Soon after the ceremony, everyone was surrounding us, congratulating us, taking pictures with their families and preparing for the evening run. My Aunt Rosa, who was like a mother to me ever since my mother passed, came over and embraced me. Everyone was thrilled, and there smiles all around. I was still a bit shocked from seeing him for the first time. The Alpha of Alpha, whose name I discovered was named Jonathan, looked younger than I expected him to. The oldest wolf I knew was our Alpha Vincent, who was 280 years old. He had been turned when he was 38 years old, though. This was during the time when werewolves were fighting against the vampires. During this time, werewolves were very desperate and started turning humans to increase their numbers for the war. Since then, a treaty had been reached for peace; however, some still craved chaos. It was a crime to turn humans without consent now. Pureblood wolves stopped ageing at 25, but I thought that 2000 years should have had an ageing effect on him. He had shoulder-length black hair that framed his face and brought out his baby blue eyes. He had a muscular build that was barely hidden in this white crew-neck shirt and black jeans. I knew he had been looking at me throughout the ceremony, and his eyes' intensity was shocking.

As I was talking to my Aunt, I saw him move through the crowd towards me. My heart started beating so fast, and his scent had me tingling. He introduced himself to my Aunt Rosa, who was delighted. His Beta named Trevor invited both of us to join them for lunch. I just needed some time to take a walk and think, but before I could say anything, my Aunt had already accepted for both of us. She offered to cook for all of Jonathan's pack at our house instead. When we got to our place, I went straight to my room to change into some more comfortable clothing.

I was about to close the door when I saw him standing there. He entered the room and started looking through my book collection without saying anything. A minute later, he walked towards the door and shut it and locked us both in. At this point, my hands were so sweaty, and I was so anxious and excited. He walked towards me, gently took my hand and lead us both to my reading desk. All of a sudden, he lifted me off the ground on to the desk. This way, we were face to face. He brushed my curtain bangs behind my ears, and he leaned in and kissed me. My wolf was doing its happy dance in my head. He deepened the kiss by tracing his tongue along my lower lip. I gasped at the feeling, and I felt my stomach clench deliciously.


Her lips were even softer than I had imagined. When I traced her lips, her gasp had a direct line to my cock, and if it was possible, I got even harder. When I had followed her to her room, I just wanted to engage her in a conversation to know a little more about her, but I could not get over my need for reassurance that she was physically attracted to me too. I could smell her arousal, and my mouth was watering. Using my werewolf speed, I was on my knees in one move with her legs parted and each deliciously creamy thigh on either side of my face. Her white lacey panties were soaking wet and sticking lewdly to her pussy lips. I just wanted to penetrate her with my tongue and go as deep as I could reach, but I had to make sure she was okay with this.

I knew we were moving too fast, but my wolf and I wanted her attached via our knot while her pussy massaged it. I looked up at her and was distracted by her nipples sticking out from her dress that were rock hard and begging to be kissed and gently teased. I licked my lips and looked at her eyes for permission, and she nodded her head. I traced my hands up her outer thighs from her knees to her waist while I traced small kisses up her inner left thigh to the edge of her lacey underwear. I gripped her panties, and he lifted her butt off the desk, and I dragged them down her legs. On my way back up, I kissed up her right inner leg up to the center of my existence ever since I had met her. I took each pussy lip into my mouth and gently sucked. Her moans told me she was enjoying what I was doing. Her clitoris was red and hard, like a little beacon begging to be licked and sucked on.

I decided to first lick the trail of her juices dripping down towards her butt and pooling on the desk. I had picked up several things about pleasuring a woman in my lifetime, and I wanted to give her the maximum amount of pleasure. After licking her up, I returned to her clit, which I gently sucked and teased until I left her legs to start to shake; then I increased the tempo to the point where she was pushing my head away because she was oversensitized. I slowed down so she could take a breath, and I decided to enter her with my tongue. I was surprised to find out she was a virgin. This was not something I had expected because these days, there was no more waiting for fated mates to have sex. Immediately, I felt guilty and decided to put a stop to the direction things were going. She deserved to lose her virginity in my large bed in my castle, not on her desk in a rushed session. I got up and gave her another deep kiss and told her I would give her some time to get changed so we could join everyone. I helped her off the desk, and she was blushing so much I felt my heart warm with affection. I picked up her panties, which she tried to reach for, but I winked at her and inhaled them deeply, then placed them in my back pocket.


I blushed furiously when he inhaled my panties without losing eye contact. I could smell myself all over him, and i am sure everyone else would over lunch. I wanted to wash off the evidence though the past half hour had been the best and most confusing for me ever. I tried to close my legs when he knelt between them, but I could not bring myself to. I wanted to connect with him and give myself over to him. My wolf was already on its hind legs with its tail up, ready for him dripping wet. When my orgasm hit me, it was like the large bubble that had been building inside my stomach since I met him finally burst to leave my body in the most euphoric way. I left him in my room to take a quick shower and remembered I needed a change of clothes that were all in the room I had left him in. I could not imagine what he would do to me if he saw me in a tiny white towel. Instead, I went to my Aunt's room and borrowed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I then went and joined him, my Aunt and his betas for lunch. He was sitting next to me, and the heat coming off him was a delicious distraction, but I tried to engage in the conversation about the run tonight that everyone was very excited about. I was very nervous because I had to transform again in front of him. I hoped this time it would be a little bit more graceful than last time.

After lunch, he asked me to come for a short walk with him. He offered me his hand, and we walked into the woods behind our house. We walked silently for a while, till we reached a flat rock I usually sat on while reading and sunbathing. He took a seat and pulled me onto his lap. My heart started racing again, and he leaned in for another kiss.


I already had my plan laid out in my head, but u did not want to present my proposal to her and risk her saying no. I had another coming of age ceremony I had to attend two weeks from now, so I wanted to take her back to my castle as soon as possible so that we could spend as much time as possible and for us to have our mating ceremony. So convincing her to come with me and leave her pack would not be comfortable at such short notice. Usually, moving packs takes a bit of time and paperwork, but I guess these were the perks of my title. Once I had her sitting on my lap in the woods, I told her my plan. I wanted us to leave tomorrow morning because she deserved having her first run with her pack. She seemed hesitant to reply, so I had to explain to her that we needed to plan our mating ceremony, and I had to continue my duties.

My betas and I had started a tradition over 500 years ago where we had a public mating ceremony where we consummated our union in front of the whole pack and invited Alphas. . I did not want to tell her this, though, because I knew this would freak her out. She said that she needed to think about it and also talk to her Aunt. As soon as she said that, I knew it was a done deal because my Beta Trevor was already talking to her Aunt about our travel arrangements and packing her stuff. We watched the sunset together and returned to the rest of the pack for the run. I was looking forward to seeing her wolf again, and my wolf was very excited too.

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