Sitting on the bed, unbuttoning his cuff links, he looks up at her and as always, becomes completely mesmerized by her. He adores her comfy style but loves when she dresses up, even though she complains about it. It doesn't happen often, so when she does it, it's like this beautiful treat that makes his mouth water. He's found it difficult to concentrate on anything all night except her.

Standing at the dresser, heels kicked off in a corner. Her bare feet looked as if they were hugging the carpet. Her hair swept to the side as she fiddled with an earring to take off. The way her little black dress clung to all her curves. He couldn't help but smile remembering her flustered face before they left. She did not want to wear that dress. She said it "showed all her rolls". He smiled at her and shook his head, "No my love, it shows all your delicious curves. Wear it, for me?" He was overjoyed when they left the house.

Now watching her, as much as he loved seeing her in that dress, he couldn't help but desperately want her out of it. He stood and walked over to her. She looked up at him with those eyes and his heart melted. He cupped her face in his hands and leaned down, he could feel her breath on his face and when their lips parted, their tongues danced. He felt her move closer to him. A soft, muffled moan emitted from her and drove him crazy.

His hands slowly moved from her face, over her shoulders and down to her waist, pulling her in closer to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck as if they were meant no where else. Both clinging to each other as their souls began to tangle. He undid her dress and let it fall to the floor as he guided her to the bed. She began to help him out of his shirt, as she unbuttoned his pants, he laid her on the bed. Their bodies pressed against each other, his hands exploring her body.

She always felt drunk at his touch, his kisses made her dizzy and he knew this. She was helpless under his spell and he thrived on it. His hardness pressing against her, she was desperate to feel him. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him against her heat. His hands diving down between the bed and her ass, he grabbed and pulled her into him. Her moans cheering him on as he kissed and nibbled her neck.

He suddenly stopped and looked at her. She was a bit shocked by this and immediately thought she had done something wrong. As she was about to ask him what was wrong, he leaned down and gently kissed the tip of her nose and said, "Queens choice." She smiled at him. She loved him leading, but also loved to please him. As bad as she wanted to feel him inside, she had something else in mind. She lifted her head and kissed him. Her hands slowly making her way down his body. Her fingertips gliding down his shoulder, over his arm. Pausing for a moment as she got lost in him. He had worked his way to her breasts. Teasing her sensitive nipples with his tongue, driving her completely insane.

She began on her mission again. Lightly dragging her fingernails down his side, she heard a soft moan from him, and she couldn't help but smile a little. Finally reaching her destination, she began to slowly, softly stroke him. She loved feeling his hard cock in her hand. She softly rubbed the tip, he trembled and moaned. She guided him to her warm slit. As he slowly slid between her folds, his shaft teased her clit and she moaned. She whispered, "just like that."

Watching the pleasure on her face, he was all too happy to oblige her request. She was already wet for him. Her warmth spread over him and he had to concentrate or else he would lose it. Her folds teasing his cock, he kept the slow steady pace she loved. Teasing her hard clit. Her head back, moans escaping her lips, he went back to teasing her nipples. Flicking them with his tongue, then sucking and gently nibbling. Her hands in his hair, he could feel her hips begin to move as she grinded his shaft. He wanted to be inside her so bad, but he immensely enjoyed pleasing her. She looked at him, and in a breathless, shaky voice said, "roll over so the queen can taste herself on her king's cock." He looked at her, his hard cock nestled nicely between her folds, pressing against her clit..."Sorry, no." He grabbed her hands in his, tangling their fingers together, "The king has no choice but to overrule that. It is his mission to satisfy and bring great pleasure to his queen." He leaned down and deeply kissed her as he began to slide his cock between her folds again. Teasing her swollen clit. Her flowing juices making his the glide of his cock nice a smooth.

She was completely at his mercy. He felt her body relax as she accepted it. Her hips began to grind in rhythm with his. Her moans filled the room and he knew she was getting close. He increased his speed over her clit and her hands squeezed his.

"OOOH GOD" she cried out. She could feel that tingling sensation in her feet, and soon it spread through her body. Her skin began to flush as she climaxed. She no longer had control of her body. Her legs began to tremble, her nails were digging into his hands and she couldn't do anything about any of it. The only thing she could think of was how wonderful she felt. Her eyes closed and she saw fireworks.

He slipped inside her. Her walls were still contracting from the orgasm and they surrounded him in a warm, tight blanket. He paused for a moment once inside her. He met her gasp with a growl. He was suddenly overcome with a desperate need to make her entire body shake. As he began thrusting, he let go of one of her hands and made his way down to her clit. He continued to massage it. Her eyes widened and her body overcome with pleasure, she began to shake more. The pressure of his body keeping her in place.

His teeth gliding across her skin, to her nipple. Wave after wave of orgasm flowed through her body and he soaked it up like a starving man who hadn't eaten in days. He had been on the edge since he touched her and now, he couldn't hold back anymore. Moaning and growling with her moans, he dug in deeper, massaging faster. She felt him throbbing which only intensified her orgasms. As her walls contracted, pouring her warm juices over his cock, he finally exploded insider her. Filling her.

As they both collapsed from sheer exhaustion, he held her tight in his arms stroking her hair and kissing her until she calmed. Drifting off to sleep in each other's arms.

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