An Awakening

I was just a young boy when I met him. I was about 24 I guess and was working putting up TV aerials and satellite dishes. He was just moving into his new place. Here's what happened. It was a Friday and the office had stuck a whole load of jobs in the diary. I was working with a mate, and yet we were still falling behind. By the time we got to St. John's Road to fit a new aerial and put up the dish it was getting late and we still had three other jobs to do. I told my mate to wait in the van and planned to pop in briefly and delay the job until the next day to give us a fighting chance of getting through the day.

I rang the bell - I can't remember who answered but it wasn't David - I explained who I was and they invited me into the living room to talk to him. I was wearing Jeans and a t-shirt, with trainers, nothing special, my hair was quite long in those days and I was a fresh-faced lad, always looking younger than my years so I probably looked more 19-20 when he met me. I went into the living room and he looked at me immediately. I felt his power then, felt his attraction to me - he looked mesmerised by me and I was suddenly nervous and a little overcome by him. He greeted me kindly, looking me right in the eyes and smiling at me. I felt wanted there was no denying that! I explained how late we were running and asked if he'd mind me completing the job the following morning. 'I'm David by the way' he said, 'Hi, I'm Toby' I answered, eager to be on my way but a little entranced by this big man who seemed to want me in ways I couldn't begin to imagine. I explained the situation, and despite the stress of moving and the inconvenience of having no TV that night he was very gracious in accepting my proposal to return the following morning.

Well I was a bit of a hell raiser back in those days and I remember having a bit of a night of it, alcohol, speed, sex with my sometime companion Karen, an unfeasibly large breasted lady who was great company. Consequently, and as is the way with that particular drug I was still 'buzzing' in the morning when I rang the bell at David's - yesterday he'd had removal men and who knows who in the house, and I'd had my buddy - but today he was alone, as was I. When he answered the door he met me with a big beaming smile and invited me in. He appeared a little flustered as he showed me where he wanted the points for the TV, and we talked about where to put the dish. I was aware I was having some effect on him and the thought aroused me, though I knew I was too scared to do anything about it - I'd never been with a man like that, and though I was curious the reality was scary.

I went back outside and got on with my work, I put the aerial on the chimney and then the dish at the rear of the house. I was running the cable down the wall when I looked into the window and saw some kind of magazine on a desk/table - I wasn't sure what it was but it had a muscular man on the front, which seemed to confirm my suspicions about David and his preferences. I was also aware though that I was still spaced out from last night and possibly prone to jump to the wrong conclusions.

I finished the outside work and went inside to finish up/tune the TV etc. I got down on my knees in front of the telly in the living room and I was aware he was behind me standing at the door. I got onto all fours and wiggled my pert bottom for him under the guise of looking at the back of the VCR. I had my back to him so couldn't see a reaction and quickly lost my nerve. 'All done' I said passing him the remote. 'Would you like a beer before you go?' he offered. Accepting the offer we went through to the kitchen where I stood by the back door and we chatted as I enjoyed a cold lager.

There I was chatting to this tall, powerful seeming man, feeling pretty horny, tool belt on and drinking a beer as I wondered whether I could make any kind of move, or how I would give him the green light to do so. I shifted my body language a little, thought I'd play and see if anything happened. I parted my legs a little, met his eyes and held his gaze. He kept talking and we shared a smile. I took a tiny step towards him and he beamed, getting the idea that I may be open to his advances. Still though he seemed a little unsure. It was a fairly warm morning but not exactly hot. Despite this I decided there was only one thing for it, I'd make a fairly obvious play and see what happened. As we were talking I fixed his gaze and removed my t-shirt - I was slim and a little ripped in those days. I held his gaze and smiled as I pretended to mop my brow.

'You've got a lovely body Toby' he told me nervously - 'Thank you David I responded shyly' I'd pushed this as far as I dared and was quite terrified of what might happen next. 'Do you have any more jobs today?' David asked - 'No, just this one, the rest of the day is my own' I replied. He took a step towards me and I nearly turned and ran such was the surge of adrenaline though my body. Somehow I held myself in place. I slightly parted my lips and felt my mind drift as I looked up at him. 'Would you like another beer?' he asked me. Although I was driving I was bricking it so I gladly accepted his offer. While he was getting it from the fridge I took two steps towards him and when he turned back around I was much closer to him. He smiled at this and I sighed in relief that I hadn't misread his signals.

'Come through to the living room Toby' he said to me, but then signalled for me to lead the way. As I walked along the hallway I felt his hand on my shoulder - our first contact and I shuddered involuntarily, I eyed the front door ahead of me and thought about bolting for it. As we reached the living room door his other hand came to my waist, there was no doubting what was happening now so I stopped and slowly turned, my heart pounding and my cock warming and twitching. I looked up at him and he took me in his arms and began to kiss me. This was so hot! So terrifying but such a turn on. I wrapped my slender arms around his strong body and kissed him back. We kissed for quite some time and I was definitely leaking pre-cum. Breathlessly I told him I'd never been with a man before but that I really wanted to try it.

He led me into his bedroom - it wasn't pink and 'poofy' as I'd perhaps feared, but blokey, with black sheets and a red duvet cover. I was relieved and excited - If I was going to go with a man he needed to be masculine and this man wasn't disappointing. He stroked my bare torso as he kissed me, teasing me by pinching my nipples. He ran his hands down my back and cupped my arse cheeks, giving a groan as he did so. Oh that arse is made for fucking he told me, and my knees trembled, again I felt the urge to run but he was holding me and he was between myself and the door - I knew I wanted this, and however alien it felt, however shamed I felt for wanting this I knew I needed to try it, knew I'd regret it if I didn't see it through.

David started undoing my belt and trousers. He dropped them to my ankles and I stood before him in my boxers with my trousers round my ankles while he remained fully clothed. His hand went to my cock and he stroked me through my shorts. I gasped then mewed a little, it was divine. I reached out to rub him through his trousers, I could see a frighteningly enormous bulge there! David took my forearms and put my hands back at my sides. 'Let me look at you' he said and stepped back a little. I felt embarrassed and exposed as he looked at me 'Beautiful boy' he said to me and I felt a thrill, a warm glow from being desired. I stepped to him and we embraced more, I felt so girly and submissive, something I'd been yearning to feel for many years.

I reached out for him and felt him through his trousers - he was unbelievably big! I'd never come across a cock of these proportions and had only heard of such a thing from a cruel and taunting ex-girlfriend. I rubbed him through his trousers and though he loved it he never looked like losing his composure. 'Feel that big cock baby, once you've had it you'll never want a another man' he told me - I shivered, wondering what I was getting myself into. He told me to remove the rest of my clothes so I kicked off my trousers and removed my shorts. I stood, shaking and nervous before him. He began to take his own clothes off.

As I stood before him fully exposed I began to worry that what now felt like my tiny cock would be a disappointment to him. I needn't have feared, he eyed me salaciously and by the time he took his pants off he was fully erect. He held me then, me shaking and unsure, slim and feminine, him hard, huge, certain, all man. After more kissing he laid me down on the bed and began to stroke my body, all the time reassuring me, soothing me, and complimenting me on how beautiful I was. I started to feel more at ease and was able to lay back and enjoy his adoration. I could smell his musky masculine scent, it felt alien but enticing. He climbed onto me and kissed me again, It felt so strange kissing a man. It felt amazing having his warm strong body on top of me, pushing me down into the bed, making me feel so girly. I wrapped my legs around him and let my arms wander above my head and I allowed him full control over me.

He was kind yet masterful throughout, He took the vaseline and lubricated my hole. I felt the cold lubricant around my butt hole, then he pushed a finger in and I loved that, it felt so good. After a few minutes of exploring me and loosening my tight virgin hole with his finger he shifted position and got me to roll over and get on all fours. Excited but terrified I waited as he prepared to take me. I felt the head of that huge cock in the crack of my arse, too high up to enter but he began to push. I waited, tense and he lowered his aim, Fear gripped me as the head of his great cock entered me, I tensed (the worse thing I could have done) and felt a searing pain like he'd shoved a red hot poker up there. 'Just relax boy, and take your man' he told me, and I tried. His next thrust was almost as painful but I felt him move beyond the sphincter and the pain receded to a bearable level. Now I could feel this man's huge cock inside me and probing slowly deeper.

He held my hips in place and pushed steadily in - I groaned loudly in a combination of pain and pleasure, my cute boyish arse presented to this beast of a man as he took my virginity, he was loving my young flesh and he pushed deeper still. I felt him filling me, felt my masculinity draining away as he pushed deep into me, stretching me, filling me - my mind began to spin, my head grew fuzzy and I zoned out for a few moments. Then I was aware of him thrusting in and out of me, fucking me. It hurt but it was amazing too - so difficult to describe is the feelings aroused in me. I remained soft yet incredibly turned on and I remember worrying for a moment what he'd think of that. He was getting into his stride now though, pumping into me, over and over, I began to squeal, then groan, he was so fucking massive I panicked I wouldn't be able to continue to take him,.

Before I could say anything he thrust hard into me and I cried out even louder, he laughed and pumped me harder and harder. It was really hurting but I was really starting to get off on the weirdness of it all - He began pumping into me harder and faster and I lost all thought - he consumed me, owned me and I loved that. I felt and heard his balls slapping against me as he fucked me harder and harder. I continued to groan and whimper, he continued to pound me. I was breathless, head fizzing and he went on and on with my education, smashing into me with that huge and glorious cock

I felt him harden even further then stiffen, his great cock twitching as he spurted his hot cum into me, making me his bitch. I felt abused, I loved it, eventually he withdrew and I felt so empty. I collapsed onto the bed, cum seeping out of my arse, my now broken in arse. I panted, head spinning and he laid on my back - I loved that, felt so small underneath him. He put his hands over mine and interweaved his fingers, hips gently gyrating against my pummelled arse. He checked I was ok. I couldn't face talking, I was exhilarated but also ashamed - it would be a long time before I grew to accept this side of myself. I got dressed quickly and left but this was just the first of many encounters I'd have with this gentle brute of a man. I love him now, he has been so good to me over the years, never abused me or let me down. I'm his Boy Toy and he my master;area=summary;u=189761

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