[Guerrero family challenges ‘brothers to become major leaguers’ for two generations]

Miguel Guerrero to Mets My older brother played in major league when my father was in Toronto.

Vladimir Miguel Guerrero (right), a promising player from the Dominican Republic, left a commemorative photo with his father, Vladimir Guerrero Sr., who was a big league star, after joining the New York Mets of the American Professional Baseball Major League on the 16th.

The Guerrero family is challenging a record that has only been achieved once in the 155-year history of Major League Baseball (MLB). Producing brother major leaguers for two generations.

The New York Mets announced on the 16th that they signed a contract with Dominican Republic prospect Vladimir Miguel Guerrero (17) for $117,000 (about 150 million won). Miguel is the son of Vladimir Guerrero Sr. (49), who was named to the U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame, and the half-brother of current Toronto leading hitter Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (25). Miguel is also a long-hitting player, but unlike his father and older brother, who are right-handed, he hits from the left side of the plate.

Guerrero Sr. also attracted attention as his brother, a major leaguer, made his debut. His older brother, Wilton Guerrero (50), played in MLB for eight years, including working with Chan-ho Park (51) at the Los Angeles Dodgers. Guerrero Sr. and the Wilton brothers also worked together in Montreal from 1998 to 2000.

Previously, the Hairston family was the only one to produce two generations of sibling major leaguers. Brothers John Hairston (80) and Jerry Hairston Sr. (72) played side by side in MLB, and brothers Jerry Hairston Jr. (48) and Scott Hairston (44) took over the baton. The Hairston family also left a record of three generations playing in the MLB, including grandfather Sam (1920-1997), who played for the Chicago White Sox in 1951.

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Pub: 18 Jan 2024 00:23 UTC
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