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insane kinlist - - - - - i generally dont care about doubles! im only iffy about doubles on characters in italics, because i use them to cope! im friends > kins. :3 you can refer to me by their name if its in red text lastly, i use irl as a kin term. i like a little bit of joyous whimsy in my life, if that bugs you go away! strawpage | main rentry

IRL - literally me. almost always kinshifting these guys
kiana kaslana, furina, twilight sparkle, marcille donato

same as irl but i dont kinshift them as much - COPING-LINK hunter (toh), dave strider, nimona, lynette, ganyu, lily barriere, emma woods catra

HIGH - very relatable! :3
elysia, yae miko, lumine, ariane yeong, princess luna, starlight glimmer, monika, q!cellbit, q!jaiden, q!roier,, kiriko
jade harley, misa amane, harley quinn, bloody queen, kaede akamatsu, akira kurusu, ann takamaki, alice kingsleigh

characters i barely relate to! i just enjoy them. - FOR FUN columbina (gi), seele vollerei, nepeta leijon, roxy lalonde, vanny/vanessa, brooklyn hayes (lps popular remake), moonlight cookie, tord, fiona gilman, demi bourbon, accardi florentino, sumire yoshizawa

JOKES - nonserious, i just think its funny to kin them :b
odee (garfeld the musical), calliope, joe gatto (impractica joker factkin.)

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