Welcome to our DNI/ BYF List!!

ཐི DNI ཋྀ ←

Proshippers/ Comshippers
Racists, ECTA, RCTA, N*zis/ Neo-N*zis
Ableists, DCTA
Homophobes, Transphobes
Anti-Neopronouns, Xenophobes (We use Neopronouns and Xenopronouns!)
Transcum, Transmed, RadFems
SHtwt, EDtwt
SH and Su*c*de Romanticizers
DDLG (or anything like that), Ageplay, Petplay
Only-NSFW or suggestive pages (makes us uncomfortable sorry..)

→ ཐི BYF ཋྀ

17 years old ⧼ Do not romantically flirt with us, flirting jokingly or in a friendly way is alright ⧼ Adhd, possible other things. ⧼ We can sometimes switch between we/us/ours and I/me/my ⧼ Xenopronoun and Neopronoun user, more info on our pronouns page ⧼ Hypersexual Asexual :( ⧼ Infodumps on things we like! ⧼ We block and unfriend people that make us uncomfortable or just give off a bad vibe. Sorry. ⧼ Our profile changes a lot based on hyperfixation / interest! ⧼ We use tone tags. A lot. But sometimes more than other times. ⧼

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