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<3 raden, mania, architectures, arg, horror, ishida, cats, mlp, graphic novels, scp, games, birdflash, music, art, natgeo, hockey, classical pieces, building, parkour, animals, marine biology

</3 assholes, spicy food, social studies, school, loud places


🎧 kpop, the maine, iu, woodz, ethel cain, the nbhd, ymas, orbit, suki waterhouse, turnover, horsegirl, malice mizer, xaaxaa, dadaroma, blur, the cog is dead, fiona apple, blink-182, fallout boy, linkin park, ftts, msftz, jason chen, sam tsui, the gazette, mcr, glaive, laura marling, slipknot, half/figurd, rina sawayama, faye wong, daughtry, jackie evancho, jenyer, radiohead, crywank, daft punk, dir en grey, paramore, hatchie, artist vs poet, slowdive, bloo, korn, somi, dreamgirlmusic, hivi!, young hunting, deftones, alice in chains, elastica, ecco2k, blaster, helvetia, anna clendening, catherine wheel, justin degryse, 4846g, taylor swift, big naughty, ph-1, lifehouse, radiohead, a lot of classics, & more artists that i listen to

📹 itsfunneh, grian, smii7y, courtreezy, dreading, 5up, ranboo, swoop, zombs, xqc, inabber, watcher, nobeans, markiplier, izzzyzzz, kurtis conner, chad chad, danny gonzalez, otv, tinakitten, ldshadowlady, tanqr, stevesuptic, xenbe, kreekcraft, emma kenny, kaboodle, tenz, salem tovar, gtws, emily artful, mina le, grazy tv, mila tequila, emiru, jerma985, sydeon, the camboys, faline san, pandafire11, jacob colvin, seamus gorman, midnight theories, ploopy678, film fatales, grizzy, superhorrorbro, cruel world happy mind, wendigoon, foxakimbo, brittney vaughn, blarg, grizzy, drew gooden, kurtis conner, kryoz, hailey elizabeth, nickisnotgreen, inquisitormaster (solo levi), denis, ethoslab, devoun

📺 ianowt, omitb, teotfw, ofmd, heartstopper, rgu, paranoia agent, reply 1988, jirisan, mandela catalogue, eventide media center originals, collegehumor originals, crypt tv originals, mlp, moral orel, cardcaptor sakura, madoka magica, petscop, adventure times, wan sheng jie, young justice, the walten files, ghibli films, neon genesis evangelion, link click, the walking dead, peaky blinders, belle, hamilton, the mentalist, emmerdale, degrassi, aouad, juvenile justice, atla, inside job, chilling adventures of sabrina, chernobyl, downton abbey, emily in paris, i know what u did last summer, invincible, inventing anna, anne w an e, jw:cc, julie and the phantoms, midnight mass, sense8, the oa, supergirl, t100, succession, tfatws, wandavision, abbott elementary, wwdits, what we still don't know, yellowjackets, izombie, inuyasha, ping pong, ylia, moon knight, rebel, glee, local58, cartoon saloon originals, pixar films, mcilal, hotel del luna, ghost doctor, the complex chronicles, killing eve, chucky, mtv jackass, vhgs, bad genius, slasher, sherlock, kingdom, a discovery of witches, chucky, heart cocktail, D.P, prison playbook, love all play, boy meets world (most of these r web series since films r already listed in my boxd)+++

📖 teio, nichijou, nana, shimeji simulation, lnattc, the raven cycle, charon docks at daylight, icebreaker, tsfgae, osomatsu-san, pandora hearts, finding junie kim, vnc, jjk, ajin, parasyte, tomie, tougen anki, fake slackers, dwgl, fgep, jwqs, saiki k, the green bone saga, orient, tokyo esp, cogheart adventures, league of archers, fazbear frights, tacit, iartw, unordinary, the weight of our sky, ftrf, fushi no sougishi, blp, 8eyes, dkgwf, lone, champion, inuyasha, spy x family, position, fractalverse, the grip of it, tokyo ever after, soul eater, fire force, initial d, bloom into u, paradise kiss, cemetery boys, all the crooked saints, horrid, these violent delights, heartstopper, tsld, the love hypothesis, beartown, gstwito, theodosia throckmorton, atlwcs, to kill a mockingbird, jakarta sblm pagi, too bright to see, long bright rivers, the great alone, the midnight library, not my problem, 3gatsu no lion, oyasumi punpun, chi no wadachi, slam dunk, the taking of jake livingston, the henna wars, aouad, yona of the dawn, blue giant, welcome to the hnk, bllk, hanashippanshi, suiiki, mwsl, the warmhearted you, orv, i quit being the male lead's rival, little mushroom, a lucky coin, kaleidoscope of death, i favor the villainess, 5 centimeters per second, tokyo ubasuteyama, air gear, your throne, stargazing dog, fence, giant days++++

📻 rituals, serial killers, jrwi, alice isn't dead, mystery pony fiction, unsolved murders, internet urban legends, off book, tales from the closet, the sleepy bookshelf, something scary, rotten mango, baking a murder, murderous minors, conspiracy theories, anatomy of murder, suspense, the midnight library, the two princes, kaidan japanese scary stories, superhero rewind, dr death, welcome to night vale, the adventure zone, the black tapes, within the wires, we're alive, the magnus archives, archive 81, small town horror, darkest night, the leviathan chronicles, victoria's lift, the once and future nerd, scp archives, elite: escape velocity, deadly manners, stories from among the stars, voyage to the stars

🎮 valorant, phasmophobia, sevens code, tiny rooms, ddlc, yttd, pj muse, ravon, fnaf, minecraft, roblox, ponytown, white day, the sims, arcaea, penguin isle, subnautica, dsaf, sigcorp games, luna game, aitsf, neotwewy, omori, mimic, gasa4, hollow knight, house, caligula effect, Ib, muse dash, second life, left 2 dead, yuppie psycho, driftlands, uncharted, the last of us, life is strange, creepy tale, undertale, oneshot, deltarune, soulsborne, what remains of edith finch, osu, apex legends, rpgmaker games, legends of zelda, portal, persona, limbo, little nightmares, fran bow, moncage, 12 minutes, outlast, stride, detention, stalker, chernobylite, labyrinthine, overwatch, inscryption, resident evil, andy's apple farm, dangerous fellows, spiritfarer, pacify, dead by daylight, the walking dead, stellaris, dead cells, mr hopp's playhouse, ffixv, kingdom hearts, gylt, tetris, geoguessr, pj diva, red dead redemption, idv, pokemon, mhyk, butterfly soup, shopaholic series, unreal life, devilish series, nier automata, rusty lake's games, mgs, os:memories, touhou project+

characters leo anderrson, genevieve, adam parrish, ragbros, carol danvers, scott lang, tiny troops (genshin), reagen ridley, neil bowman, wednesday addams, leon dioscorides, champions trio, sara chidouin, shijima tsukishima (one of my sources), jin kougasaki, utena tenjou, joe tazuna, wally west, dick grayson, yuito kashihara, riri williams, isaac aoyagi, akali, killjoy, ro'meave brothers, nam onjo, blue sargent, jaysen caulfield, ashura, yuuko ichihara, mariel imari (one of my sources too), aurora suya rhys kaymin, shiki ichinose, akira tachibana, jyushimatsu matsuno, yuuya matsuda, shouya ishida, shadow silver & sonic the hedgehog, aaron dingle, robert sugden, jack hunter, clay jensen, simone cundy, rei kiriyama, kamala khan, nicholas cox (i don't play genshin anymore but i like said characters that r from genshin)

ships (bc they deserve their own section) birdflash, robron, greenelan, genecho, jeric

others steampunk, documentary, monster high, video essays, psych, ps5, jellycat plushies, sanrio, skaters, entomology, marine biology, folklores, yokais, urban legends, cultures, ever after high, puzzle kit, robotics, citypop, makeup, fashion, littlest pet shop, jihoo park, hoyeon jung, wi hajoon, bae suzy, lee sungkyung, yoshikawa ai, jenna ortega, seiyuus, telenovelas, ahn sohee, rabbids, horror medias, scp, creepypastas, liminal space, typology, astrology, pastiches, mcrp, vkei, shoegaze, alt culture, rock (& all the subgenres), pop culture, world history, comedies (mainly dcoms), collegehumor, crypt tv, musicals, documentary, arg + analog horror, vocaloid (a lot.)

sorry i like a lot of things just take my word for it that i'm critical of what media i consume

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