I glanced over at Clive and John sat across from me. I thought they must both be naked as they sat bare chested, finishing their drinks listening to Bob talking and watching me. I couldn't see him, but I heard Mike asking Bob how I was doing. Bob patted my head and said, "He needs a lot more practice, but he will learn."

Hearing Bob's reply, I tried to do something with my mouth that I thought might be enjoyable, but he just held my head in place and let me learn how to suck and lick, and of course, to get some experience.

It was another 15 minutes I think before Bob pulled out of my mouth. I hadn't sucked so much since I was a kid with a gob stopper, so my mouth was really dry and aching. I needed a drink, so I reached over for my glass and took a sip of punch. It was then that I noticed, I was the only one not yet naked.

Bob left me sitting there as he walked away with his clothes in his arms. His impressive and wet, hard cock waved from side to side in the air as he walked. The other guys then got up and walked past me, also carrying their drinks and clothes. I noticed Clive had an impressive hard on too. He patted me on the shoulder as he went by me saying, "Come on Jim. Relax. This will all become normal for you in a very short while."

I stood up, still with my boxers on, and still sporting my own prominent erection. Clive and John both looked at my bulging shorts and smiled, their own cocks semi-hard and waving freely in the air. I noticed that they both had tightly trimmed or very little pubic hair. From what I saw, I thought all the men here looked much bigger than me in the cock department. But, thinking back to when my Dad used to show off to embarrass me in my younger days, yes, I was feeling embarrassed, but I was ok with it.

Very conscious of how I might look, I took off my underwear and shirt and carrying my clothes, followed them into the house. My cock was so hard, it too was pointing the way as I walked. I didn't know what was about to happen, so I felt nervous, but, turned on.

We entered the living room through the patio doors and there, sat on the sofa and chairs, were the girls. They were all chatting and giggling but watching us as we walked in, and I couldn't help staring, probably open jawed, as I noticed they were all in different states of clothing.

Sinsa was showing off her magnificent naked breasts and hard nipples, wearing only a small red pair of panties. Claire was totally naked except for a black choker collar, and I noticed her small but lovely shaped breasts had a tattoo of a small flower above each of her hard nipples. Jackie was naked except for stockings and Sally was naked but now wearing stockings and suspenders.

My young mind was going into overdrive looking at all these gorgeous naked women. Having not paid any attention to the other guys, embarrassingly, I was the only one who had stopped walking on our way to the hallway. My wiggling, rock-solid hard on, was pointing at the ladies, and it was then I spotted that they were all looking, and a couple of them frowning at me. I looked down at what they were looking at. I couldn't see a problem but then it hit me. I was the only one sporting quite a full pubic bush than anyone else.

I quickly turned to catch up with the guys. They hadn't noticed that I was missing, and were busy chatting in the hallway. I glanced around and saw that all their clothes had been placed neatly in piles on the wooden bench and chairs, so I walked over to the bench and placed my clothes in one of the gaps. As I sat down to remove my socks and put my shoes under the bench, I was surprised by yet another cock brushing against my face.

This time it was John. He was stood right next to me, his hands on his hips chatting to Mike but facing me so close that his hairless semi hard cock was touching my cheek.

This will shock you, because it did me. He gently put his hand on the back of my head and, holding his cock, guided me to suck him. Well I had only just sucked Bob, and thought it a little strange that I was now being made to suck another cock so soon. Was this how swingers really played?

I recalled everything Clive told me back in the classroom and what Sally said in the garden. I thought that this was now a normal part of swinging, so without needing to be told, I kissed the tip of his cock, licked his pee hole, opened my mouth and started sucking his cock.

As I started to get into a rhythm, licking his cock head and sucking, I thought it a little weird that I had been the only male to suck so far this evening, but again, I wanted so much to fit in I just accepted it.

Something that did relax me a little more, making me think that everything I was doing was normal, was the way John was chatting to Mike and Clive. He didn't even look down or say anything to me as I sucked him. So I thought, that this must be normal for parties like this.

As I was inexperienced in sucking, I did pretty much the same that I had done to Bob's cock. I pulled back his foreskin with my lips, and nursed on his cock head.

His cock was getting very hard now so I couldn't get it all in my mouth. I stopped to look at it, up close, just to compare it with Bobs. I noticed Johns cock was thinner, had a smaller head, a prominent and proud vein along its length and a slight bend upwards. I had to tilt my head forward to try to make my sucking comfortable for him.

He obliged by moving his hips slowly in a fucking motion and not pressing me too hard with his hand. Then I heard Bob say, "Shall we gents?" John stopped fucking my mouth and slowly pulled out. I stood and wiped any dribble from my mouth.

Clive and Mike put their hands on my shoulders as if to say well done, and we all walked back into the living room. It was with this little gesture by the men, that made me feel like I was fitting in just right.

As we walked into the living room, I couldn't help looking at the other guys cocks and balls. Apart from not having any pubic hair, Bob was semi hard and was slowly wanking his cock as he walked. Clive's cock was also semi hard, about 6 or 7 inches long, but Mike had the biggest cock of all of us. Very impressive as it just hung there, soft, looking very intimidating. John on the other hand, held his hard cock in his hand and showed it off to everyone as it was all wet from the sucking I had just given him.

I just had to give my cock a little jerk and stroke as I looked over at the naked girls smiling and chatting when we entered. I was asking myself, now what happens, what do I do?

As if to answer my question, Claire got up and sidled sexily over to me. She gently stroked my hard cock with the back of her hand and said.

"Well Jim, let's get you a bit more presentable."

She then gripped my cock and pulled me to follow her. I nervously looked back at the guys. Clive was looking at me, smiling and then he winked. I smiled back briefly as Claire tugged and led me out of the room by my cock. I felt really horny as I felt Claire grip and pull me.

When we got to the stairs, she stopped then let go of me. Walking up the stairs, Claire walked in front of me. This gave me a fantastic close up look at her lovely naked bum, her legs and ankles. I couldn't take my eyes off her as I followed her. But then as we got just short of the top of the stairs, she suddenly stopped, and I couldn't help bumping my face into her soft bum.

I said sorry, but she just opened her legs and bent over, letting me clearly see her puckered bum hole and the lips of her pussy. I panted once or twice and swallowed out of excitement.

"That's ok Jim," she said, and then gently opened her bum with her hands and said.

"Don't you want to taste me?" I was so turned on, I had to tug on my cock a couple of times. I swallowed and made my mouth wet. "Go on," She said, "Touch it with your tongue. Taste me."

My cock was pulsing like crazy, I had a naked woman in front of me, holding her bum open for me to lick. I didn't have to be asked again, I just put my lips on her hole, gave her a kiss and then licked her all over. She reacted by scrunching her hole, as my tongue touched her.

Oh wow she felt so warm and her taste. Oh wow. She tasted of perfume and, well, woman. It is hard to describe what her taste was actually like, but it wasn't unpleasant or sweaty. Her bum was just so warm and soft and wrinkly of course. I was dribbling as I licked and tickled her hole. I didn't want to stop. I licked up and down, pushed a little inside her, and then I even ventured south just a little more, and politely licked her pussy lips to say thank you.

She must have liked what I was doing with my tongue because she moaned and pulled her bottom cheeks apart just a little bit more. I planted my lips over her hole, then I sucked. I sucked and licked and pushed my face into her. I was so turned on I could have eaten and licked her all night, but she then suddenly, after making a puffing noise, stood up and walked off to the opened door of the bathroom.

Nooooooo. I thought, what are you doing to me?

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