While it may be fantasy some parts of the story are based on real events. I leave it to the reader to separate the fantasy from reality.

"Holy shit", I muttered.
'"Fucking hell!"
I couldn’t believe what was happening in front of me! I stood glued to the spot, afraid to
breathe. I was standing in the lounge of one of my customers. I must have had a dumb and dumber expression on my face. My mouth hung open and my jeans strained at the crotch.

Let me start from the beginning. My name is Jack. I am 1.9 meters tall with darkly tanned skin. I have brown hair which I crop very short to the scalp and have brown eyes. I am 42 years old, single and I am the proud owner of a very busy pizzeria in the heart of the bustling Cape Town waterfront.

The business is an eatery but also does home deliveries. It was 1 am Sunday morning and a month-end weekend. We had been busy as hell and as usual if anything could go wrong, it invariably did. That night, Sam our regular delivery guy, had a motor vehicle breakdown towards the end of his round. Luckily, he was almost finished but for one large seafood. While Sam called the break down to tow in his vehicle, I told him that I would take care of his last drop.

Truth was I was exhausted and welcomed the chance to take in the fresh air. I ordered a fresh seafood from the kitchen staff (the last one for the day) and as soon as it was done, asked Jenny my manager to lock up and took the pleasant drive on my Harley to the customer.

Anni was a regular at the pizzeria and would normally have a friend or two with her when she visited my eatery. She would often call for home deliveries as well. She was well-liked by the waiters as she was always friendly and a good tipper. As owner of the little pizzeria, I take pride in getting to know most of my regular customers. Anni was no exception.

She was about 29 or so year’s old, of average height with sparkling green eyes and dark brown hair that hangs around a cute face. In my business, skinny women made bad customers. Not that Anni was fat but she did have curves in all the right places. She was not big in the breast department either which is always a pleasure for me. Women with smaller breasts would often wear no bra and this I always found very appealing.

Anni was the creative director for an advertising agency based on the waterfront. She was not married and did not seem to have a regular boyfriend, although she did come in once in a while with male friends. Most often, she would be with female friends when visiting the eatery. When she did have male company, it would always be clear that they ate out of her hand. Women who have high career and corporate ambitions often made poor girlfriends or wives. It seemed that Anni fit that profile but in her case, while she was very successful at her work, she did not fall in the trap of flaunting her wealth.

I knocked on Michelle’s door. I could hear music coming from inside.
"Party's still going strong. I wonder if anyone can hear me knocking."
I knocked loader and immediately regretted doing so.
"Shit I'll wake the neighbours."
The last thing I need now is a shouting match with the neighbours. It had been a long day and I needed to get in a shower. I tried the door knob and it turned, opening the door.

Whenever Michelle walked into the pizza shop I always loved looking her over. She had a uncanny resemblance to my school-girl sweetheart Hilary. Hilary had a great body; about 5`5 and slightly plumpish but not fat. She was never a fashion model but filled a bikini in a way that would draw appreciative looks. She had a friendly personality and everyone liked her at school. I had the hots for Hilary. She had, similar to Michelle, a pear shaped face adorned with brown hair that framed her face. Her face broke easily and often into a smile that lit up her green eyes. But the most adorable feature was her nose- slightly high and round. Sadly we parted ways when I moved overseas to continue my studies after high school.

But standing in Michelles living room that fateful Sunday morning, any resemblance between Michelle and Hilary had become inconsequential. Michelle, naked in her pale glory and in the soft glow of two red colored wall lamps, was on her back sunk in the couch, feet firmly planted on the shoulders of a female friend who was eating her pussy her like it was the supper! Her soft moans and the music from the CD all but obliterated everything else in the world. I took me a while but I soon recognized Michelle s friend. Her name was Tania and she would often eat with Michelle at the pizzeria.

Tania was about 4 years older- in the late thirties- than Michelle and had large breasts that she always highlighted in her dress code. She had light brown hair cut short around the neck and had an attractive mature face. Tania certainly knew what buttons to press as she licked and flicked at Michelles pussy lips and clit. This drove Michelle wild. She lifted her ass off the couch to encourage Tania to use her tongue deep in her. Michelle played with her nipples with her thumb and forefinger. Her moans of ecstasy were turning me on and my boner was as hard as nails. Tania slipped two finger in Anni s wet pussy and pumped while she lapped at her puffy pussy lips and swollen clit.

Michelle dropped her feet from Tanias shoulders and dug one onto the top of the couch s backrest and the other on the seat. She grabbed a fistful of Tanias hair with both hands and gently used her mouth as a passion simulator, digging her face in her gorgeous pussy. I could see she was about to cum. Michelle eyes were shut and all she wanted in the world right now was to cum.

"Yes baby, you sooo good." Michelle cried loudly as Tania took her to the point of no return. Michelle lifted her ass further off the couch as she came.
"Yes, baby", she cried as she reached a passionate high.
"Yes, yess, yesss! Fuck, yessssssss!!!" Tania continued to eat Michelle until she came off her high. "Man, she sure knew how to make Michelle cum", I thought as I witnessed this unbelievable display of female sensual lovemaking.

I had seen many lesbian scenes on tape but seeing it in the flesh, up close and personal was the ultimate thrill. I was afraid to move, afraid to breathe, not wanting to interrupt the two women- both incredibly gorgeous and sexy and glistening with sweat, chest heaving as if they had just run a marathon. As the two women collapsed on opposite ends of the couch, they opened their eyes.
That’s` when they saw Jack standing with the pizza.
" Pizza anyone?" was all I could muster not quite knowing what to say.

I guess I should have left the two women to their lovemaking, but the urge to stay was too great. Two beautiful women making out, within centimeters from my touch, was not something that a guy often sees. Unless of course its` rehearsed and on DVD! The real deal is so mind blowing that my body refused to obey any normal sensibilities.
"Jack!" exclaimed Michelle with a wicket smile ". How long have you been standing there?"
She looked ravishing in the after glow of her orgasm and tried in vain to reach for an imaginary piece of clothing- but gave up as there was nothing nearby.

Tania started giggling as she stroked her fingers through her short hair, accentuating her large full breasts.
"You naughty boy, she said." Did you enjoy the show?"
Both women knew me from the Pizza shop. All attempts to cover-up deed and naked bodies were discarded and both women now resigned to show off their beautiful bodies.
"Michelle, we gave Jack a huge boner!" Tania said looking at my hard-on. Both girls giggled as I turned the color of red paint.
"Look, I attempted an explanation, "I tried knocking but I didn’t want to wake the whole neighborhood. Hell, I thought there was some kind of an emergency right here in the house when no-one answered the door. Besides, whats a guy to do when he finds two beautiful women making out?" "Michelle, Jack needs to be punished for being such a naughty boy" "I agree", Michelle said." But lets first eat, I m starved."

Michelle got up and took the pizza from me- still naked. She had a great body. Small delicious tits and a curvy figure that oozed sex appeal. Her pubic hair was trimmed short and still glistened with cum juice.
"Tania, why don’t you be a sweetie and get a bottle of wine from the fridge."
" That’s a great idea" Tania said as she got up.
Tania` s full breasts swayed like two gorgeous pendulums as she walked to the kitchen area. She had a fuller body than Michelle with wide hips and a juicy big ass.
Michelle looked at me with those pretty green eyes.
"You look hot and bothered Jack. Why don’t you take a quick shower while we decide what punishment you deserve?" she said.
I thought I died and gone to heaven.

After my shower I joined the two women in the lounge, a towel wrapped around my waist. The girls giggled some more when they saw the tent in the towel.
"Have some pizza Jack", Michelle said. I was hungry, but not for food.
"Now, now girls, I said mockingly, be gentle. Don’t` punish me for being a man".
"Take off the towel, Tania said, "I have a better idea." She crooked her index finger at me.
"Lie down here" she pointed to the space between the two women. I did as I was told. Hey this is a fantasy come true for me. I was not about to argue about anything right now.

I stretched out on the carpet and Michelle placed the pizza on my chest.
"He makes a perfect coffee table, the naughty boy", Michelle said.
The women fed me some pizza and soon finished theirs. Tania poured some wine in glasses and then slowly poured the rest all over my body- from my mouth to my rock hard cock. The cool wine only made me hotter.
"Let’s have some desert", Michelle said as she took my wine-soaked cock in her mouth.
"Mmmmm, this tastes yummy." Her mouth was soft and moist and made my head ache with pleasure. My cock disappeared and reappeared in Michelle` s mouth as she slowly and sensuously moved up and down my cock. My left hand went looking for her pussy. She was wet and wonderful. My thumb flicked her clit and two fingers entered her. She squealed and I was in heaven.

Tania not the one to be left out of the proceedings, climbed on my face and lowered her pussy for me. "Jack, I need to cum." She said, "This is your punishment for disturbing me when I was having fun." Her pussy was all puffy and wet and I went to work like a dog in heat. I flicked at her clit and swollen lips, she tasted like candy and I was a boy in the candy store. She groaned as I sunk my tongue in her and my nose nibbling at her ass hole.
"Jack!" Tania wailed, "that feels sooo good".
I licked from her pussy to her puckered hole. Then I slowly inserted one finger in her ass. She was wet and it slipped in easily till the first knuckle.
Michelle looked up at Tania. "Come here you little slut". The two girls locked lips, playing with their tongues.

In the meantime I was busy with one finger pumping Tania` s ass and my tongue buried in her pussy. God she tasted good. I could have remained in that position for ever.
"Yes, baby…yes…yes…yesssssss!" Tania started wailing.
Her knees were on the carpet and she was riding my face as she came. Her squirt flooded my mouth. She collapsed on my stomach inches from where Michelle was still sucking me, her body glistening with sweat, body heaving.

Michelle moved around to my head and assumed Tanias position. "It s my turn Jack." She said as she lowered herself on my face. Tania unceremoniously sunk her mouth on my cock. If Tania tasted like candy then Michelle was like honey. I grabbed her ass with both hands and sucked and licked her pussy and clit till she screamed in ecstasy. I kneaded her ass and slowly toyed with her ass hole and pussy and the soft insides of her legs, licking, flicking, sucking, and blowing…
"Jack….Jack….Jack…." Michelle wailed.
"Yes baby… eat me…eat me…" make… me… cum…."
Before long Michelle screamed " yesss, fuck yesssssss!"

While Michelle nearly drowned me with cum, Tania was making my cock swell. Her warm moist mouth was like nothing I had ever experienced on my cock. I ran my fingers through her hair as I shot my load down her throat. Michelle collapsed on the carpet next to me, breathing heavily-those cute tits rising and falling.
"Jack, you taste real good, almost as good as your pizza". Tania said. The two women laughed. I was definitely in a place that should be called heaven.
"God, I haven’t` ever cum like this before" Michelle said and kissed me, tasting her cum on my mouth.
"You girls taste better than any pizza I have ever made." That was the truth. I looked at the two women and smiled with satisfaction- covered in girl cum, pizza and wine. I wondered if I was dreaming and if someone would soon cruelly wake me up.
"I am glad I made this delivery" I thought.
I got up from the carpet and went to the fridge to look for more wine. I looked back to the two women still spread out naked on the carpet.
"Anyone for more wine?" I said.
"That will be great", Michelle said leaning on her elbow, now completely comfortable in her nakedness.

Later, the three of us sat naked cross-legged in a circle. I passed the wine glasses around and I lit a cigarette, inhaled and passed it around. The two women squealed with laughter as they recalled the look on my face when I walked in on them.
"God, she` s incredible", I thought as I looked at Michelle. She had an incredible smile. I pulled her to me and kissed her. Her lips were soft. Her mouth was warm and delicious. Time and space evaporated. I reveled in her softness. I nibbled on her ears, her neck. Then I moved to her small cute breasts. I licked on them and she moaned. I softly bit on her nipples as I lay on top of her. I supported myself on my elbows and Michelle stretched out beneath me. Her hands felt incredibly soft on my back. She was so soft, I was afraid I was going to hurt her with my hard baker hands.

"Get inside me" Michelle whispered in my ear, pulling my head up with both her hands.
" Fuck me"
I took my cock in my hand and rubbed her pussy lips for a while. Then holding my cock firmly, I flicked her clit. Anni whimpered and lifted her ass for me to plunge my cock in her. I teased her instead and flicked her clit harder….then faster…and faster.
"Mmmm" Michelle moaned, ‘Yes baby… that …feels… good….!"
I flicked my cock faster and harder.
"Oh Godddd, I going to cum…yes….yes….yes…. fuck yessssssssssss!"
Michelle dug her nails into my back. It hurt but it felt good, very good. As I took my cock from her clit, she squirted a jet of pussy juice that coated my cock and spattered from my stomach to her breasts.
Then I plunged inside her. She was wet and warm and I slipped in easily.
"Yes baby, fuck me, fuck me." I alternated with slow strokes then with rapid strokes. God, she felt good. Michelle came again. I was sweating, my perspiration dripping on her belly.

I lifted Michelle off the carpet and laid her on the coach. This way I could fuck her on my knees and at the same time feast my eyes on her. I held Michelle` s ankles, as I continued to fuck her. I brought her legs together. This made my cock fit her pussy like a glove. While I was fucking her, I took her big toe in my mouth and sucked- simulating a blow job. She tasted good. I messaged her feet and soles and she giggled with pleasure, her tits moving up and down her chest as my cock moved in her pussy. The wine me last long. I wasn’t done yet.
"Turn around baby", I said.
Michelle turned as I maneuvered her on her hands and knees on the carpet. The plush carpet was getting soaked in patches with girl juice. I looked around for Tania. She was lying on her back with her feet on the carpet fingering her pussy, looking at Michelle and me, eyes glazed with a sensual high.

I took Tanias hand and maneuvered her in front of Michelle. Tania lay on her back and lifted her pussy for Michelle. I took my cock and slowly eased into Michelle s ass.
"No Jack", Michelle whimpered.
Tania held Michelles head to her pussy. "Eat me honey, eat me!" Soon Michelle s resistance melted and her ass relaxed. I moved in slowly, first just with my head, then all of me. I savored the fullness of her ass and just kept my cock inside her for a while. As her ass adjusted to my size, I stroked her slowly…..gently…in …out.
"Oh God. Yes… yes………Yes!" Michelle squealed as she came up for breath from Tanias pussy, her body trembling with ecstasy. Then she came again. "Yesssssss…………. " And again, "Yessssssssss…….." I was getting ready to blow my load. I felt an incredible adrenalin rush as I offloaded in Michelle s ass.

I dropped next to the two women. Tania was fingering herself to a climax. Michelle had no energy to get her off and collapsed next to her. Michelle and I watched as Tania` s fingers made like a guitar player. Soon she was wailing at the top her lungs.
"Eat.. my… cum… Jaaaaack!
I obliged. I stretched over to Tania and gripped her plump ass in both my hands, the flesh immediately turning red. I lapped at her pussy and then waited for the squirt, holding my mouth over her juicy pussy. The squirt was vicious as it hit my mouth, my face, my hair. As she came down from her high, I ate her delicious pussy and clit.

"Dammit, that was awesome!" Tania declared with a wicket grin. "Come here pizza man".
Still dazed with her multiple organisms and breathing heavy, she crooked her index finger at me.
"I want that cock in me."
I was soft and a little sore but hell, this might never happen again. I got up and stood over Tania. She leaned back and recovered a half empty wine tumbler from the carpet.
"Let’s get you cleaned up". Tania poured the wine over my cock and stroked me, cleaning Michelle` s ass off my cock.
"There, that’s better". Tania got on her knees and took me in her mouth. It felt incredible. In no time I was as hard as nails. I watched her eat my cock. It felt good, very good. I stroked her face and slipped my fingers through her hair.

Then Tania turned around and got on her hands and knees. She looked back at me and said,
" Fuck me. And don’t be gentle".
While Michelle looked on I saddled up. I took my cock in my hand and guided it to Tanias pussy. It went in easily. She was wet and hot. I held firmly onto Tania s shoulder and started pumping. My balls and pelvic slammed mercilessly and loudly against Tania` s ass as I pistoned her pussy. Harder and harder. Faster and faster.
"Yes baby….Yes… Yes…..Oh… my… God……. Yessssssss."
Tania squirted pussy juice all over my cock and on the plush carpet. I was relentless and slammed the wind out of her, her body rocking forward and backwards, her heavy tits swaying as I pulled on her shoulder.
Again she came," yes…yes…..baby …yessssssssss….!"

I was overcome with a wild desire to inflict pain. Perspiration was pouring off me. My lungs ached as I searched for air. Without warning I pulled out of her pussy and slammed in her ass.
I was far gone for any niceties now. I wanted to feel my cock shrink wrapped in her ass.
"Noooooo…..!" Tania screamed.
My cock was well lubricated and it throbbed inside her. Tania wailed and struggled to untangle me. I held her in a vice-like grip. My hands wound around her hair, pulling back, my hips pushed forward and my legs wrapped like a vice around her legs. Tania was trapped, her virgin ass impaled- for the first time- by a 81/2" cock.

Then her flash of pain dissolved into a raging fire. She heaved, out of breath, tits swinging like beautiful pendulums. Slowly she worked her ass in a circular motion on my cock. Then she moved backwards onto my cock and started to fuck me back.
"Thats it baby," I smiled, she felt incredibly tight. I picked up the pace and slammed in and out of her. "Oh……Oh……..Oh…..shit…I’m cummingggggggg!" Tania screamed. Michelle slid under Tania and raised her mouth to Tania s pussy. She wrapped her arms around Tanias waist and sucked on Tania s clit. Michelle held on for dear life as we all swayed for a few moments in perfect motion. Me in Tanias ass and Michelle stuck on Tania s clit.
"Yessssssssssss!!!! Tania wailed as she came.
It was as if someone opened the tap. I felt my cock swelling, my head spinning. I could not hold out any longer. I planted my seed deep in her ass as I held my cock inside her, gripping her hair with one hand and her shoulder with the other.
Michelle, Tania and I collapsed in a heap, gasping for breath. It felt like I was suspended off the floor in an incredible weightless environment. Strobes of purple, pink and pastel colors filling my mind. It was an incredible high.

Much later I felt someone’s soft lips on mine. Without opening my tired eyes, I sucked on the tongue. I couldn’t tell if it tasted like candy or honey.

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