Marv tossed and turned in his sleep. He'd boldly announced the closing of the plantation, yet he had no plan. Soon after his declaration, the reality of his task weighed on him. What would the slaves do after the plantation's closing? Who could he entrust their labor contracts to? In the end, he had gone to bed frustrated, without answers.

No longer able to sleep and feeling an odd sensation in his groin, his eyes snapped open, and so did his mouth. A head was bobbing under his covers. Flipping them off, he saw Gail's face. Her mouth was wide, straining around his hard length that was soaked with her saliva. She'd been doing this for quite some time.

Then he took in his surroundings. All the server girls were there. No, not server girls. They were prostitutes of this plantation and they were all nude, touching themselves and watching Gail suck his cock. His cock twitched at the sight and Gail moaned around his cock, sending pleasing vibration along it.

Gripping the sheets to control himself, he shut his eyes again, trying to focus on why this was happening. Suddenly, he was attacked. The girls restrained him by his hands and feet. Their numbers competing against his own strength. Caught between the pleasure of Gail's sucks and his frustration at this unasked-for service, he glared at them all.

"Release me at once! Gail, take my cock out of your mouth!"

"You will do no such thing," said Mia, appearing out of the shadows. So, she was behind this.

"What is the meaning of this, Mistress Mia?"

"I am truly sorry for this, Master Marv. But I hoped to ease you into how things are done here. Yet you resisted so much. I had to take a more forceful approach."

"So, you assault me in my sleep."

"Assault? I would never dare. If you wished to escape, you could. These girls aren't field slaves. They have not the strength to hold you down for long."

"I don't want to hurt them."

"Yes, but that isn't the only reason isn't it." And is if to prove her point, Mia pushed down on Gail's head until the girl was taking his cock in its entirety. Gail gagged, fluid leaking from her mouth and coating the base of his crotch. It warmed his cock, and he felt the tip bump against a barrier. He struggled against the restraining hands of the other girls, but not so he could escape. The pleasure was simply too much for him to hold back.

Mia held Gail's face down and he felt her tongue working on him. His breathing hastened and his groans became loud. The girls, no longer needing to hold him down as the pleasure kept him weak, used his limbs as sex toys. Their wet pussies rubbed against his arms and legs, their hips humping him. It was truly a feast for his eyes, to see all this dark, soft flesh using and pleasuring him.

Mia had mercy on Gail and let her head up. "Lick the tip, then the shaft. Get all that nasty drool off," Mia commanded of Gail, then spoke to Marv again. "You are a good master. This, I have learned. It hurts to say, but our former master was...incompetent. However, you are too new to our ways, unwilling to accept the pleasure and service we can provide. If you had it your way, you would completely destroy our way of life."

A war was fought over the south's way of life. Mia was one of those who wouldn't accept the loss. He was here to make her and others do exactly that. But before he could make that point, she anticipated it. With a nod, the other girls bent so they could use their tongues on his body.

They trailed their tongues along his arms, chest, and thighs. Their focus eventually rested on his nipples while two others shared his cock that Gail reluctantly gave up. The two started with kisses at the tip before exploring it with their tongues. He wanted to reach out and force their heads together, to make them kiss each other with his tip between them. His senses were exploding with the smells and sounds now dominating the room.

Marv had never heard, never experienced anything like this. Sexual interaction for him before coming to this plantation was wholesome, proper. A man would lay a woman upon his bed and she would spread for him. Then he would insert himself, pumping till he released. The hope being a child would take fruit. And if one simply wanted pleasure, other more adventurous positions could be had. But for him to be surrounded by nubile black bodies, licking and sucking both each other and him. It was outright hedonistic.

Marv never wanted it to end. God help him.

Gail removed her face from his now wet balls to say, "We believe in you, Master Marv. Don't send us away."

"No—I wasn't."

"If you close this plantation, that is what will happen."

This he knew. "But I can't let this continue."

"This?" She took a ball in his mouth. "Or this?" She switched to the other, rolling it around with her tongue.

He cried out. "You have to stop."

"Why? You deserve this."

"It's because I am a master."

"A good one. Good masters deserve this treatment. And only them."

"If you could find us good owners, then there is no issue. Please, find us some good men."

"What?" Mistress Mia bellowed. "You will service whoever I or any master—Ahh!"

The girls had surrounded Mia, taking her by the arms so they could wrestle her to the bed. Then like a pack of animals, they tore at her dress, ripping at her clothes until the woman was in tatters. Her busty body was heaving from the failed struggle.

"What is going on?" Marv said. Now that the girls had stopped pleasuring him, the cloud in his mind cleared.

"What we ask is no different from what you have been doing. Find us good white masters, but let us work from this estate, with you as our overseer. Let us do what we are good at."

Gail was beside him now, helping him rise from the bed, leading him behind Mia. The girls had Mia pressed against the bed, her breasts squashed against the covers, and her large ass naked and inviting for his eyes. One of the girls checked Mia's sex, doing to her as she had done to them so many times. The girl's fingers listened. Mia was as excited as everyone else. She was as much the harlot that she accused the girls of being.

Gail aimed his cock at Mia's entrance, rubbing his tip against the folds of her pussy, getting the both of them ready. "If you want to help us, all of us. You must convince the powers that be, or defeat them." She nudged Marv forward, Mia's lips parting, taking in his tip. "Her first!"

Without being told, he slammed the rest of his cock into Mia. Her entire body quaked at the intrusion. She desperately gripped the sheets like he had only moments before. For a moment, he worried he'd hurt her. That disappeared when she moaned out for more.

One angry girl slapped her ass. "You think just because you are the mistress, you are better than us!" Another slap. "You are still a slave. No, you are lower than a slave. You didn't sign a contract. Master can do what he wants with you. All of us can."

He was thrusting in and out of Mia now, enjoying the show. The other girls joined in, slapping Mia, taking out their frustration on the harsh mistress, a fellow mulatto slave who dominated them for so long. Gail watched with him, egging him on, a hand on his pumping ass and the other grasping his balls.

This was the right thing to do. The only thing to do. It was women like Mia who needed punishment, not Gail. Gail had the right idea. He needed to turn other masters like himself to the cause. Who could be surrounded by such creatures and not see their godly nature? Marv had tried doing things his way, following the teachings of the Freedmen's Bureau. But did he ever ask the opinions of the blacks? If this is what they wanted, then why not give it to them? Yes, he was only listening to their desires.

Gripping Mia by her hair, Marv pulled the woman up, so that her back was to his chest. He hugged the woman around the waist and kissed her neck. The girls quickly attacked Mia's large breasts, taking both nipples into their mouths. Another was at her sex, licking her as Marv pounded away at her gushing pussy.

Even through the sounds filling the room, he heard the door to his room open, the candlelight of the hallway coming in. It was the other women of the estate. The maids, cooks, cleaners, gardeners. All of them watching him spear his cock into Mia with the other girls at her tits and sex.

"This is your real Master," Gail said, letting the woman stream around her, entering the room.

They removed their uniforms, taking their place behind him or on the bed. Hands roamed over his sweaty body; tits mashed up against his back. The girls on the bed, enjoying the show, fingered themselves or played with each other.

Marv's eyes were wide, and his breath must have been hot against Mia's neck. He wanted to say something, to think normally, but when he opened his mouth, a woman's hand guided it to her breast. Soon any thought in his mind was drowned out by the moans and cries of the slaves, then his shouts of pleasure.

He didn't know when, but he'd came, flooding out of his cock and into Mia. His eyes squinted shut and when he opened them, Mia was on her knees. That proud woman cleaned his cock in the direction of the slave girls. She was pushed to the side by the others, their tongues working him back to hardness.

He closed his eyes again. When they opened his cock was in another woman. When they closed and opened again, he was in a different position, back on the bed, head resting in a woman's lap as another rode him. Next, he was fucking a girl into the wall, holding her by her ass. Each time he closed and opened his eyes, Marv was treated to a new experience. He couldn't stop. He didn't want to.

Gail slipped away from the orgy, a smile on her face. Marv was a good man, and one of the few who truly believed in the rights of blacks. But as with most good-hearted men, they went about their good deeds in a misguided way.

The contracts were the invention of a president that wanted to keep the black man and woman down. What was in them meant nothing, so long as the master was cruel. It was the same for the land Marv handed out. Very little would prevent the white man from stealing any gains made by the new black farmers.

No, what Marv didn't understand was that the whites were still in power, and what was needed was strong allies. At least until events changed. It was her job to do that.

Outside the mansion, a tall, well-muscled man waited for her. Thomas. Her handler, a breeder who returned from the war a hero and a leader of The Cause. She was rather low ranking herself, but after this, she would demand higher status.

Thomas greeted her with a nod. "I can hear them from out here."

"The women of the estate wanted Marv for some time. They were quite pent up before that, too" she giggled. "Marv didn't know that the supposed prostitutes were the children of the last generation of servers. They've only been with a few breeding bucks as training."

"You make it sound like they are innocent virgins."

She laughed. "No, of course not. But they have yet to witness the cruelties of most masters."

"You didn't tell this to Marv. Why?"

"He had to believe he was saving them, that they knew all the options and chose him. The girls know only the stories I told them."

Gail, despite her petite appearance, was older than all her fellow servers, almost as old as Mia. Her apparent youth helped her with missions as everyone underestimated her, thinking her naïve.

"So, he is in our thrall."

"Oh yes, deeply."

"This is quite the accomplishment, Gail. I know you want greater status in The Cause. You have it." Gail grinned. "But can you replicate this? Marv is unique, as he has held his views from an early age. What of the well-intentioned whites that hold more backward thinking?"

"This is why I worked so hard on Marv. He will have an eye out for those like himself. As for the harder targets. I'm sure Andre can pay a visit to their wives."

It was an admission that she couldn't do everything just because her status was raised. A nod from Thomas told her that question was indeed a test of her ego. Andre, a handsome house slave, took to seducing the wives of cruel masters. He was more suited for the role.

"May I ask what is next?"

"Yes. You've earned it. I am the first black to own a plantation. Andre is humiliating enemy masters. And you, through Marv, will reward whites on our side. These measures will be expanded if they continue to prove successful. Then there is the problem of slavers fleeing to the west, trying to establish new lands and states with their ideology. The Indians are fighting them. We should help."

Gail nodded, pleased that The Cause was expanding at great pace. Hearing another cry from the estate, she left Thomas to join Marv and the other girls.

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