Brenda looked outside at the young man that was cleaning out her pool. She bit her lip and began to undress. She took off her yellow dress, before moving to remove her black bra. She proceeded to cup one of her large breasts, as she continued to look down at the hot stud. "Oh, Michael", Brenda thought to herself. Brenda had been hooking up with her pool boy, Michael, for a month. She liked to watch the young 20 year-old clean her pool from a distance before pouncing on her prey. Brenda looked at the clock and decided to take action.

Brenda put on a revealing orange bikini that outlined her wonderful curves. She was blessed with 36DD breasts and a thick ass. She received a lot of attention from men of all ages. However, these days she was mostly attracted to younger men. She liked their sexual enthusiasm and lean bodies.

Brenda took a look at herself in the mirror. She smiled as she stared at her large breasts that were just begging to be freed from her tight bikini.

"It's go time," she remarked to herself.

She poured a glass of water for Michael, before making her way outside. She caught Michael's eye as she walked over to him. He immediately smiled at the buxom redhead as she approached him.

"Hey, Michael. I brought you water." Brenda told the young pool boy. As Michael started to drink the water, Brenda started to rub the youngster's physique. Michael stood at 5'11, weighed 170 lbs and had a bit of a runner's body. He had nice, hard abs that Brenda appreciated. Brenda looked at Michael and began to rub his shoulders. Brenda started to whisper in his ear.

"I think your job is finished for the day." Brenda had to have him right then and there. She didn't want to take him inside.

Brenda pushed her young man onto a nearby beach chair and began to disrobe him. She quickly took off his pants.

"Eager, aren't we?" Michael asked with a sly smile.

Brenda didn't bother to respond. Before she knew it, Michael's hard member was in her hands. Brenda started to suck on Michael's cock head and took in as much of the shaft that she could get in. Michael had a thick penis, so it was tough for Brenda to take all of him in her mouth. Brenda continued to gag on Michael, until Michael started to moan. Brenda began to stroke Michael's penis vigorously, and told him to get up and fuck her. Brenda took Michael's place on the beach chair, opened up her legs and invited his throbbing penis to invade her womanhood.

Michael took up Brenda's invitation and promptly slid his throbbing erection inside of Brenda. Brenda began to moan as her young lover penetrated her. With Brenda's back on the beach chair, it gave Michael a great view of Brenda's swinging breasts. They moved beautifully as he thrusted inside his mature cougar. Michael grabbed a firm handful of Brenda's breasts, before she motioned him to kiss her. They locked into a deep kiss as Michael continued to fill up Brenda's pussy with his thick cock.

As they kissed, Brenda knew Michael wouldn't last much longer. Brenda firmly grabbed Michael's butt as she encouraged him to fuck her as deep as possible. Michael began to moan, and Brenda knew she was about to get her reward for the day.

"I'm gonna cum!", Michael panted. He proceeded to plant his orgasm deep inside of Brenda. Brenda smiled and slapped Michael in the ass.

Michael sat down on the edge of the beach chair and looked at Brenda.

"I have something I need to tell you..", Michael said.

Brenda looked at Michael with a puzzling look.

"What is it, Michael?", Brenda asked.

Michael told Brenda that he's moving away. His mother is sick in Greenville, four hours away, and she needs someone that will take care of her.

"I'll no longer be able to clean your pool and do all of the other fun stuff," Michael nervously remarked.

Brenda was disappointed. She was having a great time with Michael. She thought he was attractive, was a great listener and was a good lover. However, she also thought what Michael was doing was selfless and she respected it. Brenda patted Michael on the arm, and told him to take good care of his mother, and never be afraid to call her when he needs someone to talk to. Michael appreciated Brenda's kind words. The two kissed before they went their separate ways.

The next morning, Brenda was having her daily coffee conversation with her best friend and neighbor, Michelle. Brenda told Michelle the bad news about Michael moving away to take care of his mother.

"I need a new young piece of ass, and quick! I'm in my sexual prime, I don't want to take a vacation from sex."

Michelle laughed, and told Brenda that her neighbor's son, Robert, is home for the summer from college. He's going to start cutting her grass again.

"Robert Walker? I wouldn't mind taking him under my wing," Brenda replied.

Michelle laughed. Michelle was a very sexual person as well, but her friend's assertiveness always amused her. Michelle told Brenda that they can work out a deal.

"I'll lend you Robert to clean out your pool one day. You can work your magic and have yourself a new young playmate!", Michelle enthusiastically suggested.

Both ladies laughed and the deal was made.

The following day, Michelle called Robert and told him to be at Brenda''s house at 1:00 tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Robert woke up and went for a run. While he was on his run, he couldn't help but think about Brenda. The flowing red hair, the luscious rack, and the nice fat ass. He had to readjust his shorts multiple times during his run. After finishing his run, he got some breakfast, did some chores around the house, and took a short nap. He woke up at around 11:30, washed up, and decided to head over to Brenda's house.

After making the short walk over there, he rings the doorbell. After a few moments, Brenda answers with a smile on her face.

"Robert! So great to see you!" She gives Robert a big hug. She asks Robert how his first year at college went and Robert responded with a generic, "It was well" response. Brenda asks Robert if he met any cute girls in college. Robert confirmed that he had not. Brenda encourages Robert to keep his head up because he has a lot to offer girls. Robert smiled at her kind words.

Brenda invites Robert inside. She shows Robert around the house. While Robert is walking behind Brenda, he sneaks a few glances at her round ass. God, he thought to himself. Brenda offers to make Robert some lunch before he heads out to do the pool. He politely declines the offer, stating that he had a big lunch. Brenda smiles and leads Robert out to the pool area.

Brenda instructs Robert to empty the skimmers, clean the pool surface, brush the pool floor and vacuum the pool. Robert nods. Brenda then tells Robert if he does a good job, she'll reward him kindly. Brenda grins. That young boy has no idea what he's in for, she thinks to herself. Robert says, "Well I better get started!" Brenda tells Robert if he needs anything, she'll be right inside. As Brenda walks away, Robert again steals a few glances at the buxom older lady.

Robert starts with emptying the baskets. This isn't the first time Robert has cleaned a pool, so he notices that these baskets aren't too filled with debris. He quickly moves to dump the baskets over the fenced area. With the baskets finished, he goes to grab a net. He scoops up any debris that is at the pool surface or the bottom of the pool floor. It was a hot summer day. Robert decides to discard his t-shirt, revealing a thick torso.

Brenda takes a peek at Robert through her bedroom window. She observes the shirtless Robert. "What a hot bod," Brenda says to herself. As she watches Robert moving back and forth as he cleans her pool, Brenda slowly moves her fingers down to her genitals and starts to play with herself. She loves a working man and watching the sweat glisten off of Robert's body was turning her on.

Before long, Robert was finished with cleaning the pool surface and brushing the pool floor portion of the job. He proceeded to take a brush and started to brush down the pool steps. Brenda continued to watch intently from her bedroom. She had now removed her shirt and started to twist her nipples. She watched Robert get down on his hands and knees and clean her pool steps.

"Yes, that's right pool boy. Clean my pool," Brenda mumbled.

Robert moved to brush along the ledge of the entire pool. Brenda finally had enough.

"I want that stud," a determined Brenda grunted. Brenda decided to put on a revealing yellow bikini that brilliantly outlined her massive chest and delicious ass. She went downstairs and poured Robert a glass of water. She made her way out to the pool.

As she walked outside, she noticed that Robert was finished with brushing the sides of the pool and was setting up the vacuum. "Hey, Robert! Looks like you're almost finished", Brenda called out. Without looking, Robert calls out,

"Yes, Brenda. Almost done!" The young man then turns around and feasted his eyes on the luscious redhead. Holy shit, Robert thought to himself. Brenda's tanned body was having quite an effect on the 20-year-old.

"I thought I'd bring you some water. You don't mind if I lay down and catch some rays while you finish up, do you?" Brenda remarked. Robert slightly stutters, "n-n-n no ma'am"

Robert has to strategically readjust his shorts as he finishes setting up the vacuum for the pool. Brenda lays on her chest and asks Robert if he can put lotion on her back. The college student couldn't believe his luck. This busty MILF wants him to put lotion on her, while she's paying him money to clean her pool. Robert finally musters up a response. "Of course," Robert replies. Robert takes the bottle of lotion and starts to slowly apply it to Brenda's back.

"How is that Brenda?"Robert inquires. Brenda turns over. Brenda notices that the young man is a little tense. She smiles and says, "The vacuum is automatic. It'll finish the job by itself. Why don't you apply some of that lotion to my front?" Robert stutters. Brenda bites her lip.

"You don't want me to get a sunburn, do you, Robert?"

Robert shakes his head. Robert didn't know what to do. He wasn't sure if Brenda was seducing him or she was genuinely asking for help applying her sunscreen. The only thing he knew was that physically touching this hot woman made his penis feel a certain way. There was no mistake about it, he was sporting one hell of an erection. He just hoped Brenda wouldn't notice. Robert conservatively starts to apply sunscreen to Brenda's upper torso and he begins to rub it towards her neck. Brenda looks at Robert and tells him,

"Lower." Robert gulped. He started to rub in the lotion on her stomach. Brenda demanded that Robert go a little higher.

Does Brenda want me to rub lotion on her tits? Robert pondered. Robert smiled at Brenda and started to mumble something unintelligible. Brenda knew the young man was flustered. She was having a blast torturing this young stud. She stared down and noticed a tent had formed in his shorts. Brenda laughs and remarks,

"It's only sunscreen, you dirty boy!" Robert's face quickly turned bright red. She had noticed his erection. This is so embarrassing, he thought. He tried to apologize, but he kept stumbling over his words. He couldn't keep his thoughts straight. Brenda held his hand and told him that it was okay.

She was quite flattered. She proceeded to ask Robert if he liked older women. Robert nods. Robert had never been with an older woman before. However, the thought intrigued him. Brenda admitted to Robert that she has a thing for young men. She's divorced, she's not looking for marriage, she just wants to have some fun.

Robert, feeling a little daring, asks Brenda if she's looking to have fun with him. Brenda laughs and says that he fits the bill of what she likes.

"Young, handsome, and respectful." she remarks.

Robert can't believe his eyes. He theorizes this must be some type of trap. No way would this older woman seduce him. However, before his mind can race even further, Brenda grabs his right hand and places it over her right breast. Robert knows he is past the point of no return. It's time to stop being in disbelief and it's time to take action. This cougar wants him. Robert fondles Brenda's right breast. This takes Brenda by surprise, but she is happy with this development. Brenda looks at Robert, smiles, and asks him if he has a type of woman.

Robert looks deep into Brenda's eyes and tells her, "Yeah. I like older women. I like older women who like younger men." Brenda is delighted to hear that response.

"Good answer", Brenda remarks. Robert continues to massage Brenda's right breast. Brenda asks Robert if she's like her big titties. Robert nods. Brenda and Robert both stare into each other's eyes for a brief moment before Brenda kisses him. After a few moments of french kissing, the redhead bombshell tells Robert not to be shy and to take off her top. Robert immediately reaches around and unties her bikini top. He slowly unleashes her massive breasts.

They were a DD cup. They were a delicious pair of natural breasts. Robert begins to massage both breasts. Brenda grins and goes in for another kiss. Brenda then instructs Robert to suck on her nipples. Robert is more than happy to oblige. Robert begins to lick and suck on Brenda's pink nipples. He alternates from the left nipple to the right. He keeps going back and forth. Brenda appreciates Robert's efforts.

"Who taught you how to do that you dirty boy?" Robert looks up and smiles, but continues to go to work on the redhead's nipples.

Robert goes for a kiss. The busty MILF eagerly meets Robert's lips with her own. Robert has never been this hard in his entire life. Brenda grabs Robert's hand and guides towards her bikini bottom. Brenda whispers in his ears to remove the last remaining portion of her swimwear. Brenda gets up and bends over. Robert is frozen as he stares at her juicy bottom. God, this is a stacked woman! Robert thought to himself. Brenda once more instructs the young man to take action. Robert finally acts.

He slowly peels off Brenda's bottom. He then marvels at the sight that is in front of him. This stacked older woman was in all of her glory. He's in complete lust. Brenda's pretty face, huge breasts, and thick ass. The total package, Robert thought.

"Oh, Brenda. You're something else!", Robert opines. Brenda lays down on her back on the pool chair. She opens her leg and points to Robert, then points at her snatch.

"Get to eating, young man." Robert couldn't resist. He immediately dives in and starts to tongue her clit. Brenda lays back and enjoys his tongue. Not bad for a college boy. Pretty damn good actually. she thought to herself.

As Robert continued to tongue her genital, Brenda looked at the young stud. Brenda told him, "Mama is going to teach you some lessons, Robert. Now put a tongue in that pussy as you eat." Robert does what he's told. Robert continues to lick Brenda's clit, as he slowly begins to finger her. He begins to finger her furiously, before Brenda holds his finger and tells him,

"Slow and steady is the key, dear." Robert nods, listens to the advice, and starts to finger the delicate pussy slowly with precise rhythm. Robert stops licking momentarily and tells Brenda,

"Oh, Brenda. You taste so good."

Brenda smiles and firmly states, "No one told you to stop eating. Get back down there, boy!" Robert, listening to the busty MILF, goes back to licking her clit. Brenda begins to moan. Brenda observed that Robert was a great listener and a quick learner. Brenda begins to hold her breasts as Robert works over her privates.

Brenda looks down at Robert. "Robert, come kiss me.", Brenda orders. Robert stands up and leans in for a kiss. Brenda and Robert start to french kiss. Robert observes that he's never been with a woman that's as sexually aggressive as Brenda. Of course, most of Robert's partners have been around his age. They haven't been a woman with years of sexual experience like Brenda.

She loved his sizable muscles, which were pretty impressive for a 20-year-old. She loved his handsome face and she loved the fact that he was a respectful young man that displayed no signs of youthful arrogance. She wanted that dick. She needed that young dick, and she was going to have it.

Brenda told Robert that it's time for him to get completely naked. She wanted to see what he was sporting underneath those trunks. As Robert began to pull down his shorts, Brenda stopped him.

"No baby, allow me!" Brenda excitedly states. She grasped his hard-on through his shorts. God, that's a hard cock, Brenda thought. She grabbed it from side to side as it was strained through Robert's clothing. Brenda starts to slowly remove his shorts. Before she knew it, Robert's cock sprang out. She looked at it. It was a hard, youthful penis. It was average in size, but it was beautiful. A pink cockhead with a noticeable vein that was situated in the middle of the shaft.

"Very nice, Robert. Very nice, indeed." Brenda begins to slowly stroke the dick. Wanting to take the action to the bedroom, Brenda stands up. She tells Robert to follow her. Brenda places her right hand on his cock and leads him back inside and upstairs to the bedroom by the dick.

Now in the bedroom, Brenda instructs Robert to lay down on the bed. Robert gleefully obliges with the cougar's request. Brenda crawls onto the bed, between Robert's legs, and starts to lick the tip of the cockhead. The young man begins to flinch. Brenda starts to stroke the head before leaning in to suck it for the first time. Robert's eyes roll back to the back of his head, signaling that he is experiencing immense pleasure. Brenda continues to suck the prick.

"Oh, Brenda," Robert moans. Brenda sucks the sides of the shaft, licks the head, and goes back to sucking on it. This is the best blowjob of Robert's life. Feeling a little daring, Robert reaches and cusps Brenda's right breast.

"Oh, you like these titties?" Brenda sarcastically asks. Robert nods. Brenda tells Robert to fuck her tits. Robert is in disbelief at his luck. Brenda positions her massive globes where they completely engulf Robert's hard cock. She begins to bounce her breasts up and done. Her young stud starts to moan. Brenda smiles at him and tells him not to cum yet. Brenda sticks out her tongue to meet the head of the cock as it emerges from her massive breasts.

"Oh god," Robert moans. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer. No one has ever pleasured his cock like this. Brenda looks at the young man. His mouth is wide open and his eyes are rolled in the back of his head. She knows she is giving him the time of his life. She tells him that she's going to finish him with her mouth. The only thing Robert could do was nod. Brenda slips the young cock back into her mouth and starts to rapidly suck on it. She strokes the shaft as she gulps the head with her mouth. She can feel Robert tense up, she knows it won't be much longer before she gets a creamy reward. Brenda continues to stroke and slurps it until Robert cries out.

"Oh yeah!" Robert moans. He fills Brenda's mouth with his seed. Brenda swallows her prize. Robert can't believe it. He's never seen a woman swallow sperm before. He's never had a woman that finished him with her mouth. When he tells Brenda this, Brenda laughs and tells him that you haven't been with a woman before. He's only been with immature girls.

"Welcome to the cougar life, Robert." Brenda tells him.

Brenda tells Robert the best thing about young guys is that they can go for multiple rounds. Brenda points at the young man's penis.

"See. You're still as hard as a rock." Robert smiles as he understands that this beautiful woman isn't done with him yet. Brenda leans in to kiss Robert and whispers in his ear, "I want you to fuck me."

Brenda lays down on the bed, spreads her legs, and invites Robert's young hard prick to join her. Robert doesn't waste any time. He immediately gets on the bed with her. However, before he can insert his hard prick into the inviting vagina, Brenda stops him. She tells him to warm her up with his tongue again. Remembering what Brenda taught him earlier, Robert begins to tongue her clit while fingering her slowly.

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