Abbie heard the sounds of her Iphone alarm clock starting to chirp. She had chosen the most obnoxious sound possible as her alarm, and always made sure it was just out of reach when she went to sleep. That combination made sure she got up when it went off. She had found out that was important when she went off to college, since her mom and dad were not there, to make sure she got out of bed and got going in the morning. The strategy had worked well the first three years and as college senior she had kept it.

This morning she wasn't at college, she was in a hotel room. She and the rest of the cheerleading team were in Disney World for the UCA Collegiate Cheer Championship. This was her third year here for this event, this year they had a real chance of possibly winning. The alarm this morning wasn't going off because it was time to head Wild World of Sports Complex at Disney, where the competition was being held. This morning they were free to spend it at one of the parks.

"Is it morning, already?" her teammate, best friend, and hotel roommate Rachel grumbled from the other bed.

"Unfortunately, yes." Abbie replied, her tone matching Rachel's. "I hit snooze, so we have ten more minutes."

Rachel didn't respond. Abbie closed her eyes, but her mind started to fill with thoughts of what lay ahead for her day. Those thoughts brought emotions of nervousness, trepidation, excitement, and arousal. Last night she had fallen asleep, while running through her head, reasons why she wouldn't go through with the plan for today. This morning she was resigned to the fact that there was no way to get out of it and to be able to maintain her pride and status with the group.

Abbie sighed as she accepted that she would be spending the day at Animal Kingdom, one of the four Disney World parks, wearing a remote-controlled vibrator. Two other team members would have the ability to control it and she wouldn't know who they were. She would be able to guess, the Bluetooth range was about twenty to thirty feet, so it would have be someone fairly close to her. She suspected that Rachel would be one of them but had no idea who the other one would be.

This had been a tradition among the senior cheerleaders at the annual cheer championship. Or at least a tradition once the technology was available. Abbie was in some ways a victim of the invention of Bluetooth and smartphones. Her fate being sealed when her teammates choose her as the captain this year. No one really knew how it had started, or even how it had become a tradition, but it was now in its tenth year. There were stories about it being a way for the captain to show she could stay calm, even under tremendous distraction, and that she could exercise self-control and ignore her own needs.

The alarm sounded again, Rachel cursed but threw her covers off and headed into the bathroom to shower. Abbie chuckled at her best friend; she was definitely not a morning person.

Abbie got up and laid her clothes out. She had chosen one of her tighter thongs to help make sure that the vibrator stayed in place. She had also chosen one of her more padded bras. This was done to hide what she knew were going to be very erect nipples. The whole team would be wearing a matching gold tee shirt with the school name and mascot on it, along with purple sequined Minnie Ears. A pair of purple, short, running/athletic shorts, that would accent her butt while showing plenty of leg completed her outfit.

The tee shirt and shorts would be snug or even tight. Rachel was a curvy girl and most of her clothes fit her tightly. Her friends were envious of both her 36 D perky boobs and her well rounded, almost shelf ass. At five foot four inches tall, those curves made her both cute and hot. She knew that men would be checking her out all day. Some of her friends found it creepy when guys their dad's age checked them out. Rachel actually got a little turned on by it.

Rachel had come out of the shower and with a shit eating grin on her face said. "Ready for today?"

Abbie nodded, smiled and moved to the shower. She had felt her cheeks redden at Rachel's question and realized she hadn't been able to look her in the eye. She also felt a slight amount of arousal and realized that she was ready and was maybe even looking forward to it.

While she showered Abbie thought about her sex life. She had lost her virginity at age eighteen, the night she graduated from high school, in the missionary position, it was a very quick event. It was a parting gift to her high school boyfriend. She knew that when they went off to different colleges they wouldn't last.

Through her college years she had never had a long-term boyfriend. It seemed like each year she would have a steady boyfriend for about four to six months, but something would derail the relationship. She had also had a couple of short term, primarily sexual, relationships. The sex with some of them was good but it wasn't mind blowing and orgasms during the sex were difficult to achieve. Most of the guys were just looking to get off and didn't focus on making her feel good at all.

Abbie did enjoy giving blow jobs. She liked the power of it and did enjoy making boys feel good. There was also part of her that realized that, while none of them would ever say no to a blow job, it was normally her tits and ass that had attracted them to her. By denying them a chance to fuck her, she felt like she stayed in control.

She finished her shower, toweled off and stepped back into the room. Rachel just looked at her and grinned. She knew that Rachel was very much looking forward to today. Since they were best friends, they talked about their sex lives with each other. Rachel was in a steady long-term relationship. She had always been able to orgasm easily and her boy friend regularly got her off with his mouth. She new that Abbie was the opposite and was excited at the potential of her having several orgasms today.

Both girls blow dried their hair and went with simple high ponytails. Abbie was a blonde and Rachel was a redhead. Both often received complements about their hair. The ponytails would keep their hair off their neck in the hot, sticky Orlando air and would also be part of the good luck ritual they would be participating in later.

They added some eye makeup. Primarily eye liner and mascara with a touch of purple eye shadow. They each had blue eyes and were often told how beautiful they were. Because of this, they rarely were in public without some eye make up to help make them stand out. When they did their heavy cheer makeup their eyes were model beautiful.

"Okay, are you ready?" Rachel asked Abbie.

"I guess so." Abbie let out a deep breath.

Rachel dug into her suitcase and pulled out a box. She turned and handed it Abbie who took it and held it her hands like it was a hot baked potato. She put the box on the bed, opened it and pulled out the Lush vibrator. It was an insertable silicone vibrating egg with a long thinern strand that would act as the antenna for the blue tooth. It was fully charged, and Abbie found the on button before heading to the bathroom to insert it.

"Um, do you need some lube?" Rachel asked shyly.

"Uh, I don't think so. I am... I am sure.... that am I am already a little, uh, wet." Abbie said quietly.

She walked in bathroom and slide a finger down her mound and confirmed that yes, she was wet, and that her clit was already a little swollen. The silicon egg slide easily inside her and she stepped back out into the room moving quickly to her clothes. She pulled the thong up under her towel and situated the antenna, so it held upwards by the edge of panties.

With her back to Rachel, she dropped the towel and quickly finished dressing. They had chosen to wear tennis shoes today, sacrificing style for sensibility, knowing they would be walking many miles. Giving each other a once over, they proclaimed to each other they looked fantastic. Securing their Magic Bands to their wrists, setting the Minnie Ears on their heads, and picking up their small drawstring back packs they stepped out the door.

The team had agreed to meet at the Pop Century Food Court and grab a quick bite to eat before heading to the park. The gold tee shirts and purple Minnie Ears stood out and they were all able to quickly find each other. Groups of two and threes would go off and grab something to eat and then return to the ever-expanding tables they occupied.

As you can imagine a group of 24 cheerleaders can make noise and draw attention. A group of nineteen to twenty-one athletic and attractive girls can really draw attention. This is especially true of frazzled Disney dads. It was both sad and humorous to watch the Disney moms catching their husbands checking out the girls.

After gulping down their breakfast the group headed to the bus stop. The bus stop at Pop Century was famous for long lines, but with the Sky Liner now available to get to Hollywood Studios and Epcot there was significantly less people out front and it looked like most of them were waiting for a bus to the Magic Kingdom.

Abbie had gotten to the point where, unless she was walking, she wasn't as constantly aware of the vibrator in her. There was no way she would forget it was there and was a little disappointed that it hadn't been activated yet. She still wasn't sure who had the ability to control it. She knew it worked on a phone app but the rule was only two people were allowed to pair it to their phone. Of course, all the girls pulled their phones out to check social media and take selfies at the bus stop so if it were turned on now, she still wouldn't know who did it.

Rachel grabbed her. "Let's get a selfie with Lexi and Brooke."

The group pulled in close together and because Lexi was the tallest, and had the longest arms, she was the one that would take the picture. Right as Lexi was ready to take the picture Abbie felt the inside of her pussy tremble and an "Oh fuck" escaped her mouth. The other girls looked at her then realized what had happened and laughed. Abbie said a quick sorry, the sensation had only lasted a few seconds.

The "oh fuck" had been heard by a couple of moms and dads who shot a dirty look at the group. Lexi showed Abbie and Rachel the picture that had been taken at the perfect time. The look on Lexi's face was perfect.

Abbie looked around and tried to figure out who had turned the vibrator on. It couldn't have been Rachel because her phone wasn't in her hand at the time. She was a little surprised at how much she had felt it and how much it startled her. She knew that the app was able to change the intensity and even the type of vibration that occurred.

Abbie didn't have a lot of experience with vibrators. She had only used one a couple of times. When she masturbated she preferred to use her own fingers. To really get herself off, she needs to stimulate her clit and what worked best for her was firm pressure on it while rubbing up and down. One of the rules of the Disney vibrator challenge was the captain wasn't allowed to touch herself of do anything to provide herself pleasure.

A bus had turned into the parking lot and the group let out a small cheer as they read Hakuna Matata on the front of it. This was a bus that was heading to Animal Kingdom. The bus pulled up and first loaded an elderly gentleman on electric scooter and his family before beginning to load everyone else. It was going to be a full bus but not packed like sometimes happened.

Everyone lined up and patiently entered the bus. Many of the dads fighting the strollers that they were trying to collapse while moms tried to wrangle their kids on the bus. The seats filled up quickly and people were beginning to stand in the aisles. Just as Abbie stepped on the bus, she felt it again. The shock of it twisted her face and she immediately grabbed for the handrail.

"Are you okay miss?" The bus driver asked.

Abbie gripped the rail tighter the vibrator still going. "Um, yes. Definitely, thanks for asking." Her voice cracked as she spoke.

While she was talking it had been switched from steady on, to pulsing. Abbie moved further back and eventually found a place to stand where she could hold onto a rail. The vibrator stopped. She looked around and saw that pretty much half the team had their phone in their hands but noticed Rachel was looking at her with a wide grin.

It started up again. It was a slow, steady vibration that Abbie would have to say felt very good. She was enjoying the sensation right now. She looked behind her and saw a husband and wife sitting on the seats with kids, who looked to be around four and six, sitting on their laps. She realized that her ass was pretty much perfectly lined up with the husband face and he was desperately trying not to stare at it.

As Rachel continued to stare at her, she laughed a little and the speed of vibrator picked up. This caused Abbie to squirm a little and she realized she was getting wetter. She suddenly wondered if the man and wife behind her would be able to smell her arousal. She was both horrified and more turned on by that thought. The bus pulled out of the lot and the vibration stopped. Abbie wasn't sure if she was disappointed or relieved.

Animal Kingdom is the farther park from all the resorts except Animal Kingdom Lodge. The ride was almost thirty minutes. It seemed like every five minutes or so the vibrator would be activated for about fifteen seconds. It was just enough to keep her on guard and enough to keep her aroused.

The antenna was silicone coated also and as some of her wetness had leaked out of her it would rub lightly against her clit. She found that if she moved some, she could get some much-desired pressure on it. She briefly wondered if she could press herself up against the pole she was using for handhold and maybe actually get off. She dismissed that idea because her panties were already pretty damp and she worried that soon you would be able see wet spot in her shorts. Plus she wasn't sure if that would be against the rule of providing herself self-pleasure while wearing it.

When they pulled into the bus parking drop off at Animal Kingdom everyone took their turn getting off the bus. The dad who had her ass in his face on the ride over had quickly stood up behind her and she felt his crotch press against her ass. She wasn't sure if that pissed her off or turned her on more.

"Oh, sorry." He quickly said trying to cover up what he had done.

Abbie looked over her shoulder and with a big smile responded. "No problem, hope you and your family have a great time today." She chuckled at her little jab, reminding him he was a husband and father, and shouldn't be trying to grind on a twenty-one-year-old.

The girls all gathered outside bus before walking as group to the entrance. They saw some other cheerleading groups also making their way towards gate. Abbie was a little nervous about the next part. She was going to have to go through a metal detector. It would really depend on how close attention the security people were paying if the vibrator would be a problem.

She made it through the bag check no problem, but the metal detector did alert. She was asked to step to the side and the male security guard ran the wand over. It alerted each time it got just below her waist. A female guard was brought over.

She leaned close to her and quietly asked. "Miss, is there anything in your shorts that would make that go off?"

The reality was that the shorts were pretty tight so she was pretty much asking was there anything in your vagina that would cause that.

Abbie had prepped for this but decided to have a little fun, so she responded in her normal voice. "Piercings."

Both security guards' eyes instantly widened but the male guard smiled at her while the female frowned, and half heartily waved her on. Looking back over her shoulder the male guard was staring right at her ass, she walked away, his smile getting bigger.

At the main entrance they lined up to tap their Magic Bands and have their fingerprint scanned. Watching the touch point turn green for each girl's turn, they headed into the park. The ones with Fastpasses for Flight of Passage headed towards Pandora Land, the others broke into the sub cliques and headed off in different directions. Abbie, Rachel, Lexi were joined by Christy and, what was a little shocking to Abbie, Rylie.

If there was anyone on the team that Abbie didn't get along with it was Rylie. Since their sophomore year they had pretty much been rivals. They always seemed to be competing for different roles, whether it was for a specific part of the cheer routine, or some other responsibility, it had cumulated when Abbie was picked as captain.

They all wanted to ride Exhibition Everest and headed back into the park towards the ride.

"Oh, look the wait to see Mickey is only 15 minutes. Can we stop there and get a picture?" Christy said.

Rachel was first to respond. "Come on let's do that. It would be great to get a group photo with him."

"Whatever." Rylie said.

That was another reason that Abbie didn't get along well with Rylie. For a cheerleader she always seemed grumpy. The exact opposite of Abbie who was often told that she was always happy.

The group stepped into the building marked Outpost Adventures and saw a short line. It was compromised of mostly parents and young kids, but there were two groups of adults in line also. Abbie had just leaned back when she felt the vibrator turn on again. It was set on a low setting and didn't startle her this time.

She quickly scanned her friends and all of them, but Lexi had their phones in their hand. She wasn't sure why it was so important to her to know who was running it. Maybe she felt, if she knew she would have some control of the situation, although she did realize that it was more of turn on not knowing.

The line moved forward and once again the girls noticed that the dads were checking them out. At least one of the moms was almost laughing at her husband as he kept trying to discretely look at them, while not being discreet at all. Abbie looked over at Christy and saw that she had put her arms back on the rail and was pushing her chest out. That caused her to smile, Christy' boobs were possibly better than hers and she loved to display them. Most of the men were focused on her.

The vibrator had been on for ten minutes now and once again Abbie was worrying that the wetness she felt would end up showing in her shorts. She also worried that people would be able to smell her arousal. She had several boyfriends tell her, when they went down on her, that her scent was a big turn on.

It was finally their turn and the cast member greeted them with a big smile. Mickey and Minnie were finishing with a family and as they stepped over for the picture Abbie felt the vibrator pattern change. It was pulsing and was stronger than before. She did let out a quick gasp and the cast member gave her a questioning look. Ignoring her she stepped over to the group.

Because Lexi was the tallest, she stood in the middle, and the rest of the girls squeezed in close to Mickey and Minnie, who were wearing their safari outfits, since they were at Animal Kingdom. The Photopass photographer took several pictures including a few cheer poses. They tapped their Magic Bands on her scanner. Minnie made a few cheer moves and Mickey waved good bye to them.

As soon as they stepped outside the vibrator stopped. Abbie was relieved by that, 15 minutes of constant motion in pussy had her on edge. She was starting to feel a little desperate to push her fingers against her clit. She felt like just a few firm rubs, up and down against it, and she would be able to orgasm. Like on the bus, she considered finding a discreet way to push her crotch against something solid to see if that could get her off.

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