Finally the moment that everyone was waiting for came. My wedding day.

As I said in previous chapters, after proposing to Michelle, we spent a few months getting engaged and busy with all the wedding preparations. Anyone who wants to stay on top of the whole story can read my previous stories, especially the day I proposed to her and Michelle's bachelor party.

Of course, during this period we continue to make our escapes. But, whenever this subject came up, I would tell her that my only requirement was that I wanted the wedding night to be ours. He wanted to be the first to eat her after they were married, which she always answered the same thing:

  • Of course my love! Our first married night has to be special. I'll be all yours.

Michelle chose a couple of friends as best man for the wedding. And I chose Eduardo and Silvia as my godparents. Although they were not a couple, they were my best friends, so I thought it was fair to choose them. I also knew that I was practically setting a trap against myself, since Eduardo had already eaten Michelle, and I knew he was crazy to eat her again. And Silvia had already participated in messages with us and also participated in Michelle's bachelor party.

The wedding was a very large buffet that, in addition to the ballroom, had separate rooms for the groom and bride to prepare. These rooms were on opposite sides, so that the bride and groom were unable to have contact with each other before the wedding.

The wedding was wonderful, the ceremony was very beautiful. Michelle was beautiful, her red hair contrasting with the white dress with the full skirt and the apparent lap. A white vein covered her face, until she reached the altar. The party was also very cool and lively. We were partying and dancing until about one in the morning, and from there we went to the hotel where we would do our wedding night.

Arriving at the hotel, I started to undress and kiss Michelle, but soon she turns and says:

  • Wait a minute, I prepared something special for you.

I lay down on the bed and waited for her to come back. I opened my shirt and took off my belt to relax and make things easier. When she comes back, I already have a hard-on just seeing her. She was basically wearing a more dirty version of the wedding dress. All in white, a white veil covering the face and a very tight lingerie bodice. Instead of the big round skirt of the dress, she had a skirt similar to the ballet ones, but very short, showing her panties and the flesh of her ass. In addition to a corset and high heels.

  • Gosh, this is the sexiest outfit I've ever seen you wearing.
  • Glad you liked it, why are you going to eat me like this today ..,

In saying that, she just released a button on the side of her panties, which made her open and fall between her legs. Revealing her shaved pussy.

That made me crazy, I immediately got up and went to kiss her. She bent down, with the skill of a porn actress, squatting and with her legs spread wide. She pulled my pants down and started sucking on my dick slowly.

My cock was already hard as a rock, I lifted Michelle up and turned her with one movement and took her to a sideboard on one of the walls of the room. I lifted one of her legs and left it resting on the sideboard, and put my dick in her pussy at once. That's when I got a nice surprise.

With the pressure of the lunge a jet of cum that was inside his pussy was squirted out, melting all over my dick and oozing to the floor.

  • What is that, my love? - I spoke with that mixture of anger and lust - You said you wouldn't give it to anyone on our wedding day.
  • Oh, love, I couldn't resist. - She said, laughing. - Besides, I said I wouldn't give it to anyone AFTER our wedding.

Of course I continued with a huge lust and while I was getting into that delicious pussy, all lubricated with cum, she was telling me what happened:


I was practically all afternoon surrounded by the family, even while getting dressed and putting on the dress, but about an hour before the ceremony started, everyone left to finish the preparations and I was alone in the bride's room. I took the opportunity to relax, because I was very nervous and retouched my makeup.

Then suddenly, I hear a knock on the door. It was Eduardo, his godfather. He came with a little chat that he came to see if I was in need of anything, asked if I was nervous, but I knew he was there with ulterior motives:

  • Actually, I came here, because, you know, right ... - He started a little awkwardly, it didn't even look like he was almost six feet tall. - You will get married and our games will end.

I just smiled and decided to see how far he would go.

  • I wanted to know if you don't feel like a nightclub. People are busy down there, no one will come here now.

I laughed and tried to make myself difficult.

  • It's that today is my wedding day, you know how it is ... Besides, the ceremony will start shortly.
  • I know, but I've been thinking about it for a while. Look at my situation here.

I said that by taking his dick out. When I saw it, I was even surprised. I knew his cock was big and thick, but it looked even bigger, he must have been really excited.

  • Wow ... you know I can't resist this way. - I took his dick and started to massage. - It's almost double that of Marcelo.

My pussy got wet just by feeling that hard cock in my hand. I bent down and put it in my mouth. It was so big that I could only put my head.

  • Just be careful not to ruin my hairstyle.

He started to get in slowly, a little awkward because he had nowhere to support his hand.

  • Let me eat you one last time, I'm dying of lust.
  • Okay, but today I'm going to eat only my ass, because Marcelo's cunt today ...

I was on all fours on a chaise in the room. He lifted the thick skirt of my dress and threw it high, covering me fully, and just put my panties aside.

I was lost in that sea of white fabric, with only my butt sticking out, while I felt that cock rolling up my ass. I tried as hard as I could to hold my moan, but when his cock came fully in, I felt the fur inside against my ass, I couldn't take it:

  • Aaaaahh ... Fuck!

He started to pump slowly, taking the stick almost completely and putting it all in again.

  • Fuck it, put it hard. You know I like to suffer on your dick.

Upon hearing this, he couldn't stand it and started to enjoy it. I kept trying to stifle my moans, but sometimes I couldn't take it. I started to massage my cunt, which was wet. I didn't want to come, but it's hard not to come with a dick like that.

I stuck two fingers in my pussy while Eduardo pumped mercilessly in my ass. When I was about to come, I hear a knock on the door.

We went into despair, quickly looked for somewhere to hide, but we found nothing. It was then that I had the idea to hide it under my skirt.

Imagine the situation, I stand in the middle of the room, with my legs spread, Eduardo kneels under me, his face on my ass.

  • You may come in! - I speak with a shaky voice.

It was my mother. I can't even pay much attention to what she says, because soon Eduardo starts kissing my ass and running his tongue over my ass.

I kick him under the dress to stop it, but it's no use. He starts to massage my pussy and run his fingers over my clit while I talk to my mom.

Luckily, she doesn't stay long. As soon as she leaves the room, I leave Eduardo.

  • What the fuck was that? If my mom realizes I'm fucked ...
  • Ah, tell me you didn't like it?
  • Of course I liked it, you son of a bitch! Now come here and finish your job, make me come, go!

I was on all fours again, again lost in the sea of fabrics in my skirt. I hadn't even noticed, but my panties were already on my knees.

This time he got to the bottom of my pussy.

  • AAAhhhhh son of a bitch!! That pussy was for Marcelooo!!

He didn't seem to mind and kept pumping madly into my pussy. He was coming so much that he felt my liquid running down my legs when he announced he was going to come too.

  • Today you will not be able to come in my face to not spoil the makeup. You'll have to come in my pussy. - He said in the midst of moans, he couldn't even hide it anymore. - And enjoy it deep down, that your fuck has to stay there until the time of the honeymoon.

Depth was with himself, he stuck it to the stalk and I started to feel his cum filling me very warm. He came so deep that almost nothing came out.

After we got together, I just wiped the dirt off my legs and the outside of my pussy, touched up my makeup and went straight to the salon for the wedding.

You like a good little horn, did not even notice that your godfather entered the room just before me.


Meanwhile, I continued to eat her very slowly to allow her time to finish the story. When she finished, I took my dick out of his pussy and said:

  • Now there is no problem to spoil the makeup, let me enjoy this little guy.

She, get on your knees and say?

  • I'm here for this! Labuza me whole, corninho!

She hadn't even finished speaking when I started to rub her face all over.

  • Delicious! Now come eat me again with your face all meladdy, like the little bitch I am.

I still ate her two more times that night, every time she came in her face she felt even more pissed off and came even more.


And that was finally the story of my wedding day. If you liked it, don't forget to vote and leave a comment. My next story is going to be about our honeymoon, so you don't miss out on waiting ...

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