The next morning I woke up snuggled next to Mike's mammoth frame. The chime of his phone woke me up first, so I got to hear the last few sleeping Darth Vader breaths before he woke as well. He shifted his weight as he took off his CPAP, his heavy chest nearly crushing me as he moved. Once he realized that I was buried in the nook of his bicep, he chuckled and put even more weight onto me.

"What's up?" His morning voice was raspy and his breath was strong, only matched by the smell of his armpit. I looked up at him from under the fold of his furry side boob.

"Oh...not much." My voice strained under the weight of his chest. Mike chuckled at me again before releasing me from his bulk.

"I gotta work at ten. What're you doin' today?"

I had no clue. I had cancelled most of my shifts to spend time with Mike and I'd been thoroughly occupied with him since we'd met.

"I dunno."

"Well, I got a plan for you. Go shower quick and then I'll kick you out before I head to work."

I obeyed without hesitation. I showered quick but kept my hair dry. I hadn't been home in two days so I only had the clothes from when we'd gone to the pool together. I put on my faded denim jeans and my long sleeved V-neck, cherry red. When I came out Mike had changed his clothes and was eating in the kitchen. Aron was nowhere to be seen, thankfully.

"You're not showering?" I asked. He shrugged, shoveling leftover pasta in his face.

"I can barely fit in that shower."

I leaned in to him, sitting at the kitchen table, and took a deep whiff of his armpit. His odour was strong; it had been days since I'd showered with him at the rec centre.

"Jesus...I can't wait to bathe you again."

Mike smirked and wrapped his arm around me, has palm taking a firm grip of my butt.

"Axe body spray. Good enough." He clenched me firmly. "How's your ass?"

His question could've seemed like a caring inquiry, but I knew it was only the segue into whatever his 'plan' for me was.


He held me close in his grip. I watched him chew quickly and gulp down big mouthfuls while he eyed me with a knowing smirk. I could smell his musk and feel his fingers probe between my butt cheeks, into the denim of my jeans. Everything he did was a display of power over me, and I knew that all the gropes and spanks and insults were just breadcrumbs leading to anal sex. He'd decided that fucking me in the ass was how he would next dominate me.

"Well, I've got something for you to do today." He let out a little burp, and I smelled the marinara fill the air around me. "It's a little package for you to take with you."

"Ohh-kay..." I had no clue what he meant.

"Did you shit before you showered?" His question was blunt and awkward.


"Just now. Did you take your morning shit?"

"Oh my god..." I didn't know what he was saying but I indulged him nonetheless. He was clearly amused with himself. "No. I'm really more of an afternoon pooper."

Mike looked away and shook his head. "Ooof, that's too bad. You should've gone before you showered."


Mike finished his pasta and unfurled his arm from around me. He placed a hand on his thigh and rose from his chair, one big love handle bumping me out of the way.

He burped again and smiled down at me.

"Cause you're not gonna get another chance all day." He left his empty bowl on the table and stomped off to his room without further explanation. He wasn't gone long enough for me to wonder, but I saw that he held something inside his big hairy fist.

He walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of olive oil and put it down on the table. He opened his balled fist, palm up, and revealed what he had in mind for me. I stared at the object in his hand with a moment of confusion, and then sighed heavily.

"Really? Kirby?" Mike looked smug and delighted.


Mike held in his hand a small plastic Kirby figurine. It was about an inch or so in diameter with small stumpy arms, little red feet, and a big smile on its pink face. I never knew if Kirby had a gender or not, but it was basically a spherical marshmallow puff creature. I looked back up to Mike, unamused at his proposal.

"Pants down. Bend over."

I stared at the Kirby in his fat palm for a few seconds, but Mike didn't have to tell me twice. I slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. I spread my legs as best I could, planted my palms on the table, and hinged forward to less than ninety degrees.

"This is friggin ridiculous," I complained.

"But Kirby is nice and round. And look, I've got oil." Mike picked up the olive oil and poured it over his bowl, dousing Kirby in the process. One finger of his dry hand pulled down my panties while his other showed me Kirby's smile one last time before the pink puff disappeared.

"Fuck...Mike, gentle..." I felt a drip of oil on my lower back while his oily fingertips slipped between down the crack of my ass.

"I'll be gentle, little girl..." One of his fingertips slipped past the weakened guard of my sphincter and teased my immaculately bleached anus. I breathed deep and relaxed myself while he warmed me up. Mike's finger starting whirling, gently challenging the circumference and demanding more. "And so will Kirby..."

I felt the plastic surface of the Sega Genesis icon press between my ass cheeks and his finger slip out. Just as his thick digit was exiting, it curled and hooked the rim of my anus. Kirby pushed in further and I tried to force myself to relax with deeper breaths.

"Oh god..."

"There we go. Nice and easy..."

I felt Kirby's round body pass my anal verge and Mike's finger slip out completely. The girth of his spherical body pressed in further and further, ever so gently, until my anus was taut with the whole diameter of the pink puff. Mike chuckled to himself as his fingertips made circles around my oily asshole.

"Kirby's gonna have a big adventure today."

I had withstood Mike's game so far without feeling like I was being split open, though he took me by surprise when he suddenly shoved the rest of Kirby into me.

"Oh, fuck!"

Kirby didn't penetrate as deep as Mike's thumb had the night before, but was much bigger around. I wiggled my hips a bit to see how it felt. I'd never let a guy play with my ass before, so this was very much a new sensation for me. It didn't hurt exactly as much as it felt as though any sudden movement could do some damage. Mike's big hand rubbed my butt gently before delivering a good firm smack.

"Oh! Shit!" I stood up straight at the jolt, which caused another wince of pain. "Ow, goddammit..."

Mike's hand moved up to my shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"How's Kirby doin' in there?"

I walked around a bit, feeling the tension of my rectum as I took each step. Each time the glute max of each hip contracted, Kirby pressed into the lax tissue of the opposite side. Luckily, it felt lubricated enough that nothing was going to actually hurt me, just put my on edge throughout the day.

"So when can I take this thing out?"

"When I get off work. You can find something to do while I'm at the shop, but you can't take it out. Remember, I'll know if you do."

Mike's glare was cocky and knowing. As we got to know each other more, I realized he was actually quite sharp. He wasn't just a huge gorgeous body with a nerd database brain, but he was pretty cunning too.

"Okay, you can get going now. I gotta take a monster shit before work. I'll text you around lunch and make you bring me a sandwich or something."

I pulled up my jeans and left Mike before he could nuke the bathroom. It felt weird walking out onto the sidewalk. I was dressed normally and it was a nice day, but I had a freaking Kirby in my butt. I felt nervous as people passed me by, as though they were going to realize there was a video game figurine smuggled in my rectum. My gait was affected but I tried to just act natural. My ass didn't hurt but it didn't feel great either.

The day became more normal as it went on. I grabbed a coffee at a Starbucks and sat down very slowly. The tension increased as my hips flexed. Once I was sitting, I sipped my venti coconut milk sugar-free toffee nut latte in relative ease. Every few minutes I felt myself needing to squirm in my seat; Kirby was preventing me from relaxing for too long. I considered just heading to the bathroom and evacuating Kirby from my body, but the thought of Mike's deep voice and his strong hands stopped me from entertaining that prospect. I knew that I couldn't lie to him and I feared what the punishment might be.

I stayed there until eleven thirty when he sent me the first texts.

-hows kirbys adenture-


I enjoyed hearing from him, even if it was while being toyed with.

-He's secure. We're having coffee.-

-good im gonna be hungry in an hour-

-ill give u that long to get ur tight little ass down here with some food-

-Understood sir. What can I get for you today?=

He left me hanging for a while as he decided his lunch.

-footlong metbal sub-

-xmeat xchz big pepsi-

-Hmm....footlong, extra meat? That sounds just like you, daddy.-

I had perked up enough from his message that I'd forgotten about the action figure inside of me, though his next statement forced that reality to return.

-maybe tonite ill give u a fotlong-

-then ur tight little ass will be...-


His cute little jab was drowned out by the dull horror of what his threat entailed. I squirmed in my seat as I felt Kirby in my rectum, and imagined how many times bigger Mike's thick cock was.

-Oh God :o -

-ya im god alright-

-say it-

-tell me im god-

I huffed out a breath of genuine arousal at his command. The power he had over me in that moment, even remotely, was gripping. I felt it hastening my heartbeat and stretching out my rectum. I felt exhilarated as I typed my reply.

-You're God. I live only to serve you. Your attention gives my life meaning.-

-good girl-

-now get me my fuckin sandwich-

I hopped up from my seat instantly and felt a twinge of pain from the motion. Nonetheless, I set off right away to begin fetching Big Mike's big lunch.

It was almost an hour on the dot when I arrived at East City Comics with Mike's footlong meatball sandwich from Subway. I appreciated the weight of it in my hand, and couldn't help but giggle at the thought of Mike's big dick. I walked in with only the slightest hesitation. It was the second time I'd returned since that first day when I'd bought a volume of Death Note and met the man of my dreams. How things had changed.

Unlike that day, I was dressed casually and wearing less makeup. Instead of my bold model dress, I wore a red V-neck and blue jeans. Instead of heels, I wore sneakers. I walked in with the knowledge that Mike and I were bonded, albeit in a weird domination roleplay relationship. All of that was different, plus I had a Kirby in my ass.

By the time I approached the counter and handed my deity his offering, I barely noticed the traveller within me. Mike looked to me with a cocky smirk on his fat lips before he tore into his sub. He wore a long sleeved black shirt, kind of a default for him, with the sleeves rolled up. His huge hairy forearms were on display, to my delight. His beard and hair were a mess, as usual, and his thick framed black glasses gave him the nerd-pro look.

I glanced around the store while he sat at the counter and ate. There were a few people in the store, either looking at rows of comics or examining action figures and Funko Pop toys. The back section had some cosplay gear and board games along the wall.

"Why don't you check out those cheap comics?" Mike spoke with a mouth full of meatballs, gesturing down to the bottom shelf next to me. It was a few cardboard boxes crammed full of older issues, nothing over a dollar.

I squatted down to inspect them, feeling the tension within my anus as my hips sunk to the ground. I let out a quiet little moan of discomfort, which Mike picked up on.

"How's that? Pretty, uh...tight fit in there...but if you stick your hand in and look around you might find something good."

He chuckled down at me, dripping with as much cockiness as his beard dripped with pizza sauce. I watched his tongue slurp the sauce from his shaggy beard before he took another huge bite. All these little sensations added up to turn me on: his mountainous slouching posture at the counter, the lock of his eyes on me, the loud noise of his mastication and laboured nose-breathing, as well as the squat that he'd ordered me into and the toy that he'd stuffed inside me. Despite being in a public place doing casual things, Mike's power gripped me with the aggressive clutch of an intimate bedroom scene.

I looked back to the box stuffed full of comics, feeling fully on display, with Kirby snug in my rectum. I slowly pulled one out, barely able to squeeze it from the others. It was indeed a tight fit.

"Catalyst Prime...Kronos City...Code Name: Stryke Force...Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities...I have no clue what any of these are."

Mike shrugged and shoved the last big bite of his sandwich into his gaping maw.

"Fake geek girl."

I rolled my eyes at the comment and raised a defensive hand.

"Umm, actually...I'm more of a manga girl."

Sauce had spilled onto his fingertips, which he soon sucked clean and then wiped on his black shirt. With the same hand he pointed to the manga section.

"Go prove it, then."

Mike stayed where he was like a boulder as I moved to his command. Farther away from the till, near the entrance, there was a wall of manga series greeting any incoming customer. I looked around for my favourites.

"Okay, well this one's obvious." I showed him a copy of Death Note. "And then you've got the big three, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto."

Mike muffled a burp with his fist and shrugged at my selections. "Pretty basic bitch stuff."

I looked back to him with a smirk. He wasn't wrong.

"Well...I also like Full Metal Alchemist, Berserk, Soul Eater."

"Berserk is awesome." Mike interjected. I appreciated the concession.

"Aaaand there's Shin Angyo Onshi...and Holyland...and Monster. Those are all cool."

"Never heard of them."

I paced back towards him. "Oh yeah? Are you a fake manga bro?"

Mike offered no further concession or acknowledgment. "Did you grow up watching Sailor Moon too?"

"Uhh, yeah. Moon tiara power, baby."

He nodded to me and seemed interested. "Good idea for cosplay."

"Oh..." The thought intrigued me. "And would you go as thicc boi Tuxedo Mask?"

Mike kinda smirked, and glanced around the store before responding.

"Nah, I would go as...the creator of manga. So I get to decide what you wear, when you speak, and everything you do. How about that?"

I stepped closer to the counter, looking up at him. He had his unflinching, uncommitted face on. He was so damn quick to take something boyfriendy and cute and turn it into a power play. I was fully confident in my female intuition that he just didn't know how to flirt and be exposed. I'd so quickly given him the option of lowering and reducing me into a slave rather than a girlfriend that he didn't easily stray from it.

But I didn't hate it.

"If that's what you wish, creator." I kinda whispered it and leaned in to him before taking a step back from the counter. "But I'm pretty sure the writer's a middle aged Japanese woman, so...not sure how you're gonna pull that one off."

He sneered at my joke, and took one of the store business cards in one hand. With a flick of his wrist he sent it fluttering onto the floor next to me.

"Oops. Why don't you pick that up for me?" Again, no smile, just a still expression as he voiced his command.

I smirked at the game and quickly looked around before I embarrassed myself in public. No one was in our immediate area, and Craig was in the back talking to some customers.

"Yes, sir." I squatted down slowly, my jeans stretching tight and Kirby's body resisting the inner membrane of my rectum. Only as I submitted to him did Mike's face begin to light up with a subtle smile.

I rose up to my feet and handed him the card. He took it, folded it in half, and tossed it back towards the entrance.


There was no joke I could make to deviate from this cadence. All I could do was obey with robotic animation. I took a few slow steps towards the entrance, letting my hips sway in hopes of his amusement. I stopped, my feet and thighs pressed together, and ever so slowly squatted down to the floor. Kirby slowly stretched me out with a tinge of pain. It hurt and Mike knew it. I looked over my shoulder to see him watching and smiling. I felt the dull joy of having pleased him.

Just as I rose again Craig approached the counter to talk to Mike. He nodded to me and interrupted our little game. Craig was the owner of East City Comics, two years younger than Mike and one year older than me. He was an average looking guy, kinda nerd-cute. After they discussed work stuff, Craig chatted me up.

"What's up? Just visiting the big guy?"

"Yup. Myyyyy big maaaan." I said it cute and annoying just to rub it in. Mike glanced over at me and chuckled. After that Craig and I indulged exactly the kind of conversation that Mike didn't like: corny, vapid, and personally revealing. Once we arrived at an upcoming sale at Men's Big and Tall, Mike called a halt to the convo.

"Oohhkay.'re working soon, huh?"

I gave him with my best shit-eating grin. "Ohhh, you're right, pumpkin. What would I do without you?" Mike and I stared at each other in a weird sarcastic standoff while Craig stood between us, confused and polite.

"Kay, well, I'll be off."

"Hey, maybe we should all get together sometime. We can hit the pub with Katy?"

The premise of meeting Craig's girlfriend on a double date with Big Mike was appealing to me, but the idea was shut down pretty quick.

"Yeah, we'll see. Felicia's working six days, so..."

"Eh, yeah, I'm hustling these days. But one day!" I gave him a gun finger and quickly exited the store.

Once I was outside and free from the minor tension of the moment, I had forgotten about Kirby's adventure completely. I was instead engrossed in a reflection of my relationship deal with Mike. We'd made this late-night pact that we'd explore his dominance for two weeks and then he'd man up and be my proper boyfriend. Moments like that with Craig made me wonder what it would be like when the time came.

I worried Mike would be forever shrugging off double dates, eternally avoiding events outside the house, and permanently stuck in his groove on the couch. I tried to imagine us at a pub with Craig and his girlfriend, yukking it up with nachos and beer. It was hard to imagine, given Mike's stubborn nature.

But I was dumb. A normal woman would've held out just enough to make the guy work for sex, but I had been too excited to offer any resistance. I'd given away the cow and was slowly wondering what I could charge for a glass of milk.

And I was getting ahead of myself; I wasn't even halfway through the arrangement. Mike had told me he would be deflowering me for the second time soon and I wasn't sure if I could even handle it. And then what, I wondered. Mike had a knack for punishment and enough of an aggressive streak that I was forced to reserve some fear over what could come after. Power and intimacy are the yin and yang of a good relationship; Mike had a surprising talent for the former but little inclination for the latter.

Kirby and I enjoyed deep reflection throughout the rest of the day. I bummed around town waiting for Mike to be done and brought some takeout back to his place in time for him to get home. When I arrived but before Mike returned, Aron was home. They never locked their front door, so I kinda entered sheepishly, unsure if he cared that I was showing up unannounced.

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