09: Monday, July 13, 1145 hours CST: Berte Sets Things Right

When his alarm went off, Zach awakened from his nap on his bed at the base. He saw a text message from Berte, "Sweet dreams sweetheart! Text when you wake."

Zach texted to Berte, "Here I am. Just woke up."

A moment later, he got a text from Berte. She must have had it already composed. The message began, "Jill and I have been thinking constantly about tomorrow, so I want you to know first of all that everything's okay and I love you," it read. Jill was the name of her favorite vibrator.

"Oh-oh, here it comes," thought Zach to himself.

"Although I admit that the nasty bad stuff you did to me last time excited me to a degree I've never experienced before, I want something else tomorrow. I want you to tell me you love me with your words, because you're a normal, and that's how I know you mean it. I want to hear from your voice that you'll take care of me and guide me and that everything will be okay and my baby will be healthy and strong. You should cum in me too, of course, for the insemination part. But I want you to make love to me like I'm a normal girl, even though I know I'm not, unless you can't get excited for me unless we do it the dirty way. Then I need to understand why."

It was clear to Zach then that Berte had been disturbed by what he'd done with her. He texted, "This is a misunderstanding easily fixed."

"I love you with all my heart and soul,"

"and I'm overjoyed and excited to make love to you"

"and cum in you any way you'll have me."

"If you were a normal girl I would have done the same thing,"

"but it was an optimization error."

"You'll understand this, because you're an engineer."

"Like I said I would,"

"I was paying close attention to what excited you sexually"

"and doing more of that."

"What I didn't take into account"

"is that you wanted more than just good sex from me,"

"because I'm an idiot."

"Please forgive me."

"I forgive you," Berte texted quickly.

"You want more than just good sex from me, right?"

"I do," Zach texted.

He continued, "But this is where I treated you like you were not normal."

"I ached to make love to you face to face"

"and shower your face with kisses"

"and whisper endearments to you"

"while I put my seed deep in your womb"

"to make our baby,"

"but I assumed that such behavior"

"would be a tone deaf irritation to you,"

"like I wasn't paying attention to who you are"

"and your likes and dislikes."

"So I kept myself from doing it."

"I communicated by text in person."

"I turned your beautiful face away from mine."

"I suppressed what I love to do most"

"because I thought it would make you happiest."

Berte texted, "Don't you dare give up yourself to love me!"

"I want the real Zach,"

"not one you manufacture for my benefit."

"I fell in love with you, the real you," Berte texted quickly.

"I want you to make love to me the way you want me,"

"Zachary Carson."


"I want you to tell me what you want,"

"and if I can't give it, I'll let you know."

"I want you to ask me to look you in the eyes"

"if you want to see my eyes,"

"and I'll do it, because I love you,"

"and I want to please you,"

"and I'm good at it,"

"and proud of being good at it."

"That goes for fellatio and paizuri as well."

"Now I have a reason to do a man"

"that's better than just to get or stay friendly"

"and because I'm proud of my skill."

"Now I can do it for you because I love you."

"Please let me please you in all the ways you want, my love."

"Don't hold back." Berte concluded.

Zach texted, "I promise to love you how I want you,"

"and I trust your skill to interpret it how I mean it."

"I won't hold back my nature or hide from you any more,"

"my love."

"But I want you to be able to relax and not work so hard"

"sometimes during lovemaking too."

Berte texted, "Don't worry."

"After your first cum,"

"after you've pushed my fear far away"

"that I can't communicate with a normal well enough to be with you"

"and raise a healthy family with you,"

"I'll ask for and take whatever I want,"

"just like I did after the first time we made love."

"I will balance it well for myself,"

"and I know you can keep up and want to keep up." Berte concluded.

"That sounds fantastic," Zach replied.

Then his alarm went off. Aanya would be arriving any second. "Got to go, love," he texted Berte.

"More later."

"Love you," Berte texted.

"Love you xoxoxo," Zach replied.

(To be continued)

Pub: 07 Jan 2021 09:46 UTC
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