"Come on, Omar, give me that ass," Beatrice Jean-Paul said, and she gleefully plunged the strap-on dildo up the big Black man's ass, watching him squirm as she did her thing. Omar Winston lay on his back, legs in the air, as Beatrice introduced him to the fine art of pegging. The short, skinny Black chick with the beatific smile took obscene pleasure in tracking down, seducing and pegging strong Black men all over the place. The Black pegging movement is in full swing thanks to ladies like Beatrice Jean-Paul. Omar was just the latest brother to experience Beatrice unique brand of dark feminine power...

"Oh fuck," Omar groaned, and he winced as Beatrice grabbed his big ole dick and stroked him while plunging her dildo into the forbidden depths of his ass. From the expert way Beatrice handled herself, Omar could tell that she was no stranger to freaky sex and kink. When Omar first spotted Beatrice inside the Lotus bar in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, he thought the petite young Black woman with the Creole accent would be an easy lay. Well, Omar was now paying for his mistake in more ways than one...

Beatrice Jean-Paul knew what she was doing, alright. The five-foot-six, slim and petite young Black woman with the faint Creole accent acted all soft and sweet when Omar, a burly, macho brother from the south side of Atlanta approached her at the Lotus Bar. Beatrice pretended to be a schoolteacher in town for a conference, and since she was so cute and harmless, Omar figured he'd take her home, fuck her real good and then call it a night. When Omar went to Beatrice's hotel room, he was in for a surprise...

"Shut up," Beatrice said snidely, and she stroked Omar's balls, causing him to momentarily sigh in pleasure. As rough as Beatrice got with Omar, he really considered himself lucky that she was the one pegging him and not a certain she-devil. A short distance away but in plain view of Omar and Beatrice, another Black couple was doing their thing. A tall, skinny Black man named Jacob Whyte was getting pegged by a chubby, short-haired and big-bottomed Black woman named Magda Brown, and she was none too gentle about it.

"Scream for me," Magda Brown told Jacob Whyte, and the chubby Black gal held her lover down as she ravaged his ass with a huge dark dildo. Unlike Omar, Jacob was bound, face down and ass up, as Magda proceeded to ravish the hell out of him. Jacob tried to tough it out and this drove the beautiful but sadistic Magda to spank his ass with a wooden paddle while pegging him. Overwhelmed by the chubby Black dominatrix's sheer brutality and power, Jacob finally screamed, and it was music to the lady's ears...

"Please don't destroy my ass," Jacob pleaded, and Magda smiled, and continued bucking her hips, shoving the dildo into the forbidden depths of her man's ass. Magda is a newcomer to the Black pegging movement. Jacob here is the third Black man whose ass Magda has ravaged with her dildo, and she cannot wait to rack up more impressive numbers. Magda has been inspired by her good friend and fellow churchgoer Beatrice Jean-Paul, and these two lovely, bossy Black ladies intend to spread the Black pegging movement across America and beyond.

"Come on, Jacob, you've fucked dozens of sisters up the ass, yet you whine about one sister fucking you back, you're sexist, you know that?" Magda teased her lover. Jacob gritted his teeth, feeling as though Magda's dildo up his ass was splitting his ass apart. The big Black woman with the big tits, wide hips, thick legs and huge ass was kind of strong and she fucked him vigorously. The weird thing is that Jacob felt his own dick get hard as Magda continued to pound his Black ass with her thick strap-on dildo. How weird was that?

"Oh fuck, I think I'm starting to like it," Omar cried out as Beatrice fucked him with gusto, stepping up her pegging game. Never let it be said that short, skinny Black chicks aren't capable of holding down and pegging big and tall, strong Black men. Beatrice stroked Omar's dick and balls, and the big Black man groaned as he came, shooting his manly juice all over the place. Beatrice smiled and continued to peg Omar, sliding the dildo into his ass, and loving the way his dark, handsome face twisted in pleasure.

"Oh shit," Jacob squealed, as Magda leaned into him with all of her might, plunging the dildo so far up his ass that his ancestors probably felt it. When it comes to the art of Black pegging, big Black women like Magda Brown have an unfair advantage. They're curvaceous and strong and can definitely hold a brother down while pegging him real good. Jacob gave up on the idea of fleeing as Magda had him tied up, and she gripped his hips and pounded him real good, to the point that one couldn't see where the dildo ended and where Jacob's ass began.

Through Magda's relentless pounding, Jacob's ass stretched to accommodate the huge dark dildo. It was a beautiful thing. Magda got so bold that she and Jacob switched positions. The big Black mama grabbed the tall, skinny Black dude and lifted him off the bed. Magda pressed Jacob against the wall and held him there with the sheer force of her arms. The strong Black woman pinned the skinny Black man against the wall and slammed the dildo up his ass. Jacob's mouth gaped in shock, and Magda kissed him savagely as she continued to plow his ass.

"I'm going to turn you into a pegging addict," Magda promised Jacob, and she most definitely kept that promise. Beatrice and Omar took a breather after some truly awesome pegging action. Magda continued to wreck Jacob's ass and didn't let up until the skinny Black man tapped out. The big Black woman reluctantly pulled her dildo out of the skinny Black man's now gaping butt hole. Magda sighed in pleasure after thoroughly dominating a subdued Jacob. The big Black dominatrix exchanged a wink with her sister-in-pegging. Beatrice and Magda smiled at each other. One way or another, Black on Black pegging is here to stay.

"I think Black on Black pegging is hot," Jacob admitted, much later, and Magda was so thrilled to hear this that she kissed her man and sucked his dick. Jacob was a bit sore from getting his ass pounded by Magda but not so sore that he didn't slide his dick into her pussy after she got on all fours and shook her big Black ass at him. Jacob smacked Magda's ass and gripped her wide hips as he shoved his big dark dick into her pussy. Nothing wrong with pegging but even a horny Black dominatrix needs some good Black dick once in a while, and Magda really appreciated Jacob's help in that regard. Black love is an evolving concept, and Black pegging is part of it. Get used to it.

"Let's fuck," Beatrice told Omar, as she found herself horny while watching Jacob fuck Magda. Omar grinned and laid Beatrice down, and he proceeded to suck on her tits while fingering her pussy. Beatrice sighed happily as Omar buried his face between her sleek, sexy legs and ate her pussy. Omar tasted Beatrice's pussy and smiled. Bossy Black women got some good tasting pussy, which explains a lot. He ate her out until she cried out his name, then ate her pussy some more. Afterwards, Beatrice got on all fours and Omar entered her with a swift thrust.

"Give me that ass," Omar said as he gripped Beatrice's hips and thrust his dick into her. Beatrice moaned softly and began grinding against Omar, driving his hard dick deeper inside of her. After drilling Beatrice's pussy for a bit, Omar wanted some of that ass. Beatrice is a firm believer in gender equality, unlike a lot of females who only go for equality when it benefits them. Omar lubricated Beatrice's ass with the same lube she used on him earlier. With a swift thrust, Omar buried his dick inside Beatrice's warm, tight ass hole. Time for the sexy Creole dominatrix to experience the full power of a hard Black dick up her ass. Beatrice screamed as Omar fucked her in the ass, and they melted into each other...

"We should try that shit," Magda told Jacob, who hesitated briefly, so she shot him an angrily look. Jacob grinned as Magda got on all fours and spread her thick ass cheeks for him. Jacob lubricated the big Black dominatrix's ass hole and then eased his dick into her backdoor. Gripping Magda's wide hips, Jacob began fucking her in the ass, sliding his dick into the depths of her ass hole. Magda screamed as Jacob fucked her ass even rougher than she'd fucked his ass with her dildo earlier. Turnabout is definitely fair play and there is nothing wrong with that!

When all was said and done, Magda, Jacob, Beatrice and Omar slept peacefully. The two kinky Black couples became close friends, and it is a beautiful thing. The Black pegging movement is responsible for these four getting together. In this changing world where Black men and Black women are under siege from the forces of racism, it is important for Black men and Black women to get past the issues of colorism, misandry, sexism and misogyny, and embrace Black love, Black power and Black togetherness. The Black pegging movement is curing toxic Black masculinity and helping good Black men become strong and powerful again. Join the movement!

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