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Torrie Wilson came out with Christy Hemme crawling behind her, wearing only a fluffy tail butt-plug, a dog collar and lead that her new Mistress was holding. It had taken a bit more work when they got back to the apartment she was renting while she was in this backwater town, but Torrie had succeeded in making Christy her anal bitch. Now she just needed to put Velvet in her place, and she would once again rule a women's division.
Only this time, everyone would know that she literally owned the asses of everyone on that show. Well, every woman. Hell, Velvet wasn't even a threat to her. Not really. That was why she was already looking past her, and onto the next challenge. Even at the time she knew that was a mistake, but she couldn't help it.
It didn't help that Velvet came out talking herself up as usual, clearly compensating for the lack of confidence she was feeling, making it impossible to take her seriously. Besides, it was the same old shit, so Torrie didn't feel like she needed to play close attention or anything.
No, all she needed to do was keep a close eye on Velvet as she slowly made her way down to the ring, looking like sex on legs. Oh yes, the dumb slut was always ridiculously hot, Torrie could never deny that fact. Which was why tonight was going to be so very satisfying, the more experienced of the two glorified models almost literally licking her lips with anticipation of what was to come.
However, when the bell rung. Christy held onto her leg, while Velvet made a dash for the dildo, causing Torrie to swear, "Treacherous bitch!"
But by the time Torrie got free, Velvet was jumping down from the turnbuckle, the dildo in hand and a smile on her face, "Awww, what's the matter, Torrie? Can't properly break in a bitch? Awww, so sad for you. Mmmmmmmmmm, and I thought you were supposed to be good at this shit? Huh?"
"Fuck you!" Torrie snapped angrily,
"Fuck me? Na bitch, fuck you!" Velvet growled, shoving Torrie down in the corner, right where she wanted her. She then held up the dildo to emphasize her next words, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I'm gonna fuck you with this, in front of the whole world. But first? I'd hate for anyone wanting a Stinkface to miss out, sooooooo..."
Honestly, Torrie could see what was coming before Velvet even pull down her trunks to expose her ass, but she was too stunned to do anything about it. And even if she could have done something about it, she probably wouldn't have, given that this was hardly the worst fate she had to suffer tonight. In fact, this was quaint, and even enjoyable, compared to the things that could happen directly after this.
Especially because, naturally, Velvet wasn't wearing panties, meaning that Torrie got to tongue the other girl's ass hole. Admittedly, not in preparation for a butt fucking, like she had hoped, but it was something she actually enjoyed for a few long minutes, as she was given a long, thorough Stinkface.
At first, Velvet just concentrated on humiliating her, shoving that big booty so far backwards into her face that poor Torrie had problems breathing properly. Then after allowing her a few brief seconds to catch her breath she pushed backwards again, and while it wasn't as firmly as before, she started wiggling her booty.
Oh yes, Velvet started shaking that infamously big bottom of hers directly into Torrie's face, making the cheeks jiggle like jelly against her. Then and only then did she settle down enough for her defeated opponent to give her a proper rimming. And even that didn't last as long as she really liked. Perhaps not even as long as they both would've liked. But either way, the process was repeated, giving them both plenty of chances to enjoy it.
Velvet actually had found it hard to continue the Stinkface once she started to feel Torrie Wilson's tongue sliding over her butt hole. Well, she enjoyed it whenever another beautiful woman was tonguing her back door, but this was special. After all, she been waiting for this ever since this bitch finally walked through the door of TNA and had the audacity to try and step up to her.
Before then, even, given that she had watched Torrie in the WWE, and craved to get a piece of that ass. Among other things. Oh yes, she had dreamed of this, and it was every bit as sweet as she thought it would be. However, Velvet had plenty of practice with this, so she found a happy middle.
Admittedly, it might've been 60-40 in favour of the rim job, but then Torrie had to push her luck by not simply just swirling her tongue around that back door as well as up and down. No, she just had to push her tongue into Velvet's ass, pretty much getting all of it inside that booty thanks to years of rough anal pounding from Angelina Love, and the other Knockouts.
Which enraged Velvet so much that she went into booty shaking overdrive, pretty much making it impossible for the rim job to continue. Then she forcefully smothered Torrie in her butt, holding that position for almost an entire minute, before pulling away entirely and stripping off her clothes, much to the delight of their audience.
"Strip!" Velvet then ordered Torrie, receiving another round of cheers from their audience in the process, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, strip for us, and then bend over that chair. Oh yes, it's time for your ass to be spanked and fucked. And if you really, really lucky, maybe I'll do it in that order. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?"
"Yes." Torrie whimpered, and then when the other woman gave her a look she added, "Yes... Mistress Velvet?"
"Yeah you would, mmmmmmmm, now do as you're told, bitch!" Velvet demanded.
"Yes, Mistress Velvet." Torrie replied with another whimper, scrambling to do as she was told.
Which of course, caused Velvet to grin wickedly, and then again when she kneeled down behind her prize and admired it, first with her eyes, then with her hands. Christy had graciously volunteered to be her assistant as long as she would get a turn with Torrie. And she would, later.
For now, her job was to fetch things, like the chair that the other blonde was now bending over, and the harness that Christy had inserted the dildo Velvet had one into it, and was now securing around Velvet's waist. She was even nice enough to leave some lube, when ready to be used oh so soon after Velvet had had her fun with this cute little booty another way. Namely, with the forementioned spanking, which as always she started out slow and playful, so she could really stretch it out.
Also, she just loved being able to spend a few long minutes groping another woman's ass, and treating her like nothing but a piece of meat. Using the other woman like nothing but a piece of meat. Oh yes, the once mighty Torrie Wilson was nothing but meat for her to enjoy, and 'Mistress Velvet' planned to savour every twisted moment of it.
Maybe especially how those meaty cheeks jiggled for her with every blow, even in the beginning when she was only using a fraction of her strength. Then of course it was right back to groping, the process repeating over and over again, until she inevitably started increasing the force and the frequency of those strikes.
Torrie had been spanked before, but never on live TV, making it easily the most humiliating butt beating of her life. Soon fans everywhere would be sharing videos of her jiggling cheeks, and have no doubt they were already turning pink from the force of the blows. And worse before it was over.
Both because it would turn a dark shade and jiggle more, and soon she would be publicly butt fucked. And worst of all, it was from Velvet Sky, someone she was supposed to be way above in the pecking order, and yet here she was, being totally dominated and humiliated by her. Although this wasn't because she lost the match fairly, but being betrayed by someone she thought was on her side.
Looking over her shoulder at where Christy Hemme was admiring the show Torrie took all of her anger and frustration out on her, even if it was only in the form of a glare, for now. She promised herself the other woman would pay for this. Oh yes, if Christy thought what happened last time was bad, Torrie was going to redefine her understanding of suffering.
Take her somewhere as public as possible, and spank and fuck her ass until she could never, ever sit down again. Stretch her out until she could easily shove a fist up the other girl's ass without lube, and still make her enjoy it. Leave her nothing but a broken whore, desperately begging someone, anyone to abuse her slutty little ass.
She also imagined Velvet bending over right beside Christy, happily taking whatever the abuse Torrie and anyone else could dish out, which was enough to distract her from what else was going on. In fact, it was a very, very pleasant distraction. Perhaps a little too pleasant, as she caught herself letting out a cry of mostly pleasure.
Something which caused Velvet to chuckle wickedly, then make sure it was followed by cries of pure pain. Oh God, after what seemed like countless gentle blows the bitch suddenly dished out a series of hard strikes on one spot of her right butt cheek, maximizing the pain. Her new Mistress Velvet then went back to the gentle spanks, but it wasn't long before she was switching back and forth between soft and hard strikes.
It also wasn't long before she phased out the groping, or any pause whatsoever, in between the strikes, and then finally started assaulting that poor bottom with what had to be every ounce of her strength. Torrie had tried to remain strong, but she just wasn't used to taking this kind of abuse as so many other women in her profession.
Hell, she wasn't even is used to it as Velvet. Something that she would be happy to point out later, if the bitch tried to mock her for it. Although it didn't really matter, because the result was the same. Namely Torrie Wilson making a fool of herself, screaming and crying as she was attacked with vicious strike after vicious strike. Which of course, only caused 'Mistress Velvet' to cackle with delight.
Velvet could see out of the corner of her eye, an indication from a stagehand that she should wrap it up, and move on to the next stage. After all, there were other things on this PPV to get too, and management probably wanted to be sure that the fans got what they paid for. But Velvet was having the time of her life, and had no intention of stopping before she was ready.
Not when those meaty cheeks were turning such a beautiful shade of red, and jiggling for her with every blow. And oh, the sounds her defeated opponent was making was truly music to her ears. Besides, the fans seem to be into it. So she made sure it was one hell of a butt beating, before she finally stopped.
Because sure, part of her would've liked to keep that spanking going all night long, but even though she could use both of her hands in this position very easily, both of them were very much sore and aching right now, very much yearning for a break. Besides, she wanted to admire her handiwork. And to fuck some booty. Oh yes, eventually Velvet stopped the butt beating, almost greedily grabbing on to the lube, and squirting out some onto her hands.
Partly because it was soothing for her poor hands, but also she wanted to stroke it into her newly acquired cock, while staring at that bright red booty. And oh God, it felt like a full minute, before Torrie Wilson's butt cheeks finally stopped shaking from the force of the pounding it had just taken. And the bitch's night had only just started.
"That was fun, but I think it's time for another type of pounding." Velvet announced gleefully, pausing for a cheer, which sure enough came, before questioning, "What do you think folks? Should I be nice, and loosen this bitch up with a finger? Well, should I? Ooooooooooh, good to know you're all on board. What about you, Torrie? Huh? Do you want my pretty little fingers in your nasty whore ass?"
"Yes." Torrie whimpered, before receiving another strike to her sore behind, "Ah fuck!"
"What was that?" Velvet pushed.
"I said..." Torrie grumbled, before pushing herself to play nice, "Please Mistress Velvet, finger my ass. I want your pretty little fingers in my nasty whore ass. I want you to stretch me back there, and make me your butt slut. Oh God, I want you to stretch out my bitch hole, and make me your fucking bitch! Ah fuck! Oh my God... thank you, Mistress Velvet."
"You're very welcome, whore." Velvet smirked.
Of course, as soon as she had the excuse, Velvet was only too happy to ram her finger into Torrie Wilson's surprisingly tight butt hole. Wow, she'd heard that Torrie was mostly a top in the WWE, but she thought those were only rumours, and surely someone this hot must of been a regular cock sleeve for every top, and probably every man, in the company.
Apparently that wasn't the case. But she definitely wasn't an anal virgin. No, she wasn't quite that tight. Sadly. But it did prove that this whole experience would be very, very pleasant for at least one of them, Velvet practically salivating at the thought of violating this tight little hole with something much bigger than simply a finger.
Which made it even harder to control herself, but Velvet kept herself in check. After all, if she was going to break this woman, it wouldn't really help to start off the butt sex by being too rough with her most private hole. Which was why she spent several long minutes pumping that finger in and out of Torrie Wilson's bitch hole, and even a second one along the way.
Something which had the so-called top whimpering, gasping, and even moaning in mostly pleasure, already. Obviously, this was a very positive sign, Velvet now so confident she would pull this off, she actually sucked those fingers clean herself once she removed them from Torrie's ass, while using her other hand to guide her strap-on to the other girl's butt hole.
"Now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the main event." Velvet announced gleefully, when she pulled those fingers out of her mouth. She then of course smacked that booty, and ordered, "That means spread your cheeks, you dumb blonde whore! Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, spread those cheeks nice and wide, and give me your bitch hole."
"Yes Mistress Velvet." Torrie whimpered pathetically, and did as she was told.
Torrie of course resented having to say and do those things for 'Mistress Velvet', but she didn't really have a choice. She was bound by a contract, more importantly, if she wanted to have a shot at revenge against this bitch she would have to go through with this, no matter how humiliating it was. Also, she had never backed out of a deal like this before, and wasn't about to start.
Of course, she also resented that Mistress Velvet milked this for everything it was worth, including briefly sliding the cock in between her cheeks and sliding it up and down tauntingly. But inevitably she was ordered to spread those cheeks, and that cock was pressed firmly against her poor butt hole, the invading object slowly sliding through and into her butt.
Like anyone else in this situation, she cried out loudly at the anal penetration, and to Torrie's relief, at least she cried out in pure pain, proving that she wasn't a complete butt slut. Unlike several others, who had the tendency to cry out in pure pleasure when in the exact same position, particularly lately, which made her think of Christy, Torrie again glaring at the treacherous bitch, who only grinned back at her, from her place in the corner, watching the action unfold.
Then she looked away from the other former WWE diva, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of watching her squirm. Or at least she tried, Torrie even turning her face away from Christy, only to realize that it was being shown on the big screen, while Mistress Velvet savoured the moment.
Which was something that the smug bitch did for several long minutes, before beginning to push inch after inch of that big dildo deep into Torrie's poor little rectum. Oh yes, she could feel her back passage having to stretch deeper and deeper to accommodate the large girl cock being gleefully stuffed into it by the woman who had cheated to win, causing her the most unique brand of pain and pleasure in the business.
Because make no mistake, she'd had a number of injuries which were much worse, including a back injury which had effectively retired her, before the chance to fuck Velvet Sky's perfect little bubble butt, along with the other pieces of ass in TNA, which had just been too good to pass up. But it was no picnic, pain wise, though.
Of course, the worst part was that part of her had actually enjoyed it, and Torrie knew that feeling would only grow and grow until she was literally begging to cum. Something she had a lot more experience dishing out, but towards the end of her career in the WWE she had been more frequently on the receiving end, to the point where she had to quit, because she was worried about becoming someone's bitch.
But surely, it couldn't happen to Velvet Sky, of all people? Velvet was a total bottom, who had to cheat to win. She should be the one getting ass fucked right now, not Torrie. Hell, Torrie even made the experience worse on herself, by imagining that she was the one fucking that perfect little booty. Something which somewhat backfired, as it made it a little too enjoyable.
Velvet was certainly enjoying the hell out of this experience. And why wouldn't she? She had won, and no matter what happened after this, in this moment, Torrie Wilson was her anal bitch. However, why would she want to settle for that, when she could make Torrie Wilson her anal bitch permanently? After all, it would be by far the biggest achievement of her career.
Hell, maybe the biggest achievement of her life. But she couldn't get ahead of herself, or lose track of what she was doing now. Especially when the sight before her was so beautiful, namely her big dick disappearing into that bitch hole nice and slowly, until she had no more dick to give. Until her thighs came to rest against the other blonde's cheeks, announcing every inch of that big strap-on was deep inside of this WWE slut's shit-pipe.
Something which of course, Velvet just had to gloat about, "Oh yeah bitch, that's every inch! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, that's every single inch deep in your fucking ass! And you know what that means, don't you? Don't you? Huh? It means your mine! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss Torrie Wilson's ass is mine to fuck! And I'm gonna fuck it so good! Soooooooooo goooooooooodddddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, take it bitch! Take it up your whore ass! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, take it like the little butt slut you are! My little butt slut. Oh yeah, that's what you are now Torrie, and you know it. Oh yeah, oh my God, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, ah fuck! Take it!"
Before her poor defeated opponent had a chance to even try and think in response, Velvet started pumping her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slide in and out of Torrie Wilson's ass hole. Oh yeah, she was officially starting to fuck the other female wrestler in the ass. Sodomize her.
She was sodomizing Torrie Wilson, a former Alpha female of SmackDown. Not just a former top, but surprisingly one of the biggest tops in the history of the WWE's women's division. Sure, the other blonde was a shadow of her former self, but it was still an incredible achievement. One which echoed in her mind in some form or another throughout the next few heavenly minutes, or however long it was.
In doing so, Velvet did the one thing that she promised herself she wouldn't. Namely get lost in her own head, and lose track of what was happening around her. As a result she didn't play to the crowd, or the audience at home, or even taunt her defeated opponent. Fuck, she didn't even really savour the moment.r"

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