“Excuse me, miss? How did y-“
“Don’t call me ‘miss’, dude. Name’s Selen.”
Normally, Omega would not hesitate to trap an intruder’s body in total stasis, but the unfamiliar face and her ignorant-seeming disregard for the significance of the room she had just entered briefly made Omega forget they were a god.
”Nice place you got. Bit bright, though, huh?” The lavender-haired brazen beauty shields her eyes from the ethereal light pouring in from the wall-width window behind Omega’s desk, reflected at her from every angle by the polished white floors and walls.
Omega gets up from their desk and hovers around the side of it. They cringe on noticing Selen’s heavy sneakers; Fauna trailing dirt around their office was one thing, sneaker skid marks were another problem entirely.
”Do you understand where you are, mi- ahem, Selen?”
”Course I do, Hololive Council HQ. Got told I need to have a chat with some ‘Omega’ dude.”
”Well you’ve found them. Who do you come on behalf of?”
The uncontainable laugh erupts from her throat like Krakatoa, decorated with small wisps of grey smoke.
Omega looks around for a hidden camera. Is this some prank by Baelz?
”I come on behalf of Nijisanji, man.” She drags out the word ‘come’ for some reason. Her voice drips acidic impudence as she continues sauntering through the divine chamber, coming face to face with the Council’s manager.
Omega looks down at her, the tips of their absurd pointed footwear grazing the floor.
”And what message does Nijisanji wish to deliver?”
The dragoness roars with laughter again.
”AAHAHAAHAHAHAhaHAhahaha… oh, I am so glad you asked.”
A dark, scaled hand shoots up and clamps around Omega’s throat.
”Nice of you to hover for me. Lets me skip the part where I lift you up.” With an unforeseen primal strength, Selen slams Omega down on their own desk. They hear it crack slightly from the impact.
Still too shocked by Selen’s blatant disrespect to properly assert their authority, Omega grips at her huge claw with both of their frail, pale hands. They cannot loosen even one of her deep purple digits.
”W-what… do you thi-think… you’re… doing…”
”Hey, don’t ask me. I’m just the delivery girl.”
Omega feels a meaty, cylindrical object land on their stomach, reaching from the gap between their legs to their near-concave chest. Its weight threatens to flatten the manager’s thin, delicate penis beneath it.
”And here’s your package… pfft, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”
Laughing that sickening laugh all the while, Selen tears apart Omega’s lower garments, sending scraps of sterile white fabric drifting to the floor like volcanic ash.
Then, the thick rod resting on Omega’s belly slides off. The few moments where its location is unknown are agony to Omega.
But maybe not quite as much agony as the feeling of a huge, scaled cock stretching their ass wider than ever thought possible. Heat radiates from it, warming up Omega’s insides to an uncomfortable degree. Tears form in Omega’s eyes.
”Oh, don’t be such a baby. That’s only the tip!”
With no show of mercy, Selen slams the rest of her enormous dragon dick into Omega’s asshole, forcing them to squeal like the bitch they are. The invasive reptilian species bulges their stomach and practically crushes their prostate, the dry, scaled pillar breaking their mind just as much as their ass.
”Oh, damn! You almost took the whole thing! Nice job, dude! Hey, you got a pen? Gonna need you to sign for this, haha.”
Tears stream down the sides of Omega’s face as they continue clutching Selen’s relatively tender hand. Just having this monster inside them is something they may never recover from.
Selen locates a cup of writing implements on Omega’s desk, pulling out a black permanent marker. She runs her hand gently along their torso, the soft touch contrasted against the cock ravaging their insides causing their own pitiful penis to twitch.
Maybe this all would have been fine if she hadn’t noticed that.
”Oh my god, dude, are you actually hard from this? God what a fucking DEGEN, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”
The packin’ draken’s mocking cackling plagues Omega’s ears as she draws a line across the bottom of their sternum.
Selen tosses the marker to the side. The sound of its plastic clattering against the floor is the last thing they hear before she starts properly fucking her new XXXL-size onahole.
One thrust. Omega screams in pain. Selen laughs.
Two thrusts. Omega’s voice shatters. It won’t recover for days. Their ass won’t recover for centuries. Their mind won’t recover at all.
Three thrusts. Omega cums harder than they ever have before, spraying milky fluid all over their own belly.
”Aw, looks like that little cumshot didn’t reach the finish line,” Selen remarks, gauging the distance between the jizz and the black mark she drew. “Don’t worry. You’ll get as many tries as you want.”
Unfortunately, they’d never get to see whether they eventually won or not, as before the next thrust was even complete they had passed out.
They are awoken who knows how much time later by a rough slap to the face.
”Hey. Dumbass. You’re gonna wanna be awake for this.”
Omega barely registers Selen’s words, too focused on the massive cock still plowing their ass. She’s gotten faster since they fell unconscious, each of her draconic member’s pilgrimages to their deepest depths now forcing a few more drops of cum out of Omega’s useless prick.
”Wh-wha…?” is all they can manage to croak out, before they notice it. Suddenly alert, panic sets in.
The foreign object is swelling. Bulging. Throbbing. And most importantly, heating up. As if it wasn’t already hot enough.
Every part of Omega’s mind wants to scream. They would tear themselves apart if it meant being spared this humiliation any further.
But they are powerless.
A river of thick, boiling dragon cum pours into Omega’s ass. It burns. Good god, it burns. It splashes into every nook and cranny of their insides, and overflows out the way it came in, leaking all over their precious polished floor.
In response, Omega can only offer one final, pathetic orgasm of their own, little more than a light drizzle compared to the rainstorm cocktail of pain and pleasure that floods them.
A wicked smile stretches across Selen’s face as she recovers from her fierce climax. She slowly drags her dick out of Omega’s gaping asshole. She almost feels sorry for it - it looks like it already misses having her inside it.
But she’s just the delivery girl. Getting attached to the customers isn’t in the job description.
”Tell the girls I said hi!” she shouts as she departs, leaving the Hololive manager’s broken body on an equally broken desk, surrounded by a steaming puddle of her cum.
How could Omega tell the girls that? How could Omega ever face them again?

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