I spent the rest of that day in my room, pretending to be sick for my mom who was under the assumption that my sister, Jessica, didn't have a clue that we had already been caught. Which meant that I pretty much spent the afternoon on my computer playing video games. Not exactly what I wanted to be doing all afternoon, but I wasn't going to complain.

Between Mom and Jessica coming to check up on me almost every hour I couldn't really have some me time either, and with every visit Mom made, that became harder and harder to deal with. Every time she would stop in, she would apologize for the inconvenience she was putting me through, and then gave me a kiss, that would make sailors blush. Once she even pulled my hand up to cup her breast as we kissed.

That got me so hard that I decided to risk it, I went over and closed my door, so anyone that came to my room should knock and give me a chance to hide my activities. I went back to my computer and open up my special folder and opened a picture that never failed to get me off quick.

Mom was laying on her back, similar to the way she had been earlier that day when I had been between her thighs licking and sucking her to deep orgasms. Her knees up and legs spread inviting the camera man, my dad, to enter her in missionary position. Which looked like it would be amazing position to make love to her, though she might have found it uncomfortable since it looked like she was about 7 or 8 months pregnant with me at the time of the photo.

I had just pulled out my dick to start jerking off when Jessica entered my room from my open bathroom door saying, "Damn it dude, you're supposed to unlock my side when you are done in there, I had to use my key..." She stopped in her tracks as she caught me trying to stuff myself back into my boxers. "Oh my god, were you just...?" she started to ask as her eyes darted from my crotch up to my monitor. "You were, weren't you, and while looking at Mom too. Oh my god, are these the photos she gave you? Can I see them?" She had asked, but didn't wait for an answer, as she came over to the desk and took control of the mouse.

I could only sit there and watch as she closed the pictures and opened each one in the current folder. She didn't say much as she was clicking away, but eventually she got through the current folder and backed out to the parent folder.

"Why is this one not in a folder?" she asked as she clicked on the singular photo icon in the main folder. It just happened that it was the photo Davey had sent me, the one that shower my sister in the background getting felt up. "Oh, who is she?" she asked just before realization struck her. "Wait where was this picture taken? Who took that picture?" she turned and asked me.

"Davie took it and sent it to me to brag about his new chick..." I tried to pass it off as no big deal.

"Uh huh, and it just happens that I am in the background making out, have you been jerking off to this, too?" She asked me accusingly.

"Uh..." was all I managed to get out before she told me to shut up.

"I can't believe you. You really do have the hots for me too." She smiled but paused looking down at my crotch again. "Show me." She said lifted her head with a single quick nod, indicating to me she wanted me to take out my erection.

Not knowing if she was serious, I sat there shocked by what she just asked me to do.

"I am serious, take it out, I want to see what the it looks like." She demanded again. "Bet you didn't know, that just after that picture was taken I took that guy up to an empty bedroom and sucked him off, did you?

My did decided at that moment it was going to twitch on it own accord having heard her confession just then. And to make matters worse, at least for my current embarrassment levels, it slipped right out of my fly and stood at full strength for my sister to devour with her eyes.

"Oh my god, Bro. That's a pretty...uh...an impressive set of equipment you have there." She said distractedly as she stared at my cock for several moments. "You having some more urges right now, hearing that your slutty big sister took a random guy and sucked on his big...hard...cock at a party?

I nodded, silently.

"Good, then rub it for me, and I might just tell you how wet it made me, having his cock in my mouth that night."

I put my hand down to my cock and started to stroke it up and down, while looking up at her.

"Mmm, good boy." She smiled at me, her eyes never leaving my crotch as I slowly jerked it to her. "Are you wishing it had been you instead of him? Your cock could have been the one sliding in and out of my slutty little mouth." She said as she slowly dropped to her knees in front of my chair. "Your cum sliding down my tight little throat after fucking it raw for 10 minutes?" She continued as she reached out and slid her tiny hand under my own. Taking hold of my ridged member with her small hand as she took over stroking me off.

I was just on the edge of the point of no return, when she suddenly stopped and stood up. Smiling as she stood up and asked me "You have strong urges for me, huh? That's pretty sick, dude. You shouldn't be having these urges, they aren't good for you, you know?" She then turned went back into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

I went back to jerking myself off, to what just happened...but got distracted as I heard mom's ring tone chime down the hall outside my bedroom door. Being that I didn't need to get caught again, I had already put my straining hardon away and closed the picture on the monitor by the time there was a soft knock at my door.

I took a breath, and then replied, "Yeah?"

The door opened and Mom came in with a slight worried look on her face. "Jess said you needed to ask me something?"

Thinking quick, I responded, "Uh yeah, I was wondering if I could get some of that cocoa we had a couple months ago, you know that really good kind that we got at that gourmet store across town?"

"Sure baby, since your being such a trooper today." She said smiling down at me, then yelled out. "Jessica!"

My sisters head popped around the door frame. "You rang, Mother?"

"I need you to go pick up something else for me, if you don't mind?"

"Sure mom, what do you need? Or is this another sick boy request?" She replied with a smile to mom and sly wink towards me.

"Your brother would like some cocoa, so could you go to the gourmet shop and get some Martins Chocolatier Flakes, so I can make him some?" She said as she wrapped her arm around me in a side hug as she pulled me to her side. I took the opportunity to wrap my arms around her belly in response.

"Yeah, no worries, I'll just be a little bit." She said without complaint.

"Oh thank you, Sweetie. Let me go get you some money." Mom said and she left to find her purse.

Jessica looked at me and smirked, "Well played, ya pervert. Getting Mom to make me go all the way across town for some cocoa? Should take me 45 minutes, so you should have plenty of time for some more fun with Mom." I just smiled as she left to follow Mom.

A few minutes later. Mom came back into my room and crossed over to me seated still at my computer. "She should be gone for a while, and your dad should only be another hour before he gets home." She tells me, as she drops to her knees in front of me like my sister had been just minutes before. Her eyes never look anywhere other than my crotch with the slightly open fly in my boxers. "Baby I can't get the taste of you out of my mind, I have been wet for you all day, and now I have some time to sort out my urges, and yours too."

She deftly fished out my cock and immediately started jerking me off softly and rubbing it along her cheek, before literally inhaling my entire cock. "Mmm mmm mmm." She hummed as she slid my shaft in and out of her mouth and matching her motion with her hand, giving me a very slow and sensuous blowjob. She pops me out of her mouth just long enough to say, "I could worship your dick for hours if I had the time."

Her phone started ringing at that very moment, eliciting a groan from both of us, as we both recognizing Dad's ringtone.

She held up her finger to shush me as she answered the call from Dad, she kept her free hand on my cock, and stroked me as she said, "Hey honey...oh, okay..." Between each little response she shoved my cock back into her mouth and rolled her tongue all around my length. "Oh that's thoughtful of you...no no, Jessica is already out running an errand for me, I will just get her to pick it up on the way home...okay honey...see you then...I love you too." With her last statement to my father, she was staring me straight in the eye, and winked at me. She stopped jerking me off and started to text, explaining to me that Dad had placed an order for Chinese take away, because he was going to be late home from work, "Just...need...to text your sister to...pick it...up" she said as she punched the phone keys. She pushed the send button and stood up.

I swear I heard a faint chime off in the distance somewhere in the house, but didn't think much of it at the time, because my mother chose that exact moment to turn facing away from me lifted her skirt, and sat down on my cock.

My virgin cock slipped into the warmest, silkiest, and wettest sleeve it had ever been in, before I even knew what was happening.

"Oh my god, Baby!" she moaned out and then lifted herself up and slid back down my manhood. "So good...it is a perfect fit, Baby. I...knew...you...would...be...per...fect...unh...mmm...my...sweet baby...so good...your cock is fucking me...so good." Her words a staccato string of gradually rising notes as she rode me.

I took hold of her hips and just sat there in shock as my mother worked herself into a sexual frenzy, with my cock being her sole focus. Her now unintelligible words continued without pause as the sounds of our overly soaked genitals smashed into each over and over. She lowered the top of her dress and pulled my right hand from her hip, and then forced it onto her bare tit as it shook with the motion of our union. She pulled my left hand around to her belly and held me there as she screamed out, "Yes! Just like that, fuck your mother, you sweet, big dicked angel...just a little more, and I am going to cum. Make me cum on that dick Baby, make Mommy cum on that sweet cock of yours."

"I am...gonna...cum...soon...ma...ma." I managed to say on each stroke into her velvet vice, of a pussy.

"Yes, Baby, cum for me, cum in your mommy's pregnant pussy, claim it with your spunk and it's yours my love!" She exclaimed as her orgasm swiftly approached as well, and her vaginal walls started to tighten around my pussy soaked cock.

"Cumming Mommy!" I grunted out as I slammed up into her as forcefully as I could.

"Yes!...My love, my baby, it's yours to cum in, all yours my son, my prince!" She screamed out as her orgasm took over her body and she shook uncontrollably as I held her onto me as deep as I could.

Moments later our breathing slowed, my cock still flexing inside her, vainly trying to unload as many of my baby makers as it could into her already occupied womb.

When she finally calmed her breathing, she lifted herself off my drenched cock, saying "Thank you, Baby, that was just what Mommy needed, and you were perfect." She turned back around and dropped to her knees and slurped my dick straight back into her mouth. The head of my dick was super sensitive, and I flinched as she ran her tongue around it over and over, sucking all traces of our combined sex fluids.

"I never dreamed I could improve on the taste of your semen, Baby, but you and I have made ambrosia in my pussy." She said, as she plunged her fingers into her well fucked slit, then pulled them back out and crammed them into her mouth. "mmmmm! So tasty. Here try." She offered as she repeated the process and put her fingers to my mouth, all while returning her own mouth to my dick. This continued for another few minutes, before she finally collapsed into my lap her face pressed against my dick.

"Baby?" she whimpered to me.

"Yes, Mother? I replied.

"I meant it."

"What is that, Mother?"

"My pussy is yours, now." She looked up into my eyes softly. "If we are alone and you need to empty these beautiful balls of yours, mommy's pussy is all yours to use whenever you get the urge."

I smiled down at her and softly stroked her cheek as she rested on my lap, "Thank you Mommy, I am getting the urge again right now, let's get in the bed."

She smiled as I helped her up from the floor. She looked at the clock on her phone and noted the time. "We should have another 25 minutes until your sister gets back. You will have to sort out your urges quickly."

End part 5

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