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[R] = Personal Recommendation

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Where can I find APKs?
Ad Blocker
  • AdAway [R]
    Block ads with /etc/hosts also supports non-rooted devices
  • Blokada
  • DNS66
    DNS-based Host Blocker(and lightweight ad blocker) for Android
App Store
  • Play Store Alternatives
  • F-Droid Clients
    • F-Droid
      FOSS Play Store alternative, has its own repo
    • Foxy Droid
      Alternatie F-Droid client
    • Neo-Store
      Has Material You support, bloated
    • Droid-ify [R]
      Also has Material You support
    • Aurora Droid
      Alternative F-Droid client from the developer of Aurora Store
  • Naked Browser [P]
    Made by a /g/entooman, 128kB in size, get the pro version if you want bottom url bar and custom gestures
  • Firefox
    Ideally you shouldn't use this
  • Fennec
    Firefox with proprietary bits and telemetry removed
  • Mull
    This is a privacy oriented and deblobbed web browser based on Mozilla technology. It enables many features upstreamed by the Tor Uplift project using preferences from the arkenfox-user.js project.
  • Tor Browser
    F-Droid repo: https://guardianproject.info/fdroid/
  • Kiwi Browser
    Chromium fork, Has extension support
  • Yuzu Browser
    Heavily customizable, made by japs
  • Bromite [R]
    Chromium fork with ad blocking and privacy enhancements, no extension support
  • Iceraven Browser
    Firefox fork that aims to provide its users with more options and customization
  • Calculator++ [R]
    Use this if your calculations are more complex than the average user
  • Equate
    Calculator/Converter, can convert nearly everything
  • Simple Calculator
    Not as advanced as the others but it gets the job done
Companion App
  • Gadgetbridge [R]
    Open source replacement for apps like MiFit, supports a wide range of devices
Custom ROM
  • LineageOS
    The default just werks™ ROM with a wide range of device support, doesn't let you customize the UI much only the color and a few some status bar things
  • ArrowOS [R]
    More minimalist than the other custom roms
  • BlissROM, crDroid, Resurrection Remix
    They all provide you with a lot of customization options while still being stable but the device support is a bit lacking compared to LineageOS, use the one that catches your eye
  • GrapgeneOS
    Privacy and security focused mobile OS, only supports Pixel devices
  • CalyxOS
    "Private By Design" android ROM, only supports Pixel devices and Xiaomi Mi A2
Document Viewer
File Manager
  • Simple Gallery [R]
    Get the pro version for free in F-Droid, has a lock feature to hide your CP
Icon Pack
  • IM
    • Signal-FOSS
      Patches to Signal for Android removing dependencies on closed-source G**gle Mobile Services and Firebase libraries
    • Telegram Clients
  • Matrix
    • Element
      Secure decentralised chat & VoIP
  • IRC
  • SMS
    • QKSMS
      FOSS replacement for your SMS app
    • Simple SMS [R]
      SMS app replacement
Music Player
  • Google Maps [P]
    Botnet/spyware but werks
  • OsmAnd
    G**gle Maps alternative, uses OpenStreetMap data
Password Manager

Do NOT use proprietary password managers as they are not trustworthy

  • Magisk
  • Magisk Delta
    Magisk fork by HuskyDG that brings back MahgiskHide and adds some improvements, you can read more here
  • Lucky Patcher [P]
    Patch apps for free premium/in-app purchases and remove ads, needs root for most of the functionality
  • Titanium Backup [P]
    Backup utility for Android
  • KDE Connect
    Connect your phone and PC, works without KDE
  • SD Maid [P]
    System cleaner, get pro apk for best performance
  • Termux
    Terminal emulator for Android, useful for youtube-dl and SSH
  • MicroG
    A free-as-in-freedom re-implementation of G**gle’s proprietary Android user space apps and libraries
  • Warden
    Disable trackers and loggers in apps
  • NetGuard
    Block access to the internet per application
  • AFWall+
    Firewall, requires root
Video Player
  • mpv-android [R]
    Android port of mpv, just werks™, can stream videos
  • VLC
Youtube Alternative
Weeb Stuff
ROM Sources

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