fallen angels
c-did system of 70+ partner system
collectively they he xe angel or lucifer
bodily 22 white ment. & phys. disabled
audhd bpnd mdd rsd c-ptsd + unlisted


1. we tweet in french and english, if you need a translation you can ask 2. we use tone tags and we appreciate when others use them too 3. we block freely for many reasons, don't take it personally 4. we sometimes struggle with amnesia, please be patient with us 5. although we try to keep things sfw even on priv, we do make nsfw jokes sometimes and might rt sensitive content occasionally (nsfw, gore art, etc) but when we do it will be tagged appropriately (if there's smth we forgot to tag, feel free to tell us!)

1. we're mostly out us as a system online, but we don't always disclose it everywhere. do not out us without our explicit permission, especially irl 2. do NOT leak or screenshot our private tweets or private dms unless we say it's okay to do so. leaking our tweets or dms will be considered a break of our trust & you will be removed from our life forever 3. we sometimes softblock people from our priv or deep priv without warning bc of paranoia, sorry it's not against you (dm for explanation if you want)

1. terf, radfem, exclusionist 2. fakeclaimer, anti self-dx, pro-psychiatry, anti-recovery 3. endo 'systems', call yourself an irl or d/a, call introjects who share the same source 'doubles' and/or act like introjects are their sources, singlets who speak over systems 4. under 16 (ok to follow on main but we won't fb, don't rq our priv)

⚠️ if you're friends with any of our abusers/stalkers we'll block you !! i hope you trip in the stairs ^_^

Pub: 22 Jul 2023 13:53 UTC
Edit: 11 Jan 2024 18:36 UTC
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