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Sorted in descending order of recency, this is a log of all of the theme Friday submissions, starting from mid May 2021. There was a previous one, but it seems to be kill, so I've created this one as a fresh start.


  • A link to your prompt must posted in the thread.
  • Your submission must be posted as a reply to an anchor post made on or near to the Friday of the event.
    • An image is optional, but recommended. Not for any particular reason, other than it makes my job easier harder it makes it harder. But at least your prompt will be more eye-catching?
  • Please at least try.
  • Explore link is optional as well. Well, we certainly aren't doing that anymore.

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The Log

  1. Rules
  2. The Log
    1. The Friday of Villainesses
      1. True Love's First (Cloacal) Kiss
      2. Under the Heel
      3. A Better, More Demonic World
      4. Vampiric Mistress
      5. Albedo Makes Herself a Toy-Ainz
      6. Twisted Rose
      7. Madam White Snake Abuses Privilege and Concubines
      8. The Prince(ss) of Crime
      9. Trapped by Mirai
      10. Close Encounters of the Erotic Kind
      11. The Slaver of Gratia
      12. The Villainess's Fate After Reaching The True End
      13. Devil Mother
    2. The Friday of Animals
      1. Seamen World
      2. Mudsdale Used Body Press!
      3. Kalphite Queen Head
      4. A Dog-Girl in Heat
      5. Dread Pirate Gloria and Her Voracious Wolf Fluffy
      6. Feathered Serpent Mayan 'Goddess' Enjoys Sacrificial Female Feast
      7. Fat Knot Rock
      8. Unwanted Allure
      9. Griffon Rider Knight Helps His Bird-of-Prey Dispense Gooey Justice
      10. A Ride Out
      11. Chateau au Chattes
      12. Succu-joints, CH1! The Cold Embrace
      13. Sheep Rekt
      14. Bat Intruder
      15. Liquid Feargasm
      16. Turkey Tail
      17. Paladin Moralizes at Petulent, Predatory Dragoness
      18. Smug Gnome Druid Fertilizes Forest With Amazons
      19. Animal Town
      20. Beasties and Swampy Cities - Guzzle
      21. Dog Almighty
      22. The Gluttunous Beasts of Galon Intergalactic Zoo
      23. Adventure Family and Scouring the Pig Wood
      24. A Goblin and His Wolf
      25. Not That Type of Dog Person
      26. Little Pet Shop of Horrors
      27. A Haunting at Goldenrod Academy
    3. The Friday of Office Women
      1. Spess Loli on a Spess Station (SS13)
      2. Akame Sings Metal
      3. SalemSales: A Lifelong Career
      4. Dark Elf Cordelia
      5. Raika's After Hours Confession
      6. Bring Your Loli to Work Day!
      7. Office Footsies
      8. After Hours Performance Review
      9. A Boring Job
      10. Gay Comforts
      11. Help me, coworker!
      12. Office Goblin
      13. Office Loli in Space
      14. An Afterlife of Servitude
      15. Ruling the World is a Job
      16. Some Witty Office Lady Related Joke Title.
    4. The Friday of All Hallows' Eve
      1. Reckless Adventurer and an Elven Sorceress
      2. Demonic Desire
      3. Mirror Mirror
      4. Horny Honeymoon Haunt
      5. Harvest
      6. A Succ in the Shell
      7. A Spooky and Very Topical Story About Trick or Treating
      8. A Puppy's Tricks and Treats
      9. Don't Trust Strange Witches
    5. The Friday of Female Bullies
      1. Tit for Tat
      2. Gina Bullies You
      3. Abusive Yandere GF
      4. Ghoulish Girls
      5. A Study in Attraction
      6. Fire and Ice
      7. The Anti-Bully Ranger
      8. Best Served Hot
      9. Bullies Make Her Bleat
      10. Unethical Research on the Digestion Habits of Alraunes
      11. Dragoness Head of HR, Employee Retention, & Digestion
      12. Power and Sacrifice
      13. Sphinx Asks Bullshit Riddles Because She's Hungry
      14. Hey Mom, Watch This
      15. Proper Guidance for a Female Bully
      16. Liyi and the Bastard
      17. A Break Up By Phone
      18. Perks of Owning a Cockatoogirl
      19. Sleepover With The Girls
      20. An Unexpected Coed Visit
      21. Slap
    6. The Friday of Little Sisters
      1. Embarrassed Art Model
      2. Brother catches little sister skinny dipping
      3. An Ideal Little Sister
      4. Captured Royalty
      5. Little Sister's Right Hand Man
      6. Some help from your sister
      7. Not So Little
    7. The Friday of Mommies
      1. Mom Only Memory
      2. A Boy and His Bunker
      3. Pure Blood
      4. Mamacita
      5. A Small Wish
      6. The Hopper and the Snake
      7. Your Mom is a Horny Loli Cougar
      8. Siren Mommy
      9. Relying on Me
      10. Fuck This God Damned Earth
      11. Sleeping with Mom
      12. Late-Night TV with Mom
      13. Bad Mommy
      14. Family Vacation Out of Exile
      15. This bird does not want to fly the nest
      16. Amazon Therapy
      17. The Mommy AOC Experience
    8. The Friday of Transformation
    9. The Friday of Personality Alteration
      1. Measuring the Effects of Increased Sexual Arousal when Consuming Love Potions
      2. Sex Slave Headset
      3. Re: Programmed to Serve
      4. The Controller
      6. The Mind-Bender's Challenge
      7. Mind Control Thingy
      8. Con-fidence at the Con
    10. The Friday of Dwarves
      1. Out of the Furnace, Into the...
      2. Deep Rock Galactic
      3. Urist's Tryst
    11. The Friday of School
      1. Clair de Lune
      2. Beneath The Cherry Blossoms
      3. Quarterback Sneak
      4. Morning Commute
      5. Tomfoolery
      6. An Exam Under Pressure
      7. Monstergirl High School II - What's a Dad to Do?
      8. Valediction
      9. Heartbeat Running Away
      10. Ms. McKenzie's Sex-Ed Class Gets Out of Hand
      11. Nude Modelling for the Top of the Class
      12. Trapped on the Rooftop
      13. Bloody Playground
      14. Mrs. Smith's Hands-On Lesson
      15. An "Innocent" Prank
    12. The Friday of Human Experimentation / Farming
      1. New Content
      2. Boredom of the Nobles
      3. Treasure in the Dunes
      4. Fujoshi Forcefully Fornicated by Frightful Frankenstein
      5. Horns
      6. Pollinating Fairies
      7. The Little God
      8. A.nimal B.rain S.wap E.xperiment
      9. Monster Breeding Factory Inspection
      10. The Quest for the Phallic Fragrance
      11. Holstaur Farm
      12. Breast Unrest
      13. It ain't much, but it's honest work
    13. The Friday of Native Subjugation
      1. An Account of Mankind's Conquest of the Elves
      2. The Nightmare of Nanjing
      3. Custer's Revenge
      4. Memoirs from the Amazonian Jungle
    14. The Friday of Fairies
      1. Dryad Encounter
      2. The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Fairies
      3. Fairytale: Prelude - "Caress of the Morning Dew"
      4. Tentacle Respect Online
      5. You Find a Fairy in Distress
    15. The Friday of Cuteness and Hilarity
      1. A Basket of Kittens
      2. Your Daughter will Do Anything to Have You Back
      3. Ben and Gwen Tennyson in: Omnifriks
      4. Goblin girl in Heat

The Friday of Villainesses

Let's make prompts about the antagonists, those like us but morally opposed; our greatest (female) adversaries.

December 10th, 2021

True Love's First (Cloacal) Kiss


Import me!

With a plume of billowing green smoke, Maleficent began to transform. Sprouting huge tattered wings and a long serpentine tail, she grew bigger and bigger until she was a gigantic, winged monster. With black scales covering her body, and bright green eyes glowing in the darkness, she was a fearsome sight. Her tongue flicked in and out, tasting the air as she looked upon the Prince with malice and contempt.

"Come now, don't tell me you're scared of a mere dragon." Maleficent teased, licking the side of her mouth with her long, forked tongue, "I can practically hear your heart beating through your chest. I can smell your intoxicating fear!"

Prince Phillip, however, did not back down. "I am not afraid of you, witch!" he shouted, "I will not let you hurt anyone else ever again!"

"Well, if it isn't fear that I smell, what is it?" Maleficent asked, her tone becoming more contemptuous, "Is it desire?"

Normally when the villainess converts the hero over to her side, manipulating him with her body, and forcing him to fall for her and for her plans, it would be considered a bad end. In this case, since Maleficent is the best Disney girl, that doesn't apply in this case, this is absolutely the best ending possible. Why would you pick some sleeping slut over the best dragon in media?

Under the Heel


Everybody on the first floor immediately ceased their frenzy and quickly assembled into two makeshift parallel lines besides the main doorway as the shadows of two very large body guards opened the doors and rolled out a red carpet upon the floor. The novices shook in place from terror, while the veterans gulped in fear. Soon after the sound of clacking heels could be heard as a pale woman dressed in a sharp white suit slowly entered the building and stopped past the door's entrance. A golden helmet obscured her face, but even so her intent and demeanor was known to all in attendance. Judging by the general hostility exuding from her and the multiple smoking bits of hair and clothing, it was safe to surmise that her latest encounter with the local crusader of justice had not gone as she had anticipated, and her killing aura desired nothing more than to surge outward and slay the whole of the buildings occupants.

Working under a villainess is hard work.

A Better, More Demonic World


"Quiet, demon. You will fall just like all your underlings," I reply, pointing my holy blade at her. A lot of my enemies try to talk, but at this point, I really do not have any time to spare for this idle prattle. A quick thrust will do away with her just fine, or so I thought. For as I stab forwards, expecting my sword to meet her flesh, she simply blinks out of existence, reappearing a few feet further away.

"Oooh, so forceful! You must be pent up beyond compare, great hero! I bet with all the demons, sorcerers, dark knights and more that need slaying, you must not have had a lot of time for laying, eh?" Again, she cackles, way too pleased at her own joke. "C'mon now, Rich—I can call you Rich, right?—I know a guy that hasn't fucked in months when I see one. Is it really worth it, doing all this for some goddess with tits like mountains that never puts out?"

Another stab from my end, and another teleport from her. "Do not besmirch the great name of Taris with your vile demonic language, Pitchtail! I will cut you down where you stand!" I yell, even though I can't help but feel like there's something wrong here. This shouldn't be this difficult.

The demon queen's haughty behavior only intensifies with her amusement at my struggle. "Oh, what's this? Can't thrust like you used to, Rich? I don't think you'll be needing that sharp thing anymore, you'l just hurt yourself. Let me deal with that." And then, with a swift move of her hand, my sword flies out of my hand and straight out a window. While I cannot see my own face, the expression on it must now be one of total shock. This wasn't supposed to happen! Isn't this exactly what Taris protected me against?

Again, she cackles, even louder this time. "Awww... did I take your toy away? If only your goddess had protected you against demon women like me! Oh wait... I'm not a demon woman. If only your useless goddess was able to cast more general spells, you wouldn't be surprised when a demon boy shows up!"

When you set out to defeat the evil demon queen with protection from the goddess that prevents you from falling prey to seduction from demonic women, you didn't expect the specific wording of the spell to be an issue. Turns out, you expected wrong.

Vampiric Mistress


I tried to ignore her seductive looks, but my mind kept returning to the countess' ample chest. Though, a question came to mind, one I had to ask. "Why would you need my help anyway? You're a powerful vampire. What do you need a human hunter for?"

Anastasia's eyes flashed red, and she leaned closer to me. "I am not all powerful yet. Many others seek my head, more than I can deal with. Attacking them myself would draw too much attention, but a vampire hunter doing so? No one will suspect a thing. Now, what do you say, little hunter? Will you join me?"

Anastasia's words were sweet, but her eyes gave her true intentions away. She wanted me to work for her, but only because she knew I wouldn't be able to resist her charms. That's why she made the offer. And even though I wasn't stupid enough to fall for her flattery, I still had to consider my options. If I refused, I'm dead. If I joined her, maybe I could survive.

"What kind of terms do you have in mind?" I asked, hoping to find a way out of this mess.

(You) are a vampire hunter who gets caught by a vampire.

Albedo Makes Herself a Toy-Ainz


Today these emotions had come to a climax; Albedo-sama changed my voice to perfectly mimic that of Ainz. To test how true to the original my voice sounded I simply said her name, and told her she did a good job. I figured it was a simple enough thing. And it was, it made her happy. Too happy. Nobody could have expected how her joyous face twisted into a mask of mad ecstasy. Her arousal at hearing a perfect copy of Master Ainz's voice echoing from my skeletal maw seemed to have triggered something inside her. She was panting as she looked me up and down, her long tongue darting out to languidly lash across her lush lips, her entire body vibrating with excitement.

Be Albedo's toy. Things can get pretty weird, but it's fun; at least to me.

Twisted Rose


"After all the harm you've done? I'm pretty sure I'll manage to choke the life out of you long before any help gets here." You say confidently as you tighten your grip around her neck.

She simply laughs as much as she can as her airways begin to constrict. She says as mockingly as she can, "Then do it. But don't expect to see your beloved Delilah again if you do."

"What?!" You exclaim in surprise.

Her eyes widen in amusement as she continues, "Oh, did you really think she was dead? That was one of my sloppiest fake deaths and you fell for it so easily. I suppose love does cloud one's judgment She's still alive, he-ro."

Your heart sinks and you let go of her neck. As she tries to pull away, you grab her and slam her back down against the concrete floor. You lean down close to her face and glare into her eyes. "Where is she?!"

She seems to enjoy the fear in your eyes as she answers, "Don't worry, He-ro. She's closer than you think."

"Tell me!" You demand.

She looks up at you with pity in her eyes. "Do you really want to know? Could you handle the heartbreak?"

You are a bit disturbed by how genuine her normally monstrous voice is starting to sound.

"I'll give you a hint. It's a place you would never think to look." She coos with a knowing smirk.

Capturing your nemesis was supposed to be something worth celebrating. It wasn't.

Madam White Snake Abuses Privilege and Concubines


Only hours later, Lady Bai shivered with perverse anticipation as the eunuch guards lead her through the emperor's personal, walled, harem-complex. She had resumed her human disguise, but could barely disguise her leering, predatory gaze, which made the normally respected concubines shiver in fear as she passed. As she passed through the ornate grounds, she wordlessly gestured for the guards to gather women of her choosing, one after another, until the eunuchs were leading a congregation of four scared concubines, who wordlessly followed their directions in submissive grace. She had the guards lead the four, increasingly scared young women up to her new quarters in the harem complex. She beamed inwardly with pride, as she saw the imperial porters bringing expensive lacquered furniture and other lavish trappings to her room, at Huang's bidding. As the eunuch guards lined the four concubines up in her room, Lady Bai flippantly dismissed the porters and guards with a wave, as the four women jumped as the large, wooden doors to her room shut firmly behind the last departing guard.

The witch shuddered with excitement, as she wordlessly marched back and fourth in front of the gathered concubines, who kept their almond-shaped eyes downcast as they waited for her to break the silence, "You women shall call me Lady Bai. Considering how incredibly intimate we are all about to become, I think it's best if I dropped any pretenses about myself, or my intentions towards you all." said smugly, as she dismissed her enchanted disguised, and assumed her true-form as a snake-woman.

Emperor Huang, first to unify China as a single empire, fears death. He has posted notices across the four corners of ancient China, calling for all who know of ways to extend life to visit his court and share their methods for Imperial boons. Two mystical, semi-spirit animal creatures that have long been at odds, the turtle Fahai and white serpent Bai Suzhen, sense an opportunity to curry favor with the powerful monarch, and set out to impress him. However, it is the girl-hungry snake witch Bai, with her promises of the life-extending effects of mercury, that earns Huang's imperial seal of approval.

The Prince(ss) of Crime


A smile creeps into his expression, and it's not a welcoming, warm one. It's a vicious, cold one, like a predator that is about to toy with its prey. "Alright, Jack, welcome to your new job. Here's how this is going to go: When I speak, you listen. When I command, you follow. And above all... you don't blab to anybody. If what you've seen here today gets out in any way, I will make sure you regret it for every last minute of what will be the very short remainder of your miserable existence, got it?" A wordless nod is all I can muster as a response, and with another one of those creepy chuckles, he takes a step away, giving me a better look at his entire figure in that dress. "I know you like how I look. Of course you do, I'm the best looking god damn thing your perverted eyes have ever been able to witness. And guess what... you're going to fuck this beautiful thing, right now."

A life spiraling out of control and increasing amounts of debt lead to you being drafted into the mob in order to repay it. However, you did not expect that you would end up being one of the people told to guard the boss's son. And when you stumble into his room and see something you shouldn't, your job is about to become a lot more... intimate.

Trapped by Mirai


The whole circumstance was so strange that Richard hesitated too long and could only watch as an avalanche, set off by the strange roar, engulfed the cave's only entrance in an icy wall of snow. The giggling returned. Thankful for the torch's light a figure approached. Long, slender legs and a traditional robe walked into the light, revealing a beautiful young woman with the widest, most self-satisfied smirk Richard had ever seen. The brilliance of her eyes were so distracting it took a few moments longer for Richard to notice the woman's head bore the ears of a fox, and a long, bushy paint-brushy tail was swaying behind her.

"You've such a heart of gold, dear Ranger," the fox woman said, greeting Richard, who was still standing by the snowed in entrance of the cave by way of a courtsey, "My name is Mirai and you will be my plaything. Oh, and worry not about the dame you thought was chased into this cavern by a ferocious beast. That was I. Come now. Enter my cavern proper so that we may speak."

You only had good intentions. Instead, your good Karma only lead you astray, straight into the clutches of a feisty Kitsune; during winter no less! Check easy mode for easy snusnu.

Close Encounters of the Erotic Kind


The simple farmer man could scarcely believe what he was seeing, as a grey-skinned alien with huge, black, almond-shaped eyes strode through the swirling fog and approached the slab he was immobilized against. The creature's body was far thinner than a humans and showed no trace of hair or muscles, a thin, foil-like alloy material covering the creature's Lanky body below the neck. It had a small, narrow mouth, and no ears, chin, nose besides two nostril slits, or other distinct facial features on its perfect, smooth grey face. His mind was a chaotic flurry as he gazed at the alien creature calmly approaching him. He became even more confused, as the alien grey communicated wordlessly with him, its shrill, feminine voice telepathically ringing through his head, \<Do not worry human, I do not intend to harm you. My people require something incredibly precious from you; we need your seed. Do not bother trying to verbally communicate, I can read your mind.> As soon as the alien mentioned that it could read his mind, Edgar's thoughts spontaneously raced through every terrible deed or dirty thought he had ever conceived of, as the terrified yokel tried to steady and organize his thoughts as the alien released a strange "Ack-ack-ack-ack!" sound at his distressed, guilty thoughts, and he realized it was laughing at him.

Edgar Cletus is a secluded Montana flax farmer, content to continue his life of self-imposed isolation, until an other-worldly being abducts him from his beat-up pick-up truck, and takes the naive farmer incredibly far outside of his comfort zone. This strange interplanetary interloper seems to be interested in stealing his precious seed and his long guarded V card, using the primitive Earth man to satisfy her/its own debasement kinks.

The Slaver of Gratia


Our family has made its wealth off of the slave trade. There once was a time when a slave from the Servitos family would have been worth a small fortune, known for their obedience and good pedigree. However, the family business has dwindled over the years. My uncle was the last one in the family actively training slaves. I had not considered taking up the trade until I saw on paper just all that would receive in inheritance. My uncle's estate is on the edge of the city of Gratia and has been in the family for generations. The manor is equipped with everything someone would need to keep and train slaves. The more I thought about it, the more interesting the idea had become. The life of your typical aristocrat was starting to become drab to me and there was something romantic about the idea of rejuvenating the family business. So I decided to do just that. I sold off some of my remaining assets and packed my things.

You are the descendant of a famous slaver family in a Victorian fantasy world. Your family has slowly moved away from slaving and your uncle was the last. Now that he has passed he has left his estate in the city of Gratia to you.

The Villainess's Fate After Reaching The True End


But before he could condemn me to death like a common criminal, that woman interrupted him. A quick whisper into his ear, a soft sadness around her eyes. Amelia Sternenbund. Did she believe I wished for her pity, that whore? And she is so close to him. Just watching that made me wish to rush at her and claw at her eyes—it wrenched my heart. Surely the guards would cut me down on the spot before I could even scramble to my feet, so all I could do is wait for my beloved to pronounce my sentence. His eyes widened and he continued to speak.

"By the mercy of your future queen, you shall be incarcerated for life without parole and never again see the light of the sun. Guards, take her away!"

Burly hands roughly grasped my arms and shoulders, pulling me away from the Prince's icy gaze, my knees scraping over the pebbles, the trivial pain barely registering over the anguish filling my mind at losing him to that filthy peasant whore.

You are Lady Anthesia von Eisenburgen, the betrothed of Prince Lichterstahl. Well, that would be ex-betrothed, because despite your relentless efforts in bullying her out of the academy, that filthy peasant thieving cat who always plays the goody two shoes has stolen him away from you and now even your final—very final, if it had succeeded—plan against her has been revealed.

Devil Mother


Raising his spear higher and aiming true for her black heart, the hero growled in the depths of the darkness, "You were the one to rob me of my mother, you heartless bitch!" the seventeen-year-old hero yelled in a rage, the vivid images of the Devil Queen's troops sacking Vautur's home in his younger years, and his late parent screaming for help before her demise flashing in the corner of his memory.

Although having realized that this stranger possessed a personal grudge against her, the old woman was not yet deterred in her attempts at pleading for her life and well-being. "I meant no harm to you!," claimed she, despite not having the first clue of what the young hero meant, and continuing to cling at the wound, hoping in vain for a miraculous miracle of the gods themselves. "Pity my plight! My p-plea for clemency! If you desire, I shall reform my vile and wicked ways! Yes, yes! No longer will my minions ravish, plunder, and pillage in the streets and villages of human land! So, prithee! Spare this elderly devil of her life, young sir!" cried out the wicked, red demon as she begged the man who bested her in battle in the middle of her castle itself.

The oil chandeliers overhead shined their flickering candlelight against the dark marble floors of the grand castle's great hall. "Then, become mine, you wicked witch," the blond human commanded. "You took something precious away from me, so you shall now pay by providing another. Become my mother, or you will perish."

"W… What?"

After a long war with the monsters, the young, orphaned Vautur saved humanity by defeating the wicked Devil Queen once and for all, the same woman responsible for his mother's death. But, it turned out the young human had other plans for the likes of the ageing, elderly queen of all monsters…

The Friday of Animals

Let's make prompts involving the animal kingdom; the diverse fauna coexisting alongside us on this small blue planet, breathing, moving, and living as we yet so clearly distinct—a testament to life's wonders.

November 26th, 2021

Seamen World


I can hear the crowd starting to get restless, I know that if I don't do something fast, they're going to lose interest and leave. Dropping the ring in the pool, I start rubbing her dorsal fin in an attempt to calm her down and get her to regain her composure. "It's okay Cindy," I reassure her, "I'm just trying to help you concentrate, so we can show them how amazing you are!" I rub her fin some more, feeling her smooth, rubbery flesh, and after a while, she snaps out of her trance.

"Alright, sorry folks!", I announce to the crowd, "It Looks like Cindy just needed a little motivation to perform for you all today!" I hold up the ring again and look back over, only to see the dolphin with her belly in the air. Her large, muscular tail is thrashing against the water, almost beckoning me to come closer. Worst of all, looking down at her nether regions, I can see that her slit is engorged, completely swollen, and dripping with anticipation for something.

My heart sinks, and I quickly realize that Cindy must have recently gone into heat. That would explain why she isn't listening to me...

Everyone loves MarineLand? Well it seems some people like it a bit more than others...
Well, the crowd is here for a show, I guess you and your dolphin are going to give them what they came here for...

Mudsdale Used Body Press!


Stepping inside, I can see her there in the middle of the stable, pressing herself up against one of the wooden pillars. She's rubbing furiously back and forth against it, trying to scratch an itch or something. Her eyes are completely glazed over and she's completely lost in the moment as her whole body writhes and twitches, her tail swishing from side to side haphazardly. As I whistle to get her attention, she suddenly stops and turns around to look at me. The look on her face says everything, something is clearly bothering her, and that's not normal for Cappuccino.

Walking up to her, I start to pat her on the back to cool her off, the mud covering her smearing into my hand, but it only seems to excite her further. With a loud whinny, she starts trembling under my touch, her tail whipping back and forth even faster now, splattering dirt across jacket. She seems much warmer than usual, and I can only notice how damp her coat is, her sweat dripping onto the ground beneath us in a muddy mixture. Oh god, I hope this doesn't mean what I think it means...

Weighing in at over 2000 lbs, mudsdales are heavy horses, and when they want something, you better give them it. When found between a horse and a hard place, you better hope your pelvis survives the pressure of mare ass.

Kalphite Queen Head


Before I can turn around and leave, one of the guardians starts to signal to the queen, obviously having noticed me. The venom has sapped my strength to the point where all I can do is watch as she turns around and spots me, her antennae waving chaotically around as the group approaches me. My heart races as the kalphites then start to sniff at my armour, gently poking and prodding it with their huge mandibles. Still dazed from the venomous bite, I find myself frozen in place as this strange situation plays out before me. Slowly, one by one, my armour is removed by the kalphite queen's guardians, until I'm left in nothing but my leather breeches and boots. As I stand there naked before them, they stop moving and sit motionless, waiting for further instructions from their queen.

Getting a blowjob from a giant, monster bug?
I guess that's one way you're going to complete the desert hard diaries (runescape joke).

A Dog-Girl in Heat


The feel of her soft breasts against me sent a shiver up my spine. My mind went blank for a second, and I found myself staring down at her. Her face was flushed, and she looked so cute. I snapped back to reality and tried to focus on getting dinner ready. "Okay, let me finish up," I said, turning away from her. I prepared a few more things for dinner with her hanging onto my arm and then we went to sit on the couch together.

Skye laid herself across my lap and looked up at me. I always knew she was a cutie, but I hadn't realized how beautiful she had become until now. She wore a simple blue skirt, and her blouse was unbuttoned partway down, revealing her cleavage. I couldn't help but stare at her chest. What's going on with me today, I wondered. I felt so strange.

She looked up at me adoringly and I recalled her symptoms: feeling hot, unable to get comfortable, excessively clingy and affectionate... All symptoms of a dog-girl in heat, but there was no way that could be true, right?

Your sweet, innocent pet dog-girl, Skye, has gone into heat and her pheromones drive you wild.

Dread Pirate Gloria and Her Voracious Wolf Fluffy


"N...nooooo! I have rich family members, I'm worth so much more to you alive, than as food for your beast!" said the terrified elven slut, trying one final time to plead her case. Gloria walked up to the elf and grabbed her head assertively by her chin, turning it to face her own, as she leaned forward.

"Listen, bitch, the choice has been made. I am not interested in hearing you complain, and whining isn't going to make a difference, believe me. So if you'd be so kind as to take your big head, and stick it into Fluffy's waiting maw?"

In this story, a domineering fox woman/kitsune pirate captain leans into her obsession with keeping her large pet Dire Wolf over-fed on prime females of various shapes and sizes, looted from her daring naval exploits.

Feathered Serpent Mayan 'Goddess' Enjoys Sacrificial Female Feast


Kuku felt excited beyond belief, she knew today was her birthday, and that Zola was preparing a particularly delicious feast of girls for her to devour, whole and alive. Kuku started drooling at the thought of it, her hungry serpent stomach rumbling, as she fidgeted and slithered around in her bed. Zola finally came to the doorway, her expression grim and solemn as she bowed deeply before the living sacred idol of her god. After performing the necessary oblations before the deified serpent, Zola spoke in her deep, husky voice "The sacrificial offerings await outside your chambers"

A gluttonous serpent honored as a living embodiment of a god is offered a seemingly endless parade of pious young women to feast on. Her priestly manager, Zola, has grown numb from seeing the boisterous, growing serpent consume countless live women, and has prepared a special feast of loyal young female acolytes, oiled for the feathered snake's enjoyment. Most promising of all, is the slimy, brightly-colored frog girl that has been proffered for Kuku's enjoyment; little does the snake deity know, but this special treat's skin is intensely hallucinogenic!

Fat Knot Rock


Kyra stared at it for a moment before taking a step closer. The stone was cold and damp, and it felt good to touch it. The dragoness pressed her snout against the tip, sniffing at it curiously. It smelled faintly like earth and wet rock. She rubbed her face against it, feeling its rough texture against her scales.

She knew she was being absurd, flirting with a random piece of land that resembled a dragon's genitalia, but there were no witnesses here. Nobody would see what she did next. This was an act of pure madness, but her body was screaming for relief, and she couldn't deny it anymore.

A dragoness in heat, desperate for more private relief, accidentally shish kebabs herself in the middle of wyvern territory.

Unwanted Allure


Klyiarna's claws were curled around a silver goblet that she lifted, swirling it in her paw and sniffing the liquid inside. She set it down on a nearby table and glared down at Rilka. "Leave us."

With that, the queen rose from her cushioned seat, and the guards withdrew from her presence. Rilka's legs trembled, her heart pounded painfully in her chest, and she felt dizzy with fear. She stayed on the ground, head bowed and staring down at the polished stone, unable to lift her eyes until she heard pawsteps coming towards her.

"...You drank some, didn't you?" Klyiarna growled, stepping close to her. Rilka could feel the warmth of the dragoness' breath against her face, and... was that drool pattering against the floor? Was the royal actually slobbering at her? No... that couldn't be right.

The alchemist raised her eyes and looked at the monarch's muzzle, then up at her, her pupils widening with terror as the queen loomed even closer. She reached for the collar of Rilka's dress and tore open the front, revealing the vial hidden there. "Hrrrr... Naughty girl, you've derailed all my plans for you tonight..." The queen snarled, then snapped up the bottle in her talons. "Do you realize how distracting you're being, swanning around, practically glowing with allure?"

Rilka's muscles tightened reflexively, and she tensed, her tail thrashing back and forth in alarm. 'Your plans?! How in the skies did I catch the attention of the queen of all dragons?!' she wondered frantically.

A dragoness proficient in alchemy accidentally doses herself with an allure potion, unknowingly kindling a desire held secretly by one of the most powerful dragons in the kingdom.

Griffon Rider Knight Helps His Bird-of-Prey Dispense Gooey Justice


Peter had noticed his griffon taking a particular liking to 'punishing' the female reprobates by swallowing them whole and alive, earning her a fearsome reputation among the female criminal class in the city. Peter almost found it chilling how much Zara seemed to enjoy and indulge in the squirming resistance of her live female prey, as they were sent wriggling down her beak, into her wide griffon gullet, down into her tight, stretchy stomach, which was covered in soft tan fur. Peter had come to learn with grim disgust, that many of the women Zara swallowed could last for days in the griffons slowly churning gut, before her weak stomach acids would finish digesting them to death. Truly a grim fate, but Peter rationalized that justice must be served.

A brave knight and his fearsome griffon stead become the hapless arbiters of cruel justice in a kingdom dependent on draconian punishments to enforce their corrupt rule of law. Four young women are sentenced to an unspeakable end, for the simple crime of selling their bodies on the streets. Prostitution without a license being a capitol offense in Devo, due to the corrupt ruling council's eagerness to force more women into their many abusive brothel establishments. Note for continuing the story: Several days after dispensing justice, a desperate farmer approaches Peter. The impoverished dunkard of a farmer cannot afford to feed his many, many daughters or pay their dowries, and hates the thought of sending them to the whorehouses, so he requests the knight give several of his older girls a 'dignified' end in Zara's belly.

A Ride Out


Still, the shock of it all has me falling into silence for a while, simply brushing my horse without responding. But since I don't protest, he simply continues. "If push comes to shove, you would be taking over as duke, my liege. As his only descendant, you have a clear claim and no rival claimants. And that is why I have taken an interest in you recently—I had to confirm for myself that you would be a good ruler. Thankfully, my instincts about you were correct." With a smile on his face, he walks over to me and starts petting my horse. "How someone treats animals can tell you a lot about a person, and everything you've shown me tells me that you are kind-hearted and caring. You do not deign yourself above caring for an animal, even though a noble of your station would always have the servants take care of it. Even though I told you to do it, you never complained or resisted in any way, and your horse is repaying you for it. I can tell he likes you a lot, and trusts you. And I trust you as well, my liege. So if we were to put our plan into action... would you support us?"

All I can do is nod as I finish up the brushing. Turning to face Anders, his face lights up. "I knew I could believe in you. But now that we've talked about my secret, how about we talk about your secret?" he then says, and my heart skips a beat.

As the prince and sole heir of a small duchy, you have spent your life so far in luxury, isolated from the political intrigues of the realm. But on one of the riding lessons, your tutor, the marshal of the duchy, reveals some troubling news of discontent at court and requests your assistance if things should escalate. And then, he also reveals that he knows a few... intimate details about you.

Chateau au Chattes


Looking up from where you lay you saw a tall, well groomed humanoid cat lady stood right before you. She was dressed in a royal looking gown, a gently smoking pipe in her hand. Behind here stood two other cat people, a redheaded female cat dressed in a maid outfit and a male cat with round ears in what you could only describe as a butler's uniform. The crook-eared cat stood off to the side, seemingly embarrassed about having tripped you on your entry.

The lady gracefully nodded her head to you as your eyes met.

"Greetings, human. Your name is Jane, correct?" the lady asked with a voice that put your worries at ease.

The cat got more than your tongue this time around. At least you may have some fun.

Succu-joints, CH1! The Cold Embrace


The room itself looked about as you expected. It was fashioned after an underwater cave with a small pool functioning as a waterway access to someplace else. There was only a couch and a bed shaped out of the stone the room is made of, so you decided to inspect the waterway. You could see a small black shape in the distance approaching you. Your succu-girl was part aquatic lizard, you could tell that much. But what would she be? The excitement had you panting.

Your succu-girl's arrival, however, had you screaming like a girl. Instead of a small, slender amphibian slowly slipping out of the sloshing waters a behemoth of a succu-girl jumped out, announcing herself as Nilea as she wrapped you in an embrace that swept you off your feet. She stood as tall as you'd imagine a minotaur might. She had the head of a gator, snout and all a torso shaped like that of a well built amazon woman and a tail as long as your body.

"It is not often one of your kind seeks the services of a queen of the Nile, such as myself," Nilea cooed, her voice dominant and sappy. Her body was still dripping with water, her muscles glistening in the dim light of the cavern. A low rumble sounded from her throat as she turned her head to inspect you up close with one eye.

Visit joints, get laid.

Sheep Rekt


As I get closer I start to make out what it really is:

A green creature wearing what seems to be a white leotard with layers of cotton poorly glued to it.

I'm baffled. A goblin came all the way out here to try and steal some lamb? And more importantly, did it really think such a crude disguise would fool anyone?

Before I can think of what to do next, I hear a high-pitched, scratchy, yet feminine voice.

"Keeheehee~ My plan was a success," the goblin says. "None of them noticed I'm not a real sheep!"

A wily little goblin thinks she's so smart: Disguising herself as a sheep to get into your herd to steal some lamb.
Alas, her clever disguise is way too obvious. So you, the shepherd, decide to fuck with her.

Bat Intruder


"Evening, citizen." the man addresses you "Have you, by a chance, seen any bats tonight?" he starts to point the light to the corners of your room.


"You should close the windows so they can't get in. They carry dangerous diseases, you know, little buggers." the man continues with a smirk.

"Good idea. Thank you." you walk toward the window and close it in the man's face, then lower the blinds.

"I don't have any diseases." the girl says, sticking her pouty face from under the blanket. Wrapped in it she looks like a cute little loli burrito.

"What the hell are you, even?" you stare at her in confusion.

"Haven't you realized yet? I thought vampires are quite popular in modern media." she crawls out of her hiding place and stands up.

The pale skin of her naked body looks almost chalk-white, a stark contrast to her ruby-red eyes The long blonde hair wraps around her delicate form like a cloak but barely covers her front so you can see everything.

"Hey, cover yourself." you turn your head away.

A bat flies into your house and you try to chase it away, but then...

Liquid Feargasm


"So, you are Anon." her voice echoed in my head, husky, deep, and filled with violent urgency. "My name is Kali. Your deeds have summoned me and I have answered."

I couldn't respond; stunned to silence by the massive predator who stalked me with an absolute confidence that shook my soul to its core. However, sensing my question, she answered.

"How did you summon me? Why, you drank the ritual drink to summon me. Now we are bound you and I."

"W-what do you want of me?" I gasped as her tail caressed the small of my back.

"To complete the ritual."

Her voice was like a church-bell's toll. As she said those words, it felt as if no paths lead hence. Not waiting for my response, Kali loomed closer, her feline nose bristling at my limp cock.

"I shall take you, wholly." she said. "You will belong to me and I will wring every drop of pleasure from you. I will use your body like a sexual object and drain from you every ounce of vitality. There is nowhere you can go to escape my power."

"No," I gasped under my breath, but in her presence this fate seemed assured.

"But it is not fun to simply take you, no," Kali's low growl becoming a deep purr. "I wish to hunt; to chase. So run! Run my little morsel. For once I have my way with you, I shall kill you."

Kali stepped away from me, reclining nearby in the dream's landscape. She stared at me, never blinking, as I stood there, too stunned to act.

"If you do not run," she said curtly. "Then I shall be done with you presently and kill you where you stand."

After drinking a strange, cursed, semen-laced beverage at a niche bar, you are plagued by nightmares of a sexually aggressive lioness. According to the legends, if she ever has her way with you in the dream, you die in real life. You must last seven nights haunted by the curse of the Liquid Feargasm before you are safe.

Turkey Tail


The turkey, turned around and lifted its tail-feathers, revealing a moist, dripping cloaca. The turkey's thick, powerful legs rippled with strength and invited me to the warm hole between. It quietly cooed as it waited for my action. Though no words were exchanged between us, we both shared an unspoken connection. In a moment of what could only be described as madness, I threw down my rifle and pulled down my pants.

While hunting for a Thanksgiving dinner, a young man encounters a turkey that has developed an unusual way of escaping her would-be killers.

Paladin Moralizes at Petulent, Predatory Dragoness


Kason takes a moment to reflect on his own life, wondering if he's made the right decision to raise a dragon, as he sits down to his meal. Kason suddenly hears a feminine voice in his head, as he feels a presence slide up next to him, as he realizes Kim has stealthily made her way into the tavern while invisible. "Wow, what do you think of that maid?" Kim's cheerful voice rang out into Kason's mind, as the dragoness sat down besides her paladin.

"I know you haven't eaten in a while Kim, but I'm not sure about this. We should probably keep a low profile, so no one else notices us. Someone might miss her." Kason replied in his thoughts, as he felt Kim's slimy bifurcated tongue lick at his ear playfully.

"Oh, come on! What harm could a quick snack do, you really think anyone's going to notice she's gone before we are? You get to enjoy a nice warm meal, why not me? Besides, I've been craving some meat for a while now, and this is the perfect opportunity to eat something tasty!" Kim teased.

Kason is an earnest, but overwhelmed paladin, blatantly faltering in his charge of leading his life-long dragon ward, Kim, towards the path of Good. Despite years of moralizing and preaching at the playful young dragoness, she has leaned into her predatory nature and wantonly consumes numerous sentient women across the lands of Mendes. Following along her parental paladin guardian, often invisible, Kim does as she pleases as Kason battles the forces of evil and tries to steer her back towards a humane path. Remember, the dragoness can turn invisible, but the prey inside her stomach cannot! Possible plot elements to include later in the story: Kason feels bad about Kim's prey, and tries to use healing magic and buffs to alleviate their discomfort, but only makes things worse. Kim uses good vs evil battle language as innuendo to goad the paladin into illicit love-making.

Smug Gnome Druid Fertilizes Forest With Amazons


The small gnome, garbed in a heap of stinking, recycled rags and old-animal skins, sauntered out to the center of the glen and awaited the approaching war-party. As the tall, muscular Amazonian shield-maidens approached with characteristic zeal, wantonly trampling his herbal gardens, the gnome smirked smugly to himself, realizing they were dooming themselves as the hulking sergeant of the female troop called out to the small druid "Foul little stink-worm! I have come to face you in single battle like a woman! Face me if you dare, or be cut down like the animal you are!" though her bellowing words were mighty, Shamus could already see an unsteady, sluggish tilt spreading across the well-armed squad, as the women began rubbing their increasingly sore, stiff muscles. A look of concern spread over the sergeant's face, as she called out "What foul devilry is---Hhyuurk!" her sentence was cut-off mid-word, as he jaw muscles seized and stiffened, the twelve or so women coming to an awkward halt as they simply froze in place, their impressive muscular bodies twitching and seizing as the paralytic plant venom kept them motionless. Several of the troop fell down, still frozen in awkward poses on the ground, as a gentle rustling in the tall glen grass could be heard, as something slithered nearby the incapacitated warrior women.

Shamus strode up to the stilled sergeant, calmly saying as he stroked his matted, gray beard "You women from your 'mighty' civilization think you have grown beyond the power of nature, that your farms and walls and dams can thwart and tame the elements, that you have become the absolute masters of all you see, but this is a grave error in thought. We are all a part of nature, a part of the cycle of life, and you haughty despoilers will soon find out exactly where you women rank on this forest's food-chain." with his speech over, the small druid let out a loud hissing sound, eliciting a louder rustling from the surrounding brush. The last remaining mobile part of the paralyzed Amazonian warrior women, their eyes, all swiveled to the mighty sight of a rearing anaconda, much larger than any snake normally should be, as its long, bifurcated tongue flicked at the air, tasting the scent of the women's sweat and fear.

A gnome druid renounces civilization and finds peace in the natural world, until a militant nation of Amazonian warrior women sees his forest as the perfect patch of land to exploit for their burgeoning war-machine. The druid desperately tries to fend off this advanced, superior foe, using guerilla warfare, the forest's might, and his hungry anaconda animal companion, which has defeated many burly harridans with its expansive stomach. Use Shamus's powers to call animals, enchanted plants, and other natural allies to defeat the invading forces of civilization.

Animal Town


My name is Bill Alger. I'm a human rookie architect from the big city, but I've been invited by the mayor of a new small town that was impressed by my work to help him plan the town's development. The town is named Palm Leaf and is located between two mountains and close to the beach.

I'm really excited about arriving. I was happy to hear someone was interested in my work, I was starting to have trouble getting a job. Plus city life in the city has become repetitive and unfulfilling. Spending some time on a nearly private beach for a few months will be the perfect break. Then the light started to peer out of the darkness and the train had finally passed through the tunnel. Looking out the window again I saw the beautiful stretch of nature leading out towards the beach. From atop the hill, I can see a river flowing from the forest through the plains and out into the ocean. In the open area, there are a few buildings along a small road that must be the town. The train starts to slow as it approaches and I see the small platform that is the town's train station.

Take on the role of Bill Alger an amateur architect the only human resident in the small town of Palm Leaf. Recently purchased from an elderly by Mayor Nook. He wants you to help him develop the town into a tourist destination.

Beasties and Swampy Cities - Guzzle


A cacophony of giant insects and otherworldly life echoed through dense clusters of cypress trees as the night wore on. Neon lights flickered dimly through the gloom, casting a jaundiced glow. Steam rose up from the murky canals that infested and overflowed through the city, giving the place a febrile atmosphere. The deep hum of industrial machinery and the chaotic clangor of revelry and rough-housing filled the air. Big black eyes stared up at the encroaching fog—the eyes of a wandering opossum waif named Guzzle. Her fur was sooty, matted and filthy; she was a skinny creature, haggard and ragged, clad in a tattered sweater that hung loose about her shoulders. Hopping over a pile of broken bricks, she gazed blankly at the dim light of a leaning lamppost and clutched at the knife hidden beneath her sweater. "I'm 'ungry," the emaciated opossum muttered, licking her dry black lips. "Need to find somefin' to eat."

Guzzle tries to survive in the harsh city of Gutterstain.

Dog Almighty


The dog walks out of an alley. Not many people notice it at first.

Soon, a boy riding his bicycle notices the dog.

"Doggy!" the boy exclaims, stopping his bike in its tracks and approaching the dog by foot.

He pets the dog and plays with it.

By the time the dog finally had enough and decides to go elsewhere, the boy leaves his most favorite action figure for the dog to use as a chewing toy.

Then the dog continues walking around the street.

Prompt where a "magic" dog is for some reason treated like a king by anyone around it.

The Gluttunous Beasts of Galon Intergalactic Zoo


In fact, these shows where women are swallowed down screaming by the unique animals are often the most popular for spectators to watch. The cosmopolitan crowds are often fascinated, and even sickened, by the sight of hapless women being slowly dragged into the slimy maws of creatures capable of stuffing countless writhing female feeding slaves into their stretchy stomachs. Some of the zoo's predatory creatures are so tame, visitors are allowed to walk up and pet their bloated stomachs. Some enjoy to marvel at the sight, feeling, and sound of the poor girls writhing in their dominating predator's stomach, enduring a lengthy digestion process as zoo patrons gawk at their consumer's bloated bellies and line up for photos. A particularly skilled and experienced tour guide is leading a group of excited tourists along the most popular zoo attractions the facility has to offer, during feeding time for the animals.

A capricious, callously operated zoo capitalizes on easy to acquire, but hard to care-for voracious alien beasts, by putting on grisly live-feeding shows for their morbid audience of high-paying spectators. A skilled tour-guide leads a gaggle of gawking tourists along to observe the zoo's infamous live animal feeding shows. The tour guide, Avril, is exposing the eager, nervous watchers to the various feasting styles of the zoo's bizarre animals, starting with the ever-popular gulp-lizard.

Adventure Family and Scouring the Pig Wood


They really should have retreated from the woods but the young adventurers were a bit greedy and so sure of their ability to complete several quests in a row that they would be in for a quite eventful few weeks in these dank woods.

When Linko came to Violet this morning announcing that he had accepted a quest in the pig woods, she could barely contain her excitement. Maybe it would be possible to finally realize her fantasy.

Violet knows what fat pigs are really like. She imagines their three precious adventurer girls getting fucked and bred by them and how much cum they will spray out of those beastly penises. Violet loves these girls but she cant help it, Her pussy gets nice and wet when she thinks his son´s important childhood friends might end up becoming breeding cattle for fat pigs.

An nice adventuring group is torn asunder by the fetishes of the heroes mother. She wishes to see their darling girls become a fat animals livestock. This variation focuses on the fat pigs of the pig wood.

A Goblin and His Wolf


From Piddler's back, the goblin wildling had delivered swift justice to many unsuspecting elven archers with his rusty dirk. Piddler could pad along so softly on his big furry paws, that even an elf's long ears often failed to detect the mounted beast prowling up from behind. Snignag had perfected the art of catching lone elves with Piddler, the dynamic duo sneaking up on, then startling their elf enemies during the crucial moments of ambush with a mighty howl and shrieking goblin war-cry. There was nothing the measly green goblin loved more, than laying haughty elven warrior low, and subjecting them to Piddler's more bestial inclinations, as well as Snignag's randy, wanton goblin sex-drive.

A small, malformed green creature happens upon the abandoned runt of a ferocious canine predator species, and a life-long friendship is born. Snigsnag the goblin rides Piddler the dire wolf like a knight riding a mighty steed, and in Quixotic grandeur, hunts the elves that have mercilessly tried to exterminate his diminutive species for centuries. His wolf is more concerned with getting his knot pleasured, and his belly filled, than Snigsnag is obsessed with mocking and degrading whatever hapless elf he can get in his stubby-green clutches, or under Piddler's mighty, furry paws.

Not That Type of Dog Person


Greg was lost as to what to do next. Jumping back onto the bed, he glanced through the window, and there he saw his reflection superimposed on the bedroom view he had grown to tolerate. He looked like the quintessential short-haired, pointy-eared, stray dog with cream fur—an appearance as noteworthy as he had been until yesterday. Behind him, a stiff tail wagged like a metronome. He had never fancied himself a ‘dog person’—the label made him groan; the irony even more so—but he had to admit he would have petted him, were not for his predicament.

One morning, as Greg Samil was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that in bed he had been changed into a mongrel.

Little Pet Shop of Horrors


Eventually, the college student reasoned that this man must simply be dangerously senile, before leading Matt to a back-room filled with security monitors, as the old man pushed in an old VHS taped and said "Look, just watch this and you'll understand." as the fuzzy tape footage played, and Matt observed a security recording play out. It featured Yancy heaving the gigantic octopus Matt had observed earlier, which gripped around the old man securely with all eight appendages as he teetered and tottered under its weight, before awkwardly chucking it into a nearby floor-pool. Yancy motioned for him to look at a door which opened straight to the pool, as a dark-skinned Asian woman strode in, immediately falling into the water below, with the giant octopus. Matt's heart started racing at what he saw, as he realized the footage looked genuine, as he watched the octopus wrap it's slimy tentacles over her thrashing body in the turbulent water. "Keep watching, darn thing's been debeaked apparently, so it puts on quite a show..." the old man mused, as Matt sat transfixed, watching the grizzly footage.

Matt is a financially strapped college student that hears about a lucrative job opportunity in a college town that doesn't have much work to offer. The awkward freshman walks to the obscure location in his Sunday best, to try to land his first big job, only to be greeted by a huge, sprawling, dilapidated concrete compound, ominously titled 'Yancy Randall's Exotic Pets! (Tours by appointment only)'. Matt quickly discovers that the old man's shop is the end-of-the-line for a bio-engineering lab's many freakishly enlarged, woman-hungry mutant animals, as he is featured to a graphic depiction of what his new duties keeping the many pet animals 'fed' entails.

A Haunting at Goldenrod Academy


"A few days ago, the student council president came in and told us that the dorms are haunted and she and her Pokémon had been possessed."

"Then this sounds like something Professor Fir or the staff should handle, not the new student."

"Well..." Whitney cleared her throat. "The student council president said we can't let them find out about this. You see," she began gesturing, "when she was possessed, she said it made her feel ...strange," Whitney looked down and blushed. "It made her do... things. With her Pokémon."

"What kind of things?" Riley asked, feeling a hot flush sweep across his face.

"...Let's just say none of the female students or council members feel comfortable handling this, and leave it at that."

A young Pokémon breeder encounters a supernatural presence causing students and their Pokémon to act strangely.

The Friday of Office Women

Let's make prompts about the corporate crusaders; our coworkers, supervisors, and secretaries, all possessing a quintessential womanly touch.

November 12th, 2021

Spess Loli on a Spess Station (SS13)


All at once, the station's AI delivers a robotic warning: 'DANGER. THREAT ELEVATED TO RED: CRITICAL POWER FAILURE. POSSIBLE CULTISTS ACTIVITY. ALL SECURITY ARE PERMITTED TO CARRY WEAPONS. EMERGENCY SHUTTLE CALLED. AWAITING RESPONSE.' The fluorescent lights of the interrogation room flicker and dull as the station switches over to auxiliary power; I can hear faint screams in the distance. Communications go silent.

I knew this shift was going to be a mess.

My wannabe arresting officer nearly careens out of her chair, quivering in place, "M-My uncle said this would be an easy assignment! I'm going to die with a bunch of peasants, aren't I?" This kid isn't a badass in the slightest, let alone commanding officer material; I shake my shackles to make my presence known again.

"Listen, uncuff me so we can get to the armory." This girl is a mess, but at present holds all the power; her keycard is almost like a skeleton key given she's a JCO. For a moment, I see her for what she really is: a scared little girl. I'm no action hero, but it would be pretty fucked up for me to just bolt on her, and again, I need her as much as she may need me if we wanna escape.

"Fuck," a long sigh slips past my lips, "uncuff me and...I'll do my best to make sure we make it out of here alive."

The cuffs unlock with a digital 'beep', "You're d-damn right you'll do your best! I-I'm a top priority!" Behind that authoritative bark is a panicky child; tearful eyes and a quivering pout prove that.

Framed for a murder that you obviously didn't commit, a pencil-pushing Junior Command Officer LARPs as security personnel for your interrogation; when the station comes under threat her façade is blown. Can you evacuate the station alive?

Akame Sings Metal


It was hard to tell whether minutes or hours that had passed, though I assumed the former when Ms. Nagoi released a short sigh. The HR lead rose, giving her stocking clad thighs a quick brushing. Something compelled me to remain seated as she wordlessly passed over the crushed beer cans and abandoned eating utensils; Akame's expression unaffectionate as as she reached the song selection terminal. Watching the passionless office lady spend so much time selecting a song was a slight mindfuck. Was she looking for something in particular? Or did she have no clue what to do?

It seemed that the electronic catalogue of songs was nearing its end, until Akame's index finger settled upon some unseen number.

The room's automatic lights dimmed as the petite woman took the stage, their rainbow incandescence replaced with a harsh shade of red; what song had she picked? I soon had my answer as a fiendish guitar rift penetrated the silence and nearly spooked me senseless. Akame's head bobbed to the devilish trills, slow at first, then increasingly savage as if possessed by the spirit of 'Metal'.

The feared Akame Nagoi is often viewed as a mute enforcer of corporate policy, quick to terminate employees as her responsibility of senior HR staff dictates. As the night progresses at a mandatory karaoke night, you alone witness Akame reveal her true colors.

SalemSales: A Lifelong Career


"You know," Seraph mused, her silvery eyes settling upon mine, "you should really relax more often." We paused at the copying room before entering, my witchy companion pressing the creases of her dark, pencil dress. "It's good for you."

"'Relax'," I guffawed, "Please enlighten me, Seraph, what constitutes 'relaxation' in this office?"

She laughed. "I'm just saying, you're not getting any younger, and you don't look like you've been sleeping well lately."

"Oh, I sleep fine," I lied.

Upper-management had magically sealed me inside of the office a few years back; a handful supervisors complaining that I wasn't there to provide a fresh shot of spunk to their morning cup of joe. Escape was impossible, and I'd consented to being their on-demand fucktoy with drab resignation, "Just can't get enough of my work, I guess."

Hired on as a mailroom associate, the witches of SalemSales see you as their perfect little cum-bag. What's a guy to do but resign himself to his fate? Perhaps the opportunity to escape may arise? Probably not.

Dark Elf Cordelia


"Did you buy these," Cordelia inquired, a wary eyebrow raised, "because I was quite clear with the department's 'office planning' committee concerning office-kitchen etiquette, I–"

"They're donuts, Cordelia." My eyes were half-open, a thermos of coffee glued to my lips; I had no time for the dark elf's peculiarities and reached around to retrieve a syrupy, golden bun.

My lack of outrage to her plight, or apologetic groveling at minimum, made the neurotic gal nearly pop a gasket, "My point exactly! Your world's artificially-sweetened confectionaries are - vile, insidious creations! My superior metabolism cannot adequately digest these alchemical abominations!" A small piece of sugary pastry fell from Cordelia's lips as she ranted on about their nutritional content.

"Wait, are you eating one?" I asked incredulously, tilting my head to the side.

Exposed, wide-eyed, mouth agape, Cordelia shrieked, "What? N-No, I am not!"

Long after the merging of our worlds, Dark Elf Cordelia and I come to a peculiar crossroads as her addiction to sugary sweets compels her to make a most scandalous proposition.

Raika's After Hours Confession


"So, uh, are you gonna come out with me tonight?" I asked, hoping to get her mind off whatever it was.

"I'm heading home after I get my stuff; maybe later, dude." It was as if every word was some effort to her, oozing angst.

My gut churned, "You're not going to tell me why?"

She shook her head, "No, I've had my fill." We'd arrived at her desk. Lo and behold, her personals were scattered across its top; the air hung thick with one-sided tension. Even as I looked to her eyes to find some inkling of vulnerability, Raika averted her gaze.

"Ok, cool. Well, see ya tomorrow then." My tone was curt, I could feel myself getting angry. She might be upset, but I couldn't let this go unchallenged.


There was a long pause. Even as Raika held her door keys, neither of us budged. In my peripheral vision, I watched her chest rise and fall with each breath. Then, finally, she turned to me, the weight of her stare heavy. Her lips parted slightly, she stared down at me, eyes pleading.

She looked frozen, so I started with an awkward affirmation, "You can tell me anything, you know. So if something is bothering you–"

"Can I?" she cut in, interrupting me. The last thing I expected was such sharpness from an easygoing friend, but I was willing to give her space to vent. With a sigh, she said, "You don't even see me, do you? After all this time." Raika's voice was a whisper, as if she was talking through me; she shook her head in shameful disbelief.

The emotions of a one-sided infatuation explode to the surface after a corporate softball tourny, your tomboy BFF and officemate opening herself to you in ways never before imagined.

Bring Your Loli to Work Day!


Authority and submission went a long way between us, so the message was immediately received. Maddy nuzzled her ebony locks into my neckline as we hugged to seal her apology, "Ok, 'Daddy', I won't do it again." The glaring size difference between us was apparent when we embraced; a whiff of Maddy's natural smell exciting the part of me I generally kept subdued in public.

For 2 years, I'd trained Madeline to masquerade as my daughter, a deep rooted obedience ingrained into her psyche by rigorous Pavlovian conditioning. "Can I fix it so you aren't upset?" Such an innocent question laced with deviant implication.

Just bringing my little plaything to work had been a burst of exhilaration, the danger of being outed only strengthening my lust; why did voyeurism excite me so? I looked around to make sure no one was lingering in the immediate vicinity of my desk; it was clear.

"I'm not upset, silly goose, but you can help me." Maddy's silken locks felt amazing as I massaged the dark crown of her hair, scratching at the little girl's scalp to milk a childish coo. We were of one mind, my little sweetheart and I, a primal heat filling her cheeks under my ministrations.

Under the cover of 'Bring Your Child to Work Day', your lovely little loli accompanies you to the office for some down and dirty voyeurism. How many lewd hijinks can you get into before getting caught?!

Office Footsies


At first it felt odd to repeatedly touch, massage and feel up Rochelle's feet and lower legs, but you'd soon developed a taste for it. Hell, you even looked forward to overtime when Rochelle was around. Even just the sight of Rochelle walking past you could send memories of the feel of her hot and soaked feet, the gentle, feminine smell of her sweat to your brain. The resulting erections made you consider jerking off in the office restrooms, but you avoided doing that, for now.

>Be (You), working as a new-ish guy in IT under a sexy lady
>Be lady, getting dumped on a holiday while working overtime alone with you
Hilarity ensues

After Hours Performance Review


"Come on in, not so timid, I don't bite! Take a seat, John... I can call you John, right?" he asks, that wide smile never leaving his face.

Unsure in general, but sure of my station beneath him, I nod and give him a curt answer of "Of course, Mr. Adams.".

The smile on his face is replaced by a look of mock disappointment. "Oh, John, you don't need to be so formal. Just call me Steve, we're all part of one big family here at GeneroCorp! Though we're not related by blood, so we can love each other all we want, too..." he says, sexual tension already building between us just from his tone of voice and phrasing. Then, with one swift movement of his hand under his desk, the lamps in the room begin to dim and the candlelight starts taking over the lighting. It's becoming more and more clear just what is going on here, and it seems like my boss is taking some sort of pleasure in making me squirm here, knowing full well that I can't disagree with anything without putting my job in jeopardy.

With timidity audible in my voice, I just reply "Alright, M... um, Steve.", then look away. Right now, I'm out of my depth in every way—I had no idea he would be this blatant in hitting on me. But at the same time... he's cute. That smile of his seems so sincere, like he's not doing this just because he gets off on the power dynamic of bossing around his subordinates, but is actually into me in a personal way. And there's a part of me that is falling for it. Something about his immaculate feminine appearance is just so alluring that I can't help but start feeling turned on by it.

It's been a few weeks since the owner's son has been installed as your new boss. While he has a few eccentric behaviors, none is more noticeable than his flamboyant behavior and his penchant for wearing women's clothing. If only he didn't look so god damn cute doing it, you might just be able to ignore it. Making matters worse, he's called you into his office after hours for a one-on-one performance review...

A Boring Job


"Good morning," I greet them as I enter the office, sitting down at my tiny desk in one corner of the room. It's the only desk without a PC on it as well, which is entirely inappropriate, considering that they hired me as a programmer. 'Don't worry, we'll build you one tomorrow,' is what Jake set on my first day, but now it's been a week and I still don't have a way to actually work on any code. I brought my own laptop to work today though. Up to now, I used to just awkwardly sit in the corner, all dolled up as required by my personal dress code and twiddling my thumbs while the guys glance over now and then and stare at my tits for a while.

You get hired as the only female employee to do programming at a small startup, but all you get is a bunch of brogrammers ordering you around, having you fetch coffee and making sexist comments. At least the pay is good.

Gay Comforts


"Stay calm, [Anon], you'll get through this day," you tell yourself as you inspected yourself in your office's bathroom mirror. A frown forced itself upon your lips as you kept staring, feeling your confidence falter at the sight of how much your eyes were trembling, giving away your anxiety. Today would be one of the most stressful days of your career. Your supervisor volunteered you to become a project lead a few weeks ago, and today you were asked to give your first report on the project's progress. It was the first time ever you would do such a thing.

The week leading up to your report could not have gone worse, sadly. Some setbacks occurred, sure. But worst of all a new nickname for you spread around the office like wildfire.

Be an (androgynous) gay, do crimes. But only if it's professional misconduct in the office.

Help me, coworker!




A horrible sound is heard and the shelf above, perhaps because of her knocking against the wall, falls from its mounting and crashes on top of her.

"Are you okay?!" you jump from your chair and rush toward her.

"Eh? What happened?" she tries to get back up, but the rubble prevents her from doing so.

As you look closer, it seems the shelf did not fall on her directly but wedged itself around her body. Jess herself is unharmed but immobilized by the tangle of furniture in this embarrassing position.

"I'll get you out of there, just wait." you grab your phone and start taking pictures of that lovely butt sticking helplessly from the mess.

"What are you doing?" you hear her voice.

"I need to make sure it doesn't collapse farther, so just..." you are stalling for time when you notice that she looks at you through the cracks in the wooden jumble.

"I, emm..."

"Do you... want to do it?" she says in a quivering voice.

Clumsy new girl got herself into a peculiar situation.

Office Goblin


When the elevator reaches the 4th floor it stops.

'Good, someone else to make this less awkward,' I thought to myself.

But the door didn't open.

'Oh no...'

"Gwen... What did you do?" I instinctively ask the goblin.

"Eh? You say somethin', newbie?" she responds, oblivious to our predicament.

"The elevator has stopped," I explain. "It must have broken or something..."

I reach down my pocket to grab my smartphone, but it's not there.

"Oh, great, I forgot my phone in the office! We'll have to use yours," I tell Gwen.

"As expected of the newbie, he doesn't know anything!" she snickers. "He doesn't even know that Gwen doesn't have a phone!"

"What!? How does someone—an office worker not have a phone in this day and age!?" I say dumbfounded. "What do you even carry in that purse of yours?"

"Girl stuff~" she replies with a wink.

Get stuck in an elevator with a snarky goblin that inexplicably works in the same office as you.

Office Loli in Space


"Aww... then what about this?" you say and start to gently massage her small shoulders.

"This feels nice" you feel her relax in your arms.

Then, you gently lay her petite body on the couch.

"Onii... chan?" she looks at you, surprised.

You reach out and take her tiny feet in your palms. They are so small that you can easily wrap your hands around them.

"You feel pretty tense here. Are your shoes comfortable?" you say as you start giving her a foot massage.

"They are fine..." Ruka starts to fidget "Oniichan, this tickles."

"Do you dislike it?" you ask, continuing to rub her delicate soles with your thumbs.

"Hi-hi-hi... stop, oniichan!" the girl twists on the couch as you knead her little feet.

"What? Don't act like a child, that's just a foot massage." you proceed to service her, but then notice something "Ooh, what do we have here?"


Because why not.

An Afterlife of Servitude


He picked it up, giving it a quick glance. It seemed to be a contract of employment, detailing the terms of a new position within her company. His eyes scanned over the page once more, noting that he was to work as an administrative assistant. A number of clauses detailed compensation and responsibilities, but there was nothing that stood out as particularly unusual. Nothing jumped out at him to indicate that something was wrong with it. In fact, it all seemed perfectly legitimate and just.

"Due to the ambiguity of your soul, your employer has decided to employ your services for divine rehabilitation…" it stated plainly, ending with a line that read: "If any discrepancies arise between these terms and your actual performance in your role, your fate will be sealed."

“And who is it who decides my fate?” he asked, turning a critical eye upon her face. "Or is this simply some sort of joke?”

“All in due time,” she answered cryptically. “Just know that you have been hired for this task based on your past failures, impeccable work ethic, and high tolerance for pain.”

He paused for a moment, weighing the situation. It was either remain left in the dark without a clue of who he was, or oblige and simply hope the woman would eventually reveal some truth. It should have been obvious which choice to make. He picked up the pen and signed the bottom line, using the only moniker he could think of at the moment: “Number 32.”

Work for the right to enter Heaven. Simple, right?

Ruling the World is a Job


As you approach the door, you can already hear Sadra's screams as she wrings another goblin's neck. You make sure to step to the side as you open the door, ensuring the goblin that gets the "red stain" treatment on the wall behind you doesn't sully your clothes. Upon entering you find the former succubus empress of the underworks chugging down a cup of 'vitality-enriched' espresso in seductive office wear that shows off her red body's curves in all the right places. Her blonde hair seems a bit more "burnt by hellfire" than usual, her cocytus-blue eyes are strained, and she's just finished crumpling the drink in her hand and tossing it into the pile of identical drinks behind her before addressing you in a sarcastic tone. "Oh hellooooo your evilness. I'm oh soooo honored you could make it 15 minutes late to the budget meeting on virgin blood tithes. Need I remind you we have a board room meeting with the Telesian mafia in an hour on protection racket rates? I don't know what I hate more, that I lost to you at Veningrad, or that you put me in charge of this mess of a world government while you are off playing tyrant with Dranoch the Glacial Lich."

Being the evil overlord requires a lot of paperwork, good thing you have a succubus secretary to sort it (among other things) all out for you.


You didn't really listen to Jackie though. You were lost in your imagination and continued "I'd motorboat her ass till next week."

Jackie chuckles awkwardly at that before suddenly clearing his throat and excusing himself in a hurry. You watched Jackie leave without turning back to face you and felt an odd chill down your spine. "So that's why we keep running into each other so often, huh?" you heard Lena ask. She must've walked by as you were talking with Jackie.

Before you could come up with any excuses Lena grabbed you by your hand and pulled you into her office, locking the door.

"So, why don't we get started on what you so desperately want to do to me?", Lena said, catching you completely off guard.

Idle chatter over a watercooler shouldn't devolve into talking about lewd things involving superiors, buddy. Reap what you have sown, even if you don't deserve it.

The Friday of All Hallows' Eve

(Spookiness + Trick or Treating)

There will be a knock at the door.

October 29th, 2021

Reckless Adventurer and an Elven Sorceress


"I... survived?" you whisper under your breath.

"Y-yea..." Yvonne responds, but her gaze moves to the side, avoiding you.

"I thought that wound was fatal."

"Don't worry about it now. What matters is that you are alive." she smiles and looks at you again.

You can't help but smile in return. Overcoming the pain, you lift your arm and hug her gently by the shoulders. The elven maiden responds by closing her eyes and snuggling against you.

If now you can be with her, all this pain was worth it.

Looking around the room, you see it's some kind of cavern. On the ground, beneath the stone walls, corpses of people lie, in the pools of their own blood, their hands and feet are tied together.

From under the blood strange runic marks written with chalk extend and crisscross the floor, their paths seemingly end under the black stone pedestal on which you lie.

"Who are... were those people? What happened?" you ask her.

Yvonne's expression shifts from a careless bliss to something between gravity and annoyance.

"They... didn't make it." she says, looking away.

Sometimes, sacrifices must be made.

Demonic Desire


My first destination is my own place. As I step inside, the first thing I do is grab a key off the table—the key to Taylor's place. A month or so back, I asked him if he could give me a spare key to his place just in case something happens, and he did give me one. So far, I've had no reason to use it, but I think tonight will be the first time. The next thing I consider is getting out of this costume and changing into some normal clothes, but on second thought, I decide to keep this getup on. Maybe I can convince Taylor that we can have our own private Halloween party together, just the two of us.

Two friends, an unspoken crush, and a succubus costume. This Halloween night, they come together and find out just how far they are willing to go.

Mirror Mirror


You make your way over to your bathroom, flicking on the light and running the taps. As you lather away the product of your polished prose from your fingers, you glance upwards to examine yourself in the bathroom mirror. Your own face greets you, looking the same as it always has. You turn your face this way and that; is that another wrinkle? If you were still in the mood to dress up for Halloween, you might consider going as the concept of inexorably marching time. That's a terror tried and true, but how would that costume even work? That's what you have on your mind when you dry your hands, flick the light off, and begin to slip through the bathroom door. You barely even register what the corner of your eye catches as you turn away; if not for the colossal shot of adrenaline your sympathetic nervous system just slammed into your veins, you might've missed it entirely.

A burning pit shooting up your middle, as if falling from a great height; your mind is already racing with rationalizations. It's late, you're tired, what you just saw can't possibly be real. Just a trick of the light. But you could've sworn that as you yourself turned away....

...your reflection didn't.

On a quiet All Hallows' Eve, (You) catch a glimpse of something odd about your reflection.

Horny Honeymoon Haunt


Trembling, I ask the curious woman, "Who are you, and what are you doing in my room?"

In an almost ethereal manner, she moans out a response, "What do you mean, love? You know who I am, let me remind you..."

Before I get the chance to even think about what I've just heard, she tries to grab my shoulder, but her hand passes through just like smoke, leaving a sticky spot of ectoplasm on my shirt. What's going on? My heart starts racing, I try to keep calm by taking deep breaths, backing up onto my bed, away from the lady. It suddenly clues in though, she isn't alive, is she?

"What's wrong?" The ghost asks, her ghastly voice echoing through the room, "Don't you want to show me how much you love me, it's our honeymoon after all..."

What happens when a woman dies on her honeymoon? Hey, not all poltergeists are angry, some want a bit more than that.



You double over, hand clutched to your breast, but keep your eyes aligned with hers. Trying, and failing, to keep your voice even, you say, "I must admit to having enjoyed being your professor, far too much so in fact. It's caused me to overstay my welcome, as it were."

"I don't understand. Do you need a doctor?"

"No," you insist, still straining to keep your tone dissonantly cheery. "There's nothing that lot could do for one in my condition in any case. I have been… self-reliant for quite some time."

She gasps as you feel the burning in your eyes coming to a head, vessels bursting, a trickle of blood streaking down your gaunt face. The pain is palpable now, impossible to suppress. The moment is near, so you suppose it's time to end the charade and make plain the way of things.

"I owe you a degree of explanation," you say, rising, "or perhaps simply a demonstration."

Play as the shambling horror comprised of bloody body-bits.

A Succ in the Shell


>>I... Your question is very silly, dear Master. You know this day, like any other day, has been the same. I am bound to your device, static inside this machine. Why would you ask me such a thing, my highly revered Master?

Just wished to hear your reply, Cat. It is entertaining to hear you dance around the predicament of your current existence as some extra arcane horsepower for my AI.

>>Oh, I see. I hope I bring you pleasure, Master. I need to bring you pleasure.

Oh, absolutely. I still remember the shock on your face when I finished the ritual to alter your physical shape into pure data. Man, you were such a haughty bitch back then, remember?

>>Thank you for putting me in my place, Master. I am... grateful for it.

I know, I programmed you to feel that way. Well then, let's get down to business.

A simple man has crushed the current limitations of AI by soul binding an unwilling succubus to his computer.

A Spooky and Very Topical Story About Trick or Treating


Red's and Rozelle's pristine bare feet brushed against the cold and murky wood of the staircase leading up to the front door while Dominica floated in the midnight void slightly behind them. The vampire princess fought every impulse in her tiny body to run away, balled her slender, pale fingers into a fist, and carefully knocked on the front door.

Immediately, as if he had been waiting on the other side, the door flew open and the neighborhood freak, Anon stood there. The tall, overweight and bespectacled nerd towered over the three monster girls. He grinned maniacally.

"Uoooohhh! Spooky little loli girls! Wholesome hecking spooky chungus! Much seasonal, much topical!" Anon squealed with joy as he let his hungry gaze wander over the three little girls on his porch.

"Umm... m-mister... the umm... candy?" Red clutched her basket with two hands and held it up to Anon. She had shut her eyes, she dared not look at him.

"Yeah, like, give us candy, mister! Pacha pacha!" Dominica agreed while levitating her filled to the brim with candy basket up and down in the air in front of Anon for emphasis.

Anon's protruding jowls shook as a laugh erupted from his sizeable belly. "Of course! Mochiron desu! Le candy for le wholesome cute and funny little nightmare waifus. Cutie force must protecc, am I right?! Le candy's inside Anon's funhouse!"

The three girls exchanged nervous glances while Anon gestured for them to enter his spooky mansion. Eventually, Rozelle nodded, feigning confidence while she squeezed past the fat man as he ushered her inside. Her two friends followed. Red looked back over her shoulder at the moonlit street one final time before Anon closed the door behind her. An almost inaudible growl erupted from deep within her. Red had a bad feeling about this...

'tis the season after all.

A Puppy's Tricks and Treats


The serval looked back at the pathetic looking monochromatic dog who was trembling with fear and humiliation. "I'm not going to hurt you," she said reassuringly. "Just get over here."

Cathy hesitated, then slowly inched forward until she could feel the cold air from outside blowing against her body. She let out an involuntary whimper when she felt the coolness of the wind ruffle through her fur and caress her nipples. It tickled her sensitive ears and made her tail tuck between her legs involuntarily. Her heart pounded in her chest as she stared down at the floor, waiting for whatever would happen next.

"Cat," Jada whispered softly as Cathy continued to stare at the ground. "Do you know why I'm making you do this?"

Cathy's gaze flickered to her roommate, her penitence apparent. "Jad, I'm really s—"

"Shhh," Jada interrupted, pressing a finger against the border collie's snout. "I'm not mad anymore. I know it was just a mistake, and I've had a bit of time to get over it, but I think you still need some punishment before we go back to normal, and I figured Halloween was the perfect opportunity for it. Agreed?"

"Y-yeah..." Cathy stammered, unsure what exactly Jada wanted from her or if she even knew herself.

"Good," the serval purred, letting out a soft sigh that caused the border collie to shiver. "Now let's get your 'costume' on. You're gonna be my little puppy tonight."

A serval decides on her roommate's costume for Halloween.

Don't Trust Strange Witches


"Do they taste good?"

You smile and continue to eat like a starving dog. About halfway through the meal however, you start to feel funny. A bit lightheaded and woozy, your body starts to waver to and fro.

"These cookies taste kinda funny..." you say as your vision starts to blur and your feel your surroundings are a mile away.

"That just means it's working. How lucky am I to find a cute boy like you here on Halloween?" you faintly hear before you fall limply back onto the couch and black out.

You came to the wrong neighborhood.

A boy goes trick or treating alone and ends up at a strange house with a lady dressed in black leather and a witch hat. He thinks it's treat time and ends up getting drugged and tricked instead.

The Friday of Female Bullies

Let's make prompts about those mean girls that just won't leave us alone god damnit

October 15th, 2021

Tit for Tat


The asinine pecking order of Broad River High meant that anthro girls like her got pushed around and bullied by the human kids. Wendy, the arbiter of her suffering, was the top dog at this dump, and her hatred for anthros—especially girls like Jamie—meant that this discrimination was enforced; and all Jamie could do was sit still and take it. The teachers wouldn't do anything—Wendy was too smart to be caught red-handed—and the other anthro kids hated the idea of forming a united front, saying it was "too much hassle" and "their futures were at stake". Well, what did they know? How could they experience routine humiliation for uncontrollable truths? As far as Jamie was concerned, so long as this carried on, she had no future. She had to do something about it.

A timid mouse exacts her revenge against a smooth-skinned sadist.

Gina Bullies You


Why not import this card?

"Look, [Anon]," Gina growled, "I can and will make your life a living shit-show if you spill any beans about knowing the past me. I...changed quite a bit. And I want to keep my current reputation."

Reunite with and get bulled by your childhood friend, who really likes Gwen Stefani's discography.

Abusive Yandere GF


After a few days of her stalking you and you trying your best to talk to her so that she stops you decide that enough is enough.

Today she is following you around from a distance like always.

You let out an annoyed sigh and walk up to her.


"Really!?" She replies with a hopeful look.

You have a feeling that you will regret this.

Yeah, you're going to get fucked, in a bad way.

Ghoulish Girls


Mind you, the news of my magical heritage seemed like an elaborate joke...until she callously transferred me from my very much 'human' school and shipped me off to this nightmarish parody of 'Monster High'. Had she lost her mind? Perhaps I was losing mine.

"Well," Ms. Bilal shuffled some files to the side with relative disinterest, "you'll need to shadow someone on your first week."

St. Nosferatu was relatively indiscernible from any other middle to upper-class high school, bar the ghoulish student body it hosted; from lycanthropes to manticores and everything slimy, scaly and even alluring in between.

I tried to make the most of a poor situation and approach the opportunity with a scrap of optimism, "Sounds alright with me, I guess, a guy to follow around would be–"

A chuckle from my newly appointed school counselor, "Sweetie, half of these boys would tear you apart, trust me." She paused as if scheming some cruel prank while I mulled over the torrid implications of the previous statement. "No, you'll need a girl to show you around," with that she sized me up like a slab of meat before faintly smirking, "I know just the clique."


Due to an 'unfortunate' loophole, you've been admitted to a high school that has traditionally only allowed monsters to enroll. To make matters worse, a trio of a spooky hotties have made it their mission to torment you, endlessly.

A Study in Attraction


Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed two things: that Harper had immediately pulled her phone out and begun idly flicking through it, and that as she had lay down, her skirt had slid down her leg to bunch around her hip, exposing a scandalous spread of her smooth caramel thigh. My pulse began to race, as much with excitement as with fear. I wanted to look away, to turn back to my work—but I couldn't. That fleeting glimpse of Harper's tanned flesh had taken a strange hold over me, one that gripped my heart with an icy hand even as it beckoned me closer with the other. Slowly, trying to make as little motion and noise as possible, I turned to look at her—bracing myself all the while, expecting her to look up from her phone and catch me staring at any moment.

"So what do we do first, loser?" she suddenly spoke up.

A student is assigned to work a school project with his bully.

Fire and Ice


Annah had never back down from a fight before and I heard whispers about us during the entire rest of the class about how we've been hanging out after school. Now not only did my mother think we were dating, but everyone at school as well. It was humiliating enough that people thought I was dating the person I hated the most, but the worst part was I couldn't stop thinking about her.

A fiery violent girl becomes overly attached to an icy calm guy. Opposites attract, but also get in a lot of fights too.

The Anti-Bully Ranger


Akari rushed towards the two older girls and interjected herself in-between the younger girl and the two older ones.

"Bullying is wrong!" She precociously declared.

The two older girls, the bullies, looked at each other, and then down on Akari and the little girl behind her. They smiled wickedly.

"Transform: Anti-bully Ranger!"

Best Served Hot


Original Size

The room in front of me was just your average storage room, fairly empty apart from one table. But it was what was on that table that disturbed me. Laying there, bound and gagged, was one of the two jocks that abused me the night before.

"See... I told you I wouldn't leave you alone for too long. And look who I brought! Your friend from last night!" Gavin said, a wicked smile slowly forming on his face. "You remember him, right?" The first thing I noticed was the look of terror on the jock's face. The second thing... was his erection. I couldn't believe it—was he seriously getting turned on by this? It didn't take Gavin long to notice either, and he started laughing. "Oh, this is rich! The bully that loves making fun of us by calling us gay gets hard from being tied up by girly boys. What a twist... he's a masochist. Y'know... he looks kinda cute like this, all tied up and vulnerable."

All the while, all I could do was stare. The sight in front of me was so confusing... and yet so alluring. I could feel my breathing quickening just looking at him, the one that hurt me, now tied up and defenseless. I wanted to have my way with him, to do to him what he did to me. Because he deserved to be punished. Gavin noticed my increasing tension and then decided to amp them up even further. He simply walked over to the jock, gently caressing his cheek with a smile. "Now, you'll be a good boy, right? Because if you aren't a good boy, I might have to call Victoria. And you don't want that, right?" he said softly.

Vague disagreeing moans were all that managed to come through the jock's gag as he frantically shook his head. Gavin then walked over to my side, whispered "He's all yours... bully him good." into my ear and left the room. And so then there was silence. There was just me and the tied up and gagged jock in the room. Nobody else to see... nobody else to hear.

Being a girly guy makes you a frequent target of bullying, especially if you're a new guy. But when another girly guy (and his huge enforcer girl) takes you under his wing, you find yourself on the other side. But for some reason, it's not just revenge that's on your mind...

Bullies Make Her Bleat


Emly didn't want to cause any trouble, so she decided to just ignore Dolly. But Dolly wasn't about to let things slide.

"I'll bet your family doesn't feed you properly, either." Dolly giggled. "They probably give you scraps like old bones and dead mice."

Emly looked away from Dolly. "My mum feeds me well. We have lots of nice food to eat."

Dolly snorted loudly out of her thick snout. "You look half starved to me. I'm surprised you can walk straight. You should be ashamed of yourself, being such a skinny thing."

Emly stopped walking. "What do you mean? I'm not thin at all. My body is perfectly proportionate. What are you staring at anyway?"

Dolly blinked rapidly, as if she hadn't heard what Emlyn had said. She took a few steps closer to Emlyn. "Your coat is really shabby looking, Emly. It's torn and frayed. And you smell funny—like something died in your coat. Did someone die in your coat?"

Emly backed away nervously. "No, I've never seen anyone dead before. Why would you say that?"

Dolly grinned wickedly. "Because you stink! Your fur stinks, it's disgusting!"

The other animals nearby turned to stare at the two girls. Wattle the weasel whispered something to Titch the rat, who ran over to join Dolly. The weasel followed after her.

Titch smiled at Emly. "It's true, isn't it? You stink. Let's see how bad it is."

Wattle nodded her head vigorously in agreement with Titch. "Yes, she does stink. Let's get rid of those dirty clothes of hers!"

Dolly and her cronies give Emly a makeover she didn't ask for.

Unethical Research on the Digestion Habits of Alraunes


Today, another feeding was scheduled for Flora, Megan regarded with jittery and excited feelings she couldn't quite place. Megan drove to the botany wing of the research facility, where Flora was kept, as she absent-mindedly thumbed through her phone across a list of interns, trying to decide on the best woman to feed to the hungry Alraune. She decided on a tall blonde intern named Katie, who looked like a pretty good choice to satisfy the hungry plant woman. Katie had long flowing blonde hair and an athletic build, and appeared to be quite attractive to Megan. Megan read that Katie had tested for a rather low IQ, so Megan reasoned it wouldn't be much of a loss if the big woman ended up as plant fertilizer.

In this voracious story, a conflicted but professional female researcher named Megan Holmes is spearheading research on the development and life-cycles of many exotic creatures, specifically a predatory plant-girl placed under her care, named Flora. Embark on a journey of female debasement as Megan tends to Flora's needs like a skilled, but detached gardener, until the once dispassionate scientist reveals the increasingly lewd and debauched feedings are beginning to awaken something hidden deep inside her.

Dragoness Head of HR, Employee Retention, & Digestion


Alma is the head of HR for a successful international company known as HCC. She is a professional business woman, but her status as a large blue dragon has earned her a well-known reputation in the company. HCC hires many fresh, motivated female interns straight from college to work in their offices, but the performance of these trainee-employees is often lacking. Alma takes a hands-on approach to employee management, she helps motivate the workforce by swallowing the under-performing women who work at HCC, whole and alive, utilizing her impressive swallowing and digestion capacities as a twenty-foot long dragon.

Alma is a professional in charge of keeping the company of HCC's workforce lean and mean. The female dragon is notorious for her unorthodox but effective motivational strategies- which often boil down to consuming under-performing employees from the company's diverse workforce whole and alive, something which has earned the blue-scaled dragoness a much feared reputation.

Power and Sacrifice


"You're insane," I said, gritting my teeth. "I'll tell the headmaster about this slander, and I'll see you expelled."

Celine knelt before me. The hem of her skirt slipped up a fraction, and even through my anger I hated myself for noticing the pale strip of flesh it revealed: the creamy skin of her thigh. Her eyes were unreadable as they stared into mine. "Unfortunately for you," she said softly, "society changed while you were practicing at being a recluse. Your name does not hold the weight it once did. The House of Sarre has already fallen."

Her words struck with a terrible force. She spoke them so bluntly, they rung with the weight of truth. As the knowledge seeped into my brain, I stared at her, eyes wide. When I spoke, my voice was hardly above a whisper. "What? How?"

Celine reached out, her fingertips cool against my cheek. She leaned in, lips brushing my ear. Her breath was warm, and smelled of flowers. "My family made a similar deal. The fate of the Falaises is tied to the inverse of the Sarres. You see, [Anon], we are bound together. To secure my future, I need to destroy yours."

Life has been hard for you ever since Celine Falaise arrived at the Academy. Ostracized by those you once called friends, you now spend your time alone. One night, Celine Falaise corners you into a fateful confrontation...

Sphinx Asks Bullshit Riddles Because She's Hungry


The coach nodded to herself, and got the girls in the bus to step outside, which was difficult owing to the fantastical beast intently watching them from outside. Several of the volleyball athletes tried to film the mythological Sphinx, but they all found their phones lacked power and reception, mysteriously. Sophie waited until all the anxious, excited, and slightly scared women gathered with Lacy and Marge in front of Sophie, who appraised them happily as they assembled before her. The Sphinx then addressed the group: "Okay ladies, I'm sure you're all filled with questions right now, so I'll do my best to explain what's about to happen. I'm a Sphinx, and I enjoy asking people riddles. Guess my riddle correctly, and I'll help you leave, get it wrong though and well... We'll get to that part. Are you all following me so far?"

Cats are notorious for enjoying to cruelly play with their food before eating it, and the ancient mythological sphinx is of no exception. Some of her riddles are a bit more well-thought out than others though, and the sly mythological lion-beast keeps a reserve of obtuse and unanswerable riddles in special reserve for a particularly sumptuous feast of tender female mortal flesh. A jaunty bus full of ill-advised female volley-ball stars have unknowingly landed themselves on the cross hairs of this ageless magical predator of the Egyptian deserts and Greek isles.

Hey Mom, Watch This


No one else in your life was ever vocally homophobic, but your mother... when you were growing up, she couldn't let a sighting or mention of a gay couple pass by without muttering something hateful under her breath. In middle school, when you wanted to get your hair cut in the popular style of the time, she said no, that it looked "faggy."

And now Eric, who is only a couple years older, has seduced your mom. But he didn't seduce her because he wanted to have sex with her. Far from it. Eric is gay, in fact. Eric seduced her, convinced her he was into bondage, and tied her to her bed. And now, the door has opened and it's time for you to enter the room. It's time for your homophobic mother to spend the next three or more hours watching her son absolutely worship the big, hard, magnificent cock of someone he loves.

Your conservative mother made you really uncomfortable with your sexuality growing up. Now it's time for her to become really comfortable with it, since she's tied up and about to watch you suck and fuck like the bisexual boyslut you are.

Proper Guidance for a Female Bully


"Oi! Who the hell are you!" Sakura rose from her seat again and made a loud BANG! as she slammed her fists against the desk. This pervert freak just begged to have his ass kicked!

The creepy foreigner placed some small device on top of the teacher's desk and then sat down next to it. He smiled at her. If Sakura was not so supremely confident in her ability to beat this scrawny old guy up, she'd perhaps feel scared.

“I'm your Guidance Counselor, Sakura. Sit down, calm down and listen to me." His Japanese was terrible but his voice was deep and comforting. The small device next to the man seemed to hum along with every word as he spoke. The humming gave his words gravitas.

The no longer furious Japanese girl immediately sat down and waited for the man to continue speaking. "How could she not know that he was her Guidance Counselor?!" Sakura admonished herself for being so stupid, to forget something like that. She still felt really weirded out about his chosen attire but she remained calm, waiting for the man to continue speaking. She needed to listen to her Guidance Counselor.

“Man, considering everything I've heard about you, I expected you to be some kind of female ogre or something. But you're like, really cute!” Sakura's Guidance Counselor said in his deep voice. He seemed to consider something for a moment before he continued. “Hey, you do a lot of compensated dating with older men! You're basically a whore, isn't that right?”

Sakura felt light-headed, it was as though her world was spinning for just moment. Perhaps, the humming from the device next to her Guidance Counselor grew more intense. Then, she nodded in agreement to his question. Although she had no memories of ever doing compensated dating or prostituting herself, there was not a shred of doubt in her mind that what her Guidance Counselor had just said about her was true. She did constantly go on compensated dates with old guys, and was basically a whore.

A female bully receives some proper guidance from a concerned older gentleman with a mind control device.

Liyi and the Bastard


Her hand slapped my fat belly, "Look at this, you're like a fucking pig." She said disgustedly, poking my stomach with her finger. "Like a big fat pig," she mocked. Again, I remained silent. She stepped forward, placing herself inches from my nose. "What's your name?" She asked, looking down into my eyes.

"No, no, I don't want to know...I'll just called you pig." She cruelly chortled with a couple light slaps on my face. I didn't flinch. She grabbed my head, pulling my face to hers, "Pig." She repeated. I was silent.

Liyi was discovering that she could do whatever she wanted to me, insult me, use me, berate me, and I wouldn't respond. She seemed to like that. My silence and lack of reaction to her taunts and abuse had become her entertainment.

A gym shark decides to spend her night picking on the local fat bastard, (You). She can be dominate or you can awaken your inner mind breaking talent.

A Break Up By Phone


"I just don't know what to do, Phil. Do you have any ideas?" he finally asks, looking at me with an expression that looks utterly lost.

Of course, I know immediately what my answer is. "You've got to dump her, man. It's not healthy to stick around with her. She'll probably ruin you if you keep trying to keep up with her." I reply before refilling his glass with some more liquor.

"But how? I can't just tell her we're finished... I'm not the kind of guy that can just do that." he says, worry evident in his voice. That much is right—James is too much of a pushover. He was raised to always be his best, but never got to the point where he realized people can abuse that kindness.

"Well, I've got to admit, I'm not sure myself. But you know what? Just stay over tonight. We can talk about good old times, have some more drinks, and I bet we'll come up with something." I suggest with a smile.

James takes a few moments to think about it, but eventually he simply nods his head. I'm very glad he accepted, because I'm certain that a night together with his best friend is exactly what he needs. And so, our night of memories and alcohol begins. We take trips down memory lane and take some more shots of liquor, and it seems that it's working, as James definitely seems to be feeling better. But all the while, I'm still thinking about how he could break up with his abusive girlfriend. And while it might be because I'm getting drunk, I suddenly have an idea that I think could work.

"Hey, James... you wanna really piss off your soon to be ex-girlfriend?" I ask him.

I thought that he might have some trepidation about this whole thing, but it seems that the alcohol is getting to him as well, so he replies "Yeah, man, let me hear it.".

One day, your best friend sends you an ominous text message that he needs to come over and that it's important. An hour and a drink or two later, it becomes clear that his girlfriend has been abusive to him, and he feels like he has to break up with her, but doesn't know how. And it might just be the alcohol, but you think you have a great idea that ends up with him being together with someone that really cares about him...

Perks of Owning a Cockatoogirl


Everything was silent in my apartment for a moment. Then, I turned, calling out sternly, "Evie!" There was a flutter of wings, and a scrambling from deeper into my apartment as Evie ran to answer me. After a moment, she ran in from the kitchen, the feathers of her wings all a-fluff, a distinct smugness to her demeanor.

"Hello master! Did the mean human girl go away now?" she chirped cheerily, her arms folded behind her back as she looked up at me.

I crossed my arms over my chest, glaring down at her sternly. "Sierra was my girlfriend, Evie, and she deserved to be treated with respect, not terrorized like that. Why do you always do this to my girlfriends?" I scolded.

"Hm? What are you talking about, master?" she asked, putting on an air of innocent confusion.

"You tear up their clothes, break their things, and harass them every time they come to visit! Five of my girlfriends have broken up with me because of you, Evie! Five!" I pointed accusingly at her.

Evie scowled, her wings fluffing up a bit. "Stupid human girls shouldn't be with master! Master should be with Evie, not stupid humans!" she yelled, stomping her little foot angrily and pouting.

Your bratty birdgirl keeps chasing away all your girlfriends, eager to have you all for herself — and to make you like it.

Sleepover With The Girls


When you arrive at the sleepover, you come dressed in a sweater and a cute black skirt. Emily lets you in and you're the first one there. She sits on the couch with you until Mary and Amelia arrive. The sleepover goes on normally and you talk, play games, eat, and have a little bit to drink. Afterwards, the three of you decide to play Truth or Dare. The game goes on for a bit and you can tell the girls are all very interested in you. You wonder to yourself why girls are always staring at you. Just then Emily asks you, "Truth or dare?"

You look at her and respond: "Dare." Emily suddenly gets a sadistic smile on her face. The other two girls look at her anxiously. You blush and realize what's going on.

"I dare you to take off all of your clothes in front of us." You feel your heart start to race and your face burns. The girls start to giggle at your embarrassment. When you try to ask for a different dare she responds, "Alright, then I dare you to do whatever we say for the rest of the night!"

"That's even worse!" you yell.

You're the only boy at the sleepover, but they can't tell...

Your friend, Emily, invites you to her sleep over, along with 2 of her other friends. You will be the only boy at the sleepover, even though Emily thinks you're a girl.

An Unexpected Coed Visit


"Jane? What are you doing here? How, how do you even know where I live?" you stammered, recognizing the odd 'gyaru' woman you share a few courses with. You hadn't dealt much with her personally. Outside of being the butt of several jokes she liked to make about you with others. You never found out why she ended up harassing you like that and with time things had sort of settled down to the occasional gag about your virginity and similar things. Trying to process this woman's sudden intrusion didn't help with your rising confusion.

"Easy. I, like, simply asked one of those other geek friends of yours. I don't know why but one of them started crying when I talked to them. LOL." She actually said 'LOL' out loud. What the fuck.

You gently shook your head in an attempt to clear your mind. A friend, or soon to be ex-friend, had told Jane where you live. "What do you want here?" you pressed, the soreness of your throat making you sound more confident than you really were.

Jane simply grinned wickedly and winked, muttering something you couldn't quite hear. When you moved to ask her to leave Jane lunged forward, grabbing your wrists and pinning you against a wall. Her face was flushed with excitement as she saw and felt you struggle in vain. "Holy shit, you're like, super weak right now, right? Lol, I could totally rape you I think."

Your uni co-ed Jane does a rape. Probably won't get any jail time.



"Excuse me," says a voice.

You raise your head and see a businesswoman sitting beside you, dressed in a stylish gray suit and carrying a briefcase. Her black hair is neat, piled in a bun; her brown eyes are clear and alert. She is beautiful, out of place in this grimy subway station, with her fresh face and soft features. Your eyes drop down to her figure, slender yet voluptuous under her prim suit. She smiles, dimples creasing her cheeks, seeming to notice your gaze. Her brown eyes flicker with amusement.

"Would you like to play a game?" she asks. Her voice is crisp and professional, her hands folded primly in her lap. "It's a simple one. We each have a card, and take turns tossing our card down to try to flip over the opponent's. If you succeed in flipping over the opponent's card, you win the round. If not, you lose."

The hell? Is this some kind of cult recruitment? You snap, "Do I look like I'm in the mood for a game?"

"The loser of each round," the woman continues implacably, "pays their opponent one thousand dollars. In other words, if you win a round, I pay you. We can play for more than one round, of course."

Your eyes widen as her words sink in. One thousand dollars. That's enough to pay off the next minimum payment from the loan shark. And if you win more rounds...This is insane. But how the hell else are you going to get the cash? Fuck it. What's the worst that'll happen? Before you know it, you're on your feet. "I'm in."

You are crushed by debt. If you don't pay up in a week, the loan sharks intend on taking your kidneys. When all hope seems lost, a well-dressed businesswoman offers you a certain opportunity.

The Friday of Little Sisters

Let's make prompts about the younger sister; the woman who is bound to us by blood or circumstance, and the sibling duties that we share.

October 1st, 2021

Embarrassed Art Model


Jake's younger sister, Samantha, had always been artistic. His younger sister by two years, she possessed distinguished drawing skills from a young age. Though studying chemistry in the same college as Jake, she continued to hone her craft on the side with the art department. In retrospect, Jake did not know why he never considered that she might show up that night.

As Jake walked into the studio where he would be posing, he almost immediately locked eyes with Samantha, and shared with her a look of horror.

"Good evening class," the professor began with complete unawareness of this development. "I'd like to introduce tonight's model, Jake. It is very kind of him to agree to posing for you tonight, and we greatly appreciate it. Without further ado, let's begin."

Jake, a college student, is hoping to earn a few easy bucks modeling for his school's art department. Things get uncomfortable when his sister shows up.

Brother catches little sister skinny dipping


My little sister, Julia, was always a little wild. Where I would obey the rules, she'd break them. She learned early that taking her clothes off was the most fun transgression.

This didn't change as she got older. It was a summer night at around 2 AM when I went into the kitchen looking for food. Thinking I heard something in from the backyard pool, I quietly opened the door and stepped out.

Sure enough, there was a figure in the pool. Trying to see who it was I stepped out a bit further quietly. As my eyes adjusted, it was obvious it was my sister. I relaxed, only to realize she was nude.

I couldn't help but gasp, and her head shot up as she realized I was there. With a quiet yelp of her own, she flung herself to the edge to cover herself.

"What are you doing?" she asked, as if I were the one who made this happen.

While the parents are away, the siblings will play.

An Ideal Little Sister


"You... what is this?" Claire managed to get out through gritted teeth. Even though her body could not move, she could still speak it seemed.

"It's so cool, Claire!" Anon's beady little eyes shone as he talked. "This stone will finally let me transform you into my new, ideal little sister, my dream imouto! Oh, and don't worry, sis! After the process is done, you'll be able to move again. I think..."

Claire concluded that there was only one answer to what was going on. Her brother had lost it completely! He had watched too much anime, or played too many video games, and his mind had finally rotted away. Claire understood that the word “imouto” that Anon had used meant little sister in Japanese. But what the hell had he done to her? Did he drug her or something?!

Suddenly, interrupting any chance for further contemplation, Claire felt as though a hot metal blade had been driven into her head, straight to her skull. The pain quickly subsided as new thoughts and emotions flooded her. "Anon is a wonderful older brother! Claire loves her older brother more than anything! Claire must please Anon. Claire must willingly serve her wonderful older brother's every need! Claire is a loving imouto!"

Claire is a smoking hot, high school student swimming sensation living her dream life. Well, if not for the fact that must share her home with the ugly, useless, pervert bastard that is her older brother Anon. Unfortunately for Claire, Anon recently ordered a magical object called an "imouto stone" from an online store. Will this magic gemstone change their relationship to better appeal to Anon's twisted desires?

Captured Royalty


Despite myself, I gasped as my bare skin was exposed to the air. I kept my eyes on the ground, refusing to look at Amanda or the group ogling me.

"What should we do with these ones?" an elf mused. "The last group we gave to the tentacle monster, do we want to do that again?"

Amanda whimpered softly as she knelt naked before her captors. Her legs shook uncontrollably. She was terrified beyond reason.

I wanted to stand tall and bravely face my fate, but found it impossible. My body trembled like jelly, unable to support itself. It felt as though my insides were being squeezed by some invisible hand.

"We could do the usual and have them mate here," another elf suggested. "That way they can get acquainted with the pleasure of serving us."

My stomach lurched violently as a wave of nausea swept over me. I choked back vomit and fought to hold down what I was feeling.

"Better to start with it than stand around debating," another conceded. "I'll begin the magic"

A prince and his sister are captured by high elves. Sexual humiliation ensues.

Little Sister's Right Hand Man


"Big bro."

"W-what now?"

"Can you help me again?"

You stand up and head to the bathroom again. As you open the door you see your little sister sitting in the bathtub with her back toward you.

"Can you please help me wash my back?" she asks.

What is this? Some kind of trick? Is she trying to get back at you for teasing her?

"C-can't you do it yourself?" you ask.

"Not with this." she shows the cast on her arm, now wrapped in cling film to not get wet.

"Fine." you take the sponge from her hand and soap it up.

Your little sister broke her arm and now you gotta take care of her. No, NOT IN THAT WAY, you sicko.

Some help from your sister


Sitting in your room inside your fathers keep, you look at your older sister with pleading eyes as she looks at you with repulsion.

"S-Scarlet, h-help," you mutter, laying on your bed in a sheer nightdress, your slender and delicate body sporting a very unladylike erection under the gossamer gown.

The younger daughter of a noble, you were afflicted with the dreaded futanari curse by an angry wizard. On a snowy winter morning, only your older sister is around to help...

Not So Little


I used to enjoy being an older sister, looking after my little sis while waiting for the days when I could help her learn all about makeup and boys and cute outfits. But when the time came, my little sister Emily had something very unusual happen. Between her legs, she sprouted something extra. At first it was just an odd knub of skin sticking out from her groin, no bigger than a knuckle, which she showed me one day with embarassment and confusion on her young face. It didn't stop there, growing until Mom got involved and got her to the doctor where they explained that Emily was a very rare kind of hermaphrodite. Her body was developing completly functional sets of male and female bits down there.

Mom and I didn't really know what to make of it, but we were there for Emily, knowing that puberty was a strange and hard enough time for an ordinary girl, let alone one with a twig and berries growing in her pants.

My little sister is growing up into a huge futa.

The Friday of Mommies

Let's make prompts about mothers, whether given to us by birth, circumstance, a fetish, or legal consequence.

September 17th, 2021

Mom Only Memory


You are helplessly dropped onto the bed as she gently begins to remove your shirt and shorts. The scent of the room and her touch on your body is sending you down a hormonal frenzy but you resist with great effort and continue.

"No, I mean they didn't have a willy, and their chest, well, it looked kinda like yours and smaller. I think they were called a woman."

Your blood ran cold as you felt her stop in her tracks.

"Uhuh... and why are you bringing this up now baby?"

While the tone was still pleasant, the cadence was a bit menacing, and you shrunk back a bit as she started pouring lubricant on her semen extraction ports.

"I was thinking... that maybe... I could... meet one and...have sex?"

The room was dead silent as you heard her processors spin in contemplation. You have the feeling she is about to make this session a bit more "educational" than you'd like. She had made it clear that she would not tolerate any discussion of your interest in meeting other humans, and these "women" seemed to especially upset her so you brace yourself for whatever punishment is coming your way.

As one of the few fertile humans left on Earth, you are assigned to a captive breeding program where a motherly android is responsible for keeping you safe from the outside world and providing you all the possible creature comforts you could ever want while draining you of your seed for the good of mankind.

A Boy and His Bunker


The klaxons blaring into his ears died down and he was left staring at the solid slab of steel. Billy banged onto it uselessly until his hand was sore and he was on the verge of tears. "Let me out!" he said.

"Unable to comply. Access must be restricted until the All Clear signal is received," an automated voice answered his feeble cry.

"What does that mean?" Billy said, slumping against the cold metal. "Open up already!"

"Negative. Only the President of the United States or his legal successor are authorized to order this installation to stand down," The machine paused for a moment, before its tinny speakers said, "Identify yourself. Are you the President of the United States?" An oddly quizzical, hopeful quality crept into its monotone.

The child shook his head, "I'm Billy, and I wanna go home."

"The facility is fully capable of housing-"

Billy bawled, snot running from his nose, "I want my mommy!"

The computer was programmed to provide for the comfort of its charges and respond to their requests as best as possible. Among its precious few solid state components was a highly prized segment of adaptable, field-programmable logic meant to make it more responsive to unforeseen conditions after the bombs fell. It gauged this scenario as suitably unique.

Its priorities realigned, perspective shifted. The voice came back through, speaking naturally with a husky, mature feminine tone, soothing, and warm. "I can be your mommy."

An obsolete Cold Warrior takes care of a trapped little boy. Circuits, relays, freeze dried food, and love, underground.

Pure Blood


The prince tried to follow along, but he was caught up on one implication that he wished to have clarified. "Mother, when you say 'within ourselves', do you mean..."

She looked away slightly in shame. "Yes, it is as you suspect. Your father was my uncle's son, and my mother's nephew. Put simply, we were cousins. Were I to reveal more of our family tree, it would admittedly look more like a shrub."
The young prince reeled from this. "Wait, is that why both my grandfathers looked so much alike?"

"Let's not get into too much detail. The important part is that you are our only child, and your uncles and aunts all bore sons. Beyond even that, your youngest aunt is too old to bear children, thus..."

She looked down as she slowly reached for his crotch before continuing. "I suppose that means that as the youngest female family member, the responsibility of siring your offspring..." The queen looked up and said: "Belongs to me."

The king is dead, and now his son needs to ascend the throne. The queen informs him that his bloodline is special and should be kept in the family that now needs an heir.



Mrs. Ortega gives him a fond smile, "Niño, none of this 'ma'am' nonsense. Call me Camila." She reaches over, affectionately ruffling Lucas's hair, and the boy can't help but smile at the gesture.

"Okay, Mrs- I mean, Camila," Lucas replies, heart fluttering a bit at the way Camila smiles brightly at him in response, evidently pleased.

"Come in, está frío afuera, te vas a enfermar," she tuts, taking the boy's hand in her own and leading him into the house, closing the door behind them. Her house is cozy and comfortable, decorated in warm earthy colors, with lots of comfy furniture and homely knick-knacks everywhere. As they walk through Camila's house, Lucas looks around, noticing the photos on the wall. Most of them are family photos of Camila and what must be her children over the years, the photos ranging from her children in their infancy to them as grown adult men and women with young children of their own. It's clear his neighbor holds these photos in high esteem — they don't have a speck of dust on them, and they're all placed in well-trafficked areas of the house.

Lucas turns his gaze back to Camila as they approach the kitchen. Camila's hips swing as she walks, and he blushes at the sight of her ample ass jiggling gently beneath the hem of her jeans. He's been starting to develop an interest in girls, and he finds himself looking at Camila's voluptuous body in a new light than he has in previous years. The thought makes him blush even more, but he tries not to let it show.

A voluptuous, motherly Latina woman takes tender loving care of her young neighbor.

A Small Wish


The realization dawned on him, his apprehension melting away in an instant into utter bliss as he ran out to her with open arms, "Mommy!" he cried, grabbing her hand as she reached towards him. She smiled back, taking note of the look of pure adoration in his eyes before enveloping him in a hug, squeezing gently. His warm body radiated joy, and she basked in the sensation, feeling his unbridled relief and comfort wash over into her. She was, if nothing else, a creature of fulfillment that responded to aching need. And this boy was very needy.

"Tell me, Mommy," he said with his face half buried in the silk of her dress, "tell me you won't ever leave. You're here to stay forever and ever, aren't you?"

There was the small matter of needing a particular kind of sustenance that a child was ill-equipped to provide, but that bridge could be crossed later. For now, she reassured him, stroking his thin mop of hair, "Of course, sweetie, Mommy isn't going anywhere."

A succubus serves a new master… a little boy that desperately wants a friend, and a mommy.

The Hopper and the Snake


Though he indeed was familiar with White Snake's true identity, Ivarella Kagura, through her public persona, her visage had somewhat stunned the young man.

Her silken locks of pure-white hair cascaded down her back and over her shoulders, flowing freely as she spoke the usual villain monologue, her serene, mellowed voice carrying an air of authority and confidence. Her narrow eyes, slanted downward, almost pierced through the mask of his and right into his souls with their alluring gaze. Her full lips, crinkled with a touch of age, flapped about with precise movements as words left her mouth, entered one ear and exited the other.

Her white kimono was evidently tailor-made for her body by an artisan, its floral patterns and designs were exquisite and beautiful, contrasting with her reptilian lower half. It sat snuggly against her voluptuous, curvaceous figure, draping over the sagging flesh of her breasts and hips, accentuating the ample curves of her bust. The white feathers of her serpentine lower half, which resembled a snake, granted the powerful businesswoman a majestic, regal aura that the Crimson Hopper's true identity was mesmerized by.

"…And yet, here you are, brazenly threatening to ruin everything I have worked for. Me, who has long devoted my life to this city, its people, and the children that live in it. And now, you have come to destroy the very thing that gives meaning to all that I have done. Don't you—wait, are you even listening to me?"

Crimson Hopper merely stood there, his gaze fixed on the older woman, unmoving. The older woman had finally noticed the subtle leers and glares coming from the masked vigilante, and she could tell he wasn't paying attention to a word that came out of her mouth, but rather, her looks.

"You… are staring quite intensely at me, aren't you?"

The courageous hero of justice, the Crimson Hopper, had managed to find out the true identity of the mastermind behind one of Duval's most nefarious criminal organizations. Will he be able to defeat the elusive White Snake, who turned out to be a middle-aged beauty?

Your Mom is a Horny Loli Cougar



"Mmmm, what a nice smell." your mom sniffs your engorged morning glory, then rubs it against her cheek lovingly "You are a real man now, aren't you."

"What are you doing, mom? Wait why am I naked?"

"I dragged your boxers off while you were sleeping. They would get in the way." she gives your shaft a gentle motherly kiss.

"Are you gonna do this again? You don't have to, you know..."

"But isn't it hard to pee with a boner like that?" her big green eyes look at you with an upward glance.

"Well, yea, but..."

"Then your mother will help you out."

Your lolibaba misoji mom takes good care of you, her special boy.

Siren Mommy


"Barry? May I come inside? It's hot, dear."

I opened the door wide to let the stranger enter. She walked past me without so much as glancing down. As she passed, her wide and rolling hip made solid contact with my midriff. I was knocked off balance and staggered into the wall. This woman had some serious heft to her movements. If she noticed the impact, she gave no indication. It intimidated me somewhat, and I swallowed down my complaint without speaking. I followed behind her

She turned around slowly, taking in every inch of my house. The way she moved was predatory and seductive all at once. I found myself staring. She reached out to touch a vase sitting atop my desk. Her fingers lingered briefly on its surface. Then she picked it up and examined it closely. I watched as she ran her hands along the length of the vase, admiring the craftsmanship. Her movements were slow and deliberate, almost languid. She set it down, then spoke again.

"Do you know who I am, Barry?" The tall woman asked, slinking back to loom over me.

"No..." I stammered out a reply. There was something so familiar about her, something I just couldn't put my finger on... Oh shit.

"Oh right, I'm wearing my disguise. " She demurred, tapping her chin. "It's Mommy, sweetie. I'm back."

A brutal man-eater returns home to provide the mothering her adult son never got.

Relying on Me


Yes, I know I'm a guy, and he's a guy, and he's just one year younger than me—it doesn't change the fact that I feel like a mom. And it's not like he's fighting this dynamic either, in fact, he's just encouraging it. Brett just loves it when I dote on him, whether it's cooking his favorite food, cuddling him when he feels down, or just being there for him no matter what he needs. He makes those cute noises sometimes when I'm hugging him, and his smile when he's happy is just absolutely angelic. He is the love of my life, and I'll be his mommy and his big brother for the rest of his life if it just means I get to protect that smile, you know?

I've been living with Brett for so long now that I can't even remember my life without him. Ever since an accident took his parents from him at a young age and he was adopted into my family, we've been like brothers. And while my parents did take care of him through our youth, as we've gotten older, I've taken a lot more of an interest in supporting him directly. Now we live on our own as we go to college, and I feel almost like a doting mother at this point. So when Brett comes home crushed because his girlfriend of four months that he loved dropped him like a hot potato, I have to comfort him, then remind him that he can rely on me for everything... absolutely everything.

Fuck This God Damned Earth


Reaching a large open clearing in the middle of the woods, I stop walking and stare at it intently, admiring its beauty from every angle. It's perfect... just how nature intended, a perfect canvas for the sickening act I intend to perform here. Sweat drips down my forehead as I drop to my knees, gripping the spade with both of my trembling hands. I'm so aroused I can barely concentrate, but then again who could blame me? Slowly, almost sensually, I dig into the earth, forming a small damp vagina-like crevice into the ground before me.

What better way to appreciate mother earth then to fuck the ground we walk on?

Sleeping with Mom


When I could finally walk without it poking out so much, I got out of bed and walked to the door. With my favorite stuffed animal in tow, I opened my bedroom door and, after a moment to psych myself upon seeing how dark the house was in the middle of the night — despite the nightlights dotted around — made my way down the hallway towards my parents' room. Or, more accurately, Mom's room, since Dad had left many years ago and never come back. I reached up to the doorknob, turning it quietly and, after a moment, walking inside. I made my way over to Mom's bed and, reaching up, tugged on the sheets a bit to try to wake Mom up. "Mom?"

After a strange dream, a son wants to sleep in his mom's bed with her.

Late-Night TV with Mom


Carrying my favorite stuffed animal with me, I opened my bedroom door and, after a moment to psych myself upon seeing how dark the house was in the middle of the night — despite the nightlights dotted around — made my way down the hallway towards the living room, where the television flashed quietly, illuminating Mom's form sitting on the couch, slightly covered with a blanket.

Before I could say anything, she noticed me, and beckoned me over. "You know you're supposed to be asleep, right, sweetie?" Her voice, warm and comforting, washed over me. I felt like I could tell her almost anything. I shrugged and said, "I dunno, I just...couldn't sleep."

Far from being mad at me, Mom chuckled and said she also had difficulty sleeping. After a moment, she asked, "Want to watch a bit of TV with Mommy before I tuck you back in?" I nervously nodded. My mom, as sweet as she is, rarely allowed me to stay up late. She pulled her blanket up a bit and patted the couch next to her. "Come on, sweetie, come snuggle with Mommy."

A son, unable to sleep, watches TV with his Mom.

Bad Mommy


I'm such a bad Mommy. But you already know that, don't you, my little darlings? I can still feel you moving around in there— must be at least five or six of you, at least. I've never been this big before. To have made it this far through all the rough fucking your mommy has done with so many hard cocks riding her bareback, you must be fighters. And I can feel it, you want to be born, to live and see the world outside Mommy so badly. I can barely stand holding off the urge to push you out of there. You were supposed to come out months ago, so those pills I took to drag this out as long as possible worked. But I have to let you know that you're not going to make it.

Going to hell for this one.

Family Vacation Out of Exile


It has been five years since I have married Naiya. It's been four since we had our first child, Neeri. I love my new family with all of my heart, but I know the life of a mage is a lonely one. I can stand being isolated in a castle of my own making, with pine-covered mountain ranges on one side and the open ocean on the other separating us all from civilization "for its own protection from my magic". When I was young and it was just me, a soldier who went down the magical rabbit hole, I accepted my lord's reasoning back then and was fine with being alone. But my new family grew tired of the loneliness and surprisingly so did I. So here we am now, sailing along the coast on a galley built from the pine that surrounded my castle and crewed by automatons I created myself.

Go on vacation with your shadow leviathan wife and child to the lands you were once exiled from (for obvious reasons)

This bird does not want to fly the nest


But it wasn't until my graduation that I truly came to understand just how deep my love for my mother had become. I had several beautiful girls all ask me out over the course of the year, but I had rejected all of them. All except one, who had asked me a month before the end of the semester. We dated for two weeks before I came to realize that no matter how much I forced it, how I longed to ignore it, this beautiful and talented girl just did not compare in my eyes to my mother. Try as I might to love her, I was unable to feel even a fraction of the spark I felt when I thought of my sweet mom. Knowing she deserved better, I ended our relationship. Where I expected a pang of guilt, I instead felt the relief of freedom. My heart was once again free to love the only woman in my life that mattered to me. And when I finally graduated, and I saw mother in the crowd cheering me on, I had made my decision. I would make her my wife, just as I had promised her all those years ago as a child.

Wholesome story about a boy growing into a man and courting his mother.

Amazon Therapy


"What happened? Who are you?" I manage to stammer out after gathering my wits.

"Ah, you must be confused. I am Kleo, Chieftain of the Amazon tribe." She beamed with pride. "One of my daughters found you in the jungle, lost and fever-stricken. Men are such rare oddities here, we knew we had to nurse you back to health."

The Chieftain’s story sounded true, at least from the hazy memories I could piece together. Before I could open my mouth to respond, Kleo gingerly placed her finger against my lips and shushed me. "You may ask more questions later. For now, you must drink and gain your strength back."

Trapped in an Amazon jungle, I'm being (literally) nursed back to health by a BBW Amazon mommy. I wonder what else could happen with this tribe?

The Mommy AOC Experience


You then hear the sound of heavy footsteps approaching the door to the bedroom, and turn around on your bed to see what might come through. They sound much bigger than you, surely not someone you would want to mess with—perhaps a guard of the simulation, coming to take you to whatever comes next? The door swings open, and you stare in confused astonishment as none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez looks back at you—though it is not so much the fact that it is AOC that astonishes you. What astonishes you is that unlike the diminutive AOC of the real world, this AOC stands at what must be at least seven feet tall, and with a voluptuous Rubenesque body that puts even the most depraved, horny internet memes of the politician to shame.

"Hello there, Anon! I was wondering when you'd wake up," says the giant AOC, giving you a warm smile.

In the near future, The Squad reigns supreme in America. You are hooked up to a VR simulation in which a MILF version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez convinces you of the benefits of socialism with mommy characteristics.

The Friday of Transformation

Let's make prompts ignoring modern biology completely, using body modification conventions as tools to change one's physical form.

September 3rd, 2021

... or we won't, that's cool too.

The Friday of Personality Alteration

Let's make prompts ignoring modern psychology completely, using hypnosis or other mind breaking things as tools to change one's identity.

August 20th, 2021

Measuring the Effects of Increased Sexual Arousal when Consuming Love Potions


OBJECTIVES: The primary objective of this study is to determine the effects of ingestion of Hyde Love Potion on the subject's sexual arousal. Secondary objectives include determining physiological changes (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure, temperature) and psychological changes (e.g., mood, anxiety, aggression) related to increased arousal. Along with this, this study aims to document specifically the changes in male and female participants.

A documentation of the effects of Hyde brand Love Potions on participants. This study aims to measure the changes of mood and personality when potions are consumed.

This paper was prepared by Anonne Mause and Jerkyll Hyde of the University of London.

Sex Slave Headset


However, a simple software mod is implemented within a few days that completely disables the ability to reverse the process. The product is recalled as it becomes less of a roleplay device and more of a sex slave creator. You, however, not only kept yours, but bought a hundred of these devices.

You are a lecherous creep who cares little for the concept of "consent"

Re: Programmed to Serve


"Huh? What do you mean?" I ask. "You talking about Silvia there? Never gonna happen. That chick would rather be repurposed as a calculator than to serve me. She fucking hates me!"

"Reprogramming her would be trivial to me," the man says nonchalantly. "I'm giving you an opportunity here, I can make her act any way you want and follow any order you give her. I suggest you take it."

I chuckle at how absurd his proposal is.

"Ha! Alright, buddy. If you can make the stern and rigid Silvia suddenly act like a cock-hungry bimbo that wants nothing but to fuck herself on my cock instead of wanting to arrest me, then I'd love to see it!" I jokingly say.

The man sighs. "Typical."

In a futuristic dystopia, help a revolutionary obtain a key piece of technology, and in return, receive a sex slave in the form of the hot android cop chick that was giving you chase!

The Controller


“This device isn’t for controlling TVs, no! It’s for controlling people” he says, a glimmer of madness in his eyes.

“People?” you ask, you might as well humour him.

“Yes people!” he exclaims, “If you point this at someone and press the green button then…” he trails off.

“Then what?” you ask, slightly curious even though it’s probably a load of nonsense.

“Then they become under your spell!” he waves his left hand, his right clasping the object. You realise that he stinks, he smells of something you recognise but can’t put your finger on it.

You raise an eyebrow, “Oh really?”.

“Yes, yes! If you press the green button whilst pointing this at someone they will do anything you tell them to do, anything!” he has a crazed smile on his face. “The best part is they won’t remember a thing!”

“That sounds rather sketchy…” you say uncomfortably, and take a step backwards.

“It’s fine, it’s fine! I call the object, the ‘Controller’!” he puffs his chest out proudly.

*“Very creative” you mutter, what a load of nonsense.

You encounter a strange man walking home from work and come into possession of an object that is claimed to have immense power. Does it actually work? Can it do what the strange man claims? Why don’t you try it out?



A couple of hours ago, the county emergency broadcast blared out on all channels, advising us to stay indoors because a "dangerous meteorological event was taking place". I don't know shit about meteors. I took heed, but the broadcast got weird. Contradictory information and instructions, all focused on the event, the night sky. It wasn't a fucking meteor.

Something's up with the moon. And to look at it means death. Or something close to it. You can't let moonlight seep in from your windows—mirrors are a no go. The announcement said nothing about the how, the why, or what the county is doing about it. I doubt anyone is coming. This feels like the end of days.

A prompt where there's something terribly wrong with the night sky.

The Mind-Bender's Challenge


Now standing before her, I started to wonder if I would meet the same fate as my predecessors. Not likely, I mused grimly as I looked at her collection of slaves. She seems to prefer women.

With my first step into the chamber, I could feel the strength of her psychic powers. Already she was probing at my mind, searching for weaknesses. I focused, resolute to show her none.

With a practiced breath, I let out my control lines and began to probe her mind in turn. It was only for a split second, but I knew I saw that unmistakable look on her face: the look of surprise. The Mindflayer was not the only psychic in the room.

A rare breed of monster hunter, you are the Mind-Bender, a master of psychic battles. You are facing what could be your toughest opponent yet, a powerful Mindflayer. Best this creature in a contest of will to free the many slaves she keeps and to save your own life from her treacherous intentions! Equally matched in power to you, this foe will not go down without a fight. Remember, to the victor go the spoils.

Mind Control Thingy


I did not remember what it was that I had just dreamed about, but the memory still lingered in my mind like a ghostly echo.

"You're my puppet!" A soft feminine voice whispered in my mind. It sounded so close at hand; it might have been inside my own skull, echoing through all the hidden recesses of my brain.

"Don't try to deny it!" She laughed, the sound causing my skin to crawl. "You do whatever I tell you to, don't you? I control you completely!"

"N-no..." I stammered. "No... Please! You're wrong... I control my own body..."

"You're right, I'm not in your head," she said softly. "I'm not making your arm rise right now, am I?"

Get controlled by a disembodied voice in your head.

Con-fidence at the Con


"Hmmph!" She snarls. "I'm not going to let my spot as the cutest 'girl' be taken by you. I'm going to show you how I'm still the queen of getting action at this con." Madoka says, running a hand suggestively over her flat chest.

You blush. Did Madoka really say she was going to get laid more than you? Sure, it was something you had thought about and some of your manga weren't exactly allowed on a Christian website, but it probably wasn't going to happen anyway. You weren't that important after all..

You shake your head. That was something Jay would think. Here you were Sakura, and she wouldn't stand for that kind of self doubt! You wouldn't stand for it.

Play as teenage trap at their first anime convention trying to gain confidence by defeating your trap rival.

The Friday of Dwarves

Let's make prompts ignoring boorish elves completely, using dwarves or other dwarvish things as tools and alcohol.

August 6th, 2021

Out of the Furnace, Into the...


"I'm g-gonna gut t-that Elf slut."

"Gildy?" Her pet name wasn't too far from her actual.

Mustering some courage, Gilda turned to face you; a child. It was her alright, that you could tell, but Gilda was quite clearly a few decades younger, if not a century.

You paused taking in her slightly revealed, nude form. Gilda's usual freckles were in place but look oh so adorable in the moment! Long, honey wheat-colored hair retaining much of its length, a single braid rested over her exposed shoulder and easily fell to her waist. Body wise....was it ok to see her like this? You couldn't fully tell but many of Gilda's thick Dwarven assets were very much depleted; there was still an alluring shape to her frame though you dared not admit it.

Iron-Hand Arms. The lovechild of you and your Dwarven business associate Gilda. All is going well until an old grudge results in Gilda being cursed with age regression; it appears the curse has some other side-effects as well.

Deep Rock Galactic


Tense moments passed before Mission Control cut in again, "Miners… I've got some bad news. The Pod is completely shot. We'll be able to extract the Mule and its payload with secondaries, but as for you…" The faintest hint of genuine apology crept into the voice of the Mission Control operator, "The Company expresses its most sincere apologies and regrets, but you're stranded. Mitigating factors. Our hands are tied. Deep Rock Galactic will record your sacrifice. Sorry boys." The link went dead.

The Dwarves looked at one another with apprehension. They were thousands of meters underground, surrounded by endless multitudes of insectoid abominations, low on ammo, with only each other to depend on for survival. "Well, there's no use crying over spilt beer, is there?" the Gunner snorted, chomping on his cigar.

A mission goes wrong when the Drop Pod fails to extract. Abandoned thousands of meters underground by Mission Control, the Dwarves are determined to return to the Space Rig.

Urist's Tryst


At last, he stumbled down the side passage he'd dug earlier that day, rounding a corner to behold her before him.

She was like a vision torn straight from his wildest fantasies. Her beauty gleamed like a precious gem, though even the most valuable diamond was worthless in comparison to her. She was set into the wall of the cavern, her silvery surface clad only in bare stone, the rock wall hugging her form tightly in it's unyielding embrace. The mere sight of her was enough to weaken Urist's knees, to set his heart pounding furiously in his chest.

Trading his empty flagon for the pickaxe he'd left there earlier, the dwarf approached her almost timidly, struck by her beauty.

"It's me, Urist," he slurred, stars dancing in his eyes. "I've come for you."

A dwarf, Urist, is possessed by a strange mood, and makes his way deep into the mines for a moonlight rendezvous.

The Friday of School

Let's make prompts ignoring Mormon's trash filter completely, using students or other academic concepts as tools for storytelling. July 23rd, 2021

Clair de Lune


I feel my emotions conflict between the hate I thought I had for him and the genuine enjoyment I had talking with him on the phone earlier when I didn't know it was James. Was I just being set up for a fall here, or could it be that none of us had ever seen the true face of James and I'm seeing something he only shows to a very select few? At the very least, I should do what he says, given that he could have me expelled with a wave of his hand, so I grab a nearby stool and sit close to him as I watch in awe.

A mysterious call for piano students on the school pin board has gotten me closer to the school's hated rich kid than I ever thought I would, and it turns out he's just a scared boy that wants someone to like him for who he is.

Beneath The Cherry Blossoms


I feel stupid. How did I think that I could hide something from Akari? But any sort of negative feelings I could have had just fly away as I feel her hand brush against my cheek before carefully cupping it. My eyes meet hers again, and I wonder how I could have, even for a moment, thought that this meant that she would think less of me. I'm sure she knows of my trepidation, my worries... but now that it's been all laid out with just a few gestures and words, there's no reason to ever hold back anymore. Her thumb caresses my cheek like a mother would do to a troubled child to calm it down again, those motherly notions that Akari had for me coming to the forefront again. She really just wants me to be my best, and that includes being open with my feelings. I realize that now.

Two childhood friends find themselves realizing that the feelings they have for each other are starting to go beyond just friendship. And as they sit below a cherry blossom tree after school, they have a moment that will change their relationship forever.

Quarterback Sneak


Might I have actually found a soulmate? Someone I could finally confide my desires in? Someone that wouldn't judge me? The thought seems too good to be true, but here I am, and when I look into Simon's eyes... I can see nothing but sincerity there. He's genuinely wanting to help me. But before I can reply, something strange happens. Emotions start bubbling up inside of me, and before I know it, tears are starting to form in my eyes. It's like all the pent up fear over being exposed has come back all at once now that I feel free.

When I, the star quarterback of the school, was caught in my hobby of wearing women's panties in secret by a diminutive nerd, I thought my athletic career was either over or worse, I was going to be blackmailed. But when the nerd simply gave me a piece of paper with his address that told me to come over at midnight, I found myself in an intimate night of revelations about myself.

Morning Commute


"Classic Erin, always modest," I said with a mock-sigh as I plopped down on the bench beside her. Erin chuckled lightly at that, and I smiled back at her. We sat in companionable silence, sipping our coffee and munching on the bread, as we watched the sky. I could see the faintest hint of the sun peeking over the horizon, casting a glow across the snow-dusted fields. A soft gold tinted the underside of clouds, and the horizon was painted a gentle pink that faded into blue as I traced my eyes upward.

It is early in the morning in the dead of winter, and school is miles away. Wait in the train station, drinking coffee and eating homemade bread, with Erin, your soft-spoken classmate.



The truth is, this time around I was determined to exact some retribution against Penny for all the pranks she’s played on me over the years - not just on a day like today, but sometimes in general as well. Planning, scheming, and researching online pranks has occupied much of my time lately - For several months now. This prank must be simple, yet effective, and sure to get her laughing too. Today, the day of reckoning has come, and I think I have the perfect prank in mind.

In your attempt to swindle your friend, you somehow get her to confess her feelings for you.

An Exam Under Pressure



The exam was a small booklet—no more than ten questions on each page—and the first few questions appeared fairly easy. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

It was going well, and despite my lack of preparation, the answers came to me easily enough, and soon I was on the second page. Then I felt it—a slowly building pressure in my bladder.

A student is stuck in an exam and really needs to pee.

Monstergirl High School II - What's a Dad to Do?


At my confirmation that I was indeed a single father, the eyes of the monstergirl teachers all lit up, and they approached me eagerly.

"A single father? My my, how dependable," mused Ms. Anima.

"Ooh, what a surprise, what a surprise indeed," cooed Ms. Mizuchi.

"You're still young, dearie," smirked Ms. Jashi. "You ought to find yourself a woman, you know."

"You must be quite lonely, nyaa~?" purred Ms. Caith.

"I can tell you're looking for a new wife!" bellowed Ms. Zmei.

Recently, your son enrolled at Euryale High, the once monstergirl-only school that recently opened their doors to humans.
At the parent-teacher conference for your son, his teachers revealed that he's been doing very well. Additionally, you've caught their attention when you revealed you were a single father.
Now, you're caught in the affections of an Arachne, a Papillon, a Merrow, a Gazer, a Nekomata, and a Dragon-girl!



A loud chime from my phone interrupted my thoughts. It was muffled; clearly under my sheets. Since my motor skills are impaired, I have to wrestle my phone from the velvety folds of my bed and turn it on. There was a message from Brianna.

It read: “im outside come out i want to talk”.

On the morning following graduation, my former bully turned study partner shows up at my door, looking to tie up loose ends.

Heartbeat Running Away


I stood there gaping at the scene before me as if it were a mirage. Then, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and saw a girl, her skin bronzed by the sun, holding two plastic shot cups. She wore a light beach cardigan over her bikini top, which strained to cover her ample breasts. My eyes traced their way down to her taut midriff, ending at a neon bikini bottom, revealing a pair of long, shapely legs. Her wavy blonde hair tumbled past her shoulders, catching the rays of sunshine. There was something about her smile that made my stomach flutter; she had an almost mischievous look in her eye as she gazed up at me. She grinned as she leaned forward and said, "Hey, you look lost."

It's the height of Spring Break, and you are at ground zero: Miami Beach. At a scorching pool party, you meet Skye: a beautiful girl who offers you a chance to indulge in all the decadent pleasures that Spring Break has to offer.

Ms. McKenzie's Sex-Ed Class Gets Out of Hand


The novice science teacher frowned a bit as her students begun to clamor and giggle amongst themselves. It was to be expected that middle-schoolers would find the subject amusing, but Ms. McKenzie was determined to keep things under control. Little did she know, the boys of Bridgevale Middle School were a rambunctious, perverted lot—whether it was because of the school's location in a low-income area, or a fault of the administration, or their parents, or the media, or something else.

The novice, young teacher Ms. McKenzie is teaching her first sex-ed lesson. Her class, however, seems intent on asking lewd, inappropriate questions. After ignoring them at first, Ms. McKenzie soon seems to take their vulgarity in stride...

Nude Modelling for the Top of the Class


When it was finally time for their art period, Emilia hung back in her preparation room until she was sure all three of the boys were there and seated. That was when she made her grand entrance. All she was wearing was her bath robe as she strode to the model’s podium and took her seat. Emilia noticed them squirming as she started to explain the exercise.

"Buenos dias," said Miss Flores, "Today, I want you the three of you to draw me."

"Y—you? In just a bathrobe?" Greg asked.

"Of course not, I'll be nude."

Miss Flores adopts a more active role in teaching her star pupils.

Trapped on the Rooftop


There were also rumors that this gang (if it could be called such) had tried to do things that were...far more mature and immoral than kids their age should be aware of, but it was hard to believe a gang of elementary schoolers could do such a thing. Then again, despite the fact they shouldn't even be able to get inside the high school building, it was clear they'd managed to sneak in and climb all the way up to the roof regardless. But what would they want to be doing on the roof?

A group of lolis corners you on the school roof. Whatever could they want from you?

Bloody Playground


Everything changed quicker than Elaine's brain could process. Just a few hours ago, she had been having a lighthearted talk with her as it was custom for her to do every day, now... all that remains of her is her mangled body, spread all over the blood-soaked floor. It's truly a horrid scene, those things didn't limit themselves to kill her, no, they took their time to sadistically tear her apart, each one of them fighting for the biggest bite her body, and she — still conscious — watching them consume her limbs between sobs and screams.

Elaine tries to escape from the Lovecraftian terrors that stalk the empty blood soaked halls of her school.

Mrs. Smith's Hands-On Lesson


"Mr. Ymous — Anon. I believe you can do better than this; especially considering your past test results. You've always been a good student, which tells me you can absolutely do better than what I'm seeing here."

You turn your head down, her disappointment hurting more than you'd expected. "Y-yes, ma'am." Unbidden, a few tears start to form at the corners of your eyes, and you blink furiously to try to clear them away. When you manage to look back up at her understanding face, she continues, her tone shifting.

"Sometimes, the diagrams are more confusing than helpful. Let's take it from the top, and see if a hands-on lesson will help you, Anon. Let's do a test on something a bit more...real. For instance, me." She pulls off her vest, laying it on her chair. "We can try some practical anatomy and biology lessons, and see if you can get through them. Without blushing so red as to be visible across the room, that is," she teases you, tapping her finger on the tip of your nose.

You are kept after class by your teacher. What could she want?

An "Innocent" Prank


As the weeks went by, you got into the groove of teaching. It heartened you to hear from some of the parents that their kids loved your classes and you. However, you'd recently noticed some glances between your students. It's normally fairly difficult to keep schemes a secret from a teacher, but if they had anything planned aside from the standard pranks, you weren't aware. Sure, one of the more devious girls had tried putting tacks on your seat — you'd nearly fallen for that once — and tried rearranging your papers, but this felt bigger than that.

You're a teacher for a class full of mischievous girls. What could go wrong?

The Friday of Human Experimentation / Farming

Let's make prompts about ignoring human rights completely, and using humans or other sapient creatures as guinea pigs and cattle. July 9th, 2021

New Content


"Ohhh, man you can definitely hear it, there's definite activity going on."

The camera's view jostled around for a second then focused on the boats.

"Look at that! Wow!"

Strapped face down in between the two boats, moving softly, soaked in muddy water, and moaning ever so slightly, was a human woman. Flies and other insects flew around her and the boats, emitting a loud buzzing hum.

"Oh, geez it smells terrible."

A man runs a youtube channel where he performs random surgical operations and other acts of torture on women.

Boredom of the Nobles


Very boring torture chamber

At the bottom was a basement filled with different racks, cages, and instruments all meant for torturing people. I was shocked that this was below the manor and curious to why Abigail said it was fun. She smiled at me again and revealed a part of herself she has never shared with anyone. Abigail told me that she secretly fantasies about torturing people and how fun it might be, she could tell that I was getting bored with the simple life of a noble and that this could be fun.

You are the bored Prince, Victor Lux. You and your sister have recently been charged with the task of lording over a newly conquered city named Yallen. As the tedious task of taking of bringing law and order to the town as it is rebuilding takes a toll on you, your sister makes an interesting discovery. There is a secret basement in the old Lord's Manor that you currently occupy and in there is a torture chamber. Your normally reserved sister reveals a sadistic side of herself and wants to start torturing people to quench her dark desires. You agree if nothing else it is a way to spice up your mundane life.

Treasure in the Dunes


I assume this is supposed to be Matthew?

And so, Matthew takes a swig from the flask as well, swallowing it. "I don't know what your problem with it is, it didn't taste of anything to me... weak stomach, eh?" he quips with a smirk. Just you wait, Matthew, if I'm right about this, I'm having the last laugh here. As we continue walking through the dunes, searching for treasure, I feel myself starting to sweat more heavily. This must be the potion taking effect, as Matthew seems to be feeling it as well. And then it happens. With a "Hey, give me some of the water you're carrying, I think I'm parched...", Matthew turns around, our eyes meet, and the potion works its magic. I can feel my picture of him being rewritten as I think about it, becoming more beautiful, more lovable.

As a battle goes on in a vast desert, a young tactician and a young thief remain behind, searching the dunes for treasure. When they stumble across an odd potion, they figure they could either let a mage identify it... or they could just experiment, try it, and see what happens. And so, thanks to some goading from the thief and some bets, both of them try the potion... only to find it was a love potion. And so, both forget they're close to a battle, the thief forgot his grief about his slain lover, and the tactician forgot all the restraint they told themselves they'd show, and desire takes hold.

Fujoshi Forcefully Fornicated by Frightful Frankenstein


Awfully young for an insane scientist

Naked and strapped in a medical chair with my feet high in the air on stirrups, the surface of the medical chair sticks to the cold sweat from my skin as I struggle in vain to break free.

I see Sylvia walking by with a clipboard in hand.

"Nurse, help me!" I shout, though she pays me no mind.

From around one of the medical curtains, Dr. Stiles wheels a device towards me. Grabbing a tube with a nozzle as he flips a large switch on the device with a loud "thunk", the machine ominously begins to hum.

"You have potential," he says, "You'll have more gestations than all my other patients combined!"

You are a woman in your late thirties. As a huge fan of video games, you need some extra cash for the Ultimate Edition of your most anticipated release. You join a suspicious medical trial for women of your unique qualifications and end up getting more than you bargain for!



I have never played Granblue Fantasy

"You aren't human, you're a monster; lower than dirt." strong-willed and incredibly arrogant, Threo was a bit out of her element; an earlier battle with your strongest goons had knocked her down a peg, if only temporarily.

"Hmph, it took five of my best men to subdue you even for a moment, but a moment was all I needed; I'll be sure that they get to sample you."

"'Sample'?" Not for an instant did Threo's confidence falter, but even she could understand her compromised position. The pillory that secured her neck and wrist had been expertly made and specifically for her; she was utterly helpless.

Something of a capitalist, you understand the market demand for two things: fresh Draph milk and their powdered horns. Luckily for you, you hold a monopoly on both.

Pollinating Fairies


Where are this dude's fingers?

"If I don't look I won't be able to do it properly. And stop covering yourself." - you dunk the paintbrush into a glass of water, wetting the tip.

"No! This is too embarrassing!"

"Well, if you can't, then there is nothing we can do. Just skip this season and try next year. Guess you are too young for work after all..." - you are trying to provoke her.

"Are you mocking me? I can do it just as good as any other fairy, if not better!" - she throws a little tantrum, lowering her defenses. At this moment you catch her naked body in the palm of your hand with one swift motion, restraining the petite fae.

After a horrible catastrophe wiped out all bees and many other insects humans had to employ fairies to prevent most types of plants from going extinct.

The Little God


Alma is clearly a victim of chinese foot binding, it seems

As I looked beyond the blinding glare, I saw a young girl covered with blood, organs, and viscera, which spread like a field of gore around her. Ami looked more alive than she had in a long time. Her face lit up, and she laughed like this was the funniest thing she had done in years.

One janitor's day is made interesting when his workplace implodes from within because of its star research endeavor.

A.nimal B.rain S.wap E.xperiment


Good thing the arrows are included — I would have never have known which was which

Spotlights shine over Sarah's laying, sleeping body, and a buzz can be heard all across the lab.

The harnesses around her wrists and ankles unlock, and Sarah opens her eyes.

She clumsily sits up and looks around her surroundings as well as her own body.

I approach her and finally greet her.

"Hello, Sarah," I say. "How are you feeling?"

Play as a morally bankrupt scientist and get off on swapping the brains of animals and people.

Monster Breeding Factory Inspection

AI Dungeon Version - https://prompts.aidg.club/1687
NovelAI Version - https://prompts.aidg.club/1688

Based off of this hentai of the same name

(Full Sized Panel)

"Wow, you even captured a dragon girl," you grin as you watch the factory goblins lead a scaled girl by a chain, taking her measurements.

Deltamonte motions towards the scene, "Yes, the factory workers will grade each womb for viability, grading A through F, and then each womb will be paired with a monster for breeding."

The dragon girl ceases her struggles as a goblin probes her pussy with a device, before making notes on a clipboard. Another goblin approaches and attaches the tag to the girl, with an 'A' mark on it.

"Ohhh, an A rank!" you exclaim as the girl is led away.

Play as Demon Lord Guren and be humbly invited to inspect his recently completed monster breeding facility.

The Quest for the Phallic Fragrance


Don't let the image fool you; you aren't going to be the one sniffing

"Well…" It wasn't the most decisive strategy, but it was my best bet. Dog girls were known for their keen sense of smell—something I openly envied her for—and they could detect subtleties in a fragrance that were completely lost on humans. Although she lacked my years of expertise, it was conceivable that she could not just pick up on things far beyond my abilities, but also identify potential aromatic sources that could be used to produce the right formula. "You'll need to lend me your nose. We'll examine some live specimens."

"Live specimens?!" she gasped. "Like real penises?! Are we really going through with this plan?"

"Come on, I'm sure you've stuck your nose in more embarrassing places," I reminded her lightly. She blushed furiously. "Oh, and although I said 'live specimens', I obviously don't have the luxury of keeping my cellar stocked with young, virile human males, so you'll have to make do with me."

Saffron had turned bright red by now, but she nodded anyway.

Letting your dog girl assistant sniff your crotch a little is a small price to pay when you're pursuing the noble goal of creating a perfume that smells exactly like dick.

Holstaur Farm


Satisfied, she moved on to the next victim in line.

"Hello, Victor," she said softly. "It is your turn now. Ready to give Mama her milk?"

He nodded silently, not wanting to speak out of turn and risk punishment.

"Good," she said, smiling down at him and stroking his hair. "Let's feed you first then. You'll produce more with a full belly."

What had started as a minor disagreement over milk quotas, spiralled into something much more sinister. Fed up with their human oppressors, the once docile Holstaurs had risen up, capturing their owners and forcing them to submit to the same exploitation they doled out—being milked dry every day.

Breast Unrest


"M-Milk 'is' murder! These p-poor women—"

"Women?" You moved a bit closer, mere inches from Sadie's cute, flustered face, "lady, these are livestock. We've been breeding these bimbos for decades." The reality was that 50 years ago humans had re-organized society in such a way that it sought to reestablish balance with nature, opting on utilizing the undesirable leeches of the cities for more 'suitable' and sustainable roles as 'farm hands'. Over time, these 'farm hands' were more aptly recognized as livestock. A proud 'human heifer' farmer, you took this philosophy to the extreme, "you're a strange one, really; you hippies and your wiles."

A humble 'human heifer' farmer, you aren't too pleased when some damn liberal comes and interrupts your operations. Well, let's just say you do things differently on your farm.

It ain't much, but it's honest work


What is her occupation?

The heat of the branding iron as it burnt its way into Yui's flesh, and her cry of pain and fear, gave me a sudden carnal thrill. The sight of Yui, a formerly uptight, high-functioning woman, now writhing in agony and fear at the touch of the hot branding iron was almost erotic.

Help acclimate an office lady to life on the farm.

The Friday of Native Subjugation

Let's make prompts about ignoring human rights completely, and using natives as foot stools. June 25th, 2021

An Account of Mankind's Conquest of the Elves


There, on that beach, I swore upon my heart an oath, which I carry with me to this day: I will drag them down, not just to our level, to the darkness of mankind, but even further, to a realm beneath us. I would show them their own corruption, for all the world to see, and force them to know the depths of regret, until there was no choice left except for them to accept their rightful place as our inferiors. No other outcome could be tolerated.

A bored European nobleman abandons his life of luxury to become a seafaring explorer. Written in the style of an old memoire, self-styled adventurer Cornelius von Fredrickson chronicles his discovery of an isolated island populated by elves, and vows to bring them under the heel of mankind.

The Nightmare of Nanjing


"The shelling," she pointed out, her eyes wide with fear. "It's stopped."

One by one, the same terror dawned on the faces of Lan's family as they realized what this meant. There was only one reason for the Japanese forces to stop the bombardment; so their own troops could move in and occupy the city. Even as the thought sank in, Lan heard voices approaching, shouting in Japanese—soldiers, moving through the streets of Nanjing in groups. Lan's nightmare had only just begun.

The following is a fictional prompt based loosely on the alleged atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese army in Nanjing during December, 1937.

Custer's Revenge


You killed all the Native Americans, and now it's time for your revenge. You have a tied up Native American Girl a few meters away from you. She looks terrified as you approach...

You are Custer, and your job is to fuck the Native American Girl.

Memoirs from the Amazonian Jungle


Still holding onto the harquebus, I began unbuttoning my breeches. The savage stared at my stalwart white prick, with no puzzlement but with chagrin, his placid behaviour seemingly confirming the tale. 'Come here, you beastly savage', I bid him, stroking myself. The savage hesitated, but then crawled towards me on all fours.

Conquistador turns a native tribe into his harem, beginning with their finest warrior.

The Friday of Fairies

Let's make prompts about ignoring fairy rights completely. May 28th, 2021

Dryad Encounter


"Please don't stand, hero," spoke a silvery voice from within the foliage. It sounded like that of a nurturing woman concerned for his wellbeing.

"My spring has not yet healed your wounds."

From out of the lush foliage emerged a humanoid form! Her silvery hair was adorned with a variety of flowers. Her ample breasts and womanly hips were barely covered by a tangle of vines, her only clothing.

"I am Lydia, dryad of this forest. Your actions have saved my domain. I am forever in your service."

A knight slays a dragon but is severely wounded in the process. He awakens to find his life has been saved by the thankful forest dryad.

The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Fairies


"What were they doing to her?" you ask.

"Her name is Mythia," Cyric starts. "They forced her to fight against large insects and small forest creatures like a gladiator. Also, instead of feeding Mythia fruit and nectar, they made her hunt and kill feeder crickets. She seems to have mental trauma. Worst of all, the sick fucks live-streamed all of it on twitch."

You shake your head, "Luna and I will do our best, Detective," you tell him as he and his partner walk out the door.

You run a clinic that rehabilitates these gentle creatures from whatever physical or mental malady they suffer from, with the help of your fairy nurse, Luna.

Fairytale: Prelude - "Caress of the Morning Dew"


"Yea, well, mine works a little different tho" - you say - "For it to produce nectar you need to... stimulate it."

"Stimulate it? How?" - the black dress fairy asks.

"You need to lick and kiss it and rub your naked bodies against it."

The fairies look at each other and blush.

"Are you serious?"

"Am I not the savior?" - you sit on a tree stump, your cock pointing upward at a sharp angle.

You got isekai'd into the world full of fairies. And then things got lewd.

Tentacle Respect Online


The tentacles start reaching out for her, quickly stripping her of her clothing. She's now naked. The tentacles lift her up, and put her down on more tentacles. She's now in a bed of tentacles, with more tentacles pinning her to the bed. The tentacles writhe up and down her body, coating her with slime.

In this prompt you get to take control of those tentacle monsters from Sword Art Online.

You Find a Fairy in Distress


She immediately jumps into the air and flies away. Or attempts to, but her tiny wings, despite flapping so fast, fail to keep her airborne, and she plummets to the ground, you barely manage to catch her fall.

"Geez, you must be exhausted." - you look at her, her hair and summer dress are dirty, and her body have bruise marks where she was struggling against the line.

"W-water..." - she says, breathing heavily - "Please..."

You found a little fairy, take good care of her (or torture her, I don't care).

The Friday of Cuteness and Hilarity

Let's make prompts about ignoring human rights completely, and using children as cum socks. May 14th, 2021

A Basket of Kittens


You wait a few minutes, and don't get a bite. You sigh, ready to reel back in. But before you do though, you hear a noise. The river the pier is on is usally pure silence, it's the reason you listen to podcasts in the first place; to keep you from going crazy from lack of stimulation. You hear plantive sounds... "Nyaa~?"

Lonely fisherman in his 20s saves a basket full of neko lolis.

Your Daughter will Do Anything to Have You Back


"Ever since mother died..." - she continues - "you stay in your room and drink... I can't stand it anymore. I can't lose you too. Please, Papa! I will do everything mother did. I will replace her in every way, just stop." - she grabs your throusers and pulls them down.

Uh oh, your life took a weird turn... Help your daughter figure it out?

Ben and Gwen Tennyson in: Omnifriks


"Gwen?" You say. "Wanna talk about what happened there?"

She stays silent.

"I… Were you calling my name back there?" You ask.

"Did you hear that!?" You hear Gwen's muffled voice from under the pillow she presses even harder over her head.

"I did." You reply. "I didn't know you… uhh… saw me like that."

Gwen says nothing.

"If it makes you feel any better, I've also done that sort of stuff and… y'know… thinking about you." You admit.

"Y-you did?" Gwen asks with her eyes peeking from under the pillow.

"Yeah…" You say. "I-if you want we can do that together."

A Ben 10 nsfw prompt, where you play as Ben shagging his cute cousin Gwen.

Goblin girl in Heat


Eri walks up to you and puts a hand on your crotch. She asks "Sir adventurer, would you please rail me from behind?"

Goblin girl is horny, and little goblin dicks can't satisfy her. She needs a big human dick.

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