Josh stopped the car, put on the handbrake and undid Diana's seat belt before getting out, walking around to the nearside of the vehicle and opening the door for her. Normally, his best friend would have been virtually out of the car by the time the brake was on but he had brought her back from the hospital, after a skating accident had damaged both of her wrists. It would be eight weeks, most of the summer break before she could use them normally again.

He rang the doorbell and Lady Quy, her mother answered it.

"Hello Josh. It is nice to see you again. Thank you for driving Diana home. Do you want a drink both of you?" She gave her daughter a hug. Diana broke down in tears.

"Mum! I won't even be able to wipe myself after going to the toilet for the next four weeks! How am I going to manage?"

"Well, the way I see it there are two options. We could get a nurse in to help you till you can manage or your boyfriend could stay here with you and do it."

"Mum! How many times have I told you? He is not my boyfriend!"

"Really? I see how you too look at eachother. I see how you hold hands when together, obviously not at the moment but you get what I mean. You know your father is away on a fact finding mission for the next few weeks and that I am going to be away on Government business as well for the next few weeks. What better opportunity to look after the house, you could even go skinny dipping in the river at the back of the house."

"Mother! Have you been drinking?" Diana looked more shocked to Josh than following the accident.

"Lady Quy? Don't you remember last time I stayed here? Lord Quy put me in the room at the end so I would have to pass where the dogs are if I were to try and sneak into Diana's room."

"I know but he isn't going to be here." Her eyes looked distant for a few seconds. "He took me skinny dipping there before taking my cherry."

"Too much information mother! I assume you are now going to tell me that was where I was conceived?"

"Why on earth would I tell you that dear?"

"Well isn't it obvious? You probably haven't done it again since!"

Josh guffawed and Lady Quy laughed as well. At least, Diana was no longer crying.

"If you two had not grown so tall, I would have you both over my knee for that! You know, that is where your grandfather took your grandmother's cherry as well?"

"And that, mother is far too much information. You have put images in my mind that will scar me for life now."

"Nonsense. You are far stronger than you make out and you know it. Besides, she was a year younger than you are now at the time. It isn't my fault that choose to make images based on what she looks like today. Now, I will go and make some tea while you two discuss what you are going to do."

"Josh? This feels really difficult for me to ask but would you? I trust you more than anyone I know. Does it seem weird that I would rather have you, a man do it than a female nurse I don't know?"

"If you don't mind. I can do it. I suspect it will be more enjoyable than looking after my grandad when he had dementia. I had to clean him up more times than I care to remember."

"You aren't supposed to enjoy it pervert." She almost slapped him before remembering that with her damaged wrists it would hurt her far more than him. "One thing though."

"Yes what?"

"My mum has now taken a decisive lead in the most embarrassing parent competition."

"just don't let my parents find out. I am not sure I could cope if they tried to regain the title."

"Better not let her find out how you are spending the summer then." In his mother's eyes, his being in the same room as Diana without another female present was sinful. His helping her in the intimate way planned would be one of the worse mortal sins ever even if everything remained innocent.

"I know. Why not get our mothers to discuss it together?"

"I am not sure the universe would survive that discussion! Though your mother must have done it twice as you have a little sister."

The tea and cakes arrived.

"Thank you Lady Quy."

"Mary please! What have you decided?"

"I have told Diana I am happy to do it so long as she doesn't mind my seeing her body."

"You are a boy. Of course you are happy to look at my daughter. I assume you are prepared for the consequences?"

"Mum! One minute you are putting my head in a spin by suggesting we should go skinny dipping, the next asking if we are prepared for the consequences! Believe it or not I actually trust Josh not to do anything I am not one hundred percent OK with. I trust him not to judge my body. My experience is that other women and girls are as likely to judge as boys."

"All right. I need to get going now. Being a minister in Her Majesty's government means with the pigs ear my boss, your prime minister has made of things, I am going to have to go and I expect to be fire fighting for at least the next five weeks. I will phone at least once a week to see how you are and if there is anything I need to sort out let me know."

"I will mum but I don't expect there to be problems so long as dad doesn't come back early and find out."

"Leave him to me. I know how to handle him." And with that she left to jump into her ministerial car.

"Thank go she has gone! I am desperate for a piss! Somehow, I didn't feel comfortable inviting you in to the bathroom with me while she was there." Josh squirmed,

"It made me feel a bit queasy too." He admitted. Josh opened the door for her. Neither saw the need to lock the door but Josh was reminded that his sister had told him, she always locked the door even if there was no one else in the house and the door was bolted from the inside.

"You might as well take my knickers off completely. It will make things easier next time." He did so and once she had stepped out of them, lifted her skirt so she could sit down to pass urine. It seemed to Josh like forever till she stopped. "Now you need to dry me." She indicated the toilet paper. Josh was entirely honourable with his actions but managed fine. Honourable or not however, his penis was not going to ignore his actions.

"Now you need to cook us a meal and not just burgers!"

"But I am an expert on cooking burgers." He was. Before starting university, he had a summer job flipping burgers.

"You need to expand your repertoire. Don't worry, I know where everything is in the kitchen and can tell you what to do.

Three hours later, he had produced a lamb curry, pilau rice, nan breads popadoms and three different chutneys. She directed him to the cellar and her favourite red which cost about five times anything he had bought himself. He was comfortable about this which was part of why they were best friends. Most men were intimidated by her wealth and station. It wasn't an issue for her and it wasn't for her mother though it was for her dad. It also was for his mother but he had long stopped worrying about that.

He fed them both from the same plate, alternating bringing food to her mouth then to his own. Diana stopped him wiping her mouth every time her face got covered in curry after the fifteenth time.

"Don't bother, you can wash my face later." She kissed him on the cheek, leaving an imprint of curry, regretting briefly that she wasn't able to take a picture of the result.

"Now wasn't that better than a takeaway?" She looked at him questioningly.

"Absolutely! You don't get wine like that from The Bombay Castle." Josh took shameless advantage of her inability to swat him for such a crass remark. He felt a food make contact with his shin followed by,

"Fuck! I forgot I wasn't wearing shoes pillock! Now feed me some more wine." Josh did so just succeeding in not laughing at her. Now play me some guitar. Josh had recently mastered the well known, "Romance" by that famous composer, anon. In typical male fashion he didn't even think about the name of the piece as his left hand took up position on the fifth fret for the start of the piece.

"That was beautiful." She complemented him when he finished. All too aware of the title of the guitar music he had chosen she filed the information away for future use. She snuggled up to him and he unconsciously put his arm around her and pulled her close. The thought that it was no wonder Lady Quy thought of them as girlfriend and boyfriend as did a lot of their friends from uni crossed his mind.

Diana yawned which set Josh off too. Why is yawning infectious?

It had been a long day, they had been to the accident and emergency department at ten thirty the previous evening, stayed up most of the night waiting to be seen. Only a near overdose of caffeine had enabled him to drive her home safely.

"I think I need to get you to bed."

"May be but I need a shower first. I must stink. I was sweaty from the skating even before going to hospital and then driving home in a car with no a/c."

Josh sorted out towels, and followed Diana to the bathroom.

"Now you get to undress me."

Josh did so, being careful not to touch anything he shouldn't. First he removed her wrist splints then he lifted the dress up over her head and then eventually removed her bra following instructions.

"Why couldn't the man open the safe?" Diana asked

"I don't know. Why couldn't the man open the safe?" Josh replied, knowing he was going to regret it when he heard the answer.

"Because it was locked using bra fasteners." Diana rejoined. "Now, as you are going to be washing me, you need to get undressed too." Josh, not overly confident in his body despite having absolutely nothing to worry about reluctantly did so. He had known this was coming.

"You do like me then!" Diana told him delightedly. She wasn't quite as comfortable with all this as she made out but it was better than any of the alternatives that she could think of so with a mixture of the pragmatism she inherited from her mother and making jokes she prepared to gain her objective of being clean which for her was more than enough motivation to get through this.

"What's not to like?"

Josh started as directed by washing her hair. He then started massaging her head as he had often done when she had a headache. He suspected some of her headaches didn't actually exist but enjoyed doing it so never challenged her on this. Diana relaxed and allowed her body to relax against his, not thinking that this would place the bottom of his length between the top of her bum cheeks. She was honest enough to admit to herself that she quite enjoyed the sensation and felt her juices starting to flow. Neither of them recoiled at the contact. After finishing the massage, Josh asked,

"Do you have a wash cloth?"

"No, I always just use my hands."

"Do you want me to do the same or to use a small towel?"

"Just use your hands. I trust you. Just don't enjoy it too much!"

"I won't if you won't." Josh promised.

If asked afterwards Josh would have to admit he enjoyed the experience, even if it did leave him with a frustration he would have to deal with later. Diana also enjoyed being washed by Josh. She felt he was caring about it rather than creepy or doing it as a job. She thought about asking Josh to get her vibrator and leave it switched on in her bed so she could lay down over it till she got off but asking that was just one level of weirdness too far. Getting him to finger her would be better. No she did not just think that!

Josh helped her put on a nightie that did little to quell the arousal he was feeling, and then donned some boxers which was one garment more than he normally wore at night. Next he made hot chocolate with cream, just the way she liked it. While it was cooling he brushed out her long dark tresses. Something that often led him to an erection and vague feelings of guilt. This time however he felt no qualms. He managed to help her drink her chocolate without making the mess the curry had. Brushing someone else's teeth he decided was really weird!

The last thing he did before retiring was to help her don clean splints. He then washed the ones he had taken off her and put them to dry. Ten minutes later, in adjacent rooms, each tried to sort through their feelings, neither quite ready to admit that they were rapidly moving out of the friend zone.

"I Should probably leave thinking this through till I have had some sleep." was his last thought before he drifted off. Diana wondered vaguely whether if anything did develop, she would be able to avoid her mother's gloating before she too was dead to the world.

It was over twelve hours later that Josh was woken by a knee nudging him.

"Sweet dreams?" She asked seeing his embarrassment poking out through the fly in his boxers. He swiftly rearranged himself as he got up.

He accompanied her to the loo and wasn't grossed out by having to wipe her bottom. It did however result in his erection going down sufficiently for him to pee.

As he dressed her, Josh remarked that she didn't really need a bra.

"Yes I do or everyone will see when my nipples get erect."

"Sure when we go out but it's a bit late for protecting your modesty from me isn't it?"

"Fuck it! Look at my nipples if you want then pervert." Josh smiled,

"That is twice you have called me a pervert now and here am I trying my best to behave like the perfect gentleman."

"A bit sensitive are we? Just goes to prove that you have been having impure thoughts about me."

"The day I stop having impure thoughts when I have a naked woman as beautiful and sexy as you are in the shower with me I will be six foot under."

"That's nice. Us women like to be called, 'beautiful.'" Josh stopped himself from saying she had tricked him into it, something he might easily have said during their banter in the past but realised he did actually mean it so why take it back?

They settled into an easy routine over the next week. Josh would gently massage her hands and wrists, help her do the exercises the doctors and physios had given her, help her with all the things she couldn't do for herself and wondered why he had never let her teach him to cook before.

He called Julie, his sister to explain why he hadn't been to see her yet, guilty that he hadn't done so earlier.

"Why don't you come round here Julie? I can even cook for you."

"Just so long as Lord and Lady Muck aren't there." Lord Quy in particular did not take to her punk style of dress and piercings. She remembered his summer job. "Burgers I take it?"

"Wait and see little sis."

Julie was more than impressed by the elaborate meal he produced with minimal coaching from Diana. He was a quick learner and easily generalised from the lessons he had already taken.

"You will make her a great wife Josh!" she teased.

"Are you in league with my mother?" demanded Diana. Julie, puzzled, looked from one to the other for an explanation. It was Diana who finally relented and recounted the conversation when they had arrived.

"Can you imagine our mother telling us about losing her virginity?" Both siblings cracked up in their mirth.

"Would you really want her to?" Asked Diana.

"Not really." Admitted Josh

"Though I bet she didn't get undressed and kept the lights off." added Julie.

They all had a good time and it was late when Josh walked out with Julie to her taxi.

"She is head over heals in love with you doofus." Josh was about to protest when she added, "And you are just as bad. You both just need to admit it to yourselves."

It was the next morning that Josh finally cracked and headed to the bathroom to relieve himself. He had forgotten they had not been locking the bathroom door however and as he was getting close, in walked Diana.

"Don't stop on my account."

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean you to see that."

"If you did , that really would make you a pervert!" She smiled taking the edge of her comment. "Seriously though, carry on. You must be desperate by now and it is kinda hot."

Despite blushing, Josh did so and it wasn't long before rope after rope of his cum splattered the washbasin.

"Wow! I guess you were kind of backed up." She in turn blushed. "Now would you be able to do me? My hands aren't up to it yet."

"You are going to have to guide me. Tell me what works and what doesn't and what works better."

Josh just as with cooking proved an able student to the point where they were both glad they were at the family seat and not in student digs.

"You want a job for life? That is so much better than using my own fingers."

"Glad to be of service."

"I can see that." Diana said wryly, glancing at his renewed vigour.

Masturbation became a daily part of their routine and after the first two weeks which they had as a break, so did studying. It was one particularly hot day when Diana asked innocently,

"Fancy a swim in the river?"

"Why not?" Josh acting on instinct, picked up a bottle of bubbly which put it in a cold box with a pack from the freezer and two glasses. He also grabbed a blanket and a couple of towels. Ten minutes later he pulled off her light summer dress even though Diana was capable of doing this herself by then. While he had seen enough of her and spent enough time naked with Diana that he didn't automatically get an erection every time, undressing her almost invariably did get that reaction as was clear when he removed his shorts.

"I don't want to burn." Josh took the hint and covered her body with sun lotion before doing himself. When he lay down on his front, Diana noticed, "You didn't get all of your back." She then proceeded to lie down on top of him and rub her body up and down his.

"That feels nice."

"Pervert. I was just making sure you didn't burn."

"Yea right. And I know your hands are good enough that you could have used them instead of rubbing your tits up and down my back." But he didn't actually voice the thought.

Half an hour, maybe an hour later Josh got up.

"I need to cool down." He dived into the water.

"What is the water like?"


"You know what I mean idiot!"

"Lovely and warm!" He lied.

Diana jumped in.

"Bastard!" But she needed to cool down as well and they swam for twenty minutes or more before climbing out.

"Now you need to help me warm up." Josh pulled her down on top of him. Their lips met. They had kissed before but not like this, not with tongues dancing together and not naked with his length pressing against her vagina and not with his hands stroking her like a lover one second and squeezing her but, pulling her tighter against his hardness the next.

Josh rolled them over, careful not to squash her with his weight. He stroked her hair as he kissed her throat, drawing his lips down to the valley between her breasts. Diana felt as if she were on fire with wanton arousal. She gasped when his lips locked onto her left nipple. Josh took his time making the journey to the other breast before kissing her flat stomach, tickling her with his tongue as it played with her belly button. Damn it, couldn't he tell she was desperate for him to reach her sex?

After far too long he got there but even so he teased, licking the insides of her thighs and around the skin outside her lips before eventually touching them with his tongue. By the time he touched her clitoris she was so more than ready that she exploded at once.

"Not bad for a first time?" He grinned.

"Bastard. You enjoyed making me wait didn't you."

"Guilty as charged miss." She couldn't see it but knew the goofy grin was still their by his voice.

"I want to feel you inside me." Josh Kissed his way back up her body till he reached a position where his cock, wet with pre-cum was against her vaginal entrance.

"It is my first time too."

"How do you want to do this? Quickly or slowly."

"If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well

It were done quickly"

"You do know that I will never again be able to see the Scottish play without bursting into fits of giggles don't you?"

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