obligatory pride month edit

milcery + any pronouns ♡ lesbian
white transmasc bodily 15 ˖ syshost
introject , autistic + ment. ill

i mainly tweet about cookie run , pokemon unite , inanimate insanity (+ thinking skills au) and milgram , i like other things but it'll mainly be that
i post art frequently dont be shy to interact :3

dont follow if ; basic criteria , pro/comship , dsmp fans/dream fans , you think introjects are doubles or call us doubles to your irls , you use the toothpaste flag/defend it , mspec 'lesbians' or supporters , you use fonts on your profile or literally anywhere , sh/edtwt (didnt think thisd be a problem but. the more you know!) , nsfw accs

i'm not good at tagging/knowing what to tag pls tell me if u need anything tagged
if i ever tweet more insanely than usual i am sleep deprived dont mind it

ask to follow if you're a singlet irl/da (idk the term) (ok if i follow first)
might not fb if we dont share any mutuals

retrospring , ccat

Pub: 01 Aug 2021 11:21 UTC
Edit: 01 Jun 2023 22:10 UTC
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