Brady limped into the locker room with a smile on his mud covered face. His first practice was a success. Coming to Hyacinth State University was a last resort after barely graduating, but it had worked out in his favor. In this small school, he and his 6'4" lanky frame managed to impress the head coach of the football team, and land a spot as a starting wide receiver. There had been some mild animosity from the older players at first, but Brady kept his head down and worked hard every day, and it all paid off.

Fist bumping a group of his fellow players, he then made his way to his locker, and sat down, letting himself take a breath and calm some of the adrenaline that had been pumping through his body all day.

"Hey there rookie!" the loud voice made Brady jump. He looked over to see Rob smiling at him. The gigantic offensive lineman was one of the few who had been nice to Brady from the very beginning. His wide, toothy grin was a welcome sight at the end of such a big moment. "Nice first practice! I think you shut up a lot of the doubters with that crazy fingertip catch right at the end." Rob pulled the pads and filthy jersey from his torso, and began untying his pants.

"Yeah, I shocked myself with that one." Brady smiled, pulling his phone and a pair of white earbuds from his gym bag.

"Ain't you gonna shower?" asked Rob as he stripped down completely, giving Brady a quick look at his impressively long member, before wrapping himself in a towel.

"Uh... yeah, yeah, I just have a post-practice ritual. I'll catch up with you tonight at the party." Brady replied. Rob gave him a confused look, but left him alone to plug the headphones into his ears.

Steam and chatter from the showers filled the large, cement room, as Brady nodded along with the beat of his music. He made sure to wait until he had seen almost everyone come back from the showers, before taking off his uniform. He stood in the silence for a moment, dressed in only a dirty white jock strap. He shook slightly, anticipating the familiar horror of being naked in a semi public place. Taking a deep breath, he dropped his last layer of cover, and took only a moment to look down. Brady was mostly ok with his body. He was tall, and semi-muscular. The one flaw was the half inch nub of a penis he hid as best he could.

A blush covered his cheeks, as he quickly wrapped himself in a towel, and made his way toward the showers. He looked back and forth, making sure he was alone before stepping into the large, group shower and removing his towel. He showered quickly, partially from fear of being seen, but partially because while waiting for the shower ensured solitude, it also made hot water a fantasy. Once he was finished, he dried off and wrapped the towel back around his waist.

As he made his way back to his locker, Brady felt something was wrong. His heart sank when he turned the corner to see Rob sitting on the bench, phone in his hand and a smirk on his face.

"Oh! Uh... hey, Rob. What's up?" Brady stammered.

"Oh nothing serious. I just forgot to tell you about hell week." Rob grinned, staring at the screen on his phone.

"Hell week?" Brady's voice cracked.

"Oh yeah. Whenever a freshman makes the team, we spend a week... breaking them in. I mean, we can't let it go to your head, so we gotta take you down a peg."

"Oh I'm not gonna get a big-"

"Don't bother arguing. It's tradition. I only came to warn you... and give you a little preview of what's coming."

His grin widening, Rob turned his phone around. Brady's jaw dropped to his chest when he saw the picture of himself, naked, standing under the cold shower, his diminutive member even more shrunken than usual. Brady tried to stammer out a response, but Rob merely stood up, and made his way out of the locker room with a chuckle.

Brady didn't remember getting dressed, or leaving the locker room, or even walking back to his dorm. Before he knew it, he was sitting on his bed, staring at the wall, his hands shaking in grim anticipation. He had no idea how Rob was going to use the picture he took, but Brady knew it wasn't going to be fun for him. The sound of his phone vibrating caused him to jump. Picking it up caused his stomach to drop. It was a text from Rob.

"Hey, they're throwing us a small party at the frog house. Dress nice. Be there @ 8."

Brady set down his phone, and let his head fall back, slamming against the wall behind him. After their locker room moment, he was dreading what was coming. Declining was not an option, however, so Brady stood up, and slowly began to get dressed, his fingers moving like they were made of stiff leather.

Clad in a light blue button down and black slacks, he trudged across campus with dread in his heart. A breeze blew through the night air as he came over the first hill, causing the hair on the back of his neck to stand up. After a few minutes of walking slower than usual, taking time to stare at the stars in the clear, night sky.

Lights shined in every window of the house, and a few of the smokers had filtered out onto the front lawn by the time Brady arrived. He almost stopped in his tracks when he saw Rob, leaning against the front door frame, red plastic cup in his hand. Rob's smile widened as Brady approached.

"Hey there rookie! Glad you made it! Sorry it was such SHORT notice." Rob said with a grin, taking a sip from his cup, as he threw his arm around Brady's shoulders and guided him inside. They weaved their way through the mass of people, which was likely only 50 deep, but seemed like many more once jammed inside the house. Rob guided him to a small makeshift stage that sat in front of a big red curtain, obviously meant to look like a mock up of a real stage.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" shouted Rob, drawing the attention of the now silent room. "I want to introduce to you HSU's first freshman starting wide receiver in over ten years!"

The attention immediately put Brady on edge, but the applause that came after the announcement helped calm him.

"What he has done," Rob continued "is no SMALL feat. It's rare that a receiver is talented enough to start their first year, and so with that in mind, we honor Brady Whitmer!" with that, Rob reached back and yanked down the red curtain. What he revealed caused Brady's chin to drop, and the rest of the room to erupt in laughter. Rob had printed out a giant poster sized version of the picture he had taken earlier. There in front of the house full of people was an image of Brady's naked body, complete with his cock shriveled to comical size. '

When he managed to turn back toward the crowd, all he saw were laughing students, and women waiving their pinkies at him. It got even worse when the whole house started chanting "Baby dick!" at him. With horror in his eyes, he looked over at Rob, who was smiling from ear to ear.

"Alright!" shouted the upper classman "It is time for the guest of honor to entertain us with a show!"

"But... but I-" Brady started, but before he could finish his sentence, Rob grabbed his hands and forcibly raised them above his head. With quick fingers, Rob fastened him to a length of rope hanging from the ceiling, leaving Brady unable to lower his arms.

"Alright!... Let the games begin!"

Brady looked around, horror in his eyes as he attempted to pull his wrists free from the rope above his head. No luck. He tried not to look at the giant picture of his naked body behind him, but it didn't matter. He knew the worst was yet to come. There was nothing he could do. He stood on the stage, arms above his head, as Rob addressed the growing crowd.

"That's right everyone, make room. Let as many people in as possible. This isn't a show you're going to want to miss, and I think you'll want to be as close as possible, or you might not see anything at all." This line brought a laugh from the crowd, and a fresh blush to Brady's cheeks. "Now, as you know, it is tradition that any freshman who makes the starting team must endure hell week!"

A cheer rose from the crowd, and a fear lump rose in Brady's throat. These people did not have mercy in their eyes. Rob began speaking again once the noise died down.

"Well our little friend Brady here has made my job incredibly easy, as you can see. This isn't hell week worthy though. This is barely purgatory. I think it's time to really break the rookie in..."

As if on cue, a tall, gorgeous blonde woman with an evil grin made her way onto the stage. Brady's heart began to pound even quicker in his chest. It was Meghan Patrick, a girl Brady had been crushing on since his first day.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Rob continued "A woman that needs no introduction. The captain of the HSU varsity cheer leading squad! Pledge mistress at Beta Omega Omega Beta! Ladies and gentlemen, Meghan Patrick!" The crowd cheered for the woman, as Rob handed her the microphone. When she stood in front of Brady, he could see that she had a ruler and a pair of scissors sticking out of her back pocket. His pulse shot up again.

"Well thank you for that wonderful introduction! I am honored to be here, partaking in one of HSU's longest held traditions, with one of HSU's... shortest subjects." more laughter from the crowd. "Now I think it's time to rid our friend of these bulky clothes!" More cheering as she turned around, her wicked grin growing by the second.

"Please, Meghan, no. I'm begging you." He whined pathetically, but she didn't even notice. She was too busy gleefully cutting his t-shirt away from his torso. In only a few seconds, he was naked from the waist up, his arms secured above his chiseled torso.

"Ooooh. He's in decent shape ladies. Too bad there's no exercise that'll make his baby carrot any bigger."

"Now most of you know the rules to this first game, but just in case you don't, what we're going to do is get little Brady here nice and... excited, then we're going to measure him. This is one instance where having a tiny cock is going to help him, because for every inch, he gets two spankings!"

The crowd cheered, as Brady turned white. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He tried to whimper a quiet protest, but nobody paid attention.

"Are you ready?!" shouted Meghan, as the crowd roared with approval. She spun around with mischief in her eye, and began undoing Brady's belt. He pleaded with her to stop, but she ignored him some more. Spurred on by the crowd, she quickly finished with his belt and the button on his pants. She dropped them to the ground to reveal his dark blue boxer briefs, and a bigger than expected bulge.

"Well well well. What is this?" She asked, as Brady's gaze shifted down. His heart jumped into his throat once more when he remembered that he had stuffed his pants before leaving for the party. "Looks like Brady might be a grower! Only one way to find out..."

She slowly slid her scissors into the leg of his underwear, as he gave up begging. The entire room fell silent in anticipation as she closed the blades together, snipping away one side of his underwear. They didn't give way enough to completely reveal his shame, but they did give way enough to allow the balled up sock to fall to the stage. Another moment of silence, and a roar of laughter echoed through the room.

"Oh my god!" She laughed into the microphone "He stuffed his pants! How pathetic!"

Brady closed his eyes. He wasn't sure he could take much more humiliation, but he knew more was to come. When he looked out at the crowd again, he realized exactly how many cameras were pointed at him, and a shiver ran down his spine at the thought of everyone seeing the pictures and video the next day.

Without care for his dignity, Meghan continued cutting, slicing the other side of his boxer briefs, and letting them fall to the ground. The laughter got louder once more as Brady's little button dick was revealed.

"That's more what I expected!" She said, moving out of the way to allow everyone to get a good shot. Brady could do nothing but stand there, completely naked in front of hundreds of his classmates, his tiny cock exposed and recorded forever. As humiliating as the entire scene was, what came next was even worse.

"Alright!" Meghan said, putting down the scissors and grabbing the ruler from her back pocket. "Now it's time to find out exactly how big this little guy gets!"

Brady tried his best to go somewhere else in his mind, but he couldn't. Meghan reached down, and grabbed his little dicklet between her thumb and forefinger, slowly stroking it. It wasn't long before it stood at full attention, bringing even more laughter.

"Well there goes the idea that he might be a grower! Let's get an accurate measurement though, just to be sure."

Brady couldn't even look as the gorgeous woman knelt down and pressed the cold wooden ruler against his erection. Moments later she shouted the results. "Just over three inches!" As the crowd cheered, she reached behind her ear and grabbed a permanent marker Brady hadn't noticed before. With a few quick motions, she wrote the words "Three inches" with an arrow pointing to his minuscule erection.

"You know what that means!" She said, lining herself up behind Brady with the ruler in her hand. It was this moment that Rob grabbed the microphone once more.

"One more caveat! We're going to set this mic up in front of our little friend here, and every time he gets a spanking, he's going to look out at you good people and say 'I have a tiny pee pee' isn't that right, Brady?!"

"You have to be kidding me!" Brady hissed, but Rob only smiled at him, clearly not kidding. "Fine! Whatever gets this over with!"

With that Meghan reeled back and brought the ruler in contact with Brady's ass, letting out a high pitched thwack.

"I have a tiny... a tiny pee pee." Brady whispered.

"You're going to have to go a little louder than that. Meghan here can spank you all night long!"

"I have a tiny pee pee!" Brady almost shouted, much to the delight of the crowd. He did the same five more times, as Meghan took great joy in turning his backside red. Once finished, he took a deep breath. Humiliated, and in pain, he is at least relieved that his night is over. Until he hears Meghan's voice once more.

"Alright! I think it's time we took part in another of HSU's longest standing traditions... the minute man challenge!" More cheering from the crowd. "Most of you know the rules, but I'm going to stroke his tiny dicklet, and if he lasts over a minute, he gets to go on back to his dorm. If not, he's your naked little servant all night. Now who's ready to see if our little guy here can last?" The crowd cheered once again, as Rob pulled up his stopwatch app. "One... two... three."

Rob hit start as Meghan reached down and began stroking Brady's three inch boner. Brady knew he would last, but that didn't make having his little cock played with in front of hundreds of people any less horrifying. He even let out a moan at one point, much to the crowd's delight.

After the minute was up, Meghan stopped stroking him, as the crowd collectively let out a disappointed noise.

"No no" Said Rob "Those are the rules. And now we must let our baby dick freshman run on home."

Brady breathed a sigh of relief as Rob reached up and untied his hands. He immediately reached for his pants, but Rob stepped on them, stopping him from pulling them up. Rob then reached down into the pockets, pulling out Brady's keys, wallet, and phone. He handed him those three things. "That's all you get. Now run along."

Brady knew better than to ask if he was kidding, and immediately covered himself, running through the crowd, none of whom seemed interested in giving him an easy time. They slapped his ass, and tried to pull his hands away as he ran out of the house. He tried his best not to notice the laughing people on the sidewalk, as he covered his still erect penis, and ran across the quad. He eventually made it back to his dorm, slamming the door shut behind him, and falling on the bed, exhausted. He didn't have long to rest before the horrible dread of the coming day hit him in the chest.

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