacy struggles to get loose and appears to be stronger. The other woman shifts her grip and grabs Stacy's bare midriff. Stacy doubles over and squirms and tries to push the woman's hands away "Stop tickling me!" she screams.

The woman sees her advantage and focuses all of her activity on tickling Stacy. Stacy's fight is gone. All she can do is try to avoid and escape the tickling. The woman forces her to her knees, and Stacy is pleading for the woman to stop. "I'll stop, but you have to stop struggling and let me have control."

Stacy is saying, "ok, anything, ok, I'll do it — just please don't tickle me" and stops fighting. The woman has her stand up while she stays behind Stacy and keeps her hands around Stacy's stomach.

"Slave, bring your ropes to me."

Michelle lets go of the ropes, and we can see that she wasn't really bound. "Yes, Mistress." Stacy looks very confused. The mistress ties Stacy's hands and pushes her into the bedroom and ties her hands behind her to the bedpost while standing. Stacy isn't fighting and almost looks like this is turning her on. The camera focuses on Stacy's breasts, and her nipples are prominent, and the mistress also notices them. She pinches one through the thin material and Stacy gasps.

"Well, bitch, I thought that you gave up a little too easily. I think maybe you like being tied up." With a sudden motion, she pulls up the bandeau, and we see Stacy's erect nipples. "I thought that you liked this!" The woman swirls her tongue around Stacy's nipples and sucks on each of them while Stacy protests that she doesn't like this and wants to be released. The woman stops and puts her hands on her hips. "Well, I know how to find out for sure." She looks down at Stacy's skirt. "Are you wet?"

There's a noticeable pause while Stacy decides what to say. "No."

The woman's hand disappears under Stacy's skirt and comes back out with two fingers held out. She puts them up to Stacy's mouth to lick off, and Stacy turns her head. The woman wipes them on Stacy's cheek. "You knew that I would check and deliberately told me a lie. So you must want me to punish you." She smiles at Stacy. "Slave, bring me some scissors." Michelle leaves the room. "You won't need this, bitch." She pulls the skirt down Stacy's legs and exposes her grey, French lace underwear. "Very pretty." She pulls them down. Michelle returns with the scissors. The mistress uses them to cut through Stacy's bandeau and throws it on the ground. "I'll find out more about what you like and don't like, but first I'm going to finish with my slave." She looks at Michelle then back at Stacy. "I sent her to the city to seduce a new slave to join us. That was a month ago, and she didn't return."

Stacy looks at the woman with disgust. "She must want me more than you."

"Oh, it's not a question of desire or love. It's an issue of obedience." She reaches under her skirt and pulls off her own panties. "Slave, show this bitch how you obey me when I tell you to lick me." She moves a chair in front of Stacy and sits in it, spreads her legs over the chair's arms, and pulls her skirt up. Michelle kneels in front of her and licks her until her mistress cums.

Michelle then kneels quietly by the chair while the woman pats her head almost like a pet. "Now lets see what our new bitch likes and if she will join us." Stacy is glaring defiantly at her. She walks to Stacy and lightly tickles her. "Do you complain about tickling because you want it?" Stacy is wriggling and panicked, and the woman stops tickling. Her hand moves to Stacy's ass. "Maybe you feel that you need some physical punishment — a spanking?" Stacy tries to twist to protect her butt and kick and the woman, and she retreats out of reach. "Maybe it's the loss of control that turns you on." Stacy lowers her head and is silent. "Slave, you can help with this. Go behind the bitch, and kiss and lick her from behind, but you can't touch her pussy or kiss her on the mouth." Michelle's face brightens and she kisses Stacy's neck and back while running her hands along Stacy's side. The woman licks and kisses Stacy's breasts — longer this time. Her hands stroke Stacy's inner thighs and leans closely so they can kiss. Stacy is wildly turned on and is kissing her passionately. While they kiss, the woman teases Stacy's clit and pussy lightly but keeps the fingers from penetrating her. Stacy feels turned on like never before and is desperate to cum. She quickly squats down to fuck the woman's fingers, but the woman pulls her hand away as Stacy descends. They repeat this several times, and the woman laughs cruelly at Stacy. "I knew we could find something you like, bitch."

Suddenly Michelle says angrily "I've had enough of this game, McKenna! Leave her alone!"

The mistress stops and looks at Michelle. "What did you call me, slave?"

"You heard me. I want you out of my house, McKenna."

McKenna goes over to slap Michelle but Michelle blocks her blow. McKenna tries to spank Michelle, and Michelle is maneuvering out of the way and grabs hold of McKenna to push her towards the door. McKenna continues trying to spank Michelle, and Michelle pulls up the bottom of McKenna's dress. As the dress reaches her waist, McKenna is still trying to spank with one hand and grab Michelle's blouse with the other. She can grab the blouse but the buttons prevent her from lifting it up. Michelle gets the dress over McKenna's breasts and over her head but doesn't pull it off—she lets McKenna stay tangled up in in. McKenna is topless under the dress, and Michelle grabs one of her breasts and twists it viciously. McKenna howls and tries harder to get the dress off but is still too tangled Michelle pulls on the breast again, and McKenna bends over and drops to her knees to protect her breasts. Michelle pushes her over, and McKenna lies face down to try to give her breasts protection. Michelle kneels on her back and ferociously spanks her. McKenna is kicking and screaming that she gives up but Michelle doesn't let up. McKenna's screams turn into sobbing and she stops kicking and physically gives up. Still Michelle spanks her until her entire butt and upper thighs are a bright red. Michelle gets off of her and pulls McKenna's dress totally off and tells her to leave. McKenna just lies there and cries, so Michelle slaps her bottom again. McKenna rolls over and sits up but still isn't leaving, and Michelle gives her breast another savage twist. McKenna howls through her crying and reaches for her dress but stops when Michelle throws it to the other side of the room and puts out a hand like she's going to grab her breast again. "Just get out!" McKenna is sobbing and hunched over and going to the door as quickly as she can in her heels and with both hands covering her butt, and Michelle is right behind her. When she opens the door and starts to leave, Michelle gives her one last, angry whap on her ass. McKenna tumbles out the door and lands on the doorstep on her back. She just lies there crying, not even fully aware that her pussy is on display for the neighborhood to see. Michelle slams the door and latches it. She goes back to the bedroom.

"You never told me that you liked to be tied up," she tells Stacy.

"Well, you know, we just didn't get that far. But you never told me that you had a mistress."

"I HAD a mistress. Now, I need a new one."

Stacy smiles. "Play with my breasts, slave, and put some fingers in me or I'll spank you like you can't imagine!" Michelle pinches Stacy's nipples with one hand and puts two fingers in her pussy. Stacy is bouncing up and down so fast that Michelle can't keep a grasp on the nipples, and Stacy almost immediately has the orgasm that she had to wait for. "Keep those fingers there but put your tongue in my mouth!" Michelle puts her free hand around Stacy's neck and their tongues fill each other's mouth while Stacy continues going up and down on Michelle's fingers. A lot slower this time — and she pushes harder and longer to keep them deep inside of her and she soon has her second orgasm. "My legs are getting tired. Kneel down and make me cum again with your tongue." Michelle obeys her new mistress, and the third orgasm leaves Michelle panting and laughing happily. "Now take off the rest of your clothes and then let me loose."

Michelle takes off her panties, her blouse, and her yellow bra and then releases Stacy. The two women hug and kiss and rub their pussies until they each cum and then just hold each other tightly.

"I'm going to love being your slave."

"And I'm going to love being your mistress." Pause. "But I also like being tied up and not being in control sexually. Here's what I want you to do. I'm going to lie on the bed, and you're going to tie my hands to the bedposts and blindfold me with that blouse. Then my order is for you to lick me and kiss me and feel me and grind on me and keep making me cum until we both fall asleep."

"Yes, mistress." And we see Michelle tie up Stacy as she ordered and begin kissing her body as the scene fades.

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