The Husband's Hideaway: Ela, The Lamia

You are Ryan, a resident of the Imperial city. You were once a rather poor farmer, but managed to rapidly raise your income and quality of living by changing professions. Instead of a farmer, you're now a male prostitute at the Husband's Hideaway, an inner-city brothel exclusively catering to monstergirls. It's your job to show lonely monstergirls the time of their lives, in exchange for a very hefty paycheck. Most look down the work, but you love it. It's a job that both pays well and caters to your inner pervert.

Your bedroom at the Husband's Hideaway is quite large, being designed with every shape and size of monstergirl in mind. You have a large and plushy bed, and a spacious bathroom as well.

When working, you spend you time here in your bedroom waiting for the magic bell next to the bed to ring, announcing an incoming customer. You don't pick your customers, they pick you, so every encounter is a surprise. You've seen quite a few monstergirls so far, but there always seem to be new ones coming through your door.

You're about halfway through your evening shift, and so far it's been quiet. But just as you're getting comfortable, the magic bell rings. You get up off the bed to greet them, and just make it over to the door as your customer enters the room. The girl that walks through the door is a fair-skinned, reptilian lamia.

"Hello," she says in a sultry voice. "I'm Ela."
"Good evening, Ela." You say with a warm smile. "What can I do for you tonight?"
"Well..." Ela walks towards you, looking you up and down. "I've heard the men here are very accommodating."
You nod. "We try our best."
"I want to try something new." She says, eyes narrowing slightly.
"New?" You ask.
"Yes," she says, licking her lips as she stares at you. "I've heard rumors that your establishment offers... 'feral' services."
You raise an eyebrow, intrigued. "Tell me what you've heard."
"That you men here can be taken... like wild animals." She says, licking her lips some more.
"Ah, you must mean our feral package. It's true, we do offer that service. Is that what you're looking for?" You ask.
"You bet I am." She says, grinning from ear to ear.

You pull off your shirt and step towards her, as she eagerly embraces you in a passionate kiss. You then kiss down the side of her neck, which she reacts to very favorably. She then starts to unzip your pants.
"Well, don't keep a girl waiting." She says with a wink.
"Never." You say with a smile you help Ela take your pants off.
Now in just your boxers, you can Ela staring at you with an even more intense look of lusty hunger. You place your hands on her hips, right where her upper body fades into her snake-like lower half. She shudders a bit under your touch, anxious for pleasure.
"Let's get this shirt off you." You whisper gently.
You pull her shirt up and over her head, revealing her large breasts contained in a lavender bra. You kiss at her chest and neck while you fiddle with the clasp on her bra. Eventually, you undo it and throw it aside, revealing both your and Ela's bare chests. She kisses you again while you run your hands along her hips, brushing against her soft supple skin and smooth scales.

"I need you... Now." She says, as she bites your lip.
You nod, Ela pushes you over onto the bed. She lays on top of you, arms above your shoulders while her tail slowly works up around your ankles. She then begins to grind up against you, as she kisses you more and more passionately. You reach around her and squeeze her ass, which causes her to moan into your mouth.
"Oh yes, give it to me..." She says, as she starts to grind faster.
You feel Ela's tail reach up to your waist, and she quickly uses the tip of her tail to slide off your underwear. Your manhood springs free, and you noice Ela tense up her tail a bit at the sensation of your dick against her scales.
"Oh... You're big..." She says, before going in for another kiss.
You reach down and slowly start to run your hand along Ela's womanhood, which is dripping wet already. You gently rub her clit while you play with her scales and kiss her back, which causes her to moan into your mouth. You feel her press herself closer against you, her tits squishing into your chest as she writhes in pleasure.

"Mmm... you're nice and slick for me already, aren't you?" You growl in a low tone. You feel her starting to coil herself up past your waist, shuddering slightly at the sound of your voice.
"Mmm... yes, I am." She says, as she presses her face into your neck and kisses you.
You feel her lower half coil around your waist while her upper half stays firmly pressed against you. Gently, you reach down and press your fingers into her wet folds, causing her to moan out in ecstasy. You slowly slide your fingers in and out of her, as she presses against you with each thrust.
You fingers are absolutely soaked, making it easy to work the soft and hot insides of her vagina against your fingers. You squirm each finger around inside her, curling them slightly to brush against her internal G-spot. Ela begins to moan louder and louder as you work your fingers, and you can feel her entire body shuddering against you.
"Oh... Oh yes! Just like that!" She says, as she bites into your neck and starts humping your hand harder and faster.
You start to go a bit harder, curling your fingers upwards while pressing the palm of your hand against her clit.
Still working your fingers just as deftly, you begin to grind your palm against her clit in a light circular motion. Now you're stimulating her clit and internal G-spot at the same time, and the combo's effectiveness is immediately apparent.
"Oh... Oh fuck! I'm gonna...!" She says, as her entire body begins to shudder and quiver.

You press your face against hers, kissing her hard as she moans into your mouth and an orgasm courses through her body. She releases her coils from around your waist, and instead wraps them tightly around your wrist. Her entire body writhes against you as she enjoys the intense pleasure you're bringing her.
"Oh... Mmmm.... Oh yes..." She moans as the waves of pleasure course through her body.
You gently slide your fingers out of her, causing her to moan slightly at the loss of contact. You then feel her coil back around your waist, and she presses her face into your neck again.
"Oh... That was good. So good." She says, as she rubs her coils up and down your lower body.
"Plenty more where that came from." You say with a smirk. "You don't feel so bad yourself."
You feel a sharp pain in your neck, and then another, as Ela begins to suck on the side of your neck. You moan slightly, causing her to suck harder, which in turn causes you to moan louder.

"Oh... Oh fuck..." You say, as you feel one of her hands slide down between her coils.
You feel her hand wrap around your cock and begin to stroke it softly.
"Mmmhhh... Oh god... Ela..." You moan softly. You want to sound as soft and vulnerable as possible to encourage her feral sexual instincts.
You feel her sucking your neck harder, and she begins to stroke you faster.
"Oh... Ela... I love that..." You moan, hoping that it's enough to convince her.
You feel her suck on your neck one last time, and then lick the area gently with her long tongue.
"Ah! Mmmh!" You cry out weakly.
You feel her press her mouth against yours, and you can feel her long forked tongue slide past your lips. You open your mouth and begin to explore her with your own tongue, as the two of you engage in a deep and passionate French kiss.
You feel her hand begin to slide up and down your shaft at a moderate pace. As she kisses you harder and faster, you begin to moan in time with her actions. You moan louder as she increases the pace of her hand.
"Oh... Shit... Ela... I'm gonna..." You manage to get out before you feel yourself about to reach climax.
At the last second, she breaks her kiss and looks into your eyes with a sexy stare. She bares her fangs at you, and then sinks them into your neck.
You cry out in ecstasy as you begin to cum. Ela releases your neck from her mouth and begins to moan as she strokes you through your orgasm. You feel her other hand wrap around the both of you, and you can feel your cum being squished out of you and into her palm as she continues to stroke.
"Oh... Oh shit... Ela..." You moan.
You feel your knees go weak, as her Lamia venom begins to course through your body.

As a prostitute that specializes in Monstergirls, you have a few specialized powers. One of them is toxin mitigation. Lamia venom is normally enough to make a man completely pass out, but for you it just makes you feel drunk and unbearably erect.

The initial wave of Ela's venom is potent, and you can feel yourself relaxing in her soft body's grip. The second wave of venom hits, and you feel your dick spring back to life against Ela's hand.
"Mmmm... That's it, baby. I want to feel you inside of me..." Ela whispers in your ear.
Ela's long and scaly lower body slithers over yours, as she guides your cock into her wet and inviting vagina.
Her thick and muscular tail wraps around your legs, keeping your lower body locked in place as she uses her strong upper body to thrust her hips into you.
As she thrusts into you, she keeps your head pressed against her own, and looks you directly in the eyes.
Her hips move at a rapid pace, and you can feel her long and thick body coil around your own as she thrusts forward. Her large breasts jiggle as she moves, and you can see her snake lower half slithering about in excitement.
You take a moment to admire Ela's beauty. Her long and slender, but muscular body. Her large, round, and perky breasts. Her gorgeous face, framed by her long black hair. Her piercing yellow eyes that show intelligence and an exotic wisdom beyond her years. Ela is, in your eyes, the very image of perfection.
You feel yourself about to reach climax again, and Ela's yellow eyes begin to glow brighter.

"Ela... It feels too good... I'm..." You moan weakly.
"Do it. Cum inside of me... Mark me with your scent... Make me yours..." Ela whispers in a low, seductive tone.
You reach your peak, and you release yourself inside of her. You moan loudly as you do so, and Ela quickly pulls you back into another deep kiss. Your moans are muffled by her lengthy forked tongue entering your mouth once more as hips continue to grind against you. You can feel your cum being squirted out from within her and onto the both of you as her long and slippery body continues to writhe about sexily. Ela finally releases you from the kiss, and she begins to stroke you again.
You moan out loudly again as you reach your peak a second time. Ela's scaly hips continue to writhe about, and you can see that her serpentine lower half is beginning to work up your torso as she becomes more aroused.
You breathe heavily, squirming and shuddering within her coils, which only drives her instincts on further.

"Ela... Ela..." You quietly moan as she continues wrapping herself around you.
Ela works her coils firmly up to your chest, and slithers on top of you. Her large breasts squish into your chest as she moves, and you can feel your cum and her wetness dripping out from inside of her and onto your legs.
"Mmmm... You're a natural at this, baby..." Ela whispers in your ear.
"And you're perfect at it." You say with a heavy exhale of pleasure.
"I could say the same for you." Ela says, as she runs her long tongue across your face.
"Ela, I..." You say, before Ela puts a finger against your lips.
"Shhhh... No need for words, my darling. We've got all the time in the world now."
You feel the venom making you hard again, and Ela seems to sense it too. The heat and throb of your dick against her serpentine coils is a dead giveaway that you're ready once again.
Her coils press against your entire body, and you can feel her hips lower down as she positions herself over your dick. You feel the head of your cock push against her wet opening, and she slowly eases herself onto it. You moan in pleasure as you feel yourself sliding into her pussy. It's warm, wet, and mind-blowingly good thanks to the effects of the venom.
"Oh... Oh yes... Oh Ela..." You moan.

Ela works herself down onto you, and soon you're thrusting up into her as she rocks her body back and forth on top of you. Her breasts bounce in your face, and you reach up to squeeze them. The sensation of that combined with the warm wetness of her pussy sends you over the edge once again, and you release another load inside of her.
Elana wraps her arms around you, holding you tightly against her body as she continues to grind against you. You can feel her inner walls starting to contract slightly as she milks your dick for every drop. The sensation is enough to drive you wild, and you begin thrusting up into her again.
"Oh Ela... Oh my god... I can't..." You moan.
"It's OK, baby... I've got you..." She says as she starts to run her tongue along your neck again.
You feel the venom begin to course through your veins once more, and your senses begin to heighten. Every pore of your body begins tingling with pleasure as you thrust up into her again and again. Your heart is beating faster, and your mind is starting to go numb from the intense pleasure.

"Oh... Oh shit... Ela..." You moan.
"That's it, baby... Just let go for me..." She says.
You can barely think straight, but you manage to focus long enough to lock your hands around Ela's hips. You begin to squeeze as you thrust up into her, and she does the same. The pleasure is overwhelming, and you can feel your body start to give out on you.
"Oh fuck... Ela... I love you..." You say as you squeeze harder.
"I love you too..." She replies, as she does the same. She's squeezing you inside and out, and you can hear her own moaning and breathing growing heavier. "Keep going... Haaah.... Ohh... Give me every last drop... "
You thrust up into her one last time as you feel your dick explode inside of her again. Her grip around you reaches its peak as she dives into her own climax. You can hear her screaming in ecstasy as you feel your body go numb. Your vision starts to fade, and your mind goes into a state of euphoria.
You don't pass out, but everything is just a blur for a while. You're dimly aware of Ela untangling herself from you and rolling off to the side.

"Mmmm... That was fucking amazing..." She says with a giggle.
"Yeah..." You reply with a laugh of your own. "Was it feral enough for you?"
"Fuck yeah it was. I think I blanked out there for a moment. Did I hurt you?" She aks, slightly nervous.
"I'm used to a few snake bites." You say with a wink.
"I'm sorry about that. I just get really into it."
"It's OK. I'm not mad." You say with a smile.
"Well thank you for indulging me. Not everyone would be so accepting of how intense I can be."
You both lay there in silence for a moment before Ela speaks again.
"So... You ready to go again?" She asks with a wry smile.
"I'm ready to go for as long as you have me put down for." You respond with a chuckle.
"Then it's a good thing I asked for four hours." Ela says with a lusty gaze.
"Well then what are you waiting for? Come over here and get your money's worth." You say with a smirk.

Ela slithers right back over to you on the bed, and wastes no time in returning her tongue back to your neck. She runs it across your Adam’s apple in long, loving strokes.
"God your tongue is amazing, Ela..." You say with a slight moan.
"Mmmm... I'm glad you like it." She says, pausing to lightly nibble on your ear.
You feel her long, thick body twist around yours, and her large breasts press against your chest. Her tongue moves down your chin and towards your lips, which part gently to allow her inside. Her forked tongue enters your mouth and begins to massage yours softly.
"I want to taste you..." She whispers, as she breaks the kiss.
Running her tongue along the side of your neck, the two tiny beads of blood from her previous bite roll across her tongue. You notice her eyes roll back slightly at the taste.
"I want to taste all of you..." She says, a hint of desperation in her voice.
Ela lifts her body up slightly, and gently starts to run her tongue across your chest. Her forked tongue darts quickly out towards your nipples, lightly flicking them before moving on. Her hands grip your shoulders as she slowly moves down your stomach, leaving a trail of saliva mixed with her venom.

The venom and saliva mixture on your skin makes it start to heat up, and soon your entire torso is radiating with warmth. You feel Ela's hands move down your legs, and then you feel her long tongue begin to trace the inside of your thighs.
The sensation is a little ticklish, but the heat that emanates from her tongue soon turns into a pleasurable burn. Her forked tongue darts into your belly button, and after spending some time in there she begins to move further down.
"Oh Ela..." You moan, unable to think of anything else to say.

Ela's warm breath washes over your crotch, and she looks up at you and smiles. She gently takes hold of your cock in one hand, and one of your balls in the other. She moves her head closer to you, and soon her tongue is running across the top of your member.
"Holy shit... Ela..." You say, unable to keep yourself from moaning.
Her tongue moves around the tip in slow circles, lightly pressing against the skin. She quickly darts the edge of her tongue across the threshold of the head, earning her sharp inhale of pleasure from you. She then opens her mouth wide and moves forward, enveloping the head of your cock inside her mouth. She slowly moves forward, and the heat from her mouth washes over your member as she takes in more and more of it.
You can feel your eyes roll to the back of your head as she takes in every inch of you into her mouth. Her lips gently kiss at your pelvis when she has all of you inside. She slowly begins to move back, and when your cock once again leaves her mouth it snaps back against your pelvis. She looks up at you and holds your gaze as she begins to move forward again. You feel the tip of your dick press against the back of her throat, and you can feel a slight bulge appear when she reaches that point. She pauses there for a moment, and then she begins to move back again.
You let out a long moan as she begins to suck. She moves her head back and forth and you can feel the tip of your dick hit the back of her throat over and over. You hear her make a gulping sound every time she reaches the base of your cock. Her right hand is wrapped around the base of your member, while her left one holds on to your left thigh for support.

You let out a shudder as you feel yourself start to come close to orgasm. Ela's eyes light up and she begins to suck harder and faster, moving her head faster and faster.
"Oh fuck Ela... I'm going to..." You warn her, but she doesn't listen.
She continues sucking, and soon enough you're releasing your seed down her throat. She closes her eyes as she sucks, swallowing every drop that comes out.
After she's done she slowly releases your cock from her mouth with a pop. She lets it flop down on your pelvis and then looks up at you, smiling.
"How was that?" She asks.
"That was amazing." You admit, out of breath.
Ela smiles and moves forward to kiss you on the lips. You taste a slight hint of yourself on her lips, which causes a slight stirring in your groin. Ela takes a quick glance down there, and smiles.
"Oh... Maybe I should take care of that..." She says.
"Maybe you should." You say, smiling.

Ela leans in and takes your cock into her mouth again. This time she's not going all the way down, but she's certainly putting enough effort into it to make you feel great. Her tongue swirls around the tip and she twirls it around every inch she can reach.
Her serpentine tongue is long enough to comfortably wrap around your entire dick several times, and after enough salivation Ela can work her wrapped tongue up and down your cock with ease.
You let out a long sigh and your hips begin to unconsciously thrust forward into her mouth. She reaches one of her hands up to play with your balls while she sucks, which causes you to let out a groan.
Her head begins to bob up and down as she sucks, quickening her pace. Her other hand comes up and begins to gently caress your chest. You're putty in her hands at this point, and she knows it.
You let out a yell and your body begins to shudder. Ela sucks even faster, moving her wrapped tongue up and down your shaft as you come into her mouth. She swallows every drop as you begin to slowly calm down.

Ela pulls her head back and lets your cock flop down.
"How was that?" She asks.
"Fucking amazing." You admit.
You lay back on the bed, panting. Ela lays down next to you and smiles.
"I'm glad you liked it."
You look over at her and smile.
"What did I ever do to deserve someone as sexy as you?" You ask.
Ela giggles and kisses you on the cheek.
"You were the cutest human in all the profiles they gave me. They didn't lie about your stamina either." She giggles.
"Well, I aim to please. The venom definitely does me some favors, too." You say with a chuckle.
"Mmm... benefits of lamia biology I guess." Ela says with a smile. She slithers a bit closer, before drawing you into a cuddle.
She pulls you against her chest, arms wrapped around your back, and her tail coiled around your legs. She holds you there for some time, before you notice her beginning to fidget. Her breathing grows more labored, and you notice she's sweating slightly.
"What's wrong?" You ask, looking up at her.
"Y-your body's all hot..." She says meekly.

"Oh!" You say in surprise. "Yeah, whatever you did with your spit and venom on my skin's got my body temperature a lot higher."
"It's just, I thought I was spent, but..." Ela trails off.
"But what?" You ask.
"Body heat drives up a lamia's arousal." She says, blushing slightly.
You look at Ela with a mischievous grin. "So, you're getting horny again just by cuddling me?"
Ela looks down and nods.
"Well then, I guess we need to do something about that again." You say.
Ela smiles and nods eagerly in agreement.

You slowly move your hand up Ela's lower body, before gently brushing your fingers against her labia. She gasps in surprise, before you slide your fingers inside of her. She lets out a pleasured sigh as you begin to gently massage and explore her insides.
You slide up from her chest and kiss Ela on the neck, before moving up to her mouth. She wraps her arms around your shoulders and holds you close as your fingers continue to move. You gently nibble on her lower lip, before moving up to kiss her on the mouth.
After a moment of passionate kissing, you slide a second finger into her. She lets out a pleasured gasp as you begin to slowly move your fingers in and out. You rub against a bump inside of her, and she begins to moan in pleasure.
You lean in and kiss Ela on the neck, working your way up to her ear. You gently nibble and lick her ear, causing her to let out a pleasured sigh. You whisper into her ear.
"Such a horny little thing..."

Ela lets out a yelp as you thrust your fingers deep inside of her. She begins to pant as she gets closer and closer to her orgasm. You lean in and gently bite on Ela's earlobe, causing her to let out a loud moan.
"Yes! Fuck! Yes! Right there! Don't stop!" She exclaims.
You continue to massage Ela's insides with your fingers, going faster and faster with each thrust. Ela begins to moan loudly, and you bury your face against her neck, sucking and nibbling with fervor.
"Oh! Fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Ela screams.
Ela's body begins to shudder as you continue to thrust your fingers in and out of her. She arches her back and lets out one final moan before slouching against the bed. You slowly slide your fingers out, and wrap your arms around her. She smiles warmly at you, and you smile in return.
"Feel a little better?" You ask.
"A lot." Ela says with a smile.
You lean in and kiss her on the cheek. As Ela moves to coil herself around your body again for a cuddle, her tail runs into your erect cock. There's an awkward silence, before Ela's gentle expression melts into a mischievous smile.

"Uh-oh. Looks like you need a little taking care of, too." Ela says.
Ela quickly slides her coils up your body, and slowly lowers herself onto your cock. She gasps as you enter her, and she lets out a pleasured sigh as she bottoms out on you. She begins to slowly rock her body back and forth, moving up and down your shaft.
"Oh god! E-Ela!" You moan with surprise.
She wraps her arms around your shoulders and leans in to kiss you as she begins to rock her body more rapidly. Her large breasts bounce up and down, and she lets out a pleasured sigh as you thrust your hips upward to meet her downward thrusts.
You return her kiss eagerly, and feel the familiar sensation of her warm tongue entering your mouth again. The warmth of her saliva-slickened tongue sliding in and out of your mouth, and the rhythmic feeling of your cock moving in and out of her tight slit soon has you on the brink of orgasm.
Ela's body begins to shudder, and she lets out a moan as you thrust deep into her one last time, releasing your semen deep inside of her as she climaxes from the sensation. You pant as you lean your head against her shoulder, and she wraps her arms around you.
"Oh god! Ela! It feels so good!" You moan as you unload in her.
"Ooooooh... That's it... Give me all of it." Ela moans.
You gently kiss her on the cheek as you slide out of her, and she wraps her tail around your waist and cuddles up to your chest.
"So... What do you say? Want to go again?" Ela asks.

You smile. "No wonder you picked me. You're a greedy little thing! But, you've got the time booked, so I'm more than happy to oblige."
You kiss her on the forehead, and she smiles.
"That's just how us Lamia are. When we mate, we tangle together with our chosen male all night long. Making sweet love for hours on end. It's in our blood." Ela says with a smile.
"Well, I'm more than happy to oblige." You say.
"I know you are." Ela says, sliding her tail up on your body. This time though, she adjusts her grip so her body is included as well, sandwiching the two of you tightly together in her coils.
"Oh! That's a nice way to cuddle." You say.
"You're not going anywhere." She says, before kissing you on the cheek.
You rest your head against her shoulder, feeling the warmth of her body against yours, and the comfort of her gentle embrace. You feel so safe and protected here that you could almost fall asleep.
"Just don't crush me." You say.
"Never." Ela says, squeezing you a little tighter.

As Ela's grip presses the two of you together, you can feel her wetness against your crotch. You dick slowly responds to Ela's juices and her soft stomach rubbing against it. You feel Ela pull you against her a little tighter with a small moan as she feels you getting hard again.
"Mmm... there we go..." Ela says in a sultry tone as she begins grinding against you.
Inside such a tight cuddle-hold, Ela's soft stomach is rubbing up and down the length of your dick as her arms and coils keep you locked against her.
"Holy shit, that feels good." You say with a slight shudder.
"You like that?" Ela asks.
"I love it." You say.
"How much?" Ela asks.
"A lot." You say.
"How much is a lot?" She asks, increasing her pace ever so slightly.
"A lot a lot." You say.
"Convince me." She says.
With a smirk, you pull your head off Ela's shoulder and take her ear in your mouth, assaulting it with your tongue. You give it a small nibble, and then pull back. Ela lets out a lengthy moan before composing herself.
"Alright, I'm convinced." Ela says, as she increases her pace even more.

You begin to match her pace, and the two of you are soon grinding against each other in a lust-fueled frenzy.
"Oh fuck... I want you inside me..." Ela says.
You don't even have the time to reply before Ela shifts her coils, lifts her upper body, and immediately takes you to the hilt. With how wet and ready she is, it's effortless.
You let out a groan, and she begins to gently move her body up and down, sliding your dick in and out of her at a maddeningly slow pace.
You feel her coils press you against and inside Ela as tightly as possible as she lets out a primal moan.
"This is how Lamia traditionally mate..." Ela breathes in your ear. "Perfectly entwined with their male... Close enough that their souls can touch each other..."
Her breath is almost hot and wet as her insides.
Ela's long forked tongue unfurls itself from her mouth, and she runs it long your neck slowly as she starts to work her body against you a little faster.
"You're inside me, and I can feel your heat..." Ela whispers. "I can feel your desire..."

You grip Ela's body as she presses tightly against you. Her breasts are squashed between the two of you, but she doesn't seem to mind as she continues to work her body in a steady rhythm.
You feel as if your soul is being drawn out of your body with every pounding motion, and you let out a gasp.
"I can feel yours..." Ela says softly.
Ela's tongue flicks against your neck, and then she begins to gently suck on it. She doesn't bite down, but the sensation is enough to cause a tickling pleasurable feeling that runs down your spine.
You grip Ela's body tightly as you both move in unison with one another. Her increased tempo has made you work harder, and you can feel yourself getting close.
"I can taste yours..." Ela whispers.
Ela's tongue flicks against your neck again, and this time she leaves a small cut with her razor-sharp teeth.
She begins to suck on the bleeding wound, and you can feel yourself getting dizzy from the sensation.
"And it tastes so good..." Ela whispers in between strokes of her tongue and sucking on the cut.
You grip Ela's body as she begins to work herself against you with lusty fervor.
"I can feel you... I can feel your desire, your passion... It's making me hotter..." Ela whispers.
You begin to moan in pleasure as the two of you continue to slide against one another. Your arousal builds up as you both speed up, working against one another in the most primal of ways.
The two of you are now writhing against one another in a frenzy as you both speed up. You feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge.
"I want you to cum inside me..." Ela whispers. "Cum inside me... My beautiful lover..."
Ela's coils squeeze around your body as she begins to suck on your neck once more. She increases her tempo even further, slamming her body against yours as you both writhe in ecstasy.
"I want you to release everything inside me..." Ela whispers. "Every ounce of desire, every bit of passion... I want you to let it all out... Right now..."

Her words are the final component needed to set you off. With a deep groan, you feel yourself cum harder than you ever thought possible. Ela's coils tighten around your body as she begins to climax along with you. The two of you slam together with orgasmic force, your bodies releasing everything they have in perfect harmony with one another.
"Oh god.... Oooooohh fuck... Yes... Just like that... I can feel your cum..." Ela moans. Her tongue licks your neck, and her teeth gently close down on your skin. "I can taste your desire... I can taste your passion... Both of them... So sweet..."
You can't even muster up a scream as you release everything you have. Ela continues to climax, and the two of you writhe in ecstasy for what feels like an eternity. The two of you stay there, intertwined with one another, as you both try to regain your strength.
"I love you." Ela whispers, her voice still heavy with lust.
All you can offer in response is a weak moan of pleasure, punctuated with heavy breathing.
"You're like an addiction... I need more..." Ela says as her tone become even more soaked with arousal. "I need you to give me more..."
You feel Ela's tongue run along the cut she gave you, and she suckles on it once more for a fresh pearl of blood.
"I love you." Ela whispers as she sinks her teeth into your neck, punctuating the act with a long moan of pleasure. She begins to writhe against you once more, using you to pleasure herself. Ela's teeth continue to gently close down on your neck, and her tongue runs along your skin. You feel a fresh wave of her venom hit your bloodstream, and your dick immediately responds with rapid stiffening.
"I love you." Ela whispers.

You can't even muster up a response this time. All you can do is moan in ecstasy as her venom takes effect, and you find yourself getting close to the point of release once more. Ela continues to rub her body against you, building up towards her own orgasm once again.
"I need you inside me again..." She whispers against your ear as she adjusts her grip on your body. "I need you to fill me up... I want your cum... Give it to me... Now..."
With that, Ela's body tightens and she begins to climax. You moan in ecstasy as you begin to release once more, adding your seed to Ela's womb as she holds you tightly against her body. The two of you squirm together in perfect bliss, your minds filled with nothing but each other as you both reach the ultimate expression of intimacy.
As your bodies continue to mash against each other, Ela's tongue traces the outline of one of your ears.
"You're so good... I have to have more..." Another hot wave of her breath cascades against your ear. "I need more of your cum... More of your body..."

You feel Ela's hand wrap around your softening dick, and begin to stroke it back to full hardness.
"I need you to fill me up again..." Ela whispers as her tongue traces the outline of your other ear. "I need you inside me... I want to take everything from you... I want it all... Give it to me..."
As Ela moves herself into position once again, you feel the coils of her tail constrict around both your bodies as she plunges your cock inside her. She louds another violent moan before suddenly embracing you in a kiss and plunging her tongue down your throat. You can feel her long tongue wrapping around yours as it explores every inch of your mouth, and you can taste the sweet copper flavor of your own blood.
You continue to be used by Ela as both your bodies are lost in a sea of ecstasy. You're not sure how many times you release inside her, or how many times she releases around you. You're not even sure how long this goes on for. All you know is that by the time you're finished, it feels like you've given every last bit of yourself to her.

"I love you..." Ela whispers against your lips as she holds you close. "So much..."
You smile, and hold her close.
"I love you too..." You whisper back.
You lay there for a while, just embracing each other and enjoying the feeling of your naked skin pressed tightly together. Eventually, you feel Ela's body shudder as her coils release their grip on you, and she slips out from under you.
"I need to go now." Ela says.
You nod your head in understanding, and squeeze her hand gently.
"I'll see you around." You say.
"Soon..." Ela smiles.
Ela slips her clothes back on and walks out the door. You lay there for a while, just exhausted from everything.

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