The ringing of my phone awoke me at 1030am Monday morning. I wiped my eyes and grabbed my phone to see who it was. My lord...look who rose from the grave. It was my ex-boyfriend Matt. I had not heard from him since I moved down here nearly four months ago. I decided to answer the call.

He and two of his friends, Tim and Eric, had taken a week off of work and had scheduled numerous rounds of golf which made their way north up through Florida. They had just played in Fort Lauderdale and were stopping in West Palm today and playing a round of golf tomorrow. I had known Tim and Eric as long as I had known Matt. I had met them at a Frat Party during my second and last year of college. I had ended up sleeping with Matt and we ended up dating for four years.

Matt said they were almost to West Palm and he wanted to stop by and catch up with me. I told him I was open to that and gave him my address. He let me know he could be there in an hour.

I didn't bother changing out of the shorts and tee shirt I wore to bed. I had known Matt so long that I was comfortable around him. I had messy bed head from a long sleep and had no plans to comb it for him. Days of trying to impress him had ended long before our break up.

I answered his knock on the door and let him in. He had seen better days in my opinion. His hair was balding to the point I would have suggested he shave it if I cared. He was only 26 years old but his white face looked pale and much older - likely due to a steady dose of bourbon and cigarettes. As I stood on my tippy toes and gave him a hello peck, I could smell both on his breath and skin.

We sat down on the sofa and talked about our families, college, old friends, and my new life down here. He asked where my roommate was as well. They had been acquaintances in college. I told Matt that her boyfriend proposed to her during their vacation to the Bahamas and they were up in Virginia breaking the news to her family.

"Have you had sex yet down here?" Matt asked. Matt was one of those men who thought women should only have sex while in love and in relationships, despite the fact that he fucked me before we were even in one.

"No," I lied, not wanting to discuss what would inevitably lead to an argument. Truth be told, I had fucked five men in my short time down here and had just swallowed a load of cum from one of them less than twelve hours ago.

"You must be horny then," Matt said in a way that was supposed to sound seductive but came across creepy.

He kissed me with a kiss I found comfortable and familiar but without any spark. His tongue tasted like a bar. He took my shirt off and I took my pants off. I had had sex with him over 100 times, what's one more. He undressed himself as well. Much to my chagrin he wasn't hard yet. He sat down on the sofa and I knelt on the floor before him - a dance we had danced many times. His dick was small when soft - about 1.5 inches and mostly head. I took it in my mouth and tongued it and it quickly came to life, hardening at its maximum length of 5 inches. I was familiar with the curve, the smell, the taste and I sucked him as I had for all those years.

He pushed my mouth off him and continued pushing me until my back was laying flat against the carpet. He laid on top of me and clumsily shoved his dick in my not-quite-ready-yet pussy. It was awkward and hurt a little bit but he was already pumping. After approximately 20 thrusts, he stopped, his full body weight on top of me and his cum already seeping out of my vagina.

"Just like old times," he smiled.

"Yes," I thought in my head, "just like old times."

I had made plans to meet Matt, Eric, and Tim downtown for some drinks and a fun night out. Matt had stopped over briefly earlier in the day, staying long enough to fuck me once more for old times sake. Courtney did not have to work and was at my house once again getting ready for the night.

"So let me get this right," Courtney quipped. "You fucked Jimmy Saturday night, sucked him Sunday night, and then fucked your ex-boyfriend today?!?"

"Yes," I said sheepishly aware of how slutty it was, yet glad she hadn't brought up TJ...or Kevin...or Bill...or Shane.

'You go girl!" Courtney said with a smile and a high five.

I loved this girl.

We did our make up and ensured each of us looked cute in our outfits. Courtney was wearing jeans and a purple top that showed plenty of cleavage - unsurprisingly. I had on jeans and a burgundy top which showed off my cleavage as well. Our tits were on display tonight!

We arranged to meet them at the Tiki Bar but when we arrived, Matt was missing.

"He got hammered and passed out at the hotel," Eric said. This was unsurprising and a large reason Matt and I broke up in the first place. He could not hold his liquor.

"So then we'll only need four of these five shots?" Courtney asked, doing two of them and handing out the other three.

"I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!" Eric said as he put his arm around Court.

I enjoyed catching up with Eric and Tim. They had always been nice to me and I loved them for that. Eric was boisterous, with reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. His 5'9" body slightly over weight. Tim was a specimen. He was 6'1", around 200lbs and it was nearly ALL muscle. I may or may not have thought of him during a masturbatory session or two in the past.

We grew tired of the bar so I invited Eric and Tim back for drinks at my apartment. I went into my kitchen and mixed two Red Bull vodka's for me and Court and two bourbon and cokes for the boys. However, when I delivered them to the living room I noticed two people were missing.

Courtney and Tim had snuck off to my roommates bedroom and as I checked the door, I found it already locked. I could hear rustling inside, curious what activities they were currently participating in. The bitch had swiped my crush!

I walked back to the couch, pounded half of my drink and grabbed Eric's hand. If those two were gonna have fun, so were we.

I pushed him onto my bed, ripped off my shirt and undid my bra. He had sat up at the sight of me topless and I reached down and pulled his shirt over his head. His chest was thick - not fat but not muscular. My 36C tits were level with his face and I pushed his face into my cleavage. He licked my cleavage while erotically cupping and feeling my tits. My left nipple was feeling slightly jealous of the attention my right one was getting. He seemed to have a fascination with my right tit as he suckled on it for the whole five minutes he spent in my bosom.

I pushed him back on the bed and he was already removing his pants in anticipation. He was already hard, a nice six inches of man meat with huge balls and an equally big sack. I laid myself between his legs and licked up his six inch shaft. It had some extra skin on the bottom of the shaft and when I licked that he gasped. I licked that spot four more times prior to taking all of him in my mouth. This would make three dicks in my mouth in a span of 24 hours I thought to myself before diverting my attention back to giving a proper blow job.

I sucked him and suck him good. His dick was really hard and I loved that. I stood up and took off my jeans and panties. I climbed onto the bed but instead of climbing on his dick, I positioned myself over his face. I looked down and saw his tongue caressing my large labia. I reached down and rubbed my clitoris while he did so. It didn't take me long to cum and there was now a noticeable amount of glaze on his face. I grabbed my headboard and rode his face aggressively. His tongue was long and doing a phenomenal job. I came once more before letting go of the head board.

I positioned myself above Eric's dick. My back and ass faced him as I lowered my soaking wet and extremely eager pussy onto his dick. It was reverse cowgirl time. I rode his dick good, using my muscles to expertly bounce my ass up and down on his stationary cock. I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks, giving him a personal look at my asshole as my pussy took care of business.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. The shared bathroom door was cracked open just a tad. All I could see was Courtney's face scrunched up in pleasure and her chest bouncing back and forth like it would when getting fucked from behind. I jealously knew she was. The eroticness of it all made me ride Eric's dick faster and harder.

"Let me know when you are going to cum" I moaned to Eric.

Thrity seconds later he gave me the heads up. I quickly pulled my vagina off his dick and replaced it with my mouth. Just in time as well, as he filled my mouth with spurts of cum just one second later. I swallowed each spurt until I was sure he was empty. I looked back toward the bathroom door and found it still cracked but no one was in there any longer.

"I've been imaging that since I first met you," huffed Eric, clearly overwhelmed.

"Me too," I lied.

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