Proposals to be voted on

Outstanding proposals

  1. In a situation where a proposal has an Abstinence percentage higher than 50%, it has been decided that said proposal will be set to be revoted on. There was a split between the revote happening in the immediate next round, or generally at a later date. This needs to be clarified.
  2. Suggestion 6 regarding the name of the planet is to be reapplied with no Abstain option available

New proposals

  1. /wst/ is requesting they be allowed to move to /pyon/'s previous location, as per the explanation provided in their post >>20619938
  2. As /3/ anon has posted >>20525386, the matter of the poles is now again on the list. Four main options are presented to be chosen from.
Pub: 21 Mar 2022 06:23 UTC
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