Office Furniture Installation Companies

While it's essential to use a company with a proven track record and a high level of expertise, office furniture installation can also be a tricky process. Inexperienced installers can cause problems and cost overruns, not to mention the frustration of a poorly installed space. Luckily, there are ways to avoid these problems, and a good installer will be able to provide references. Here are some tips to look for in an office furniture installation company.

Make sure to ask about their guarantee and insurance. Some companies will cover the cost of delivery and installation. Others will charge by the hour. Find out how long the job will take, and compare the costs to other vendors. Be sure to ask about any extras that may be offered. You should also find out the warranties offered on all your new furniture. If it's possible, hire an office furniture installations company with a good track record, with offices in major U.S. cities.

Most office furniture installation companies charge by the hour, but some charge a flat fee. If the company charges per hour, it's best to get an estimate from multiple vendors before signing any contract. You should also check out their extras. Are they willing to deliver a mattress or desk, or install other pieces of equipment? And be sure to ask about the company's warranty, since you'll need it for claiming damage or missing pieces of furniture.

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