I want to make the most horrific Minetest game. It's designed to inject raw fear. How could i do that?

Well, players come in and as they progress they slowly change. Maybe the game forces them to make the wrong decisions as they have no choice but to do them.

yeah, the plot needs to be there.


Ok, so they player begins as an internet user. They do stuff based off their thinking without realising the full context. So, they do the thing. Turns out the thing had a brutal context and now we're fixing mistakes but without knowing the context. Things get worse and the player is taken to prision. Things get worse and they get the death sentence.

But no, it's a simulated hellscape instead now, the best punishment under the law of their country.

Hmm. I'm getting closer.

They join an online community. It's positive and happy. Everyone likes it and everyones supportive.

We're led to believe they're great. So we do stuff. The messages are sent. Slowly, we begin doing work for them.

The game gives us funny puzzles. So, we do work for them. We submit it. The community is happy. We're happy.

So, that's the fun part of the game.

We keep on doing things. Now, we end up being promoted to core developer. You continue working on these logic challenges. They're fun and keep the player hooked.

But then we move on. Turns out that what we've just been doing is laying the foundation for stuff thats happening.

It's subtle but on the newspaper quotes from criminals and the chatroom, they mispell "hart".


beastie56 My hart goes out to those lst in the boat sinkin of today.


Yeah, we crush up the harts and feed them to the chikens

The entire game has poor spelling, masking this

Later, the player goes out to shop on the command of their mother. When they come back, she's dead. It's night now. A storm is rolling in.

We never see the dead mother, all we see is the chalk on the floor and the conversations with the family.

As we go to bed, we now are burdened with two things:

  • Internet community responsibility
  • The death

The father is an alcoholic. Online, we discuss these things. They suggest vengance. We know from the past that the father would kill the mother. She was hospitalised before. So, we formulate the plan.

And this is where our control ends. You see, it's been revealed before that the player has anger management issues. They have two brains. One is responsible for physcial action, the other responsible for thoughts. They're not connected all the time.

As the father confronts the player, the physical brain stabs him to death as the conscious brain can only watch.

And then we watch the breakdown. We vent online.

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