How-to use Cloudflare's WARP through WireGuard, Cloudflare's bloated app for WARP. WARP is a free VPN service from Cloudflare

This guide explains:

  • how to use WARP (free and fast VPN) without installing their closed-source and bloated application, and use WireGuard instead, which is lightweight and open source.
  • a couple of tips to do it also on Android-TV and Linux (where it is not as simple as on Windows)

WireGuard, a VPN client. It can be used with many different VPN providers.

1) Create a WARP account using wgcf

Instructions for Windows (it's very similar on Linux)
wgcf allows you to register and create a Cloudflare-WARP account-profile that can be imported into WireGuard.

  1. Setup wgcf on your PC

    Download the latest version.
    Since this is a command line tool, to execute it, you will first have to, in the Command Prompt,
    execute the command cd Downloads to go to your Downloads folder in Windows.
    Then, wgcf_2.2.19_windows_386.exe to execute the program.

  2. Use it to register a WARP account

    Run the command wgcf_2.2.19_windows_386.exe register

  3. Create a WARP profile for WireGuard (it will be based on the account previously registered)

    Run the command wgcf_2.2.19_windows_386.exe generate

    Note: Optionally, if you have a WARP+ key, you can use it this way.

  4. Put the resulting wgcf-profile.conf file in your device so you can import it from WireGuard.

    Note for Android-TV: I recommend using the Amaze File Manager(it's open-source) and a USB drive.

2) Use that WARP account through WireGuard

  1. Install WireGuard (available for every platform including Android-TV, Linux, etc)
  2. Import the config file wgcf-profile.conf into WireGuard.

    This is very straightforward on Windows or Android using the graphical interface.
    Note for Linux. You do it with by simply copying the config file into /etc/wireguard/ with sudo cp ~/Downloads/wgcf-profile.conf /etc/wireguard/

  3. Activate the imported WireGuard profile.

    Notes for Android-TV:

    • if when you activate it on Android-TV, internet disconnects: on the system settings, configure a proxy like this: IP= Port=56000
    • If you are remote-controlling your TV with your phone through your WiFi local network, this will probably disconnect while the VPN is active.

    Notes for Linux:

    • sudo wg-quick up wgcf-profile to enable it.
    • sudo wg-quick down wgcf-profile to disable it
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