I gave my wife some 'boyfriend coupons' for Christmas. She redeemed the first one that said 'I (the man) will surprise the woman within the next week by being tied naked and blindfolded to the bed. I waited a few days before fulfilling this but when she went to the store, I made my move. I got naked, tied myself to the bed and put the blindfold on.

When she got home, she did not immediately come into the bedroom and I started to think Oh SH*T what if one of the kids came in, that would be embarrassing. I sat there and sweated for a few minutes but finally she came in and saw me. She said 'well that looks nice. Stay there.'

She walked out, came back and took a few pictures saying she would keep them for later. Next, she got undressed and we had incredible sex. After sex she did not unlock me which is what I was expecting but instead took the blindfold off. She held up a card and said read this.

I read the card and it said, 'I want to eat my own cum out of your pussy' She proceeded to put the blindfold back on and climbed back on my face and let my own cum slide out of her pussy and into my mouth. Since I had never done this before I was apprehensive but I thought that women swallow cum so I can do it so I just went for it and I think I liked it. She is very sensitive right after sex and so my tongue on her pussy caused her to have another orgasm and my penis twitched a lot getting ready for round two.

After getting clean she got up and got a towel, came over and cleaned me up. I thought that was fun but now it is time to get up. Instead, she came back over and curled up next to me removed the blindfold again and held up a card. This time she said, 'I know I have told you several times that I am not interested in this, but I thought it would be fun to try.'

She showed me the card and it said, 'I want to wear a chastity cage, and have you hold the key' She got into my toy drawer and pulled out the cage. She came back over and put the ring on my balls rather forcefully and shoved my penis into the cage. This took a bit of work since I had started to get an erection from the very idea. Once I was securely locked, she sat beside me and told me the rules. Basically, she will hold the key and decide the rules as we go along and when I get out.

Once the rules were established, she pulled out another card and this one said 'I (the woman) will surprise you sometime within the next week by being naked, tied to the bed and blindfolded' She then released me from the restraints, and I got dressed.

The rest of the day was strange knowing that I was wearing the cage and knowing she had the key. That night before bed she called me over to her side of the bed and told me to drop my pants. She checked the cage to make sure it was secure and then told me to go to bed. I tried to go to sleep but I did not sleep well that night.

The next few days were eventful because she would brush up against me at times just to keep me turned on. She would randomly tell me to drop my pants just so she could inspect my cage. This was fine inside but she did it while I was in the garage one day and one day while we were in the garden. She even put her hand down my pants once in a grocery store, according to her, just to check it. Anything to keep me excited which did not take much.

On the fifth night she rolled over in bed and grabbed my crotch causing my penis to try and jump which of course it could not because of the cage. I thought this was mean, but she just smiled and laid there.

On the sixth day she asked me to go to the store for some random item and told me not to hurry. I feel like I know what is waiting for me at home, but I am not sure what I am going to do about it because I am still in the cage.

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