"Anyone else particularly interested?" Vicky asked.

"Is there someone you have in mind?" Vincent asked.

Vicky's brain, emotions, and libido all sent urgent and conflicting memos regarding how to answer that question.

"Just wondering if there's someone I should watch out for," Vicky said, trying to keep a teasing tone out of her voice.

There was a long pause before Vincent said, "Based on our previous conversations, we both think there is."

That gave Vicky a little jolt of surprise. She'd begun their relationship (whatever it was) with the premise that she found him dangerous. Despite what he said, this was the first time Vicky had heard Vincent admit he agreed with her.

"So," Vicky said after her own long pause, "what do you think I should do about that?" Vicky asked.

"I don't think you need to do anything," Vincent said, "They aren't the type to follow the crowd's whims about who to pursue."

Vicky immediately thought of a dozen hidden meanings that could be read into that reply.

"And if I want to get involved myself?" Vicky asked.

"That would probably involve a lot of work, not to mention the risk we discussed before."

Vikcy shrugged, not that Vincent could see it. "I'm a goalie," she said, "I'm used to playing with a bit of risk."

Cyn strut into the apartment she shared with Syl and Robin and found both of her roommates kneeling in the middle of the room, each wearing the diamond-studded metal choker and simple LBDs, each tailored to their own body type but basically identical, and looking at her expectantly. Cyn ignored them, dropping her clutch on an end table, walking past without a word, and heading to her room. She grabbed her toybox and got a collection of key items from it, several of which she'd recently acquired with help from her friend Linda from the Palazzo.

She came back into the living room wearing a PVC halter that basically hid nothing about her chest, particularly not her nipples, and a matching miniskirt. Traditionally she should also have stiletto heels on but she went barefoot. The heels only really helped for intimidation or pain. She wasn't into explicitly using pain with either girl, and the height thing was a moot point; she was already tall enough to loom over Syl, but Robin was half again taller; even six inch heels would only put her at eye level with her girlfriend.

But that only mattered if she was allowed to stand up.

"Listen, both of you. You agreed to this, made me a promise. You were fully aware you were going against my wishes, denying me the benefits of being your mistress, and on occasion flaunting it in front of me. So now you're making it up to me. I'm going to push your boundaries tonight, because I'm pissed," Cyn said, focusing her glare on Robin in particular, "So prepare yourself."

In the back of her mind, Cyn hoped she got through to Robin that she needed to keep her safe word in mind. She didn't plan on anything horrific, she didn't think, but the two of them also hadn't pushed her this far before, nor had they agreed to work it out in this context.

Shoving down her own doubts in favor of the personality traits she drew on for her Mistress performances, she reached into her clutch and pulled out twenty-five chips, all colored green, some with gold edging on them. She set them down on a shelf well above the eye level of the two kneeling girls.

"I think you both recognize these?" she prompted. After they nodded in reply, she continued, "Think hard about who I might be interested in having a set of green chips for."

In a disbelieving voice, Robin said, "Those are St-"

"Quiet, Robin!" Cyn snapped, interrupting her, "You do not speak. I'd gag you, but that would put you at a disadvantage for now. This will be a competition. I will set out tasks for you. If you fail, there will be an immediate punishment, and it's likely it will be harder for you to succeed on the next task. I know both of you are used to simply submitting to what's being done to you, but if I sense at any point that you aren't trying there will be consequences."

Cyn glared intently at both girls and saw both acceptance and a bit of fear in each, and that gave her a little forbidden thrill.

"First order of business," Cyn said, "Is to get these in position. First one to set it up and present herself wins."

Cyn reached into her bag and rummaged for a second, then handed both women butt plugs. They each grabbed them fast and changed positions. Robin dropped to her side and pulled up her dress and her knees, getting in the "doctor's exam" position before reaching around with the plug. Syl, on the other hand, was using the extreme flexibility she enjoyed. She pulled her dress up and her legs back, shamelessly displaying herself to Cyn while she pushed her shins behind her shoulders and did a crunch, giving her access to her own ass from the front. Very soon both women were struggling to penetrate their own backdoors with the plugs, and frustrated, hesitant grunts sounded in the room.

Cyn allowed herself a small smirk. Neither woman was an anal virgin in any sense; they'd both had real and artificial cocks up their rectums many times, though saying they did it regularly would be a bit of an exaggeration. These plugs weren't even particularly large, being only two and a half inches at the widest point. However, Cyn had coated them with dry corn starch. In addition to having dry assholes, most of the initial moisture that might have built up would be dried out by the powder. Both women had far more trouble than they expected and pulled out the plugs to examine them giving Cyn another sadistic thrill as each realized what the source of the problem was.

Robin's hands dropped to her crotch with the plug as she apparently tried to generate some natural lubricant for it. Meanwhile, Syl seemed frozen for a moment and then she stuck the plug in her mouth, sucking or licking it briefly before pulling it out and seeming to gag, clearly trying to get more spit in her mouth. Each girl worked the plug in and around their chosen orifice for a while, but Syl returned to the task first, finally coating the plug in what she thought was enough saliva and moving it to her rosebud. With a wince and a sensual groan, she pushed and Cyn watched her asshole spread over the clear cone of the plug, the pink deepening at the strain as her ring passed over the thickest part and almost sucked the plug into her ass where the flared end settled, covering the penetration.

Cyn stepped forward and grabbed Robin's wrist, pulling it up and taking the plug back, then pushed Robin toward the oversized ottoman-style piece of furniture. "Bend over that Robin; you've lost the first challenge. Pet! Use your tongue to prepare Robin's asshole.

Syl was panting a bit but she moved over as soon as Robin was bent forward on the ottoman and stuck her face between Robin's round cheeks. Robin's breathing soon included moans as Syl went to work. Meanwhile, Cyn dipped back into her bag and grabbed two items. She brought them around to where Robin's head rested on the ottoman and lifted her girlfriend's chin up to look.

"Good news Robin. I'm going to use lube on you. The bad news is I'm going to use it on this."

After Cyn set the lube down, she brought another butt plug around. This one was made of clear red plastic and was easily twice as big as the one she'd given Robin before.

"Now put the lube on the toy and thank me for being nice."

Robin quickly opened the bottle and began putting a copious squirt on, saying, "Thank you for using lube mistress."

After Robin spread lube on the toy, Cyn grabbed it. "Pet! Hold Robin's arms, then kiss her. Don't stop until I tell you."

Syl scurried forward and pulled Robin's arms up straight, then leaned forward and captured Robin's mouth, plunging the tongue that had just been delving into Robin's ass straight into her mouth. Cyn saw Robin's body flinch as she realized what Syl had just been doing, but Cyn barely let her adjust to that before she lined the plug up against Robin's rosebud. She pushed lightly with the tip, barely spreading the crinkled hole with the toy but getting a moan from Robin nonetheless, one which increased when Cyn dipped a finger down and into the girl's pussy, finding a copious amount of moisture there.

"Now be sure to hold her head to yours Syl," Cyn said, and then she shoved the plug forward with one violent thrust.

The gobs of lube on the smooth, rigid plug meant it slid in without stopping, but Robin nearly jumped over the ottoman and ended up in Syl's arms as she screamed into the smaller girl's mouth. Her hands tried to go for her ass but Syl grabbed and held them as she continued kissing Robin, now giving sympathetic pecks. She whispered something to Robin too and Cyn saw Robin nod even as she noticed the tears in her eyes. Cyn stopped and waited, expecting Robin to call out the safe word.

Robin looked up with watery eyes and said, "Th...Thank you again for the lube, mistress."

Cyn nodded once, then stood and barked, "Next challenge! Sixty nine and using only your mouths, give the other girl an orgasm. Syl, you're on top. First to cum loses."

The positioning was a slight disadvantage because of Robin's loss. Theoretically the woman on top could pull her knees closer together and make the woman on bottom basically hold a crunch in order to lick, while the woman on bottom had no recourse without closing her legs, which would be against the rules.

Both women got into position on the oversize ottoman quickly and started sucking and licking their opposite number as if their lives depended on it. The room was already starting to smell of girl sex and that aroma only increased as both of them took to their tasks with gusto. After a minute or so Cyn began walking around, watching Syl's head twitching back and forth as she licked the entire length of Robin's pussy, then treating herself to the sight of Robin's raven locks undulating as she pushed her head up and back against Syl's slit. Then Cyn upped the ante; when she came to one side of the women, she would spend a few seconds tugging and twisting the plug lodged inside the woman's rectum, usually spurring whichever girl could see that to briefly sprint with her oral efforts, hoping the extra stimulation would give them the win.

Cyn wasn't sure if she subconsciously pulled a bit harder or if it was a natural reaction on Syl's part, but when she tugged on Syl's plug on one of her laps, the ridge popped through the ring and Syl shrieked into Robin's crotch as the sudden expansion and relief of pressure on her ass, combined with Robin's lips and tongue, sent her over the edge. Cyn quickly reached down and supported Robin's head, encouraging her to keep licking as Cyn pushed the plug back through the small girl's anal ring. She wasn't sure, but she thought Syl had another orgasm during the process.

"Congratulations Robin. Pet! Get off Robin and do whatever you can to get her off in the next minute. But don't pull the plug out!"

Cyn knew Robin's preference wasn't necessarily for women; she was with Cyn more out of a personality match than sexual desire. Despite that, Robin seemed to be getting caught up in the sexual excitement of the situation; When Cyn turned around after retrieving her next item, Robin had grabbed Syl's head and was practically grinding into the smaller girl's face. She'd also pulled the top of her dress down to expose her breasts, and she was fondling one as she moaned her orgasm to the ceiling.

Both girls sat back panting after their exertion and Cyn felt a bit jealous at the orgasms each had already experienced. Fortunately that imbalance was about to change.

She dropped a couble-ended dildo on the ottoman. She pulled Robin to her feet and pulled her body against hers, then said, "Pet! Get Robin set up with that toy inside her."

Cyn then kissed Robin, fully on the mouth, immediately using her tongue to push past the girl's lips and taste her. The familiar feel and taste of Robin's mouth was combined with a hint of Syl's pussy and Cyn plundered it from the woman's mouth as if it were lifegiving nectar. It took Robin a moment but she started responding enthusiastically, getting her tongue in the mix and pressing herself fully against Cyn's body, their breasts settling against each other and the hard pebbles of their nipples rubbing together exquisitely. Robin tried to slide a thigh between Cyn's legs, but Cyn stopped her. As she moved and started kissing and licking along Robin's jaw, she felt the girl tense and moan. Glancing down, she saw the top of Syl's head and guessed the smaller girl was working the dildo up into Robin's cunt. She saw Syl sit back and pulled herself away from her lover to go sit on the sofa after pushing the ottoman so it was flush with the seat.

"I will sit here. Robin, you will get behind Syl and you will fuck each other like that. At the same time, Syl will eat me out. First one of you to cum loses."

Cyn let out a long moan of her own when Syl's tongue made contact with her pussy. It wasn't going to take Syl long to finish her off; while she could have, she made no effort to get herself off while her two playmates drove each other to orgasms.

However, Syl pulled back after a second, only to have Cyn's hand snake out and grab her hair, forcing her back between her thighs.

"That's right, Pet. Mistress had Ammad give her a present before she left the spa, and she didn't bother to clean up. Now keep licking or you'll forfeit this round!"

"Yes, Mistress," Syl gasped out as Robin finally lined up and penetrated the girl's pussy from behind with the dildo.

Syl's position wasn't great, but in the context of the game they played it might work in her favor; while she was being forced to eat the cum out of Cyn's pussy, depending on her mindset it might distract from her own pleasure. Meanwhile, Robin was watching her girlfriend in a skintight and revealing outfit while a dildo plunged into her and she had nothing to distract her.

Despite whatever hesitation Syl had, if there was any beyond the initial shock at tasting cum in her Mistress's snatch, she was enthusiastic and skilled at her job, quickly bringing Cyn to her first orgasm. Cyn pulled her off to recover a bit, looking her pet in the eye as Robin slammed into her from behind. With the plug in both of them, the dildo had to feel like it was rubbing right up against their G-spots, particularly in Robin's case, and both girls were moaning and gasping, the sound of flesh slamming into flesh getting louder as Syl was able to shift a bit of her attention to the fucking. After a short break, Cyn pulled the girl's head back down into her snatch and joined the moaning as Syl's tongue resumed its attack on her sex.

"No, oh God no...come on," Robin moaned out.

"Yes Robin, fuck her," Cyn said, "fuck her with that dildo and cum on it for Mistress."

"Mistreeessssss!" Robin bellowed as she shuddered and twitched, an orgasm clearly coursing through her body. Cyn reacted almost immediately by pushing Syl away from her crotch and sliding forward onto the floor next to the women. She reached back and used Robin's plug to keep Robin pumping into Syl even as she came on the dildo, while she snaked her other arm between the thin blonde's legs and started flicking her clit, the small button completely drenched with juices from her own pussy and Robin's tongue bath earlier. Syl fell forward on the ottoman and simply accepted the assault on her sex, crying out with need as they stimulated her to another orgasm where her knees gave out and she ended up sprawled on the ottoman. Cyn pulled the dildo out of both women, Robin shuddering at its absence. Cyn then stood and forced Robin to her knees, lifting her chin so Robin looked up at her. She squeezed Robin's cheeks and Robin's mouth opened, after which Cyn fed her one end of the sopping dildo. Robin's eyes widened and remained fixed on Cyn's as she pushed the dildo deeper down the girl's throat. Cyn knew the whole length of the dildo was about sixteen inches, so eight per side, and Robin got about seven of one end down before tapping furiously on Cyn's thigh. Cyn withdrew the dildo and let Robin breathe, never letting go of the girl's head. Then she turned the dildo around and fed her the other end. Robin's eyes squeezed shut as the flexible fake cock pushed past her lips and progressed to her throat, now also coating her tongue with her own pussy juice. Robin took a little more down her throat this time and Cyn also left the dildo still in her throat for a beat before pulling it out. She let Robin's mouth go and Robin dropped forward on her hands, breathing heavily.

"Syl has two wins so far, and Robin has one," Cyn announced, "but this next task is worth double. It's anyone's game." Cyn reached into her bag and pulled out two objects that made Syl and Robin's eyes widen in fear.

Cyn held two more dildos in her hand. These were one-way, but their proportions were extreme; each one was ten inches long and over three inches wide. They were also made of a realistic-feeling plastic/rubber/silicone something material, so they behaved a little more like a real cock than cheaper, simpler dildoes.

"Simple rules ladies, just like the first time. First one to take this balls deep in their pussy wins. I have a bottle of lube. If you can get me off, you can use it, but the other girl won't be waiting around."

Cyn sat herself down on another part of the couch and tossed the dildoes to the two women. Despite having cum most recently and seeming more exhausted, Syl leapt into action immediately and nearly dove into Cyn, latching her mouth onto Cyn's sex and making Cyn wonder if it was possible to get a hicky on her pussy. Robin looked defeated for a moment, but quickly took the enormous cock and began fellating it, trying to apply some sort of lube to the plastic.

Cyn pushed Syl away, making the girl look up in panic, but Cyn simply spun around and presented herself in reverse. "Just like our first time," she said quietly, "But your mouth goes on the other hole. Your fingers go in my pussy."

Syl barely hesitated before planting her hands on Cyn's ample cheeks and starting to lick her second ass of the day. Cyn moaned as Syl's tongue began sodomizing her, clenching and twitching as the limber muscle explored and stimulated the various nerves making up her ring. Once her tongue was engaged, Syl's slender fingers made their way to Cyn's pussy, alternately slipping into her wet hole and rubbing her button vigorously, trying to use every trick she'd learned over a year of pleasuring her Mistress to make her cum as fast as possible.

Cyn looked back over her shoulder as her Pet started her quickly on the road to orgasm. Robin had used the time to her advantage; she was already laying on her side, one leg sticking almost straight in the air, gripping the large shaft and trying to work it into her sex with jerking and twisting motions most guys would not put up with if she tried them on their cocks. Despite the seemingly desperate nature of the moves, she managed to get a good portion of the head into her. It was just a matter of whether she'd be able to work the rest in before Syl got the advantage of lubricant for her organ.

And that advantage was coming soon, along with Cyn. Watching her lover try to fuck herself with the oversized tool worked her up and Syl had taken advantage of the position and a free hand to start massaging one of Cyn's breasts in tandem with the stimulation of everything below her waist. Her tongue was essentially running circles around her anal ring and then Syl used her other hand to pinch her clit through her vaginal wall. The move gave Cyn a new appreciation for why it was sometimes called a "button" as the pressure was enough to send her over the edge, twitching and moaning as the orgasm coursed through her. As she curled up into the fetal position, she handed the bottle of lube to her Pet, who nearly tore the cap off to get the liquid flowing onto the massive fake cock. Her haste was understandable; Robin by that point had worked the head of her dildo into her snatch and was thrusting with it, pushing the tool slightly deeper each time. In another minute or so, she'd probably have the whole thing buried inside her. That was one key thing about it; she didn't have to fuck the whole length, she merely had to get it in once.

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